tagMatureUgly Redhead Ch. 02

Ugly Redhead Ch. 02


Over the next few weeks, he was true to his word. Lexis tried to initiate the play, but he did not respond and twice had to give her lunch detention to impress upon her his resolve. Finally she got the picture.

Naturally, she shifted tactics. Now, when she came to his desk to ask a question, she would walk around and stand so near to him that her breast would occasionally brush against the back of his shoulder. He remained professional and did not react in any outward way, but each time, his traitor of a penis would fill with blood and tent his pants. Fortunately, his seated position allowed him to disguise this fact.

Although her breasts were medium sized for her frame, because she was so tall they were objectively quite large. Being only eighteen, and having had breasts for only a few years, they had not succumbed to the pull of gravity. Mike hated himself for it, but he could not help notice how firm and shapely they were. When she rubbed one against him, it sent him into internal alarm mode.

But he remained cool outwardly, hoping that once again she would understand his firm position and eventually back off.


Mike stayed after for tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday nights. He had never seen Lexis in one of the sessions, as she was not particularly studious and seemed content with her regular "C to D" grades.

However, as the weeks passed, she began poking her head in before walking home. She would just say, "Hi Mr. Bell," look around at the other students, then "Bye, Mr. Bell," and off she went.

After two weeks of this, Mike found out what she was doing. It was Tuesday After-school tutoring, and there was no one there. They had taken a test that day and he had assigned no homework, and there was really no reason to go to tutoring.

Lexis poked her head in, said, "Hi Mr. Bell," saw there was no one present, and walked into the room.

Mike raised his eyebrows, suddenly realizing what she'd been up to. He was suddenly on the alert. She was up to something. So why was he suddenly at half-mast?

"Hi Lexis, what can I help you with?"

"Well, I don't think I did good on that test, and I wanted you to go over the stuff with me," she said with a goofy grin.

What in the hell do I find so attractive about this girl? he asked himself as he stared at her acne ridden face, goofy, crooked-toothed grin, and her giant magnified eyes. Yet, as his traitorous eye glanced down, her body was unquestionably perfect. She was wearing a sundress of all things, and it clung to her body tightly. Nice large breasts, perky as hell. Tight little waist that swelled out to curvy hips then tapered back to long, slender legs.

STOP IT! he scolded himself. I have got to get back on the right side of the wall!

He gave her a study guide and over the next twenty or so minutes she commenced to torturing him. Every time she came up to his desk, she would rub her breast against him. It only took once for him to realize she wasn't wearing a bra! He could actually feel the erect nipple prodding his shoulder. But he kept his cool, hid his non-stop boner, and stayed professional.

Over that first twenty minutes, something was tugging at the edges of his awareness. Something his conscious mind did not know, but a more primal part of him was aware of.

She came up to ask about the last question, once again blatantly rubbing her engorged nipple against his shoulder, when it came to Mike in a flash. He could smell her! He could smell her little adolescent pussy gushing! It was a realization that nearly caused him to turn and grab her that very instant. He had flashes in his mind of doing exactly that. Just turning around, grabbing her, and pushing her against the wall. Hiking up her skirt and...

Mike shook his head and tried to breathe deeply and calm his racing heart. He could feel a slimy wet patch against his belly where pre-cum had been leaking out for the last twenty minutes. His balls were taut with the need to release. He slowly counted to ten, and seemed to have control back when she asked him, in a little-girl voice, "Mr. Bell, are you okay?"

She was leaning down next to him, her face very close to his, and they were both surrounded by the aroma of young, aroused pussy and pre-cum.

There was no choice made. Their brains had no part in what happened next. They simply kissed. With a violent and red-hot passion. Mouth to mouth with tongues probing, they tried to devour each other. Arms wrapped around each other, grasping at the backs of each other's heads, they tasted each other deep.

Lexus let her body go lax, and she swung around naturally into Mike's lap, side saddle. As they kissed, she began wiggling her perfect ass against his cock. It was too much. The young girl's tight squirming body pressed against his, her hot little tongue darting in and out of his mouth, the lush, heady aroma of her saturated little pussy filling the air.

With a moan, he came with incredible intensity. He felt his boxers fill with cum as he spasmed again and again. They continued kissing and he held her lithe body tight as his orgasm seemed to go on forever and ever.

When it was over he disengaged the kiss. He was in a state of shock. That had been the best orgasm of his 40 years of life. By far. Lexis was flushed blotchy red and breathing heavily. The air was positively damp with the aroma of her young cunny and his spilled seed.

But soon enough, of course, came the shame. As the ecstasy faded, what he had done came back to his mind. He had just broken the law! He could lose his job... hell, he could go to jail! And what about his own prided professionalism? What had he just done to this poor young girl? He had just done her great harm, and for what? A little sexual pleasure.

A wave of self-hatred washed over Mike. I am a terrible person, he thought miserably. I am a molester!

He stood up, in a daze, barely noticing the wet patch on his leg where Lexis had been sitting, saying "I'm so sorry, Lexis," over and over again. Like a zombie, he gathered his bag and stumbled dumbly out the door. He didn't notice Lexis, sitting in his chair, one hand between her legs, and a tiny smile upon her face.

He got home on auto pilot, not even remembering the trip later. His mind was awash with the probable repercussions of what he had done. He had all but raped an eighteen year-old girl. Not only could he lose his license to teach, it was illegal to have sexual relations with any student or former student until they were 23 years old. He fell asleep in a miasma of self-loathing.

But he dreamed of Lexis.

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