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UCLA to Big D Ch. 15


Acknowledgement: I had originally planned to classify this chapter in another category, but it contains a fun section involving celebrity sex and thus Literotica's submission requirements dictate that it be classified in the Celebrities and Fan Fiction category, even though that classification does not represent the primary theme of the chapter. Please keep in mind that any references to celebrities or real-life people or places are purely fictional. Any and all sexual situations regarding these individuals are consensual. Fetish components are also integral in the story, making some of the sex still very good, but different than previous chapters. I hope you enjoy it.

In this chapter, beautiful blonde wife Jenna Nielsen finds herself in an unfamiliar Hollywood mansion (brothel) talking to a gorgeous redhead (Brooke) who has just informed her that they, and the other 8 beautiful women around them, are there to fuck unknown men and/or women as "punishment" bestowed upon them by their significant others. Jenna listens in disbelief as she contemplates the realities of how and why she finds herself here now. She suspects Steve Jones is responsible, Jenna has no idea this is all part of Cole Steele's master plan.

As has been the case in previous chapters, Chapter 15 will make more sense if you read the story from the beginning (or at least chapter 11-14), but also like all previous chapters, it is not a necessity, and you'll enjoy it as a standalone story too.


"Well Cole, Jones kept up his end of the bargain, Lisa Anderson just called me and confirmed that Jenna arrived at the mansion twenty minutes ago," Carl Swenson, Cole Steele's security man communicated to his boss.

"Oh, that's the best news I've heard in 48 hours. Did Lisa say how she was doing?" The large black man asked nervously.

"She said she looked a little tired, but nonetheless, really hot in her skimpy lingerie. She did however acknowledge your girl was wearing some unusual accessories including a gold collar."

"That son of a bitch, he better not have marred or hurt her in any other way!" Cole swore in reference to Chief Steve Jones of the Pacific Palisades police department.

"Lisa didn't seem to think so. She said she looked incredible, she described the light pink baby doll and 5" heels Jenna was wearing, as looking as good on her as any 29-year-old she'd ever seen. She asked if Jenna's incredible cleavage was enhanced. I told her only by the grace of God."

"Well I'm glad to hear she seems to be okay and is looking as good as usual. What about Ryan, have you gotten an update?" Cole asked.

"I got a text message from that Captain Sayers at the North County jail; he says Jenna's husband will be heading out in 30 minutes."

"Good, it sounds like our plan is on schedule. I have to say I'm a bit surprised that Jones didn't fuck it up somehow!" Cole said, breathing a sigh of relief.


Jenna looked up as two women approached her and the gorgeous redhead, Brooke. The shorter of the two asked Jenna to follow her. Jenna gave one last nervous look at her new friend before her aide led her out of the common area. The girl took Jenna around to the other side, up a couple of stairs and into a glass-partitioned 7' x 10' room that peered back out into the common area where they'd just vacated. Jenna immediately noticed that the glass that separated the enclosures on both sides of her was opaque, but the rooms on the other side of the common area were open to her view through large clear glass windows facing the open space.

Jenna could see Brooke being positioned in one of the enclosures directly across the way.

"What am I doing here? What is this place?" Jenna asked her aide impatiently.

"You will find out soon enough," the girl answered just before Lisa Anderson, the woman Jenna had met when she first arrived, entered the glassed room.

"Ah Jenna," Ms. Anderson said cheerily, "I see that you've made it into your room. We are so happy to have you join us this morning. We listened in on your conversation with Brooke and she clearly gave you most of the important details, Eve here will prepare you for our first client."

"Fuck if she will bitch! I'm not doing shit for you people." Jenna cussed at her.

Jenna suddenly witnessed Lisa's gregarious appearance change as the older woman's jaw clenched and she moved in her direction, "Listen you little prissy cunt, you'll do exactly as I say, or I'll make a call to Chief Jones and you and your D-cups will be on their way to the lesbos at county lock-up before you know what the fuck happened!"

Jenna now confirmed how she'd come to be in this place...she was still under Steve Jones' control. She wondered if she would ever get out from under it, "I'm sorry Lisa, I'm usually not so defiant, I will do whatever you want, please don't call him."

Ironically, it wasn't Jones' idea to bring her to Madam Balough's mansion this morning. No, she was here because this visit was a very important cog in Cole Steele's plan to have her in his clutches (and bed) for well beyond the three week agreement that he'd originally made with her husband Ryan. Having it appear that Chief Jones sent her here, only contributed to the perfection of the football star's devious scheme.

Upon hearing Jenna's contrite apology, Lisa Anderson's demeanor changed again, this time back to the calm, unpretentious older woman, "Yes Jenna, I'm glad you've made the right choice. I think if you embrace this, you might even find it to be a lot of fun. Someone with your considerable, uh...beauty should get lots of attention here. Eve will now prepare you for our first client, do your very best to get chosen." Lisa nodded to the young aide before flirtatiously smiling and eyeing Jenna from head to toe before walking out of the glass enclosure and into the hallway.

"Jenna you look amazing in that lingerie." The gorgeous blonde was dressed in a nearly see-thru light pink baby doll that accentuated her big natural tits. The chains that descended from her gold collar disappeared inside the sexy outfit and attached to her recently installed nipple rings. The baby doll just barely covered Jenna's g-string covered pussy mound. Her long tanned legs looked like those of a dancer, accentuated by the 5" heels. "Our first client desires the sexy, innocent wife look and will likely get aroused seeing you in that outfit. I'll touch up your make-up and beautiful blonde hair." Eve gushed before spending the next 15 minutes prepping Jenna for the first client.

Jenna's heart pounded in her chest as she sat terrified thinking about what might happen next.

Just as Eve put the finishing touches on Jenna's hair, Lisa Anderson's voice came over the loud speaker, "Ladies, we are so happy to have each of you here with us this morning! As you've probably realized by now, you have been chosen to represent our 'A' group to some of our most valuable clients."

Jenna obviously had no idea that she was the only gorgeous woman of the twelve that didn't "work" here at the mansion. These sessions happened daily at the mansion, but typically only Lilly Balough's lovely girls were "on the menu". Jenna Nielsen had been added this morning at Cole Steele's considerable investment.

Lisa continued, "Each of you possesses a certain look or talent that is valued by this customer group and we expect that if you are chosen, you will use those assets to make this experience unforgettable for each of our customers!"

"Our first client today is a well-respected leader at a very high-profile institute of higher learning in the LA area. He is a regular visitor to the mansion, but his favorite involvement is with our A-team on weekend mornings throughout the year. Put on your sexiest look and drive him absolutely wild by flaunting your incredible assets. Remember this is a competition and for those of you who aren't picked today, there will be consequences!"

Jenna looked across the way and made eye-contact with Brooke. The smoking redhead stared back at her. Jenna still couldn't believe that a mother of three could look that good. She immediately thought of Ryan's attraction to redheads, "I bet my husband would be into her..."

Suddenly Jenna snapped out of her gaze and watched nervously as a set of glass doors on the far end of the common area opened and Jaime Gonzalez, the current chancellor at the University of Southern California walked into the large space. The common area was surrounded by the twelve glass enclosures populated by the scantily clad women, including Jenna and Brooke.

The university leader was dressed in a business suit which did very little to conceal his rotund mid-section and stubby legs. Jenna recognized him immediately as she had represented the seller on a $3 million home that Gonzalez had purchased in Pasadena the previous year. She remembered being uncomfortable whenever she was around the man as he was never subtle about checking her out, even when his wife was in attendance. Now here she was dressed in sexy lingerie and on display for his hungry gaze, knowing he could soon be choosing her as his sex toy.

Jenna was sure he recognized her immediately.

There were a dozen young gorgeous women on display, but Gonzalez noticed Jenna from across the room. He quickly moved in her direction, "Holy shit! Is that the real-estate agent I wanted to fuck so badly last year? I can't believe she is here right now...she looks even better than I imagined in that lingerie...as I recall her husband was her business partner back then, but now she's a whore at the mansion. Today's my lucky day!"

Jenna avoided making eye-contact, but Gonzalez couldn't take his eyes off her. He was fascinated that unlike any of the other women in the room, she was wearing a gold collar with chains that disappeared inside her baby doll. As he stood ogling her and getting stiff knowing that he'd soon be having her for breakfast, Eve instructed Jenna to turn, bend at the waist, and wave her ass at the client. Jenna hesitantly did as she was told. "Look back over your shoulder at him as you wiggle your sexy ass. He loves to do it from behind Jenna, make him want to fuck you doggy style!"

Jenna had no desire to be with this man; but she did her best to fake it knowing she was being watched by the mansion staff.

Gonzalez couldn't believe what he was witnessing. He stood staring at Jenna's unbelievable ass as his cock stiffened in his pants. Suddenly he heard a voice in his ear-piece, "Mr. Gonzalez, this is just a friendly reminder that girls #7 and #12 are off limits this morning. They've been reserved by another client."

Gonzalez, in his desire to get into the common area had barely heard the earlier announcement. He had done this enough to know that all the girls on display would be walking wet dreams and not having access to a couple of them wouldn't be a big deal. That was, until he saw Jenna Nielsen. Suddenly a devastated look appeared on his face when he looked up and saw #7 above Jenna's glass enclosure. He quickly turned to observe stall #12 and again his heart sank as the phenomenal young redhead who he'd poked on a few occasions was also in the "No Bone Zone".

Gonzalez was a man who was accustomed to getting what he wanted. As the Chancellor at USC, he carried some pretty hefty political clout in Southern California. He was a semi-regular at the mansion and was obviously a very good client.

Unfortunately for Mr. Gonzalez, he didn't possess the same kind of resources as Cole Steele.

Jenna subtly glanced down and noticed a perturbed look on the Chancellor's face. She then watched as Gonzalez walked back and banged on the doors through which he had entered the common area. The doors opened and he disappeared through them. Nearly 10 minutes would pass before he returned.

"What's happening?" Jenna asked Eve.

"I'm not sure Jenna, I've not seen this before. Keep yourself ready to attract his attention when he returns."

Unbeknownst to the two of them, Gonzalez was in a side room arguing with Lisa Anderson. "Why don't I have access to 7 and 12? I've never been restricted in my pussy choices before?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Gonzalez, but on occasion certain girls are reserved in advance of these Sunday morning sessions, in the future you are welcome to make similar 'purchases', but today 7 and 12 are not available."

"Then why did you put them on display at all? I'm sitting here with a raging hard-on thinking about fucking #7 like she's never been fucked before and you're telling me I can't have her. I don't like the way you do business Ms. Anderson!"

Lisa Anderson had to keep from giggling. She'd seen Cole Steele pound his way through an orgy of the hottest women at this establishment and was aware that Jenna had been sent here by him. She figured the beautiful blonde had been getting plenty of his black oak recently. She had also observed some of Mr. Gonzalez' performances in the past and thought to herself, "I really doubt you'd fuck her like she's never been fucked before you little fat man!"

"I understand your concerns Mr. Gonzalez, but my hands are tied. If it makes you feel better, we will comp your session today."

"Well, I would rather pay to have that blonde pussy, but your gesture is appreciated Ms. Anderson. I would however like to reserve her in advance for the next four Sundays!"

"Number 7 is new to us and is still in her probationary period Mr. Gonzalez. She is only part-time and may or may not be long for the position, but we'll take a look at the schedule and let you know!"

"Make it happen Ms. Anderson!" Gonzalez said sternly before he stormed out of the room and back into the common area.

The rotund administrator meandered his way around the room, still checking out Jenna time and time again. He turned and ogled Brooke, the young redhead in enclosure #12. She was one of his favorites and he'd come here today thinking specifically about having her plump lips wrapped around his cock. Ironically, he had no idea that she was a student at his university. Brooke had seen him on campus a few times and always turned the other direction or ducked behind buildings to avoid being discovered by him.

The young coed was happy she wouldn't have to fuck the perverted little Mexican today...she was being saved for another client.

Eventually Gonzalez made a final tour of the room before he chose one of the other blonde's, a brunette, and one of the two hot Asian girls.

Jenna's heart beat a million miles an hour as Gonzalez made his picks; she was astonished when he didn't choose her. The glass partition re-obscured and Eve spoke again, "Jenna, you need to do a better job of flaunting your assets and smiling! Remember your job is to get chosen for sex, not to be a wallflower!"

Jenna listened to her words, but felt only relief for not being chosen by the repulsive fat man.

Eve brought Jenna a glass of champagne and told her to relax and enjoy the bubbly.

Ten minutes passed before Eve instructed Jenna to get back into position. "You are now expected to watch as our client gets his fantasy fulfilled. Pay close attention to how the other women satisfy him; you will hopefully be doing the same for another client shortly."

The glass went clear again and the common area was now made into a Neolithic period scene with large boulders, shrubs and areas of open dirt. There was a campfire burning in one of the clearings. Suddenly the three women who'd been chosen by Chancellor Gonzalez all came running into the clearing nearest Jenna. They were all dressed like cavewomen with bones in their hair and skimpy animal fur clothing. All appeared scared as they looked back over their shoulders. "Hurry girls, it's gaining on us," the brunette screamed to the others. They ran to the other side of the open space until they came to a granite wall, "Oh my God, we're trapped!" The blonde yelled out. They all turned and watched in fear as a huge animatronic saber-toothed tiger approached with discharge frothing from its mouth. Jenna was actually amazed at how real-looking it appeared. It stalked the terrified, voluptuous women as they huddled against the rock wall.

Suddenly, Chancellor Gonzalez "bolted" into the scene dressed like a caveman carrying a large spear. Jenna almost laughed out loud as his belly fat jiggled and his exposed ass-cheeks bounced up and down as he ran. He looked anything but a brave cave hero, but that was exactly what he was in his fantasy. He squared off with the huge beast and poked and prodded it with his spear before he valiantly slayed it. The gorgeous cavewomen ran to him and thanked him for saving their lives. They kissed and rubbed his "muscles" before he led them into a nearby cave.

Jenna looked over to Brooke's enclosure. In her relief that Gonzalez hadn't chosen her, she had forgotten about the gorgeous redhead, "How could he pass on her?" Brooke returned her gaze and a slight smile formed across her beautiful lips.

The glass obscured again.

Several minutes passed before it cleared and the scene was now inside the cave. The balding caveman led the women to a large wooly mammoth fur rug in the center of the cave. He quickly began tearing clothing from their bodies. Jenna was amazed at how young and beautiful each of these women looked. She wondered where they found so many hot young wives and mothers whose husbands or significant others had volunteered them for this debauchery.

Once the girls were all fully naked, they set about denuding their cave hero. They ripped his clothes away and were soon taking turns sucking his cock and rubbing themselves against his thick, hairy body. As they pleasured him, Gonzalez looked back up at Jenna through the glass partition. He stared in her direction as if to say, "See the way they are pleasuring me, next time it will be you!"

Ironically, that was exactly the thought going through the chancellor's dirty mind.

Over the next hour, with help from a little pill, the Chancellor fucked the three of them from behind like animals. He didn't care which hole he was in, and although he typically loved all positions equally, today there was no missionary or girls bouncing up and down on his dick. Jaime Gonzalez was a caveman and he certainly was going to fuck like one. He pulled hair and spanked each little ass as he pounded away from behind. Each time he approached climax he looked in Jenna's direction and imagined her as he came. After he spewed his third and final load, he collapsed on the back of the little Asian girl. As he worked to catch his breath he looked back up in Jenna's direction. Suddenly, the glass between them obscured one final time.


The uniformed officer opened the rear car door and helped Ryan from the back seat. The blonde-haired, tanned husband in his late twenties was still blindfolded as he had been since leaving the North County police station.

"I'll walk you inside and then remove your handcuffs and blindfold Mr. Nielsen."

Once inside, the young cop freed Ryan's wrists and removed the blindfold. A pretty older woman walked up and introduced herself. "Hello Mr. Nielsen, we've been waiting for you, my name is Lisa Anderson."


Eve brought Jenna another glass of champagne, "It's rare that our clients don't ask for a change of appearance to satisfy their own fantasies, but this next client appreciates sexy lingerie as well. You look so good in this outfit, I don't see any reason to have you change. Let's touch up your make-up and lipstick. I also want to primp your hair. Jenna, there will be only two more clients this morning, so it's important you put on your sexiest charms to try and get one of them to pick you. As I said before, you don't want to go unclaimed. This next client has a thing for nice natural tits, so you should have a leg up on some of these girls. Flaunt them and make her want you!"

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