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Ultimate Head


"Do you think a woman could eat herself out?"

Even now, bringing her feet down the wall step by step, inching her pussy closer and closer to her waiting tongue, the conversation Jenny had heard while walking between classes rang through her head.

"What the hell are you talking about, Gerald?"

"I mean, you know, if she was flexible enough, do you think a chick could get down there and lick herself enough to come? It would be the 'ultimate head,' wouldn't it?"

"Jesus, the shit you think up..."

The couple had continued on their merry way, but Jenny was left thinking. She was a gymnast – had been for a few years. If anybody could do it, she probably could.

So she'd skipped Horticulture 101 that day and went back home. The whole ride back, all she could think about what what it would feel like, what the texture of her lips would be like on her mouth, what her clit would feel like rolled around by her tongue, what the smell and taste would be like so close to her honeypot.

As soon as she was in her dorm, Jenny removed all her clothing and sat on her bed with a mirror. She knew that it would be a stretch. If she didn't need to lick her pussy, she'd give up at the strain. But if she wanted to actually reach nirvana, she knew she'd have to have a biological need.

So for ten or twenty minutes she sat, playing with her lips, stretching them, admiring them. She built up a lust for the pussy in the mirror – it wasn't hers. It belonged to someone else. The more she looked at it, the more she externalized it, the more she wanted it. How great, she wondered, would it be to give herself the ultimate head? In control of the motions, and receiving each one herself. The thought pleased her deeply, and at this point she put the mirror on her nightstand and went to work.

She found quickly that a direct frontbend wouldn't work. She simply couldn't crawl through her legs as she imagined she might be able to. Somehow, she needed an external force to multiply her own flexibility. To that end, she swung around so that her head was against the wall.

Next, she swung her feet up above her head, folding herself more or less in half. Now, she was able to walk down the wall slowly, stretching as she went. Already it was getting difficult to breathe. Jenny wondered if she'd be able to hold her breath long enough to just stick her tongue out.

"No," she whispered, trying to motivate herself. "No, you're not fucking giving up. You need this, Jen. You deserve this."

She reached up spontaneously and inserted a finger into the pussy above her head. It felt good, good enough to make her stop walking down the wall. She wiggled her digit around for a moment, then removed her finger and put it in her mouth.

"There," she said past her wet finger, "that's what it's going to taste like."

Her vigor renewed, she took bigger steps. The taste would be so much better straight from the source. For a brief moment, she wondered how many women had tasted themselves and wished to lick themselves. The number, she reasoned, was likely high. But far, far fewer had ever licked themselves. Few had probably ever gotten to the point she was at now, with her pussy just an inch away.

"Fuck," she managed, fighting to inhale. Her clit now stuck out from its hood, straining against its anchor, stopping just short of verbalizing its need for her to suck it. She snaked her tongue out far as she could, but those precious centimeters she needed may as well have been the other side of the galaxy.

She moved her hands, which currently were pulling her legs down toward her head, behind her head, careful to keep pressure on the backs of her knees. Weaving her fingers together behind her head like a cradle, she prepared to do a crunch with her legs over her head. The strain in her neck was undeniable, as was the pain at her waist.

"This is it, Jenny. You're gonna lick it," she thought, sucking in a deep breath. Then she pulled her stomach in and yanked her hands forward, bringing her head and pussy together.

Several things happened at once. Firstly, the tension in her neck disappeared, and she felt her shoulders move backward. Next, her face and pussy collided, far more forcefully than she'd intended. Immediately following her brain registering that her genitals and mouth had indeed touched, the world around her began to spin. Instinctively, she shut her eyes as several things hit her face in succession, until she lay still, the tension vanished from her body.

As she opened her eyes, she saw that she was on the carpet.

"Fuck," she muttered. "That was disappointing." And she sat up.

Well, part of her did.

More than horror or fear or even confusion, Jenny simply regarded the sight now before her with lust. On the bed now positioned in the center of her field of vision, she watched as her own headless body sat up. She knew it was hers; those breasts were unmistakably the biggest on the dance team. Those sloping shoulders, now featureless from left to right, bore her freckles and birthmarks. And, most importantly, Jenny knew it was her body because it had sat up when she willed herself to sit up.

"What the hell..." she breathed, staring at her shoulders from the floor as she explored the spot where her head belonged. She brushed her hand from one shoulder to the other, feeling the empty expanse over her sternum and spine. She patted the spot, noting the sensation much like a pat on the back of the neck or the elbow – it was clear that something was touching her, but the feelings weren't delicate, as they might be on the stomach or nipple.

She tried to shake her head, but her viewpoint remained unchanged. Somehow, despite the sheer oddity of her predicament, she couldn't shake the primal heat coming up from her groin. She'd put so much effort forth to get herself in the mood that now, it wouldn't go away.

As she watched herself helplessly feeling around her smooth shoulders for her now-detached head, Jenny realized that the answer to Gerald's question was a resounding yes.

"Yes!" she chortled, laughing slightly. Her body, still responding to her every command as if it were still attached, shook silently. Its breasts swayed as it stood from the bed, then stooped, waving its arms out like metal detectors, hands hovering inches from the floor.

"God that's sexy," she said. She felt it, and saw it, when her knees bumped the bottoms of her breasts. Her view of her neck, or rather the spot her head should be, was now unimpeded. It was covered by skin with identical tone and color as her chest. In fact, she saw some slight redness between her shoulders, which she interpreted as horniness – the same telltale sign, she figured, as when her chest turned red during sex.

Now her hands collided with the top of her head. It was a new and alien sensation, being in two places at once and yet not feeling like it. As she leaned back into a stoop to lift her head from the floor, she brought one hand under her jaw for support, and with her other hand she clasped her scalp tightly.

"Jesus," she said, vertigo taking hold as she turned around. Walking now back to her bed, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror at her vanity. Her body – so short now, with no head! - walked slowly, her head out-thrust like a precarious lamp.

She kept her head facing forward as she backed her body onto the bed, then leaned back. Jenny reasoned she could proved Gerald correct this very second, or she could enjoy the possibilities her new arrangement of body parts offered. She held her head over her groin, looking down at the wet matte of hair between her legs.

"God, I want it," she said, pulling her head to her chest instead. "You're a fucking tease, aren't you?" she said to her body. She moved her head to her left nipple and began to suck it, hard, twiddling its sister with her free hand. "I like that, body."

Jenny was already big enough in the chest to suck her own nipples comfortably, but it was a new feeling entirely to suck them without lifting them. There was something forbidden about it, as if they belonged to someone else. She twisted the nipple with her teeth, and then brought her head down to kiss her stomach. She stopped ministering to her right nipple with her free hand and brought it down to her pussy, slipping a finger inside. Her eyes bugged when she realized how wet she was.

"You want it too, don't you?" Jenny said, again to the body under her control. She took one last look at her mountainous breasts sliding away from each other on her chest, felt the manic beating of her heart, reveled in the sheer mindless horniness now spreading throughout her without signs of stopping, and dropped her head between her legs.

As she descended, still in her own grip, her chin bumped her clit. She bucked involuntarily and through sheer instinct grabbed her head tighter to ensure it didn't fall onto the floor again. The firmer grip brought her head closer to her pussy as she relaxed on the bed, and with the force of a spiteful lover she was thrust against her own folds.

She was wetter than a ruptured waterbed as her tongue wrapped around her clit. The first orgasm was instantaneous, and she felt her lips contracting around her face.

"Ohmygod!" she shrieked, muffled by her own pussy. She knew, were her pussy looser, the force with which she now pushed her face against her groin would've shoved her head inside her vagina.

As the aftershocks subsided from her first orgasm, Jenny was in no mind to stop. She looked past her stomach to her wobbling breasts and brought one hand up to squeeze them. She arched her back at her own touch.

"You like that, don't you? You've been a bad body, you know. A bad" - here she licked her clit again, and grunted, – "body!" She drove her tongue deep into her hole, tasting her sweet juices from every angle at once. "You know what we do to naughty bodies, don't you? Naughty headless sexy bodies."

Her talk was upping the ante. She felt her heart beating faster than hummingbird wings. She couldn't squeeze her breasts hard enough. She couldn't suck her clit hard enough. She couldn't lap at her lips quick enough to blow another load. But the talking was transporting her to another realm of sexual bliss.

Suddenly, Jenny's door opened. She looked over, too horny to be worried, and saw her boyfriend, Derek, standing in the doorway with a bouquet.

"Oh, sorry baby, I didn't mean to... Did you detach your head?"

"Yeah, I did," she said lustily, sitting up with her head pushed against her breasts. She brushed her face against them as she spoke. "I was just punishing my naughty body. Wanna help?" Jenny turned her head to Derek, licking her lips.

In a flash, Derek had thrown the bouquet against a chair and removed his clothes.

"So, can you still control your body?" he asked, as Jenny's headless body handed him a condom from the nightstand.

"I sure can," she said.

"Then how are you punishing it?" He rolled the condom down his dick as Jenny's head, level with it, watched hungrily.

"I dunno," she deflected, "but maybe you can help." He picked up her head and brought it to eye-level. "It's been very naughty," she said, pouting. "Should we spank it? Or maybe we can fuck it really hard."

As she spoke, her body rolled over onto its stomach. She looked down at it.

"Maybe we should tie it up first. It might get away."

"God, Jenny, I didn't know you were a sub. You're always such a dominatrix in the sack."

"Well," she offered as Derek pulled several lacy handcuffs from the dresser. "It's not every day a girl gets to see herself as another person."

"Would you stop moving?" Derek asked. He was struggling to handcuff her body, which was now flailing its limbs, while holding her head against his chest.

"I told you it's being naughty," Jenny said. "Looks like you'll have to put me down to apprehend it." Derek just chuckled as he shook his head.

"Is this alright?" he asked, setting her head down gently on the vanity. "Can you see everything?"

"Oh baby, can I," she whispered, kissing him gently as he turned away.

He went back to the bed and straddled her headless body, slapping the fuzzy handcuffs around one of her arms and anchoring it to the headboard. He did the same with her other arm, and stopped when he saw that her shoulder-blades were touching each other over the space where her head should have been.

"How's this feel, honey?" he asked, looking to his right, to the vanity, where her head sat with its eyes closed, enjoying every second of it. "Your shoulders are touching where, uh, where your head goes."

"I know," Jenny said. "It's nice; you're doing fine, baby! You're a little heavy, though. Maybe just sit up a little?" Derek shifted his weight to his hips. "Perfect, love!"

Her legs were somewhat easier to get shackled down, and then he came back for her head.

"I think my body likes that, Derek," she said as he lifted her up and brought her to survey herself.

She lay, helpless, headless and on her stomach on the bed. He'd anchored her legs at the ankles to the bedposts, but he handcuffed her arms together through a bar on the headboard. Instead of positioning her like an "X," Derek had opted to tie her down like an inverted "Y."

"Man, this is fucking weird," he said in her ear.

"Good thing we're both into weird, baby," she said. "We should probably fuck my body now, though. My heart's beating a mile a minute."

"You don't want me to tease you like usual?" Derek seemed a little sad.

"Baby, I teased myself long before you got here." She grunted, gasping as he entered her. "With my tongue."

"Hey, I can kiss you and do you from behind at the, ungh, at the same time." Derek brought her in and snaked his tongue into her mouth. Her mouth tasted just like her pussy, and he kissed her more deeply for it. She returned the kiss with full force, moaning at him and whimpering as he rammed her.

"What are you, oh God, what are you stopping for?" her head asked as he broke the kiss off.

"I need to breathe, baby."

"You're not, ugh, not punishing that body enough. Turn me around." Derek complied. Jenny looked down. From her vantage point, she had a man's body below her. She watched, transfixed for a moment, as Derek's cock slid in and out of her pussy, and she could both see and feel it.

"You like that?" he said, watching her staring down at her own ass as it crumpled against his thrusts. "You like watching yourself get fucked?"

"I like fucking myself," she replied. "Slap my ass."

She watched, thoroughly entertained, as he raised a hand and brought it across both of her buttocks, leaving a faint red mark on both.

"Squeeze that ass," she commanded. Again she watched, imagining that his body was hers, as a strong hand reached down and clenched its grip around her right ass cheek.

She felt his hand on her ass, and pushed her body closer to the bedsheets. Her nipples rubbed lightly against the cotton as he thrust into her, first as he punched into her pussy, and second as he dragged her backward to withdraw.

"Turn me around," Jenny said. Derek complied. "You going to come inside that naughty, sexy, headless, helpless, horny body," she whispered, grunting with every impact and trying to time her words around it, "or are you going to use my head as a tissue and make it catch your load?"

Derek wiped the sweat away from his forehead. "I've got a choice?"

Jenny grinned, closing her eyes, raising her eyebrows as his hips smashed into her ass over and over. "Not like I'm going to do anything about it."

"Well shit," he said, pulling out and peeling off the condom.

"One thing, though." she said. He stopped, mid-removal. "I think, well, I know, that my body wants to masturbate. Real bad. Would you mind letting it go?"

"Nah, it's been naughty. Why would I let it jack itself off?"

"Because I'll bite your dick off if you don't," Jenny said.

Derek laughed and put her head down on her ass as he unlocked the handcuffs, throwing them into a pile on the floor. Jenny's entire body and head were covered in a thin sheen of sweat, but all the same she kissed her ass lightly, sensually as her boyfriend freed her body.

"Kissing your own ass, you narcissist," Derek chuckled, picking her head up and wiping her cheek on the covers. Her body rolled over and sat up, sliding a finger into its pussy and rubbing her clit.

Derek put her head on the edge of the bed and then stood, masturbating. "Oh God that's nice," she muttered, her eyes rolling up into her head. "Everything's nice."

"Look at you," he said, turning her around. She opened her eyes to see her headless body sitting, unceremoniously, at the other end of the bed. It was hunched over, her breasts brushing her thighs, as she rubbed her pussy with one hand and pulled herself down with the other. Even though Jenny was in control of it, causing and feeling everything she saw before her, she couldn't help but mentally remark how much it looked like someone else. She put one hand up to her neck, to the place where her head should be, and patted it as if she were still surprised that it had detached.

"Jesus, Derek, did my head really come off my body?"

"Yeah, baby. Isn't it awesome?"

"Is that really my headless body masturbating over there?"

"I know, I can't believe it either."

"Derek, I think I'm gonna come."

"Hang on, not yet, baby. I'm almost there!"

"Too late! Oh God, I'm squirting!" Jenny whimpered the last words as she closed her eyes and felt her pussy open up, felt herself get instantly wetter, and then felt a stream of warm liquid hitting her face. She leaned back against the headboard, unable to control herself in the face of such a raw orgasm, and felt Derek's load on the back of her head.

She kept her eyes closed, but they both remained still for a second; her body, chest rising and falling soundlessly as it absently played with its pussy lips, and Derek, head buried in the crook of his arm as he caught his breath. Finally, Jenny's body sat up and gathered her soaking head into its arms.

"I sort of, uh, gave myself a facial. I can't exactly see anything; would you lead me to the bathroom, baby? I think we should clean up."

"Yeah, yeah you're right." Derek grabbed her by the shoulders and guided her into the cold bathroom. "That was some facial," he said as he guided her to the shower and turned the water on.

"I've only squirted once before. Well, you remember," she said, passing her head from one hand to the other, then holding it on her hip like a basketball. "The first time we made love? You were so big, baby." She reached out and gave his flaccid dick a rub.

"You were so wet, honey. So excited. Made me feel like a million bucks." He put a hand into the shower stream. "Looks like it's hot now. You first, or me?"

"Actually, I'm going to multitask here, baby. I've gotta pee like a racehorse, but take me, or my head, I guess."

Jenny passed her head off to him as her body sat down on the toilet. He got into the shower with her and began to rinse her hair.

"Shit!" she said after a moment. Derek heard fumbling outside. "I'm out of toilet paper!" He wiped the water from her eyes and she looked up at him.

"Does it matter?" He asked, rubbing body wash on the arm supporting her head. "You can just get in here and wash off."

"Oh," she said as the shower door slid open and her body stepped in behind Derek. "I hadn't thought of that." He passed the body wash over his shoulder, and she took it from him. She opened it, then stopped.

"Actually, do you mind handing me to my body? I'm going to wash my hair first, then wash my body. I think it'd be hard to do it another way."

Derek grabbed her shoulders and guided her headless body around him so she was in the stream. Then he handed her head to her and stepped back.

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