UCLA to Big D Ch. 03


"Don't forget the balls bitch!" The Black Stallion barked at the stock broker's wife as he lifted his cock and offered his nuts to her. She slobbered all over his fleshy scrotum before she sucked each of the oversized ebony orbs into her mouth before letting them pop out.

"Wow, that fucking bitch get's those too!" Jenna thought jealously.

"These balls are full of black baby juice; do you want me to shoot it into your white married pussy?" The Black Stallion asked arrogantly.

"My husband would kill me if I got pregnant with a black baby," she cried.

"Well then you better swallow my first big load and hope the one I shoot in your pussy later doesn't have as much seed as the one I'm gonna put in your belly now," he bragged between confident laughs. Jenna moaned as she let a big glob of spit spill onto her left tit before she reached down and massaged it into her nipple with her other hand. She then used her slippery fingers to frig her clit.

The black stallion shoved his cock back in the WILF's mouth and down her throat. Jenna couldn't believe she could take the whole thing as his huge nuts bounced off her chin. He grunted, "Here it comes slut, I'm going to shoot it down your married throat; you better swallow it all!" He grabbed her blonde hair with both hands and fucked her face hard.

Jenna slid the magnificent dildo in and out of her pussy as her fingers blurred on her aching clit. The black bull grunted and erupted in the blonde's throat. The pretty wife swallowed the first several spurts, but as his big balls pumped more cum into her mouth, it filled quickly and white foam formed around the sides of her lips before remnants spilled out around the sides.

Watching the black stallion pump his load into the blonde's mouth put Jenna over the edge; she grunted as her hips shook and she came hard on Andrea's incredible toy. As she breathlessly recovered, she lightly played with her pussy as she watched the stallion pull it out and smear his thick sperm all over the pretty wife's face. He said, "How dare you not swallow my entire precious baby load the first time. Suck my cock clean and lick up all the rest that spilled!"

The wife did as she was told and cleaned up the rest of his salty jism with her attentive tongue. Jenna slowly pulled the big black dildo from her gaped pussy lips. Her own cum leaked onto her asshole before spilling onto the towel. Jenna was spent and it was getting late. Nonetheless she was already looking forward to watching the black stallion give the blonde wife a good hard fucking the following day.

Jenna had surprised herself as she hadn't previously been aroused by the thought of lesbian or interracial sex. But the experiences of the past few days had awoken something in her that she hadn't felt before. Small feelings of guilt tugged at her psyche, knowing she shouldn't feel this way while in a satisfying relationship with Ryan. She rationalized, "At least I didn't cheat like so many of my friends do on their boyfriends, I only fantasized about it."

The cheating would have to wait until the following day...


The next day was hectic as Jenna again swung by the field early and watched Ryan's practice for about 30 minutes before going to class. She aced her economics midterm and was feeling ecstatic as she made her way to gymnastics. She had missed class earlier in the week so she would do a double session today.

A couple of the younger male and the one female instructor, Coach Hogan, looked forward to Tuesday's, Thursday's and Friday's as those were the days that Jenna Norris worked out. Jenna looked simply hot in her leotard, with or without tights. The coaches would stare at her ass and tanned toned legs as she did her split stretches, forward and sideways. Most of her leotards were of the v-neck variety and her full boobs always looked as though they were straining to be contained.

The guys would laugh as Coach Hogan, who they knew was a lesbian, would constantly show Jenna technique improvements by using hands-on drills. The dark-haired coach touched Jenna every chance she got. The guys loved to watch the action as 27-year-old coach was pretty hot herself. For some reason, it never crossed Jenna's mind that Candy Hogan was gay; maybe it was because she was such a good coach and in spite of being very handsy, had never touched Jenna inappropriately.

After a double workout with Coach Hogan, Jenna showered in the girl's locker room. Candy Hogan rarely missed an opportunity to catch a glimpse of Jenna in the shower. If she was in the middle of a lesson with another student Coach Hogan would make up a lame excuse to ask one of the other coaches to relieve her so she could attend to business in the locker room. It was a standing joke with the other coaches who correctly assumed she was in there checking out the stunning 20-year-old's naked body. They were jealous.

Most days, Coach Hogan would wait until Jenna was nude and approach her in the shower or near her locker and say, "Hey Jenna I forgot to remind you to do this...or Hey Jenna, don't forget to practice this stretch this week...or Jenna, I really wanted to complement you on so and so; it was so much better than last week." All the while the horny coach would soak in the beauty of Jenna's phenomenal naked body.

On this particular day Coach Hogan didn't have any other lessons scheduled. After missing Jenna on Tuesday and following today's double session, the coach was as aroused as hell. The other female coach, Coach Van Buren had left for a long weekend and Candy Hogan knew she had the locker room to herself. She went inside the coaches' office and locked the door. The room had a one-way mirror that conveniently peered towards the women's showers. Coach Hogan reached inside her damp panties and played with her clit and rubbed her boobs as she watched the water cascade over Jenna's magnificent body. She pictured herself sucking Jenna's wet tits and ravenously eating her young pussy.

"That's it you little sex kitten, rub those big, wet, perfect boobs for your Coach Hogan. You know I'm going to have you begging for more when I eat your horny little pussy," the coach said under her breath as she imagined herself ravaging the voluptuous 20-year-old.

Candy Hogan had performed as a dominatrix with a few of her "girlfriends" in the past and now envisioned having Jenna as her slave. She pictured Jenna down on her hands and knees being led around her bedroom by a leash. She visualized the black leather collar that she'd put on other girls wrapped around Jenna's lean neck as she whimpered, whined and begged Coach Hogan to release her. "You'll get your release after you eat my pussy again and suck my cum between your pouty lips slave!"

Jenna wasn't in a hurry and took a long hot shower. Coach Hogan enjoyed every intoxicating second as she feverishly frigged her clit and talked dirty to Jenna under her breath, "Yeah you know how good Coach Hogan's pussy tastes, keep licking me with that sexy tongue slave, I'm almost there!"

Finally, the hot coach brought herself to a toe-curling climax just as Jenna turned off the shower and started to dry herself. Candy Hogan was breathless as she readjusted her clothes and fantasized, "I'm going to fuck that girl someday! And when I do, she better be ready, my tongue's not going to leave that sweet little pussy for 24 hours straight!"


Jenna was in a great mood as she cruised in her topless VW bug while listening to Tupac's & Dr. Dre's California Love on her way back home. She was excited about doing so well on her Econ test as well as the fact that both Ryan and Andrea would finally be home the following day.

Traffic sucked as it usually does in LA, but Jenna wasn't going to let that bring her down. She had one more stop to make before going home; she pulled into the parking lot of a Victoria's Secret store that she had shopped at before. Even though she was on a college student's budget, she liked to splurge for sexy bedroom wear. Jenna loved how Ryan could barely control himself when she surprised him with new lingerie. She bought most of her panties and bras at this store and the sales girl remembered her when she walked in, "I remember you; you're Jenna right?" The clerk confirmed. She was actually a college senior at UCLA herself. Jenna was a hard person to forget, especially in this line of work. She looked better than the models on the walls.

"Good memory. Yours is Pamela right?" Jenna replied with a smile.

They exchanged handshakes and Pamela asked, "Jenna what can I help you with today?"

"My boyfriend is coming home from football camp tomorrow and I told him I would have a surprise for him. I want to get something very sexy to greet him in. I think I've told you before, he loves lingerie." Jenna said, eyes flashing.

"What warm-blooded guy doesn't?" Pamela replied and they both giggled.

Jenna tried on several items before she settled on a light pink Dream Angel's lace bustier and panty combo with thigh high stockings and garter straps. Pamela thought she looked stunning in everything she tried on, but agreed this outfit was "the one".

Had the designer himself been there, he couldn't have imagined anyone looking better in it than Jenna Norris. "I think your boyfriend might just pop in his pants when he sees you in this one!" Pamela joked.

"Jeez I hope not," Jenna said as she bit her lower lip, "he's been at camp all week; I want him to pop inside me!" They both laughed again. Jenna purchased the stuff and headed back to Santa Monica. It was nearly 5:00 p.m. when she arrived back home.

She was a little bummed that neither of her roommates would be home for another night as she didn't have early class on Friday and she felt like celebrating after nailing her test. Jenna looked through the liquor cabinet and found some Captain Morgan's rum. Something other than wine sounded good to her. She poured a Captain and Coke and turned on some throwback 80's music; the Psychedelic Furs' Love My Way blared from the speakers.

Jenna decided to have one drink and head down to the beach for a couple of hours before grabbing a bite to eat and settling down to watch the remainder of the previous night's video. She saw the case for the Black Stallion video sitting on the table next to those for Sorority Party Payback and Investigation Ejaculation. She felt herself getting horny thinking about the Black Stallion's big cock. Jenna eyed the black dildo eagerly.

She took another long drink from her rum and picked up the last small pile of DVD cases stacked on the table. They were all girl/girl sex videos. A couple of them looked a little raunchy, but the last one appeared to be similar quality to the last film she'd watched the night before. She thought to herself that maybe she would check that one out later tonight before or after she finished the Black Stallion.

Jenna went into her room to change into her bikini. She stripped off her clothes and was reaching into her drawer when she saw herself in the full-length mirror. She liked the way she looked naked and although she worked very hard to keep herself in great shape, Jenna couldn't help but wonder how she'd been blessed with such a pretty face and spectacular body.

Jenna admired herself in the mirror as her small hands made their way to her tits; she rubbed them softly and slid her fingers through her little blonde patch. Perhaps it was the rum or looking at the video covers, but she was feeling horny. She thought to herself that she could watch a hot scene from one of the movies, relieve a little sexual tension, and still make it to the beach for some late afternoon rays.

Jenna threw on a long tee-shirt and went out to the living room. While she was excited to watch the rest of the Black Stallion, she decided to check-out the girl/girl flick called Homework Hookup. She thought that if it failed to satisfy her, she would still have the other one to watch later. Jenna also guiltily suspected she would likely ignore her voyeuristic hesitancy and check out the Paulo-Andrea sex tape before her roommate returned the following day.

Jenna finished the last of her drink and decided to have another one since it was only a short walk down to the beach. After mixing it, she checked the locked door and pulled the drapes closed. She put the DVD in the player and turned it on. She took a big drink and found herself more excited for this than she expected. Like the previous night's film, the video quality and setting were much better and the two girls in the film were very cute. The actresses both appeared to be about Jenna's age; the scene began with them both studying in one of the girls bedrooms.

Jenna took off her shirt and massaged baby oil onto her tits and stomach. The girls were debating which college guys were the best kissers. Jenna coated her fingers in the KY jelly and touched her horny pussy. The girls both agreed that a boy named Brian was the best kisser. Katrina, the blonde girl then questioned, "I wonder who the best girl kisser is?"

Tonia, who looked a lot like Halle Berry said "I bet it's me!"

Katrina said, "No, I bet it's me!" They decided to find out by making out with each other. As they kissed they began removing each other's clothes. In addition to flowing dirty blonde hair, Katrina had a nice set of tits and a shaved pussy. Tonia had a phenomenal ass, small perky tits and a thin little landing strip. Jenna took another big gulp of her drink.

The pretty girls softly licked and sucked each other's breasts and teased between each other's legs. It appeared to Jenna that they touched each other more intimately than men touch women. Jenna reached for more KY and softly massaged it onto her puffed-out pussy lips and clit. Katrina whispered something in Tonia's ear, but Jenna had the sound turned down too low. She reached for the remote, turned up the volume and replayed the previous scene.

Katrina whispered to Tonia that she wanted to taste her and told her to "Climb up on my face." Tonia slowly worked her pussy up Katrina's body until she straddled her girlfriend's sexy mouth. Katrina lifted her head and began nibbling on Tonia's labia and licking into her wet hole. Jenna brought her fingers from her own pussy and sucked them into her mouth; she licked them erotically before reaching back down and rubbing her swollen bump. Katrina had a talented tongue and soon Tonia was moaning loudly and humping her face.

Jenna watched fascinated at Katrina's technique, she tried fluttering her own tongue in a similar fashion. Ryan always complemented her skilled tongue when she sucked his cock, he loved when she would flutter it under the fleshy part of the head or on his dangling balls.

Jenna questioned, "I wonder if I'd be good at licking a girl?"

Just then there was a knock on the door. Ironically she was about to find out...

Jenna pulled her hand from between her legs and scrambled for the remote, but her fingers were slippery and she dropped it. Meanwhile Tonia moaned loudly as she humped Katrina's face. Jenna finally located the pause button as another knock sounded. Jenna's heart beat quickly as she decided to stay quiet and hope the visitor would go away. That's when she heard Kristen's voice. "Jenna, are you in there? It's Kristen; I brought Andrea's stuff back."

"Damn", Jenna swore to herself; she'd forgotten about their meeting on the beach trail the previous day.

She knocked again, "I heard the TV on, so you must be home, please open the door, these bags are heavy," Kristen shouted.

Jenna, being a little buzzed, panicked and finally yelled back, "Hang-on, I just got out of the shower, I'll be right there."

Kristen shifted the bags in her arms and immediately got a vision of Jenna all hot and wet while coming out of the shower. Jenna threw on the nightshirt, ran back to the bathroom, put a towel on her head and raced back out to the door. She thought to herself that she would just open the door slightly, take the stuff from Kristen and say that she was running late and had to go.

Kristen had other ideas; she was intent on getting a good look at Jenna. Ironically, she would get her wish to see her all hot and wet, but not from the shower.

Jenna unlocked the door, but before she could brace herself, nimble Kristen barged in. The perky blonde shouted, "Sorry my arms are going to fall off, these bags are really heavy," as she lunged past Jenna to drop them on the kitchen table.

Kristen turned to see Jenna standing in a tee-shirt with a towel on her head. The tee barely covered her tanned thighs. Jenna looked like a deer (albeit a very hot one) in headlights as she stammered to say something about it being okay but that she really needed to be going...uh, I mean getting ready.

Kristen thought she seemed very nervous and then saw why. Looking past Jenna she could see a vibrator and several adult video cases sitting open on the coffee table. Accompanying them were a bottle of baby oil, a tube of KY jelly and a very familiar looking big black dildo. And while it turned her on to know that Jenna had likely been masturbating instead of showering, she felt bad about barging in on her. Jenna turned to look in the direction Kristen was staring and saw the sex toys and the lubricants. She immediately stammered, "Uh...it's not what you think, I was uh..."

Kristen cut her off and said, "I'm really sorry, I see you were busy, I should be going." She took a couple of steps towards the door when she noticed the paused video on the TV. One girl was sitting on another's face; Kristen immediately recognized it as one of the girl/girl video's that she and Andrea had watched on a couple occasions. She now saw this as an opportunity!

"Oh I know that video, Andrea and I have watched it together. Jenna, I wouldn't have pegged you as the type to watch girl/girl porn."

"Uh, Jenna stammered, I just grabbed one and that came on," she lied.

Kristen moved in for the kill. "Does Ryan know you play with yourself to girl/girl sex videos?"

"Um, um, yeah...I mean I wasn't masturbating," Jenna stammered again.

Kristen picked up the empty case for the Black Stallion and the dildo and asked, "Does he know you're into big black cocks?"

Jenna then pleaded with her "You can't Kristen; please don't tell him about this!"

The sexy blonde knew she had her now; she would only threaten to tell Ryan if she didn't get what she wanted by less devious methods. Kristen walked up closer and said "I'm not going to tell him anything," as she reached out and rubbed her hand down Jenna's side.

Jenna looked at her in disbelief, "Kristen, please don't...I'm not gay and I'm in a serious relationship," She protested.

"It doesn't look so serious at the moment, and no one is suggesting you're gay, but if you're not interested in girls, you sure make strange video choices," Kristen responded as she reached out and slightly tugged on Jenna's tee.

Jenna pleaded, "I wasn't even watching, I was in the shower..."

Kristen noticed the wet spot on the couch towel as well as a wet patch on the front of Jenna's shirt. She reached out and took Jenna's hand in hers and slowly raised it to her nose. She inhaled deeply, "Jenna, I can smell your heavenly pussy on your fingers and the wet spot on the couch and your shirt tells a different story baby." Kristen seductively sucked Jenna's fingers into her mouth and swirled her tongue around on them. "Your pussy smells and tastes amazing Jenna," Kristen said in a sultry voice.

"Please don't do that Kristen, I have never been unfaithful to Ryan."

"He doesn't need to know, in fact this will be our little secret," Kristen whispered as she ran her tongue exotically along Jenna's middle finger. Kristen could tell Jenna's resistance was fading and she wasn't going to miss this opportunity to seduce this 20-year-old Goddess.

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