tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUltimate Female Exhibitionist Ch. 02

Ultimate Female Exhibitionist Ch. 02


"It can't be a nude beach," the imp had said. "Or even a topless beach. That would be cheating. It has to be a normal public beach. Where someone sells ice cream."

"What if I get arrested?" I had asked.

The imp had just shrugged, but I was horny enough that I was now sitting nearly naked in my car in the parking lot of a local beach.

I'd tried to pick a place and a time that wouldn't have too many people around. I had come on a school day morning, so there were no little kids in the area. This particular beach was at the very end of a long public section, and the parking lot was pretty small. Of course, today it happened to be completely full, so I had to park by the side of the road. That meant a longer walk before I hit sand, but I figured that didn't really matter, because I was going to be exposed plenty long today, anyway. I looked around and didn't see anybody, so I took a deep breath, stepped out of the car, and slipped off the cover-up I'd been wearing. I tossed it on the seat, closed and locked the door behind me, and put my keys on top of the front tire.

I was standing outside now in the skimpiest "bathing suit" I'd ever worn in my life.

Of course, my outfit was specially designed by the imp, that horny bastard. My swimsuit bottom had magically arrived in the mail yesterday – a sheer black "C-string." You know, one of those new things that doesn't even have any straps, it just squeezes itself over your pussy and up through your ass crack. I have to admit it felt pretty amazing to wear, because I definitely knew it was there, but it was almost like nothing was there, you know?

The imp had told me to wear pasties over my nipples, but I pointed out I didn't own any. He said we'd have to do something about that, and I asked why he hadn't just ordered me some along with the C-string. He smiled and said he had a plan, and then he asked me if I liked the white stuff inside Oreo cookies.

The sticky stuff the imp gave me to hold the two cookie halves on seemed to be working okay so far, but I was worried about my Oreo pasties sliding off once I started walking and my B-cups got to bouncing a bit. They barely covered my areolas as it was.

I walked carefully on the hot pavement, though it didn't really seem to be hurting my bare feet. More of the imp's work? There were probably a couple dozen cars in the parking lot, filling not just the legal spaces but every place a car could be wedged in. Mine was the only car parked outside the lot, on the side of the road. It looked like there would be plenty of people at the beach today after all to see my pasty white naked body, covered by nothing more than a thin strip of sheer cloth and two cookies.

A teenage kid, obviously cutting school to go surfing, came out from behind a big conversion van carrying his board toward the crossover just as I was walking by. He kind of did a double take, then said, "After you, Miss Hottie," with a sweep of one hand. He was clearly underage but cute, and my nipples hardened against the Oreos. I blew him a kiss and walked past him onto the wooden crossover to the beach. I could feel his stare on my bare ass, so I swung it from side to side as I walked on the boards. My horniness was starting to overpower my nervousness and make me a little light-headed.

I stepped down the stairway and onto the sand, still self-conscious about how pale my skin was. I'd never been much of a beach bunny before (even though I had sneaked off to the nude beach a couple of times) and I didn't even have tan lines. I never tanned much, anyway, I tended just to burn instead.

There were people everywhere, lounging on beach towels, walking in the surf, riding the morning waves, strolling on the beach. So much for picking a slow day. A few people started to notice me, and stare. One guy made a wolf whistle sound, and then it felt like every eye on the beach was on me. I was really nervous, but God was I turned on. My nipples felt like little diamonds, they were so hard, and I didn't know how the Oreos were still staying attached to them.

I walked down to the edge of the water and stuck a toe in, and made a show of shivering. It wasn't actually all that cold, but making my tits bounce around in front of all these people felt really good. I sat down on the sand and let the waves lick at my pussy through the sheer fabric of the C-string. I sat there for several minutes, feeling the cool water wash up my legs and over the smooth skin of my cunt, tickling my hard clit, then slide back down my practically nude body. I was breathing harder and harder, in time with the surf. Before very long, I found myself right on the edge of having an orgasm, and I had to force myself to stop, stand up, and breathe normally. I brushed the sand off my ass as I turned away from the water. Better to be insanely horny than satisfied for what I needed to do.

I had been on the beach now for nearly five minutes, and I noticed that almost everyone, man or woman, was still watching me. I stood facing them with my hands on my hips and my legs slightly spread, dripping water and pussy juice right through the C-string. My clit was so hard I thought I could see it poking against the sheer black fabric when I looked down. What was it guys thought about to keep from cumming? Baseball, that was it. I tried to remember how many innings were in a game, how many outs in an inning, how many strikes in an out. Did I mention I'm not very big on sports? Anyway, it was the first time I had ever actually tried to keep from having an orgasm, which I had been about to do just standing there with my legs spread in front of all these people with that C-string fabric rubbing against my pussy, and it seemed to work.

When I had calmed down enough to walk, I headed up the beach, toward the ice cream stand. I had specific assignments today from the imp, certain marks I had to hit, and ice cream was next on the list.

Luckily, the guy selling ice cream wasn't too far away. I only had to walk about five minutes to reach the little building, swinging my ass the whole way. I was really turned on by showing off so much, and the thought of what I had to do next, the script I had to follow, was making me wetter and wetter. I wasn't sure whether to be relieved or disappointed that there was no one in line for ice cream, or really even anywhere near the stand. Maybe it was too early in the morning for the ice cream rush to begin.

I propped my elbows on the counter, and my Oreo-tipped tits swayed back and forth. "Hi," I told the guy, "I'd like a small vanilla cone with Oreo bits on it."

"I can tell you like Oreos," the guy said. He watched my breasts while he pulled the soft-serve ice cream, so I kept them moving for his benefit.

He handed me the cone and I said, "Where are my Oreo bits?"

"We're all out," the guy said. He smiled. Maybe he already knew what I was going to do.

The imp had assured me the sticky stuff on my nipples was non-toxic. I was a little bit afraid it might be imp cum, but I guess I had eaten worse. So I didn't hesitate to pull first the left, then the right Oreo cookie right off the ends of my tits and crumble them over the ice cream cone. The cool ocean breeze across my now bare nipples felt wonderful, and once again I felt almost ready to cum just standing there.

"You should do my job," the ice cream guy said. "You'd make a fortune."

I smiled at him and took a bite out of the ice cream cone. With my free hand I pinched my nipples and made them stand out even more. I was turned on and so, I could tell, was the guy.

"Um, that'll be four bucks," he stammered.

"I don't have any money," I said, and I licked the ice cream.

"Well, um, then you'll have to give the ice cream back."

I touched the ice cream to each of my nipples in turn, and stood up straighter, poking my chest at him. "You can take it back lick by lick," I said.

He didn't have to be told twice. He licked my right nipple, sucked on it, and ate all the ice cream off of it, and I came hard.

Luckily there was a counter between me and the guy, or I would have ejaculated all over him just like I did the guy at the laser hair removal place. As it was, my cum sprayed right through the flimsy C-string fabric and splatted against my side of the ice cream counter. My orgasm seemed to go on and on while his tongue flicked over my nipple, and I know I moaned long and loud. I thought the noise of my juices slapping the wood was pretty loud, too, but the guy didn't even notice as he moved to my left nipple and sucked that one clean also.

I gave him back four more nipplefuls of ice cream, and I came really hard and long once more in the process, but then I said, "Look, I've already eaten some of this stuff so I can't give it all back to you. Maybe I can find something besides cash to give you as payment."

He leaned back, ice cream around his mouth, and looked at me funny.

"How about the rest of my swimsuit?" I said. His eyes widened, which I took as a yes, so I stepped back a bit from the counter so he could see, pulled off the C-string with a flick of my wrist, and slapped it down on the counter.

It made a squishy noise, since it was soaked with my pussy juice. The guy didn't seem to mind. He smiled at it, so I took that opportunity to walk away, eating my ice cream cone, rubbing my bare and now fully exposed pussy.

Now I was completely nude on a public beach, but I was so fucking horny that I just didn't care. I'd come a couple of times, but somehow that had only turned me on that much more. I'm sure this was part of the imp's work, too. I felt wetness running down my legs as I walked back toward the more crowded part of the beach, eating ice cream and pinching my nipples. God, I needed to come again so bad.

I finished off my cone and headed toward a beach towel with one guy on it by himself, back near the rocks. I wasn't ready for everyone to see my naked bod, not just yet. He wasn't the most attractive guy, but he was really pale like me, so he was bound to have SPF 50 with him. They guy couldn't help staring at my nude body as I approached.

"Hi," I said to him. "Can I sit on your towel?"

"Uh, sure!" He jumped up and stood beside it.

I grinned as I sat down on the end closest to the ocean, facing the water. "I think it's big enough we'll both fit."

"Oh. Okay!" He plopped down on the other end, facing my naked back.

"Would you rub some suntan lotion on my back, hon? I don't want to get sunburned walking around naked out here."

"Sure!" I heard him squeeze out a blob of lotion on his hand, then begin gently massaging it into my lower back.

"Mmmm, that feels good," I said. I pulled my long hair up and held it above my head with both hands, showing off my boobs to the guys walking by on the beach. It sure seemed like there were a lot them, and they weren't walking very far before they turned around and strolled back by me. "Don't forget my shoulders."

"Okay!" he said, and he rubbed white stuff on my shoulders and neck, too.

I shifted to sit crosslegged, the better to show my wet, hairless pussy to all the people starting to stare at me. When my lotion guy was done with my back, I stretched back first one arm, then the other for him to take care of. Then I stood up.

"How about my legs and my ass now, babe?"

His only answer was a squirt of lotion, and then I felt him start with my ankles and work his way up. When he reached my bare butt, he just kept rubbing it over and over, more and more gently. I've never cum from any kind of ass-play, but I was so horny today I finally had to make him stop, and then I turned and knelt facing him.

"Now my tits, please," I said, and I could tell this was what he'd been waiting for. Just before he squeezed the lotion into his hand, I said, "Wait." He gave me a confused look. "Take those off first," I said, pointing to his trunks.

He hesitated, but only for a couple of seconds. I could see he didn't want to waste the opportunity to rub lotion all over a nude woman's breasts, so he quickly slipped off his suit, exposing himself in front of all those people, too. A throbbing hard-on bounced as he knelt back down.

I picked up the lotion and placed a dab on each of my nipples. "Do my nipples first," I ordered. "Just use one finger." Using his index finger, he rubbed the lotion all around my left areole, then circled the sides of my protruding nipple, then brushed over the tip. I closed my eyes and moaned, and I tried to think about baseball again. He did the right nipple then, and I held my bottom lip between my teeth.

When my nipples were good and covered, he squirted out more lotion and gently massaged it into my chest. He cupped my breasts in his hands several times, and I just breathed deeply and enjoyed it.

"Don't forget my tummy and then...my pussy." I felt his hands probe lower at my command. Still kneeling, I spread my thighs wide to give him access.

My lotion guy rubbed my stomach for a few seconds, but he soon moved right between my legs. This was what I'd been waiting for. I grabbed his hand and guided him where I needed. First his palm over my whole pussy, then slowly working up to two fingers stroking my clit. Once I got him there, I pinched my nipples and twisted them and moaned and came hard once again. I soaked his towel (and a lot of him, too), but he didn't seem to care.

"Okay," I panted, "I think I'm good and covered now." On an impulse I grabbed the lotion out of his hand and smiled at him. "But we need to make sure you don't get a nasty burn either."

I pushed him back so he was lying partly on the sand, propped on his elbows so he could still watch my tits bounce as I squirted some of the suntan lotion into my hand. I laid my palm gently on his penis, and rubbed the cool white stuff lightly onto his shaft. "We don't want your cock to get all burned, do we?" I squeezed more lotion from the bottle directly onto his scrotum. "Those balls need to be covered, too."

I dropped the lotion bottle and began rubbing his cock up and down with my right hand while I massaged the lotion into his balls with my left. I did it very slowly at first, loving the feel of his hard, slippery penis in my hands. As I started beating his cock faster and faster, I looked toward the ocean and saw a whole crowd of guys watching me now. Even from twenty or thirty feet away the tents in their suits were pretty obvious. I winked at one of them, right when lotion guy said, "Oh! I'm going to cum!"

I turned back in time to see him covering his stomach and chest with his own white stuff. His elbows came out from under him and he collapsed on the towel, looking exhausted. I gently rubbed his cum into his body, and said, "There now, baby, all safe from the hot sun." I got up and ran my hands over my own body, checking that every inch was protected. I was really scared about getting a bad sunburn, and I hoped the imp knew what he was doing.

I left my lotion guy exhausted and lying half off of his beach towel, still nude. I grinned, knowing the imp would be pleased I'd gotten someone else naked. But now I had hit all my marks, and it was time to beat a hasty retreat. I still had a fear of getting picked up by the cops, and I didn't want to push my luck.

"Would you like to rub some lotion on me now, baby?" Some guy had walked up from behind me while I wasn't paying attention. He was really dark, clearly someone who spent a lot of time in the sun.

I tried to back away gracefully. "Sorry, hon, it's time for me to leave. Maybe next time." I smiled and I willed him not to be a creep.

"Okay," he said, and he smiled back. "Wow, that instant tan lotion really works, huh?"

I had no idea what he was talking about until I looked down at my own naked body and said, "Omigod!" My skin was a deep bronze color, as dark as the guy I'd just been talking to, all except for my nipples which remained a luscious pink that really stood out against my now well-tanned tits. I held my long hair in my hand and saw that it had been seriously bleached by the sun to a color so blond it was almost white. I looked like I had spent months out in the sun, and I had only been on the beach for a couple of hours today.

"Cool," I said, and I had a spring in my step as I strode back to the crosswalk. The imp had paid me off beautifully for my performance today. Plus, I had really enjoyed the experience, and had had some of the most intense orgasms of my life, and it looked like I was getting away with it. I walked over the crosswalk nude, and thought about how, even though I might have exposed myself before, I was now truly hooked on exhibitionism.

I reached the parking lot, turned toward my car, and...it was gone.

Gone! It must have been towed for being parked illegally! Now what?

"Omigod, Miss Hottie!" It was the surfer kid again. "You look like you need a ride!"

How could I say no?

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