tagLesbian SexUCLA to Big D Ch. 03

UCLA to Big D Ch. 03


This story is posted on the Literotica website and the author does not give permission for it to be reposted or reprinted anywhere else without consent. There are 18 chapters to this saga and I strongly encourage you to read them continuously (at least the first time around). I think you will find it fun and funny at times, but don't be misled; this is not a warm and fuzzy romance novel. This story contains nefarious characters whose sole purpose is to get laid, regardless of whom they hurt in the process. The themes of non-consent, reluctance, and betrayal are woven throughout the varying topics of interracial sex, lesbian sex, and wife thieving. If these things appeal to you, I expect you will enjoy it very much, if they don't, you should read a different story. My hope is you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. I encourage you to stay with it all the way through the epilogue as just about everyone gets what is coming to them in the end...

In this chapter be patient for the lesbian sex...I promise it's coming. If you haven't read the two previous chapters, I would suggest it.


Jenna got up early the next day, showered and got ready for school. Paulo's bag of stuff was still on the porch; she brought it inside before heading off to campus. On her way she pondered what had transpired the previous night and considered whether to tell Andrea about Paulo. Eventually she decided that since he would be in Spain until long after their time in Santa Monica came to an end, she would just keep it to herself. "Nothing happened, so I will just let it go..."

Jenna went by the field and waved to Ryan. His buddies teased him before one of the black running backs, Demetrius Lewis exclaimed, "Damn dude, your girlfriend is smoking hot!" Ryan thought to himself, "You have no idea brother!"

Jenna got back to the house about 6:00 p.m. Paulo's stuff was still sitting by the door and the kink oil and vibrator remained where she'd left them the previous night. She cleaned her toy and started to put it away, but she guiltily knew she would use it again tonight so she walked back out and set it on the coffee table.

Jenna walked down to the beach to grab something from the bean wagon. She found a bench from where she could watch the sunset as she ate her tamale. It was a beautiful night and lots of people were out walking their dogs and jogging up and down the cement pathway that ran along the beach. Suddenly she was startled when she heard her name, "Jenna?" She looked up to see Andrea's friend Kristen standing nearby on roller blades.

"Oh hi Kristen," Jenna replied with a smile, "nice night for a roll down the beach."

"You bet it is! I wasn't sure if you would remember me," Kristen said, smiling herself.

"Of course I do, I have a knack for names and faces."

Kristen naughtily pondered, "I have a knack for racks and I certainly couldn't forget your boobs" as she stared at Jenna's captivating cleavage from behind her sunglasses. "Hey, when does Andrea get back from San Diego?"

"Friday." Jenna answered.

"That reminds me, I have some stuff of hers to drop off; I've had it for weeks and would feel better if it were there when she got home, are you around tomorrow?"

Jenna told her she had class through the mid-afternoon but would be in and out the rest of the day. Kristen said she would drop it off sometime later in the day. They said their goodbyes; Kristen stole one last look at Jenna's fabulous tits before she rolled on down the beach.

Jenna got back to the house and checked her phone. She had a text from Ryan that read, "Thanks for stopping by the field today, you looked hot; I can't wait to see you Friday!" Jenna smiled a mischievous smile before stretching her tight shirt over her mountainous breasts and shucking her skimpy bra; she took a "come fuck me" selfie with a seductive smile on her face with her left arm cradling her big naked tits. She sent it back to him with a note that read, "WE MISS YOU TOO!"

Ryan nearly choked on his cafeteria dinner when her message popped up on his phone. He also got a little stiff, "That girl is too much!"

Jenna surfed the web looking at bathing suits and jewelry. As she did so, she thought about Ryan and how much she was looking forward to seeing him on Friday. Jenna glanced over at the coffee table and saw the DVD cases and vibrator sitting there. She was horny.

As she had done the previous night, she locked the door and closed the curtains as dampness seeped between her legs. The hot 20-year-old took a shower and didn't bother drying her hair before slipping the sexy teddy back on. Jenna ditched the panties; she'd soaked them the previous night anyway and saw no use for them tonight. She walked around with little butterflies in her belly as she lit candles around the room.

Jenna was tempted to watch the Paulo-Andrea sex tape, but talked herself out of it. She suspected she'd feel like a voyeur if she went through with it; besides there was plenty of other porn to watch. That however, did not stop her from getting a vivid image of Paulo's huge, hard cock in her mind.

The horny blonde sifted through the DVD collection with big cock thoughts on her mind before she came to one called Investigation Ejaculation. The cover showed several girls with copious amounts of cum dripping off their faces. She immediately got a mental image of Andrea's face coated in Paulo's thick heavy cream. In this film, apparently the detective was played by an actor named Peter North, who was touted as the "King of Cum" on the cover. "What a great porn stage name, I bet his big dick does point straight up!" Jenna thought lustily as she gazed at the photos of numerous semen-covered pretty girls.

She hurriedly put the DVD in the player and sunk onto the leather couch with her feet on the coffee table and tanned legs spread wide. Jenna started the movie and immediately slid her fingers through her little blondish bush. The patch of hair made her feel more like a woman than the young girl look of all who were shaving their pussies bald these days. Jenna shaved herself about a half inch above her clit which provided Ryan with a clear hairless path to her clit whenever he ate her out, which to her delight was almost nightly.

Jenna and Ryan both liked the way her blonde pussy fur contrasted against her bikini tanned stomach. She enjoyed surprising him on occasion by waxing or shaving designs in her bush; in the past she designed lightning bolts, targets, arrows and even the letter "R" in her snatch.

Jenna reached for the KY cream. She covered her fingers and slowly rubbed her aching pussy lips. The movie started off with the detective, Dick Tasty, putting handcuffs on a girl and forcing her into a jail cell. When she refused to talk, he pulled out his big cock and shoved it in her mouth, "If you aren't going to talk, you can suck instead."

Jenna watched with her mouth ajar. She compared Peter North's dick size to Ryan's and was instantly jealous that her boyfriend's wasn't a little bigger, but she quickly put that thought out of her mind; she really loved Ryan and he was a good lover despite not having a porn star sized cock. Dick Tasty did have a porn star sized cock and proceeded to fuck the shit out of the handcuffed girl with it. As he was doing her from behind, he slipped a finger in her juicy ass. Jenna reached down and lightly rubbed her own backside hole.

Jenna didn't like to talk about it, but she really got off when Ryan would play with her there. She loved it when he would lick her asshole while eating her out or when he would tickle her starfish when they had doggy style sex. Sometimes he would even push a finger in up to the knuckle, if she was on the edge, it would send her on a squirting climax every time. Ryan also liked to rub his cock on her puckered rosebud during foreplay and on many occasions he tried to convince her to let him put it inside. But while Jenna was very adventurous in bed, she drew the line on anal sex; there was just something taboo about it.

The girl on the video had no such inhibitions as the detective now fucked her hard in the ass. She was about the same size as Jenna, who now watched in disbelief, she couldn't believe the girl could take a cock that big in her ass. "Shit, he is going to split her in two," she actually muttered out loud.

The slutty porn chick was having no such issues, she was thoroughly enjoying her "punishment"; Jenna sat gripped with fascination as she played with her pussy and rubbed her own asshole. The girl on the screen yelped loudly and came hard just before the detective pulled his cock out and ordered her to turn around and open her mouth. Dick Tasty stroked his cock and exploded with stream after stream of thick cum on her tongue, in her mouth, and all over her face.

Jenna thought that Paulo and the dean from the previous night's movie shot big loads, but they paled compared to the volume and power created by Peter North's balls. The girl's face was completely covered! His cum dripped from her tongue and chin and that was after 2 or 3 large spurts had disappeared down her throat.

Jenna got out her vibrator and covered it with KY before hurriedly rubbing it up and down her pussy slit. She flipped it on and replayed the scene and fucked herself with the toy in anticipation of North's monumental climax. Jenna timed it just right and fingered her asshole just before the detective shot his huge load. She grunted out loud and came all over her vibrator and onto the towel as Peter North blasted his ample load all over the pretty girl's face.

Jenna literally shook from her orgasm. As she recovered, she softly rubbed her clit and watched with fascination as in scene after scene, the detective's magnificent cock spurted huge loads on his willing "suspects". Jenna was still horny when the movie ended.

The horny 20-year-old perused the stack of DVD's again, and while several intrigued her, she kept coming back to one in particular. Jenna opened the cover and inserted it into the player. She stood up and pulled the teddy off altogether, "unh yeah!" While the fabric of the naughty lingerie was soft and silky it still created friction against her tender aching nipples. She melted back down into the couch, grabbed the bottle of baby oil and squirted it on both sensitive nubs before coating her tits more generously as the picture came on the screen. Jenna couldn't wait.

This one was a much higher quality video than the others; the setting was a large beautiful beach house with big windows. The windows were open and the curtains were blowing in the wind. A beautiful blonde woman in her late twenties was dressed in a white sleeveless top and khaki stretch pants as she sipped champagne and glanced through a magazine. She wore a beautiful necklace that accentuated her inviting cleavage.

Jenna massaged her own hungry tits in anticipation of what was to come. She again placed her bare feet on the table, her knees were slightly bent and her legs were spread as she melted into couch. The doorbell rang on the video; the girl yelled out, "It's open". A very handsome, young, athletic looking black man walked into the room. The pretty blonde admired his muscular physique before getting up and pouring him a cocktail. The young stud was dressed like he had just stepped off the set of a modern day Miami Vice episode. As she approached with his drink, she excitedly told him her husband left for his business trip earlier in the day.

He responded confidently, "In that case why don't you make yourself useful." The married wife didn't like being told what to do, but she was so horny she complied anyway. He sipped his drink as she put hers down and rubbed her hands on his chest through his buttoned-down shirt. She then slipped her small hands underneath it and rubbed his abs and chest. "I've been waiting for this!"

"I bet you have," he cockily replied. He took his shirt off exposing his muscular upper body and ripped abs. Jenna reached for the KY and spread some on her fingers. The guy looked like many of Ryan's buffed black teammates whom she'd met on campus or at parties. She lustfully lowered her hand and rubbed between her legs. The black dude continued sipping his drink as the young white wife slowly unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off her shoulders. Her undersized push up bra accentuated her nice C-cup tits. "Nice, now get those pants off so I can see the white married pussy that's gonna get stretched out tonight!"

The pretty wife nervously lowered her stretch pants to her ankles revealing her g-string panties and tanned legs. She stepped out of the pants and came back to him and massaged his muscled body. The contrast of her fair complexion and blonde hair against his black skin was a turn-on for Jenna. She and Ryan had watched a few porn flick's in the past, but never one with interracial sex. She watched breathlessly, surprised that her pussy was already sopping wet in anticipation of what would happen next.

"Lose the panties and play with yourself, I want to see my married white pussy all wet and ready for this black cock," he growled as he grabbed his dick through his loose pants. Jenna licked her fingers and played with her clit. She surprisingly found herself aroused by the way the black stud ordered the married white wife to obey him. The blonde slid her fingers into her panties and touched her pussy. "Now bend over and show me that ass," he directed. She turned in front of him, bent over and raised her ass to him. He spanked her, then grabbed the g-string and pulled it aside so he could see her swollen pussy lips. After ogling her sexy pussy, he yanked the little garment down to her knees. "Let me see those married fingers play with my horny pussy," he ordered. Still bent with her ass in the air, the young wife reached back and rubbed her lower lips, she then extended her middle finger and brought it up to her asshole. "Now we're getting somewhere," he jeered.

He reached down, felt her wet pussy and said, "You're almost ready for my dick slut."

The blonde wife turned and said, "I've been thinking about your big black cock since I saw you at the bar last week with my husband."

He replied, "Stop talking and start showing me how bad you want it bitch!"

She excitedly collapsed to her knees and ran her face along the bulge in his pants. "Beg me for it and I'll decide if I'm going to let you have it!"

She sluttishly began to beg, "Please let me suck your big black cock. I'll do anything for it. I'm so horny; please don't make me wait any longer." He sipped his drink, set down his glass and untied his loose fitting cotton pants. He reached in and pulled out his horse cock; Jenna and the young wife both gasped out loud. It was easily the biggest dick Jenna had ever seen. She slipped a finger into her wet pussy; she couldn't take her eyes off of it.

The blonde stared at it too; mesmerized by its size, "Oh my God, it's twice the size of my husband's." She stuck out her tongue, but before she could lick it, he slapped her face with it instead. He let his pants fall to the ground. The black stud left her there on her knees as he stepped out of his pants and walked over naked and sat on the edge of the bed. He put one of his legs up and exposed his huge balls. Jenna licked her lips.

"Get over here and give me some white married head!"

The young blonde wife of a wealthy stock broker obediently crawled on her hands and knees over to suck the cock of her black lover. He held it out and told her to lick the head. She swirled her tongue around it and licked the spongy underside hungrily. His cock wasn't even fully hard and the head already looked like a doorknob. He lifted it and told her to lick his balls as he let them hang off the end of the bed.

"OMG...Suck and lick his big balls," Jenna hornily thought. She was aroused by the way the black man was taking control. To this point she had never considered herself a submissive lover, but watching this black stud take charge was turning Jenna on. She reached for the vibrator and lubed it; she was feeling unbridled excitement watching the blonde wife suck the black stud's massive balls. Jenna turned her slippery toy on high and pressed it into her sopping pussy. "You black fucking stud; make her suck those hot things," Jenna actually whispered out loud.

The blonde licked and sucked his ripe nuts between her lips and into her waiting mouth. She let them slip from her wet lips then kissed up his thick shaft and stretched her mouth as wide as possible to take the head inside. The horny black bull pushed six inches down her throat, "You love that black stick in your mouth don't you," he jeered, "I bet your husband doesn't fill your throat like that!"

"Oomph, um, umph," the blonde wife nodded and then shook her head as the black monster took up residence in her throat. She breathed in deeply through her nose as she chocked on his fat cock and her throat gagged responsively. His incredible masculine scent filled her senses like nothing she'd ever experienced.

"That's it baby, you suck a nice black dick bitch, spit on it," he commanded. The slut wife pulled it out and a long gooey saliva and pre-cum mixed stream spilled out of her mouth. She spit on the head and jacked him off excitedly.

Jenna stared in disbelief at the protruding veins that ran the length of the stallion's cock. Suddenly a thought occurred to her. She paused the video and looked over at Paulo's bag of stuff. She moved across the room and nervously reached inside. Her hand quickly found what it was looking for; she pulled out the big black dildo. Jenna stared at it as if it were some long lost ancient artifact. The dark phallus looked menacingly wonderful; its length and girth were significantly more than anything she'd ever held.

Her hands trembled as she walked back to the couch. She studied the large head and protruding bumps that ran up and down the length. She brushed her fingers across the bulbous tip before reaching for the KY and liberally coating the incredible sex toy. Jenna slowly stroked along the thick shaft and spread the gooey substance around. "God, can I really take this thing?" But she already knew the answer, "Of course I can or I'm going to die trying!"

Jenna held it in front of her while comparing it to the Black Stallion's massive dick. She came to the realization that the blonde on the video had some amazing cock-sucking talent; while the dildo was big in its own right, it still didn't compare to the massive organ pistoning in and out of the WILF's wet lips. Jenna breathlessly watched the action on the screen as she unconsciously brought the head to her dripping slit and pressed it slowly along her swollen lips. The Stallion's big balls now bounced off the pretty blonde's chin. "OMG, she's taking that whole fucking cock down her throat, but if she can do that with her mouth, I should be able to handle this thing inside of me!"

Jenna massaged her sensitive lips one final time before pushing the fat head into her slippery hole. Her head fell back against the couch, "Oh fuck that's big..." Jenna's vibrator was similarly sized to Ryan's cock; neither was anywhere near the rubbery cucumber sized pleasure stick she now pushed deeply into her horny pussy. It didn't take her long to realize what she'd missed out on until now; sensations she'd never imagined coursed through sexy body. When she pressed past the 7" mark, she moaned out loud. "Oh my fucking God that feels so damn GOOD!"

Jenna slowly worked the magnificent toy in and out. On each outward stroke Jenna could see the dark black surface shimmering with her love juice. The contrast between the jet black sheen of the big dildo and her swollen pink pussy lips aroused her. "You're not the only one enjoying a big black cock at the moment" Jenna thought silently to the hot wife on the screen.

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