tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTyrone's Revenge

Tyrone's Revenge



'Whoa man, slow down. That's your fourth tonight already. What's up man?' Tyrone looked concerned for his friend.

'Shit day. The new boss is turning out to be a real hard ass.' Jason looked downbeat. His shoulders were slumped and he was trying to drown his sorrows.

'Awww, fuck him man. Don't let him get to you. What's the worst that can happen?'

'I suppose. It's just that my job got so much harder suddenly. I have to fire another five people tomorrow. He is a real hatchet man and unluckily for me I am his hatchet. Makes me feel like shit. All of those people looking at me with hate in their eyes. People I have known and respected for years.'

'That is shit man but you gotta try and leave it at work. Try not to let him affect who you are out of work.' Jason loved Tyrone for trying to make him feel better. He had been a good friend and confidant since they started work at the same time on the production line. Tyrone had even celebrated almost as hard as Jason himself when Jason got promoted to foreman; even though it meant that Jason was then Tyrone's boss. Tyrone did not care that Jason was always one step ahead of him on the career ladder. He always supported his friend.

'You gotta look on the bright side Jason.' Tyrone had wicked little smile on his face.

'Is there one?'

'Hell yeah. You get to spend all day in the office with his hot wife.' This was true. The new boss had what could best be described as a trophy wife. She was an ex model and she was stunning. She was also his PA and so was in the same open plan office as Jason and the rest of the lead team.

'Man, I could tap that...if only I had a few hundred grand more in the bank.' This finally raised a laugh from Jason. 'Anyway man. On a happier subject, how's the baby making going. You know I am always interested in your sex life.' Tyrone had that wicked smile again and despite the hollow feeling deep inside Jason could not help smiling at Tyrone's cheek. He had never hidden his opinion that Angela, Jason's wife, was an attractive woman. Although Tyrone thought that almost anyone in a skirt was an attractive woman. Tyrone's opinion never threatened Jason; he knew his friend was just being cheeky and Tyrone got way more action than Jason had ever had; Tyrone was a serious player.

Jason's smile faded quickly and he took another long gulp of his beer and shook his head.

'Aww shit man. Not another dry patch? I thought she wanted a baby.' Tyrone was well aware of the many dry patches in Jason and Angela's sex life. Jason and Tyrone had always been very open with each other. The lack of sex was the one thing in Jason's life that got him down; that was until his new boss started of course.

'Man. You would think that she never wanted kids the way she acts. It has been almost three months now. There is never a right time with Ange. I don't know what to do.' Jason and Angela had never had an explosive sex life. They had been together for thirteen years now and they had never had sex more than twenty times in any one year. Jason had reluctantly got used to it and accepted it but he did not like it. His acceptance was bearable because the rest of his life was, generally, great.

'Have you tried taking control?'

'Nah man. Really not her thing.'

Tyrone quickly changed the subject, not wanting his friend to get into a deeper funk. They spent the next hour or so drinking and chatting about sport.


Chapter 1

A week later Jason was called into his new boss's office. Jason was a slight man. He was in good shape, with well toned muscles and an expensive hair cut but he had always had a small five foot seven frame. He felt dwarfed next to the six foot six frame of his new boss.

'Sit down Jason.' He ordered. 'I have been digging further and have found the next set of dead wood we need to get rid of.' He handed Jason a small piece of paper. 'Once these last five are gone we can start to rebuild on a solid foundation of hard working talent. You have until the end of the day.'

Jason looked at the list and he felt an instant knot in his stomach. The first name on it was Tyrone's. 'Err, Sir. I think there must be some mistake. Surely we are not letting Tyrone go. He has been with the company as long as me and he works really hard.'

'No mistake. You have until the end of the day. Make it happen.'

'But Sir...'

His boss raised his voice menacingly. 'Jason. Make it happen or add your name to the list. The choice is yours.'

Jason left with his head hanging down. How could he break it to Tyrone? Would it be better to quit? He knew he could not; his mortgage was large and at thirty eight Angela and Jason certainly did not want to downsize; they enjoyed the benefits that Jason's senior role brought them.

He decided to do it early; give himself chance to recover during the rest of the day Tyrone had always been supportive and a good friend; surely he would at least understand Jason's predicament. The feeling in Jason's stomach suggested otherwise.

Ten minutes later Tyrone walked into the little meeting room Jason had booked. 'Hey what's up man?'

'Tyrone. I have just been in to see the boss.'

Tyrone was all smiles. 'Did you check out missus boss's legs? I bet you did.'

'Tyrone, please. Your name was on the last list.'

Tyrone's demeanour changed instantly. He was a big black man; Jason's only black friend; but he seemed to grow another six inches as he leaned a little close to Jason with rage in his eyes. 'YOU CANNOT FUCKING FIRE ME.'

'Tyrone, calm down please. You know it is not me. I have no choice. I tried to get him to change his mind but he threatened to fire me as well.'

'YOU FUCKING COWARD. YOU AGREED TO FIRE ME TO SAVE YOUR SKINNY ASS. YOU ARE GOING TO FUCKING REGRET THIS MAN. I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS. I WAS SO FUCKING WRONG. YOU DO NOT GET TO FIRE ME WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES.' Tyrone stormed out. Jason was utterly deflated and a little scared. He had never seen Tyrone so aggressive; especially to him. Jason knew that he had lost the best friend he had ever had.


Chapter 2

After firing another four people Jason looked like a broken man as he walked out of the office block and made his way to the parking lot. It was dark and so he did not notice two big black men dressed all in black sitting in the back seat of his Mercedes until he was in the driver's seat. He went to say something but did not get chance. One of the men grabbed him roughly and placed a strong smelling rag over his face. Jason guessed it was chloroform just before he passed out.

Jason gradually began to regain consciousness. Something felt wrong; he could not move his hands or feet. Then his mind flicked back to the car and he started to panic. Where the hell was he? Who the hell were those two men? His eyes eventually caught up with his consciousness and opened. He was surprised to find himself in his lounge but he was very tightly bound to one of his dining chairs and there was a painfully tight gag in his mouth. Although it was not these things that made Jason terrified. The site before him was his wife sitting on their sofa crying and looking terrified whilst sitting next to her was Tyrone with a big threatening grin on his face. On either side of Jason were the two big black men; one had a big wire cutter in his hand.

It was only then that Jason realised that he was almost completely naked. The only thing he had on was a very unfamiliar solid metal contraption where he usually wore his boxer shorts. Whilst he had never actually seen one before he knew that he had been placed in some kind of heavy duty chastity device. He was really worried now.

Tyrone's familiar voice rang out. 'So the cowardly shit has woken up.'

'Oh God. Tyrone please let him go. Please don't hurt him,' Angela begged through her tears. 'You know he had no choice. He did not want to fire you.'

'YOU REALLY DO NOT FUCKING LISTEN DO YOU? I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP OR THERE WOULD BE CONSEQUENCES. WELL YOU ASKED FOR IT.' Tyrone's bellows were terrifying. Angela immediately fell silent. Tyrone nodded to the man with the wire cutter.

The man made his way to the front of Jason, who felt a fresh surge of terror. He tried to brace himself. He was so scared he felt a warm liquid collecting inside his chastity device; he had pissed himself. The big black man placed the jaws of the wire cutters around one of Jason's little toes.

'Oh please no. I will be good I promise,' Angela begged.

'Sorry, too late.' With the slightest of nods to his companion the jaws of the wire cutter closed; removing Jason's right little toe. The pain was instant and intense; like nothing he had ever felt before. He tried to scream but the gag prevented it. Angela was weeping uncontrollably into her hands.

Jason was covered from head to toe with sweat. It took him several minutes to recover sufficiently to be aware of what was going on.

Tyrone spoke. 'So Jason, Angela. This is what is going to happen. Jason has fired me. He acted like the cowardly tool that he is. He needs to be taught a lesson. I have been a good friend to him. I have listened to him endlessly moan about how you hardly ever fuck him.' Despite her fear and crying she could not help flashing Jason an angry look. How could he have talked to Tyrone about their sex life. 'To be honest I do not know why he stayed with you. Yeah, you are hot but so are lots of girls. Thirteen years of frigidity, damn. Even when you are supposed to be having a baby you don't let him in your panties. Tell me Angela, why?'

'I..errr...I don't know what to say.'

'Tell me the truth or something else gets cut off your beloved Jason.'

'Well I guess I am just not in the mood much. I must have a low libido.' She felt humiliated but desperately wanted to protect Jason.

'Hmm. Interesting. Why is that I wander? Is it because he never makes you cum?'

'He does. Every time.'

'I am not sure I believe you. I mean if he rocked your world every time he fucked you then you would be begging for more. I think you are lying.' He gave one of his nods to the man with the cutters.

Angela panicked. 'No, no stop. Okay, I do not cum much when we make love.'

'What the hell does that mean?'

'Well I do get a slight tingling all over when I orgasm but it is not powerful.'

'Girl that is not what I call cumming.' The cutters were withdrawn but Jason was still in immense pain and now he was being humiliated by Tyrone. 'I think we have got to the bottom of the problem. Jason man. You are just no good in the sack. And with that pathetic excuse for a cock I am not surprised. Now, Angela, tell me...how many men have you fucked?'

'Only one before Jason.'

'Oh a nice clean girl?' He laughed. 'So was he bigger than Jason. Remember I will know if you are lying.'

'Yes he was.'

'How much bigger?'

'About two inches.'

'It must have been a bit of a disappointment the when Jason finally got you to agree to fuck him. So did this other man make you cum harder than little Jason? Be honest or something else gets cut off.'

'Oh God. I am sorry Jason. Yes he did make me orgasm harder than Jason does.' This was just another dagger to Jason's heart. How much worse could this day get?

'I bet you fucked him a lot more than you fuck Jason. Tell me how much you fucked him.'

'Well....errr...we...err...we had sex every day.' Jason was stunned; he had no idea. He felt betrayed; how could she give him so little when her only other boyfriend got so much?

'Holy shit. You hear this Jason? How long were you with him?'

'About three years.' Angela was still sobbing. She knew this was hurting Jason more than the physical pain but she could not let them cut more bits off her man.

'Oh man. Jason do you realise that she fucked her last boyfriend way more times than she is ever gonna fuck you in your entire life? You fucking loser.' Tyrone and his buddies laughed heartily. 'Anyway, enough of this fun. Let's get down to business. Jason's punishment for betraying me. Here's what's gonna happen. Angela, you are going to willingly give yourself to me every evening until I make you pregnant. Then you will both raise my baby. However, the baby must always know who the father is. Everyone in your families must know that I am the man who fathers your children. Every night my boys will pick up Jason after work and take him somewhere safe. Angela, you will send me a text message inviting me round and we will fuck as long as we can. If you get some silly ideas and try and stop me then my boys will cut more bits of Jason off. There are just two more rules. Jason must never ever have any intimate contact with you again Angela and you two must never split up. For hygiene sake my boys will let Jason out of his cage for five minutes each evening so he can clean himself properly. Welcome to your new life. Now, Angela it is over to you and make sure that Jason sees you enjoying a real man's cock.'

Jason and Angela were both stunned. Jason felt that his life was over. Neither of them saw any way out. Jason knew that he would no longer be the person who has been inside Angela the second most number of times. He knew that Tyrone would over take him. Angela just felt numb. She knew she had no choice but to offer herself to this brute.


Chapter 3

On Tyrone's instruction Angela got up and slipped off her dress to reveal her body. She was in good curvy shape; not completely toned but certainly desirable. Gravity had not really taken effect yet despite her thirty eight years on the Earth. She was bright red with embarrassment as all four men in the room looked at her body. She closed her eyes as she removed her bra and panties; the humiliation was almost unbearable. She walked over to Tyrone and began to remove his pants. She pulled out his cock and her eyes opened wide; it was big, very big. He must have been at least four inches bigger than Jason and much much thicker.

Jason was stunned by how big Tyrone was. He knew that he would reach places in Angela that Jason could only dream of; that he would be able to do things to her that he just could not. He began to sob.

'Before you start I want you turn to Jason and tell him what you want me to do with you...and make it good.'

Angela turned and tried to ignore the fact that the two big black men flanking Jason had their eyes fixed on her hairy pussy; she was neat but certainly hairy. She took a deep breath and began to talk. She was terrified that they would cut more off Jason and she knew that Tyrone wanted her to humiliate Jason so she went for it 'Jason. I want Tyrone to stick that big black cock deep in my pussy. I want him to reach places you are just too small to reach. I want him to make me cum like you never have. And I want him to plant his seed in my womb so that we can finally have a baby.' Jason could not bring himself to make eye contact as she spoke her viscous words. All he could hear was Tyrone laughing.

'You know what Jason?' Tyrone laughed. 'I am sure she meant absolutely none of that but give her a little time and she will mean every word. Now come over here and show me how you married white girls kiss.'

Angela was scared and nervous. Like many white girls she had had her fair share of BBC fantasies but now she was faced with the reality. She was really angry with Tyrone and disgusted at what they had done to Jason but deep down there was a little stirring. She hated herself for the feeling but put it down to the complete control and confidence that Tyrone exuded; that and his beautiful big cock. She climbed on Tyrone and straddled him. She leaned in and they started to kiss deeply, passionately.

Tyrone played with her ample tits and in no time at all Angela could feel her body betraying her; she was getting wet. A few seconds later Tyrone felt the wetness. He looked over at Jason. 'Man she is practically gushing here. She really wants it.' Almost involuntarily Angela started grinding her pussy slightly against Tyrone's muscular torso. The mixture of fear, anger and fantasy-made-reality combined to make her suddenly very horny. She kissed Tyrone harder, deeper.

He knew she was ready so he flipped her over so she was lying on her back on the couch. He climbed on top and guided his rock hard cock into Angela's pussy. 'Oh God.' She murmured as he pushed himself all the way in.

Tyrone stopped when he was fully inside her. 'Tell him what it feels like.'

'Oh Jason. I feel so full. It feels amazing. I really love you but I am sorry I will not be able to sop myself cumming hard with this inside me.' Jason felt dead inside. This was his life now; a celibate cuckold whilst his wife gets pleasured daily by a bigger better man.

Tyrone started to fuck Angela hard and fast. He went full depth with every stroke; exciting her clitoris constantly. It took just two minutes for Tyrone to give Angela her first proper orgasm in over thirteen years. 'OH MY FUCKING GOD. YES. YES. YES. HARDER. FASTER. YESSSSS' Jason had never heard Angela like this before. He was so jealous; he wanted to kill himself.

Angela's body shook uncontrollably as Tyrone managed to keep her climax going of an unfeasibly long time. She was breathless by the time she calmed down but she did not want him to stop. She began pumping hard against Tyrone's powerful thrusts.

Another three minutes of hard fast fucking later she began to get close to another incredible orgasm as she felt Tyrone's muscles contract as he began to pump huge quantities of his black seed into her waiting womb. He pushed her over the edge and they both orgasmed loudly as her womb got fuller.

Tyrone rolled off Angela. 'Tell him how I compared to him. Tell him whose cock your pussy belongs to now.'

This time what Angela said felt different. She did feel guilty about saying it but this time her guilt was as a consequence of her meaning what she was saying. 'Jason. That was amazing. So much better than any sex we have ever had. So much better than any sex I have ever had. I am glad that thing is caging your little cock because the only cock I ever want in me from now on is Tyrone's. My pussy belongs to him now.' Jason felt utterly destroyed, especially as he actually believed what she was saying. He knew she had no choice but they way she said what she said was just too believable. He really wanted to end it all.

As is Tyrone could read his mind he said, 'Jason man. I appreciate that this is not what you wanted from life and you might be considering suicide right now but do not do it. If you do Angela will suffer.' His tone of voice left Jason with no doubt that he meant it. All he could do was try and switch off as Angela got onto her knees and began sucking Tyrone's cock back to life; readying him for round two as his cum leaked down her thighs.

Jason had to bear another three hours of his wife having hard fast sex with Tyrone. He lost count of the number of orgasms she had. Each time they had sex it took Tyrone longer to cum. The last time he fucked her that night; the fifth time; he was inside her for over forty five minutes making her cum more than eight times.

By the time the men left Angela was utterly spent. Despite Jason's attempted pleas to untie him she just collapsed onto the couch and fell asleep.


Chapter 4

The next morning they both woke up. Jason started to cry straight away. Angela could not look him in the eyes. She felt ashamed of how she behaved but she could not help being excited by the prospect of Tyrone's cock being inside her again that night. She untied Jason. 'I am so sorry sweetie. How is your foot?'

Jason felt angry. He knew his anger was mainly directed at Tyrone but he felt betrayed by Angela's enjoyment of the sex. 'It fucking kills. At least you had your fun.'

'Oh Jason don't be like that. I had no choice.'

'Don't give me that. You were really into it. You were fucking another man right in front of me without the slightest thought for me.'

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