tagIncest/TabooUh Oh, Mom? Dad? Ch. 02

Uh Oh, Mom? Dad? Ch. 02


This is a continuation of the story of Dan, his mother, Alice, girlfriend, Kari, father, Carl, and their swinger friends.


Friday morning was passing quickly before anyone stirred, exhausted from a night of unbridled sex. Kari had fallen asleep spooned on Alice who was spooned on her son Dan. Carl had crashed in the other bed after an early morning last fuck with Cindy. Cindy's husband Ed never made it off the sofa in the living room where Kari had worn him out the night before.

Alice had arranged for a late check-out knowing well how these swinger parties go late into the wee hours of the morning, until the last dribble of sperm is ejaculated into a stretched worn pussy. Alice woke first and gently moved Kari's hand cupping her left breast. Alice slid slowly out the end of the bed trying to be careful not to disturb her son Dan and his girlfriend Kari.

Alice went into the living room to quench her thirst with a cold bottle of water. After several gulps she went over to the sofa where Ed was lying, snoring lightly, with a morning erection. It looked too nice to pass up so Alice knelt beside the sofa and wrapped her lips around Ed's stiff cock. Ed woke to the sensation of Alice's warm mouth bobbing up and down on his stiff big shaft.

"Ahhh," Ed moaned as Alice savored the small stream of cum Ed let go in her mouth.

"I'm surprised you even had that much," Alice joked.

"The body slows down replenishing with age," said the sixty-three year old man. They both laughed.

"We should take a shower before the others wake up," Alice suggested. The two new friends helped each other wash off.

Kari nudged her boyfriend Dan to prompt him to wake up.

"Was I dreaming?" Dan groggily asked his girlfriend. "Did I really have the most amazing sex with my mother?" he asked looking at his father in the other bed with a petite older woman.

"It wasn't a dream," Kari assured him. "But it was hot and dreamy watching you," she added.

"It felt different," Dan went on. "There was some kind of primal connection between us," he explained. "I hope this wasn't a one time thing."

"The way your mother lusted after you," Kari responded, "didn't seem like she wouldn't want more of you."

"Things happen in the heat of the moment," Dan lamented. "We were all geared up for a night of debauchery but now I wonder how things will go when we come to grips with what we did."

Cindy began to stir which was making Carl come to life. Alice and Ed stepped out of the shower and noticed that Kari and Dan were awake.

"Dan," Alice said to her son. "You and Kari should take a shower now."

Ed and Alice went to the living room and dressed. They were sitting on the sofa chatting, getting to know a little bit about each other when Dan and Kari came into the room and found their clothing. Once they were clothed they sat down to join the conversation with Ed and Alice.

"Cindy had a very rewarding sexual relationship with her father," Ed was telling the others. "The first time we went swinging was with Cindy's parents twenty-five years ago. I had known about Cindy and her dad since before we were married. They introduced us to the lifestyle."

"I think it's awesome," Kari chimed in. "I hope you and Dan keep the sex thing going," she said to her boyfriend's mother.

Dan and Alice looked at each other and smiled. Carl had just come in the room with Cindy and heard Kari's last remark.

"I'm sure they will," Carl said and turned to his son. "Your mother has had a desire for you for a long time now," he explained to Dan. "I hope you aren't feeling any regrets about last night."

"No. No regrets," Dan replied to his father.

"Good," Alice said happy to hear her son was open to the possibility of them having a sexual relationship. "We have to be discreet. Society isn't quite as enlightened and I'm not so sure about your sister either," she went on referring to Chloe, Dan's older sister.

"Speaking of Chloe," Carl said. "She's getting divorced and asked if she could come stay with us for a while until she gets back on her feet emotionally."

"I didn't know there was anything wrong with her and Eric," Dan said.

"Their relationship has been rocky for some time," Alice explained. "It's gotten to a point where Eric has become abusive," she told her son.

"And drinking too much," Carl added. "The final straw was when he got a D.U.I. last month."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Dan responded.

"Oh good. I will get to meet your sister," Kari interjected.

"Don't go hitting on her too fast," Dan joked. "She's just your type."

"You mean, like your mom?" Kari laughed.

"Yes, like mom," Dan remarked which brought a laugh from the group who were staring at Alice.

"We have to check out by one," Alice said changing the subject. "That's an hour from now and I need to straighten the room up a little so the hotel management doesn't let us do this again."

"Do you folks have any plans for the weekend?" Ed asked. "What I mean is we are having a little get together at our house on Saturday evening and we would like to invite you."

"Sure," Kari jumped at the invitation.

"We have to pick up Chloe at the airport late Saturday," Carl excused himself and Alice. "Thank you for the invitation though."

Kari, Dan, Ed and Cindy were leaving the hotel when Ed suggested they get something to eat.


The weather in southern Arizona is perfect in February, temperatures in the seventies. Saturday evening Ed was barbequing steaks and Cindy was pouring their guests wine. Kari and Dan were the center of attention among this group of older couples. Kari and Dan didn't feel out of place, they thoroughly enjoyed the conversation on the patio of Ed and Cindy's house.

"So how did you meet this delightful young couple?" one of the women asked Cindy.

"It was at a Valentine's Day party at a friend's," Cindy answered coyly not wanting to get into any details.

The five couples sat down for dinner in the dining room. On one side of Kari was a woman, Janet, who was part of a lesbian couple with her partner Susan. Janet had been eyeing Kari all evening and now she was getting Kari's attention by placing her hand on Kari's thigh to judge her reaction. Kari turned to her and smiled indicating she was open to the advances of another woman.

After dinner, Kari joined Janet and Susan back on the patio while the others sat around the living room.

"We've known Ed and Cindy for a number of years," Janet said to Kari. "So how was your introduction to the swinging lifestyle?" she asked lightly.

"It was awesome," Kari replied. "Dan and I had some of the best sex in our young lives," she added. "The hottest thing was watching Dan with his mother," she threw out to see their reaction.

"Really?" Susan blurted out. "Dan had sex with his mother?" she asked surprised.

"Yea," Kari replied. "I did too. Have sex with his mom. And his dad," she said enthusiastically.

"That sounds pretty wild," Janet remarked. "I always wanted to have sex with my mother," she confessed.

"I used to screw my father," Susan said. "He was the only man I yearned for, though I do like a little cock now and then," she chuckled.

"Is this get together going to turn into a party?" Kari asked the women inquisitively. "If you know what I mean," she added.

"I don't know about George and Maria," Susan said. "Mark and Tracey I know will be up for it."

"Maybe Kari here will share her boyfriend's cock," Susan teased.

The three women chatted for a little while longer when Ed came out to the patio.

"Do you girls want to join us now for some physical activity?" he asked knowing the answer. Kari, Janet and Susan stood up and accompanied Ed back into the living room. There were already sheets and pillows strewn all over the floor. Cindy and Tracey were already stripped naked, along with Dan, both licking his balls and cock. Tracey caught Kari out of the corner of her eye.

"Kari, your boyfriend has such a beautiful hard cock," she complimented. "We don't see that many nice hard young ones at our age."

Susan rummaged through the box of toys Ed had placed out and found a strap on with a six inch dildo. From past experience she knew this was as big as Ed could handle, having pegged him a few times before. Mark had never been pegged but he was up for the opportunity now. First he was going to watch.

Janet and Kari took over the sofa. Janet was excited to get her mouth around Kari's firm cone shaped tits. Janet slid two fingers into Kari's slit while she sucked on Kari's nipples. Kari was already in a state of constant wetness.

"Oh fuck yea," Tracey cried out. "Love that nice hard cock," she exclaimed, riding Dan up and slamming down for deep penetration. Cindy was sitting on Dan's face, receiving pleasure from his tongue and watching Susan eat her husband's asshole to get him ready to have his ass pounded, his prostrate milked.

"Oh what a sweet young pussy," Janet said after licking some of Kari's nectar. "Wait right here like that," Janet told Kari, her legs sprawled wide open. Janet went to the box of toys and came back with a vibrating 'rabbit.' She set it on a medium speed and started massaging Kari's swollen clit and outer lips with it.

"My god you have such a nice clit," Janet remarked. "It protrudes out so nice like your nipples," she further complimented.

Cindy left Tracey and Dan and went over to the box of toys to find the strap-on with the skinny dildo, perfect for a first time pegging. She put it on and grabbed a bottle of lube.

"Here, let's try this," Cindy said to Mark. She first put lube on his butthole and some on her fingers to loosen up his sphincter.

"Your ass is mine," Susan yelled pounding the dildo into Ed. Susan's right hand cupped the tip of Ed's cock to capture the sperm less cum she milked from his prostrate.

"Relax," Cindy coached Mark as she slowly pressed to penetrate his anal opening.

Tracey was now on all fours, screaming, "fuck, fuck yea," repeatedly as Dan pummeled her from behind. Tracey's body shivered and shook with a wave of orgasms, her tits swaying under the force of Dan's thrusts.

"Shit yes, yes," Kari panted. "Faster, faster, I'm cumming," she cried out. Janet was furiously rubbing Kari's clit bringing her to a powerful climax. Kari's pelvis bucked up while she sprayed her clear slick liquid all over Janet's tits.

"Cum in my pussy," Tracey screamed after Dan warned her of his imminent ejaculation. He pumped five powerful streams of cum into her, sending her off to a hard orgasm.

"Are you alright?" Cindy asked Mark as she picked up the pace.

"Yes. This is exhilarating," he responded to the pegging. The skinny dildo wasn't putting enough pressure on Mark's prostrate to properly milk him.

"You want me to milk you?" Cindy asked Mark.

"Yes," Mark responded panting.

Cindy pulled the dildo out and lubed her fingers again. "Lay on your side," she told him. Cindy felt for his prostrate and started putting pressure on it, massaging it. "Right there," Mark let her know she found the spot. Ed came to them with a glass to capture the fluid flowing from Mark's soft cock.

Susan saw the copious amount of fluid Kari ejaculated all over her partner, Janet. Both Ed and Susan crawled over to the sofa and feasted on Janet's cum coated tits.

Cindy took the glass of Mark's cum and raised it for a toast. "Here's to good friends and great fucks," she said before swallowing the contents of the glass.

The rest of the night went on focused mostly on Dan, Susan and Janet wanted to switch teams and relive the sensations of their youth being fucked by a hard young cock.


Carl and Alice picked up their thirty year old daughter at the airport, stopped for dinner at their favorite Sonoran-Mexican restaurant. In respect for Chloe, Carl and Alice kept the conversation light without a single mention of Chloe's husband. That night after a few glasses of wine, Alice excused herself and went to bed leaving father and daughter alone in the living room of their house.

"Daddy," Chloe said to her father. "Please come over here and hold me."

Carl got out of his easy chair and sat down next to his daughter, wrapping his arm around her.

"I feel bad and don't like to see you hurt like this, baby," Carl consoled her.

"I just need to be loved," Chloe wept. Carl wiped a tear off Chloe's face. She looked at him with a yearning, a desire to be loved like the woman she was.

"Daddy? Will you kiss me?" she pleaded. Carl leaned over, his lips met hers. They lingered there for a minute when Chloe opened her mouth slightly and her tongue parted his. Their kissing became more passionate, Chloe melted in her father's embrace.

"Do you love me daddy?" Chloe asked.

"Of course, baby," Carl answered.

"Will you make love to me?" she pleaded. "Please, I need to be loved," she begged.

Carl looked at his beautiful daughter, a younger, vibrant version of his wife. Without a word spoken he slowly undressed her. Carl kissed the smooth skin on her neck, moved down to lick her nipples and take her firm tits in his mouth. Chloe moaned as she let herself sink into the pleasure of her father's delicate caresses.

Carl spread his daughter's legs, gently kissed her thighs before licking her wet vulva. He parted her lips and exposed her little love nub. His tongue swirled around it, teasing her, before gently sucking on her swelling clit. Carl slid two fingers in her wet pussy, rubbing the spongy lining, bringing Chloe to an orgasm.

"Oh," she yelped as she gushed, drowning Carl's hand with her womanly juices.

Carl stood up, his cock raging to be released from the confines his pants. He saw his wife Alice out of the corner of his eye and turned to face her, ten feet away. Alice simply mouthed the words, "I love you." Carl stepped out of his pants and shorts. He maneuvered Chloe's legs to allow easy access to her pussy.

Carl eased his cock into Chloe's wanting pussy, slowly he moved his cock in and out, delighting in the feel of her tightness. Chloe wrapped her legs around her father, her arms pulled his body tight to hers. Carl picked up the pace.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy," Chloe cried out as her orgasm peaked with the sensation of Carl's cum filling her pussy, her vaginal muscles clenching her father's spurting cock.

Alice came over and knelt beside the sofa, her hands softly caressing her daughter. "We love you baby," Alice whispered in Chloe's ear.

Carl picked his daughter up and carried her to the master bedroom, laid her down in the middle so she could sleep sandwiched between himself and her mother.

Sunday morning Carl, Alice and Chloe woke up, happy to be together as a family, totally accepting their shared intimacy.


"Your brother is coming over with his girlfriend this afternoon," Alice told Chloe as they sat down for breakfast.

"Oh, little Danny has a girlfriend," Chloe quipped delightfully. "Is she nice? Hot to trot?", she asked.

"On a scale of sexiness from one to ten, I would say she is a fifteen," Carl joked.

"Maybe a twenty," Alice added.

Sunday afternoon rolled around. Alice made trays of sandwiches, tortilla chips and salsa for the family to snack on. Dan introduced Kari to his sister Chloe. Instead of shaking hands, Kari embraced Chloe and gave her a big kiss on the lips.

"Wow," Chloe exclaimed. "I see what you mean," she said turning to her parents.

They sat around on the patio that warm February afternoon in the desert.

"I really missed the nice winter weather here," Chloe remarked. She had lived in Minnesota with her soon-to-be ex for the past eight years. "So, Danny, what have you been up to besides having fun with your sexy girlfriend here?" Chloe asked smiling at him and winking at Kari.

"Anyone ready for another drink?" Carl asked. "I made a fresh pitcher of Margaritas," he informed them.

Kari took Dan by the hand and had him stand up to accompany her in the house for a moment. "We'll be right back," she said to the others.

Once they were inside the house Kari asked her boyfriend the way to the bathroom. "I have to pee," she told him. Kari pulled Dan into the bathroom with her and locked the door. She pulled down he shorts and squatted on the toilet.

"Have you been noticing how your father and Chloe are interacting with each other?" Kari asked not expecting an immediate answer. "I think they have something going on like you and your mom," she told Dan. "Let's see if we can find out," she concluded.

They headed back to the patio. "Sit next to your mother and be a little playful with her," Kari instructed Dan.

"We went to that get together with our new friends from the other night," Kari said to Alice and Carl. "You know that older couple in their sixties, Ed and Cindy."

"Oh yes," Carl acknowledged. "How was it?" he asked.

"Well, it was with other older couples their age," Kari explained. "They were into some kinky stuff," she added.

"Kinky like what?" Chloe asked inquisitively.

"There was this lesbian couple that got off on pegging the guys," Kari told them.

"Pegging?" Chloe asked not sure what the term meant.

"Yea, they put on a strap on and fucked the guys in the ass," Kari explained. "They said they were 'milking' the older guys' prostrates."

"Danny, did you get fucked in the ass like that?" Chloe asked turning to her brother, she noticed he was rubbing their mother's thigh.

"He was too busy fucking the older women who needed a stiff young cock," Kari interjected to answer Chloe's question. "And they had all sorts of toys. The lesbians really got me off with a vibrator."

"Sounds like an interesting time," Carl commented.

"Really," Kari said. "You should invite them again to your next swinger party and ask them to bring some toys along," she said to Alice.

"You are still having those swinger parties at the hotel?" Chloe asked her mother. "Do you still have to keep Bill and Janice a secret?" Chloe remembered when her parents started the parties at the hotel. She found out one weekend she went home unexpected from college.

"Of course baby," Alice answered her daughter. "They seem to get better all the time and we really enjoy ourselves."

Chloe's mind was putting things together, she realized that her brother and his girlfriend must have been at one of the parties to have met this other couple who they all seemed to know.

"Danny? Did you and mom, you know, at the party?" Chloe asked her brother timidly, not sure if she should be asking this.

"Boy did they," once again Kari interjected. "And boy, was it awesome. I came three times myself watching them it was so hot," she added gleefully.

"Wow," Chloe said looking at her father. "I guess I missed a lot of family fun being away, married to that asshole who was always too drunk to get it up," she surmised.

"You're here now," Kari said. "Let's not waste the moment."

Chloe looked at her father with that pleading expression, desiring him again. Alice faced her son and gave him a passionate kiss.

The five of them headed off to the master bedroom. The women shed their tops and bras along the way. Kari helped Chloe out of her shorts and panties, giving her vulva a few licks in the process. Dan and Carl undressed and stood by the foot of the bed while Alice sucked on her son's cock and Chloe on her father's. Kari was enamored by Chloe's hot body so she knelt behind her boyfriend's sister, her perky tits pressing into Chloe's back, her pussy rubbing on Chloe's beautiful round ass, one hand playing with Chloe's nipple, the other rubbing Chloe's clit, while Chloe licked and sucked her father's cock to hardness.

Kari played the ring leader, directing the sexual activity for the family while participating in whatever way she could. She directed then to take turns so the others could watch. She had Carl and Chloe fuck first. Carl laid on his back while his daughter lowered her pussy onto her father's cock.

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