tagInterracial LoveUCLA to Big D Ch. 07

UCLA to Big D Ch. 07


This story is posted on the Literotica website and the author does not give permission for it to be reposted or reprinted anywhere else without consent. There are 18 chapters to this saga and I strongly encourage you to read them continuously (at least the first time around). I think you will find it fun and funny at times, but don't be misled; this is not a warm and fuzzy romance novel. This story contains nefarious characters whose sole purpose is to get laid, regardless of whom they hurt in the process. The themes of non-consent, reluctance, and betrayal are woven throughout the varying topics of interracial sex, lesbian sex, and wife thieving. If these things appeal to you, I expect you will enjoy it very much, if they don't, you should probably read a different story. My hope is you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. I encourage you to stay with it all the way through the epilogue as just about everyone gets what is coming to them in the end...good and bad.

Any references to celebrities or real-life people or places are purely fictional. Any and all sexual situations regarding these individuals are consensual.

This chapter is an extension of the recent developments in Chapters 5 & 6. I would encourage reading those prior to this one but it's good as a standalone too.

Jenna Nielsen awoke around noon as Cole Steele, the All-Pro NFL linebacker returned to the bed from the john. He stood in front of her with his huge black cock hanging limp. He told her to use the bathroom and to grab the massage oil from the vanity and bring it back upon her return.

As the beautiful married blonde returned to the bedroom, the Dallas Cowboys' new acquisition lay naked on his back on the oversized round bed admiring her spectacular nude body as she approached. He loved the way her big tits jiggled as she moved in his direction.

Cole instructed her to climb up on top and straddle his chest as she'd done so perfectly the prior night. The previously faithful wife nervously did as he asked and climbed up and straddled his muscle-covered torso.

The large black man said, "Your first meal each day will be my load. But before you suck my cock, I want you to play with yourself while telling me how badly you want it! You need to make me really want to empty my nuts. Do you understand?"

"...yes Bull." This was the name that he required her to address him by as part of the agreement that Cole and Jenna's husband, Ryan Nielsen, had agreed upon as punishment for Jenna's unintended theft of a roll of cash from Cole's estate two weeks previously. The nickname was a minor caveat to the deal; the larger stipulation was for Jenna to be Cole Steele's personal servant for the next three weeks. Unfortunately for Jenna's husband, he was under the impression his wife would only be expected to perform inane personal services and housekeeping for the famous football player. Cole's expectations were significantly different; his quest was to make gorgeous Jenna Nielsen his personal black cock slut. The large black man had achieved a significant portion of that goal the previous night when he had his way with her in an all-night fuck-marathon. Today, he expected to complete his quest; before the night was through, he would take her in her only remaining black cock virgin hole.

Jenna remembered what Cole had told her the previous night about masturbating without permission, so before she poured the oil on her amazing chest she asked, "Bull may I please rub my breasts and pussy for you?"

"Ah, you passed your first test of the day, good girl Jenna. Yes you may massage those nice big titties and play with that tight horny pussy!"

Jenna poured the oil liberally onto her tits and down her flat stomach; she used her small hands to softly rub it around her phenomenal boobs. The whiteness of her smooth breast skin against the background of her beautifully tanned body was a big turn-on for him. Seeing them in daylight, Cole was again reminded of just how perfect the tits were on this woman. He'd recently fucked a B-movie actress named Sara Malakul Lane, who up until this point he thought had the nicest tits he'd enjoyed. But Jenna's big D-cups were similar in appearance to Lane's but hers possessed areolas and nipples that were slightly larger, which he loved. The rest of Lane's body didn't hold a candle to Jenna Nielsen's.

While still technically a D-cup, Cole correctly theorized that Jenna's tits had grown larger since he first met her in the UCLA dorms 12 years previously. They were now the most perfect combination of size and shape. The amazing set perched in front of his face were heavy and round on the lower half and the tops featured that ideal slope that forced the nipples beautifully upward at the confluence. And while their firmness nearly defied comprehension, they had a little natural hang as they hovered heavily over her flat stomach. The fullness created that sexy crease at the base that Cole loved. Jenna's breasts were also close enough together to create their own cleavage, even when she wasn't wearing a bra. Her large nipples complemented the size of her tits to perfection and he loved the way her nearly silver dollar sized areolas would get little bumps when she was aroused.

They were covered in bumps right now.

While Cole considered himself a tit-man, he also had a strong preference for long, toned legs, narrow hips and bubble-shaped asses. But while he liked thin figures, he preferred his women to have a little meat on their bones and nice muscle structure, but not so much so that they didn't still look lean and feminine like a woman should. Jenna's 29-year-old body got an "A" in every category. As far as he was concerned she had the perfect body for fucking. The topper for him however, was that he'd already determined that she loved sex and knew how to use her phenomenal body to drive him wild. The pro football star was also extremely impressed with her stamina as she had enthusiastically kept up with him for hours on end the previous night.

Jenna smeared the oil around her tits and over her hardening nipples; she could feel her pussy moistening as she played with her breasts. They stared into each other's eyes as little moaning sounds escaped her full lips. Finally she spoke, "Bull I hope you like the way I play with my breasts. It feels really good. I'm getting horny thinking about pleasing you."

"You better have a big appetite, cuz you know I got a hot meal for you!"

Jenna gulped nervously before she lowered her left hand and ran her oily fingers through her little blonde patch. She continued on until her pleasure bump was sandwiched between them; she rubbed up and down with her clit ring protruding between her experienced slippery fingers.

"You like to play with your horny little clit, don't you Jenna?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes Bull..." She responded in a sexy voice. "...but not as much as I like your...um...tongue on it."

Jenna looked fucking hot as he contemplated simply fucking her right now. But the large black man reminded himself there would be plenty of time for that today and he wanted to keep with his plan for first-thing morning blowjobs to start each day. Cole could feel blood flowing to his cock. "Okay baby, you've earned your morning treat. Slide down there and I'll teach you how I like my dick sucked!"

Jenna kissed her way down his muscle-covered torso to his magnificent cock. She slid it between her oily tits and let him enjoy seeing the thick dark phallus push in and out of her ample cleavage. Jenna moved lower down his body and nuzzled around the sensitive areas near the base. She ran her cheeks and lips along the inside of his thighs while sliding her hands along his upper thighs and around his hips. "You have such big muscles in your legs...you're so powerful Bull," she said to him in a submissive earthy voice as she kissed and licked around his loins.

Jenna lowered her mouth to the base of his big limp dick and ran her tongue slowly up the entire length to the head. Cole spent the next 45 minutes teaching Jenna how to please him with her mouth. The blonde wife was a quick learner and before long had him thrusting his hips in arousal. Jenna introduced some of her own variations; he quickly realized this WILF had the mouth talent and the enthusiasm to blow his mind. He had discovered it the previous night, but confirmed it this morning, Jenna Nielsen was really good at sucking his cock.

Cole was now standing on his bed as she knelt in front of him with her tongue slutishly licking at his hard cock as he guided it around her lips. Jenna took the head in her mouth and sucked frantically as she sensed he was getting close. Her fingers played with his heavy balls. He pulled it out and smeared her saliva and his pre-cum around her face as she licked desperately at the veiny truncheon. Cole held and stroked it as he brought his oversized nuts to her saliva-filled mouth. The married blonde latched onto one of his balls and sucked with her full lips while fluttering her tongue on it inside her mouth.

He loved the way she looked as she excitedly worked to get him off. Her luscious boobs heaved, her beautiful face covered in wetness, and her wavy blonde hair flying in all directions.

Cole was ready to pump his load down her throat.

The NFL linebacker brought the head back down and shoved it between her wet lips. Jenna had only re-swallowed six inches before it suddenly erupted wildly in her throat. The first blast caught her by surprise and she gagged. As she tried to swallow, her gag reflex kicked in again and she coughed. Copious amounts of Cole's spunk splattered from her lips, down her chin, and onto her heaving tits. Thick seed continued to pump from his cock with no place for it to go until the beautiful blonde was finally able to swallow again; she took as much as she could down her throat, but her mouth filled quickly again and it wasn't long before his thick cream spilled out from her cum covered lips.

Cole pulled it out and smeared his seed around her mouth. He cautioned, "You're going to need to do much better than that Jenna! Now clean up what you should have swallowed in the first place." She proceeded to clean his cock and use her fingers to bring much of his cum from around her face to her mouth and swallow it.

Jenna felt guilty for failing to swallow his load, but she was starting to wonder if it was even possible.

"In spite of not finishing the job well, the sexy massage and blow job weren't bad; you've earned a morning fuck!" Cole said. "You want that don't you Mrs. Nielsen?"

Jenna hesitated as she recalled her guilty thoughts of infidelity before she'd fallen asleep the previous night. Then her true feelings kicked in...she couldn't help herself...she wanted it again.

"...yes Bull...like you did last night!" She should have been thinking about her husband, but instead her mind was clouded by thoughts of big black cock.

Cole turned her around and pushed her head down against the sheets. He told her to raise her ass. The huge black man moved behind her and rubbed his still hard 11" club up and down her crack. Giving him head had made her really horny, now Jenna's pussy was dripping in anticipation. He brought the head to her meaty lips, jiggled them around and then shoved his cock inside. She gasped and moaned.

"Oh my God it's big Bull..." She whimpered.

Her pussy was still tender from the fucking he'd given her the night before, but it didn't hurt enough to offset the pleasure she immediately felt as he stuffed his glorious tool back in her time and time again. The horny real estate agent reached back between her legs and fondled his big smooth nuts as they slapped against her thighs. Cole Steele took her hard and deep and it wasn't long before she screamed out loud and climaxed all over him.

Over the next hour, he contorted her limber body into sexual positions she'd never dreamed of with her husband. Cole fucked her to a half dozen dripping orgasms. Finally, with her legs pulled back over his shoulders, she watched as his rock hard ass pumped powerfully and rhythmically into her via the mirrors above his bed. The huge black stud spewed his hot seed into her belly and brought her off one final time. With her fingernails digging into his back, she now experienced the same vision she'd imagined back at Cole's party of Scarlett Johansson watching herself getting pumped into by Cole's muscle bound body.

It was even better than Jenna imagined.

Jenna hated herself for feeling this way, but she now knew she was his to do whatever he pleased. His magnificent cock had broken her will to resist. In less than 24 hours, the All-pro linebacker had turned the former faithful wife into his black cock slut.

They showered together before he led her wrapped in a towel to a large closet on the opposite side of his bedroom. The expansive room was filled with women's clothing including dresses, workout gear, costumes, and a large selection of lingerie. Jenna estimated there were over 300 teddies, chemises, babydolls, and corsets, in addition to hundreds of bra and panty combinations.

He said, "Everything in here should fit you pretty well. 34D, right? DD in some things?"

"Yes, that's right Bull. How do know that?" She asked.

He rolled his eyes, "C'mon Jenna I have a little experience in this area. Lose the towel."

Jenna slowly released her body wrap and it fell to the floor. He'd just played with them in the shower, but Cole didn't see himself ever tiring of Jenna's fabulous tits; he reached out and lightly tweaked and massaged them, "You might have to squeeze these into some of the D-cup bras, but most should be okay. I certainly won't mind if these big titties are spilling out a little bit. The panties and g-strings should fit your tight little ass nicely. Pick out something sexy and come model it for me." He playfully squeezed her tits and pinched her pokey nubs one final time before walking out. "I'll be waiting!"

"He touches me like I belong to him....he's so fucking arrogant. But dammit, why does it have to feel so good when he does it?"

Jenna was amazed at the number of sexy items in his closet. She was especially surprised that nearly everything was her size, "Did he buy all this stuff specifically for me or does he only bring women of my body size into his bedroom?"

Jenna nervously perused the magnificent collection; she liked just about everything she saw. Someone with impeccable taste had compiled this collection; every item was high quality and sexily designed. She thought to herself that if she was picking out something for Ryan, there would be countless choices that would turn him on. But since she was now modeling for...him, Jenna tried to find something more conservative; there was no sense making the black man any hornier than he already was. Unfortunately everything was revealing and very sexy. In addition to the phenomenal array of nightwear items, there were also well over 100 pairs of high heeled shoes to match the sexy lingerie. Nearly all were 7 1/2...her size.

She emerged from the closet wearing a black leather corset that zipped in the front and laced up in the back. Her magnificent cleavage was pushed up and her sweet ass cheeks spilled out the bottom in the back.

"Nice baby. Turn around and show me the whole package. Uh-huh, nice choice, your tits and ass sure look good in it, but it'll be a little too uncomfortable for what I have planned the rest of the afternoon. Let's save that for one of our nighttime rendezvous; I really like it on you, but show me something else."

As Jenna re-entered the closet, Cole shook his head in disbelief at how hot Jenna looked in the first outfit. This was going to be a very rewarding process but the truth was, his blonde toy wasn't going to have anything on for long, but he saw no need to share that with her.

Jenna's second entree was a red lace bra and sheer garter skirt with matching g-string and fencenet stockings. "Yeah Mrs. Nielsen, you are getting closer..." She looked fucking hot in this one, but he was having too much fun with this process and wanted to see her parade around in something else. Cole also wanted her to know that he controlled everything while she was with him, including what she wore or didn't wear. While he made a mental note to have her wear this fucking-hot red number again, he told her to try on something else.

Jenna's final stab was a white lace and mesh cami set with matching thong and garters. Her tights were sheer white fishnet and the 5" stiletto heels completed the package. This outfit showed off her big tits and her impeccable naked ass. Her tanned skin looked great against the white fabric and her dancer's legs went on forever.

"Holy shit, that's the one baby! That'll make me horny all day long!"

Jenna got a very strange sense of pride mixed with apprehension. She certainly hadn't accomplished her goal of finding something to mute his arousal, but his compliment sent a shiver up the back of her neck. Cole had a shit-eating grin plastered to his face as he led her to a connecting bathroom stocked with all she would need to prep herself for their long day ahead. Cole gave her 45 minutes to do her hair and makeup. The large black man reminded her to put on wet sexy lipstick before she greeted him again.

The gorgeous real estate agent emerged three quarters of an hour later looking like a black man's wet dream come true.

The lingerie gripped her gorgeous body like it had been painted on. Her long blonde wavy hair spilled over her narrow shoulders and fluffed against her lower back near her rib cage. Jenna's stunningly beautiful face and deep blue eyes were made all the more perfect by the impeccable application of the expensive cosmetics supplied by Cole's staff. He couldn't remember ever seeing her look better than she did at this moment.

Cole led her down to the main floor dressed in the sexy lingerie. He wore satin pajamas himself. Jenna wanted to crawl into a hole as the arrogant football player paraded her around and introduced her to several of his staff members including the maid who had found her in Cole's bathroom the night of the party. None of them openly gawked at her scantily clad body (they had all been through this drill before), but Carl Swenson, Cole's security manager, subtly admired the voluptuous body that he'd seen masturbating on the video from Cole's bathroom.

She was even hotter in person.

The previous night Carl observed the action on monitors in the security room as Cole launched his plan to seduce the gorgeous blonde. Carl watched in awe as his boss convinced her husband to have her stay with him for the next three weeks to work off her "debt". The security chief was amazed when the husband actually fell for the ruse and left his sexy wife in Cole's unscrupulous hands. Carl had to give credit to his boss; it was sparkling performance and now the smoking blonde was at the mercy of his brilliantly devious plan.

Carl had seen and heard enough before he went to bed at 11:00 p.m. to know that Cole's married real estate agent was in for the night of her life. Based on Cole's track record, Carl suspected their wild sex would last well into the morning.

Boy did he call that one right...the security man reviewed the tapes earlier this morning and confirmed his suspicions, his large black boss had fucked the living shit out of the married blonde all night long. He'd always admired Cole's sexual stamina, but even he was in awe of the football player's performance last night.

The married real estate agent proved to be quite the little tiger herself. Carl hadn't witnessed many women endure the onslaught that the blonde received, and certainly few had done it so enthusiastically and over such a long time from his powerful boss. Carl himself had closed the door to the security room and jacked-off while watching Cole roughly pounding the hot blonde doggy style to multiple orgasms on the beach.

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