tagInterracial LoveUCLA to Big D Ch. 08

UCLA to Big D Ch. 08


This story is posted on the Literotica website and the author does not give permission for it to be reposted or reprinted anywhere else without consent. There are 18 chapters to this saga and I strongly encourage you to read them continuously (at least the first time around). I think you will find it fun and funny at times, but don't be misled; this is not a warm and fuzzy romance novel. This story contains nefarious characters whose sole purpose is to get laid, regardless of whom they hurt in the process. The themes of non-consent, reluctance, and betrayal are woven throughout the varying topics of interracial sex, lesbian sex, and wife thieving. If these things appeal to you, I expect you will enjoy it very much, if they don't, you should probably read a different story. My hope is you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. I encourage you to stay with it all the way through the epilogue as just about everyone gets what is coming to them in the end...good and bad.

Any references to celebrities or real-life people or places are purely fictional. Any and all sexual situations regarding these individuals are consensual.

This chapter is an extension of the recent developments in Chapters 5, 6 & 7. I would encourage reading those prior to this one but it's good as a standalone too.


The following day Cole and Jenna awoke at 8:30 a.m. After a phenomenal blowjob, Cole fucked her again like a rock-star; the blonde wife experienced her second set of multiple orgasms in the past 36 hours as she rode his thick black pole and screamed his name time and time again. Jenna Nielsen, who Cole had joyfully learned was a 'squirting cummer', sprayed her married juice on his magnificent cock until she collapsed completely fulfilled on top of him.

After a poolside brunch and playful swim together, the two of them laid out by the pool talking about a variety of topics, none of which were sex related. Jenna appreciated the respite, as sex had dominated their conversation (and activities) for the past two days. As Cole lay listening to her views on the importance of an active lifestyle, he confirmed what he'd been sensing for the past 48 hours, the large black man was developing feelings for her.

"Hey Jenna, my personal trainer and his assistant are going to be here in 30 minutes, I thought we'd start our day with a good hard workout!"

"Yes, that sounds great Bull!"

Jenna then thought to herself, "But it sure seemed to me like our day started with a good hard fuck!"

Cole led her back up to his bedroom. "We have to find you some workout clothes; your husband never showed up yesterday with any of your things." Cole lied.

"Why would he not come by with my clothes and stuff?" Jenna questioned internally.

Her husband, Ryan Nielsen had told Jenna the night of the agreement (for her to become Cole Steele's live-in personal servant for the next three weeks), that he would come back the following day with toiletries, makeup, undergarments and gym clothes for her. Jenna's husband had in fact returned with the stuff but Cole Steele never informed her. Instead, Ryan Nielsen watched unknowingly as his gorgeous wife pleasured the All-pro NFL linebacker while Cole's security manager Carl Swenson tossed her bag of clothes and other personal items including a hand-written note from him, in the trash.

Cole now led the blonde wife to the big closet in his room and picked out workout wear for her, "These ought to do," Cole said as he handed them to her.

Cole had recently purchased the workout wearables on the recommendation of a buddy, Paul Washington, who told him, "You won't believe how good this shit works!" The new age stretchy material was different than anything Cole had ever seen before; the fabric looked like Caucasian skin-colored spandex. Unbeknownst to Jenna, the fabric's uniqueness came from its distinctive properties that when it got exposed to human perspiration, it turned completely transparent.

Jenna slipped on the tight sports bra, workout shorts and a pair of Nike Air's like the one's she wore at home. Jenna liked the way the new age material felt against her skin but she wasn't a big fan of the color. Cole nodded approvingly as he had her model it for him. He said, "You fill-out workout gear real nice girl, this is the kind of stimulation I like when I work out."

They headed to Cole's personal gym on the ground floor of the compound. Cole wore only black stretch shorts that did nothing to conceal the huge bulge between his legs. Every muscle in his huge black-skinned body bulged as they descended the large circular stair cases. The gym setting was spectacular as the two exterior walls contained floor to ceiling retractable folding glass doors that opened away from the corner facing Cole's tropical grounds and the Pacific Ocean. With both doors fully open the gym was exposed completely to the outdoor elements. A nice Pacific breeze was blowing in from the west.

Cole's personal workout trainer Jack Tyler and his assistant Alyssa Carlson met them as they walked in the door. While both were seasoned professionals, neither failed to notice how hot Cole's female partner looked in her workout clothes. Alyssa also admired Cole's massive bulge. Cole and Jack made introductions and everyone exchanged handshakes.

Alyssa took Jenna out to the lawn area outside the gym. "Cole told Jack that you do Pilates instruction. Obviously it's working for you, do you do Yoga too?" Alyssa asked as she admired Jenna's sinewy body.

"Yes, I enjoy Yoga a lot, but most of the time we do Pilates, I just like the stretch better." Jenna said excitedly. "I haven't worked out in a couple of days, and I can't wait to go hard today!" Jenna then thought to herself how ridiculous that statement was, "Of course I've worked out for the past 2 days...I've been having non-stop sex with a fucking bull for 36 hours straight!"

Alyssa noticed Jenna's wedding rings and figured she was some bored, rich Malibu housewife getting some big black cock on the side. She couldn't blame Jenna for her choice in side action, Cole was built like a God and the bulge in his shorts was impressive. For Cole's part, Alyssa thought to herself that the NFL linebacker could do much worse, "This chick is really hot for pushing 30!"

Alyssa smiled and said, "You came to right place, Cole's instructions were to push you to the limit!" She gleamed as she stealthily checked-out Jenna's body. Although she preferred sex with men, Alyssa had engaged in a few same-sex trysts and was extremely excited to see Jenna's hot body stretched and contorted.

Alyssa led Jenna through a grueling Pilates workout, but came away amazed at the older chick's core-strength and body control. The young instructor had worked out with many of the leading 21-22-year-old Pilates trainers in Southern California, but realized quickly none of them had a leg up on this sexy blonde. The hot personal trainer was amazed at the limber flexibility that Jenna's rock-hard body was capable of and she hadn't seen many girls with such big tits being so flexible. Alyssa's pussy moistened imagining what sex with this WILF would be like.

When they were finally done they went back into the gym to get in some cardio. In spite of the intense Pilates stretch-work, Jenna hadn't perspired much out in the shaded, breezy area.

Inside, Cole was doing 750 lb. leg presses. The huge football player was covered in sweat and grunting loudly on each rep. Both women stopped to watch the impressive display. When he finished, he climbed off the bench and approached Jenna and Alyssa. The large black man disappointedly observed that Jenna's workout wear hadn't changed in appearance. Her nipples were poking out, but nothing was visible though the fabric. He cussed Paul Washington under his breath.

"How'd she do Alyssa?" Cole asked.

"She's a rock! I haven't seen too many women pushing 30 who can do what she can do!" Alyssa praised Jenna enthusiastically. "And she barely worked up a sweat in the process!"

"I can see that," Cole responded with a perturbed look on his face, before he smiled and continued, "But yes I've seen first-hand her impressive stretching and contorting skills, I'm not sure there's a position she can't get in!" Cole responded with a laugh as he made eye contact with Jenna.

The married blonde returned his gaze with an uncomfortable, embarrassed look.

Alyssa wasn't sure how to respond so she changed the subject and said, "We are going to finish up with some cardio work on the elliptical."

"Put her through a good workout Alyssa. Make her sweat!" Cole ordered as he ogled Jenna's leotard covered body.

Alyssa took Jenna over to the cardio machines and asked what level she typically does on the elliptical. After hearing her response, Alyssa set the controls on "high hills" and started it up.

At about the 10 minute mark, Jenna began to perspire. Alyssa began to notice that Jenna's workout gear began to lighten in color, "That's weird; most workout gear gets darker when it gets wet."

By the twenty minute mark, Jenna's hard nipples were beginning to show through the thin material.

After thirty minutes, Jenna's tits, ass, and pussy lips were completely visible.

As she neared the completion of her workout, Jenna's workout clothes were virtually invisible.

The young trainer watched in awe as her stunning client powered through 45 minutes of grueling hill training. But more astoundingly, aside from the support her workout clothes provided, it was like the hot married blonde wasn't wearing anything at all. Her hard pink nipples, heart shaped blonde pubic patch and unblemished ass cheeks pressed sexily against the transparent wet material. Both trainers stared in awe at Jenna's body. Jack's sweat pants tented outward...he actually had a hard-on. Alyssa could feel the wetness between her own legs.

Cole came over smiling from ear to ear as Jenna dismounted the machine as both trainers looked on in disbelief. Jenna noticed the tent in Jack's sweats and thought, "That's odd."

She walked gingerly over on fatigued legs to get a drink. As she passed a bank of full length mirrors, she gasped out loud. She now knew why Jack was sporting a boner; her 29-year-old hot body was basically nude except for her tennis shoes...

Thankfully for Jenna, Cole had alternative plans for the afternoon; they said awkward goodbyes before Cole led her upstairs.

"Oh my God Bull, that was embarrassing..."

"Deal with it Jenna, trust me you'll be in more uncomfortable situations than that over the next three weeks!" Cole already had thoughts of what he had planned for her later that night as an example.

Working out always raised his testosterone levels and seeing Jenna in her "outfit" had aroused him to no end. Exercise had the same effect on her...and in spite of her embarrassment with the workout clothes, she was horny and worked-up. Cole aggressively stripped off her workout gear and led her to the outdoor shower. Jenna lustily reached for his cock, but he maintained his willpower and reluctantly pushed her hand away. It was all he could do to not fuck her silly, but he had big plans for the rest of the day...

He dressed her in a sexy bikini before he donned a pair of board shorts and a tank top. Cole led her down to his waiting limousine.


Later that afternoon, Ryan Nielsen paddled his board out to the new surf spot that his buddy Tommy had texted him about. Waves could be pretty mediocre this time of year so his surf buddies had gone in search of a new spot. A couple of them had found this place off the Malibu coast and sent out a group text letting the rest of the guys know about it.

Ryan was still very busy at work with Jenna's absence, but he needed a little head-clearing time and nothing soothed his nerves better than a couple of hours out on his longboard. Managing both he and Jenna's business had kept him very busy over the past couple of days, but he was starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel as he delegated more work to some of the junior agents in his office.

He and Jenna usually surfed together at least once a week, but she was obviously busy at the present time and he was actually looking forward to a little time with the guys out on the waves.

"No way! Dudes look at who decided to grace us with his presence!" Ryan's buddy Don "Slider" Williams yelled out as Ryan paddled up.

"What's up bro...we thought you forgot about us!" Teddy "Pipes" Grassi joked.

"I've been kinda tied up lately; work seems to be getting in the way of catching waves these days." Ryan replied to the group with a friendly smile.

"You've missed some tasty ones at this new spot bro!" Nick "the Man" Manning chimed in.

"Hey where's your better half Nielsen? You know we look forward to seeing her more than you anyway!" Tommy Sanders half-kidded.

"Jenna had to go help a sick friend on the East Coast." Ryan lied.

"That's too bad Nielsen, but it's probably good she wasn't here about 15 minutes ago as it would have been a little embarrassing for her," said Teddy laughingly.

"Not too much embarrasses her, what was it, another one of Nick's fuck conquest stories?" Ryan asked with a smile.

"No this one was actually true!" Tommy said while looking over at Nick.

Nick flipped him the bird.

"No dude, this awesome yacht came by and a huge black dude was pounding this naked blonde doggy up on the bow. He had her by the hair and was laying the wood to her. It was fucking awesome; it looked like a scene from a porn flick!" Teddy said excitedly.

"Her big fucking tits were swaying as he nailed her with his monster cock. We could see his fucking black log from here and the boat was over 100 yards away." Tommy chimed in. "Teddy and I disagreed, but I think he was fucking her in the ass!"

"No shit? Damn I'm pissed I missed that!" Ryan complained good-naturedly.

"I'd still loved to have known who they were," said Don, "probably some rich athlete and a Hollywood want-to-be. We tried to see the name on the boat but it was too far away and at the wrong angle to make it out."

"I'm pretty sure I saw the word "Eleven" in the name, but I couldn't make out the rest," stated Nick.

"Dude, there's no fucking way you could have seen that from here, you're only using a word from the phrase you used to describe your latest hook-up. 'Eleven on a ten scale' is how you described that chick from Newport last week." Tommy said. "If that chick was an Eleven then the chick we just saw getting boned was a Twenty-five!"

"Fuck you Sanders!" Nick replied and they all busted out laughing.

Ryan quickly remembered why he liked hanging out with these guys. They were a mixed bag of personalities and backgrounds, but they all meshed together to form a fun band of So Cal wave chasers.

None of them objected when Ryan would bring Jenna out surfing with him. Aside from the fact that she was so easy on the eyes, she had long ago become part of the group and no topic of discussion was off limits in her presence. Nick's latest stories of sexual conquest or Tommy's impersonations of his bitchy ex-wife were always favorite conversations of the group. Everyone joked at each other's expense.

Jenna wasn't immune from the bantering. When she would have a bad ride, the guys would tease her about being too top heavy. She would fire back with jokes about them having lousy centers of gravity due to the lack of weight in their swim trunks.

And while Ryan missed Jenna badly, being out with his surfing buddies was the perfect distraction from the stress of his life at the moment. "Damn its nice being out here and not thinking about what Jenna is doing every second of the day..."


Cole Steele worked hard to catch his breath as he rolled onto his back. His skin was covered in sweat and his cock was glistening with wetness. Jenna was still shaking and lying next to him in a fetal position; she was more out of breath than him. Her tattered bikini bottoms were strewn nearby and thick seed was oozing from her asshole down one of her spectacular butt cheeks.

Cole reached over and rubbed her other reddened half-moon and said, "Go over and grab us a couple of new beach towels, these ones are all wet." Jenna's thighs and the towels below them were soaked from the juice that had gushed from her pussy during Cole's pounding of her sweet cunt and beautiful ass.

This was now the second time he'd taken her in the rear, but Jenna was already hooked. The formerly faithful wife was still amazed that her asshole had stretched to accommodate his massive cock. But the bliss she felt as his heavy balls slapped against her clit while he took her roughly from behind was out of this world.

The glorious sexual stimulation combined with the spectacular setting had combined to send her climaxing a handful of times already this afternoon.

As she got up to grab the new towels, Jenna looked over towards the Malibu coast in awe. It was a beautiful day for boating in Southern California. Cole's 90 foot yacht named Eleven from Heaven was gliding smoothly through the Pacific waves about two miles from shore.

The boat's captain, Mark Nichols eyed Jenna's body hungrily from behind the dark tinted bridge windshield. It wasn't uncommon for him to witness Cole's sexual exploits on the boat. Just a few weeks earlier he watched as Erin Andrews, the NFL sideline reporter, impaled herself on the linebacker's massive tool. She was a screamer so Cole eventually took her down in the cabin. Her muted cries still made it up to the bridge for the next two hours straight.

On today's voyage however, Captain Mark had been particularly aroused by the hot blonde that his boss led onto the boat. He watched in amazement as Cole disrobed her before literally tearing the sexy bikini from her spectacular body. She hungrily sucked his cock before he took her from behind like a grizzly bear in heat. On top of seeing her limber body contort in ecstasy on his animal cock, seeing her squirting climaxes had nearly made the captain pop in his shorts.

Mark had noticed a wedding ring on her finger as he had with other women that his boss brought on the yacht previously. He wondered to himself, "Who are these married women and where are their husbands while this black stud has his way with them?"

Ironically this woman's husband was floating on a surfboard about a mile away.

Jenna walked back over and spread the towels. Cole sat in a low-rise lounge chair eyeing her beautiful tits. She leaned over, rubbed his neck and said, "That was incredible Bull," before she sat down in the chair next to him.

Cole Steele held up his heavy limp dick and said, "I told you you'd love this big stick in your sweet little butt didn't I?"

She smiled a guilty smile confirming the answer to his question.

Cole handed her a Pacifico. The two of them talked for the next 20 minutes. "Not a bad way to spend a Thursday afternoon, huh?" Cole asked.

"It's so beautiful out here; I think I could get used to this." Jenna replied guiltily.

Cole liked hearing her acknowledgement and decided the moment was right for him to bring up a subject that he suspected would be "touchy" for her.

"Jenna, are you guys going to start a family soon?" He immediately observed a pained look on her face.

"I really want kids and I think he does too. As I guess he told you, we've been trying for awhile, but it hasn't happened yet." She responded somewhat dejectedly.

"I hope you don't mind me prying, but how long have you been off birth control Jenna?"

"Almost 4 years."

"Holy shit!" he thought to himself. "Have you guys tried any fertility treatments?" Cole asked, already knowing the answer.

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