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It all started very innocuously. I was only 25 but had managed to sell my flat in the city and had enough deposit to buy a beautiful bungalow out in the countryside of Hampshire, near Lymington. Although I had had some girlfriends, there was nothing serious and there was no-one permanent when I moved into the bungalow. It was just what I wanted.......it needed a bit of decorating, it had a lovely garden, and it was at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac so it was quiet and traffic was not a problem.

The repayments on the mortgage made things a bit tight, but I had enough to live on, I had a nice saloon car to get me to work at the office in Southampton, and things were ideal.

I moved in during the January, and began to decorate as many rooms as I could during my spare time. I also still played football for one of the Saturday sides in the Southampton league, so I had plenty of mates, I was quite fit and my social life was good. I was a young man with the world at his feet.

I didn't really see the neighbours much during the winter months, but I noticed that the couple immediately next door in another nice bungalow were a woman, probably in her mid 40s, and her husband, who was totally disabled in a wheelchair. He looked to be a lot older than his wife...probably nearer 60 than 50, but they spent all their time together, and they had a big estate car which accommodated a wheelchair in the rear.

I found out their names were Arthur and Judy and, although disabled, Arthur was always being taken out by his wife in the car for trips round the countryside or to the coast for a walk along the shore line. They seemed very happy and Judy was always busy in the beautiful garden when the weather was reasonable, while Arthur sat in his wheelchair on the covered patio, enjoying the fresh air and the birds that would come and twitter at the bottom of their garden.

We exchanged pleasantries whenever our paths crossed and, as winter turned into spring, I knew I had to get to work on my own garden as it looked a disgrace compared to Arthur and Judy's. I spent Sundays and as many evenings as I could during the week getting the lawn up together and tidying the borders up with some flowers, as well as painting the outside woodwork, and the three of us got to know each other a lot better as the weeks went on.

I also noticed that Judy was an extremely attractive woman!! She was about 5'7 with dark, short hair and dark eyes, and her figure was smart, shapely and very seductive......probably from all the activity from caring for her husband and looking after the house and garden. She seemed to do everything, yet she was always cheerful and smart, and never seemed to be tired or moody........a happy couple who lived a quiet, leisurely life.

One spring evening, I was doing more work in the garden when Arthur shouted and asked if I would like to join them for coffee on their patio. A few minutes later, as I sat down at their lovely suite of garden furniture, Judy brought out a tray of coffee and biscuits, and we began a conversation which was so relaxed that it went on until the dusk of the evening started to descend.

They asked me about my life and work, did I have a girlfriend, where did I come from etc, all the non-intrusive things you talk about with your neighbours, and they told me about themselves.

Judy had been a nurse and only 22 when she had married Arthur who had been 34, but after only 6 months of marriage, Arthur had been nearly killed in a car crash when he was a passenger. It had left him completely paralysed from the waist down and, in spite of months of hospital treatment, there was no further hope for improving his health. He had won thousands in compensation but this didn't make up for his disabled condition, and the only good thing to come out of it was that Judy gave up work to look after her husband.

They were now 43 and 55 respectively and had lived in their lovely bungalow for over 10 years (after the compensation had been awarded), but Arthur's career as a Captain in the army had been brought to a sudden halt so the couple just lived what seemed to be a sedentary life in this quiet little village. They were obviously quite well off financially, with his compensation, his army pension, and Judy no doubt received state benefits for looking after her disabled husband.

There was no doubting Judy's attractiveness as we sat there and talked into the evening. She was wearing a simple little orange dress and wonderful high-heel shoes, but there was no hiding her shapely breasts which pushed firmly against the material, and I was also able to admire her curvy legs which were on view below the hem of the dress which hung just a few inches above her knees.

She had beautiful, dark eyes, also, and on more than one occasion I caught them studying me across the coffee table, but there was no way I was going to engage her in eye contact for more than a second......mainly because it would have sent me into a fluster, but also because they were my middle-aged neighbours, with a husband who was bound to a wheelchair and a wife who was spending all of her time caring for him. I had too much respect for both of them for that.

But there was no doubt that Judy was a very sexy and attractive woman!!

Later, back in my own home, I thought of Judy. Her eyes were tantalising, her figure very trim and shapely, and I thought about her feminine needs. Did she have any? Of course she did. She was still fit, only in her 40s, attractive and active.....my God, what are you thinking of, I told myself. She probably has a hell of a life trying to care for Arthur, and yet they have been very hospitable and friendly, and perfect neighbours. Just enjoy their pleasantry and get on with your life, I told myself again.

The rest of the week carried on as normal and then I was in the garden again on Friday evening. It was a beautiful evening, the sun was warm as it sunk slowly into the west, and Arthur and Judy were out enjoying the last of the day.

Arthur was in his wheelchair and Judy was doing a bit of weeding, but she had shorts on tonight...tight, short shorts and flip-flops worn with a T shirt that hugged her contours. She looked delicious but I tried not to stare too much as I knew Arthur was watching. As I chatted with him over the garden fence, I could see him admiring his wife's figure as much as I was.

It must be a hell of a frustration for him, I thought, having a younger, stunning wife like this, and not being able to do too much about it, if you see what I mean. Then, as Judy was attending some plants at the bottom of the garden, Arthur turned to me and said quietly,

'Still a sexy young thing, isn't she?' What could I say? I tried to be diplomatic and instead of saying, 'She's fucking gorgeous,' like I wanted to, all I could reply was,

'Yes, she's very attractive, Arthur. You're very lucky.'

'Even to a young man like you, is she?' he asked. 'Is she attractive to you?' Just at that moment, Judy was turned away from us, bending down to the garden, and her little shorts were tight right across her stunning ass. Her feet were slightly apart and she looked really stunning......and fuckable! I felt my cock tremble in my shorts. I tried to keep calm.

'I think Judy would be attractive to any man, Arthur. She has a lovely figure and, Yes, I think she is really attractive. But she's your wife, Arthur, and I think she cares for you deeply.' He smiled and then suddenly changed the subject.

'Look, you play football on Saturday afternoons, don't you?' I nodded yes. 'Why don't you, if you're not doing anything else tomorrow, come round for a meal with us, say about 8. Have you got anything else planned?' No, I hadn't. I usually had one or two drinks after football, perhaps went to a restaurant with friends for a meal, and then came home again. This was a wonderful invitation and I thanked Arthur profusely.

Just then, Judy wandered back up the garden and smiled as Arthur told her,

'Steve has agreed to join us for a meal tomorrow night...that would be nice, wouldn't it, darling? I told him about 8o'clock.'

'Great,' Judy smiled. 'It'll be nice to have someone round on a Saturday evening.....and you won't have to worry about drinking, will you, Steve....you can just fall over the hedge when you go home,' and we all laughed, and the evening ended on another high note.

Well, at least my evening meal on Saturday would be taken care of, and the company would be charming and relaxed, so I was looking forward to the evening when I woke up on Saturday morning. I played football in the afternoon, had a couple of pints after the game and then drove home to get ready for my visit to the neighbours.

On the way home, I bought some wine and some flowers for Judy (women always appreciate flowers, don't they) and then I got changed and made my way along the garden path about 8pm.

It was Judy, not unnaturally, who met me at the front door and showed me in. Wow, she looked even more sexy and attractive than on the other occasions we had met. I offered her the wine and flowers and she looked genuinely surprised and appreciative.

'Oh, Steve, you shouldn't have gone to this trouble, you really shouldn't. Thankyou so much anyway,' and she leaned forward to give me an innocent peck on the cheek. I could smell her perfume and I could see she had darkened her beautiful eyes with some mascara, and her outfit was wonderful. She had on a dark sweater, a black skirt that was much shorter than usual, darkish hose, and some black high-heels. Her legs looked incredible! I blushed a little as Judy showed me into the dining room where Arthur was already sitting at the big table.

We shook hands and very soon the meal was under way. Judy was a good cook and the food was delicious. Again, we talked about all sorts of things including Arthur's short lived career in the army, but he did see service in the Falklands in 1982 before becoming a training officer on Salisbury plain. There seemed some nostalgia as he talked about those far off days but there was no bitterness.

Judy looked delicious and I had a job to stop leering at her sexy body, particularly those wonderful legs. The wine flowed and pretty soon we were all feeling pretty merry and then, after the sweet, Arthur suggested we retire to the lounge for coffee and brandy.

This was the way to live and dine, I thought. Me, a young man who usually scrambled egg and chips together for his evening meal, was being treated to a wonderful meal with coffee and brandy by a wonderful couple who were my neighbours....how lucky can you get, especially when the lady of the house is so delectable and fetching??

In the lounge, Judy served the coffee and we continued to talk. When we talked about sport, Arthur recounted his days of playing football, rugby and cricket, and it seemed he was a pretty handy all round sport. Then Judy chipped in,

'Yes, Arthur was pretty fit in those days, weren't you, darling.....and very virile,' she finished, with a glint in her eye. Again, no bitterness from either of them and I didn't really know what to say, except, 'I bet he was,' looking at the fit body that Judy still possessed. But what now.......what virility did Judy rely on now??

It wasn't my place to ask, of course, so I tried to move on to another subject and we continued with the coffees.

She tried to question me in a light hearted way about girlfriends. I told her the truth, that there was one serious girl a couple of years ago but that had died away and all I'd had since then were some one-off dates. I had concentrated on my career, and was doing pretty well, and now that I had moved into a nice bungalow in the country, perhaps there might be time for another relationship if the right girl came along.

'No rush, though, Steve, is there,' smiled Judy, as she sat sexily on the sofa.

'No,' added Arthur. 'You take your time, Steve, play the field a bit and make sure you choose the right woman,' and we all laughed, although I still couldn't take me eyes off those gorgeous legs.

I tried to refuse a brandy, but Judy and Arthur both insisted and she pushed a glass across to both me and her husband and there I was drinking coffee and brandy in this superb lounge. I thought I was going to be admiring those wonderful legs some more as I enjoyed my drinks, but Judy suddenly got up and said she was going to wash up and tidy the kitchen.

I tried to offer to help but Arthur interrupted.

'No, no, Steve, Judy is quite happy to do it......let you and me enjoy our brandies and have a little chat!' So I watched those lovely pins slide out through the lounge door, and Judy made a point of shutting the door behind her. Arthur and I were now on our own, in private!

The conversation carried on quite innocently and I was able to completely relax, especially as the brandy was warming the cockles of my heart!! Certainly, Arthur had led an interesting life until his accident, and I can imagine that he had enjoyed quite a number of women before he had taken Judy down the aisle. There was no doubt that he doted on her, and he was in awe of the way that she had given up almost everything to care for him and make his life as comfortable as possible. Then, his next words sort of hit me in the ribs.

'But she's still a woman, Steve, isn't she?' What did he mean? What did he want me to say? Was there any doubt that she was a woman? From where I was seeing things, she was one HELL of a woman. I tried to keep my reply sensible, but light-hearted.

'Oh yes, Arthur. She's definitely a woman, alright, and a very attractive one at that, as I've said before.' I waited to see where he was going with this. Could I guess?

'And I know she misses the.......well, she misses.....,' and Arthur was having difficulty saying what I think he was trying to say. I nodded, as though I understood, but I still let him carry on. 'It's been very difficult for her, although she has never complained, but we were very active physically, you know...........Judy can be a very passionate woman (my mind was imagining her wonderful body already as Arthur went on) and suddenly it was all taken away from her when I had that fuckin' car accident.' There, he couldn't be more obvious now.

Again, it was difficult for me to say anything constructive, except to sympathise with what he was saying, and just nod my head in all the right places. He went on to explain that toys were a great help when Judy was feeling frisky, and watching naughty videos and such-like, but there was no getting away from the fact that Arthur knew that Judy was a woman in the prime of her physical well-being and that the one thing she was not getting was the full, physical attention of a fit man!

Why was he telling me all this? My mind was buzzing and then, after a few minutes, it suddenly hit me like a bullet as to what this could possibly be leading to. No......no.....he can't be going to suggest what I think he might be going to suggest. Don't be stupid, man, I told myself. I'm just the young neighbour next door who's just come round for a nice evening meal and a chat. Christ almighty, calm down......it'll all be over in a minute and then I'll be going home for a good sleep. But Arthur carried on!!

'I've often thought about what to do to help Judy,' he said. 'We've even talked about it at times, but Judy just brushes away my suggestions as though it didn't matter. But it does matter, for Christ's sake, doesn't it, Steve?' and he looked me straight in the eye. I was beginning to sweat a bit because we were getting into a serious area which involved a sexy woman who was not getting any sex....or not the right kind, anyway! What did it have to do with me? I tried desperately to be helpful without sounding like a complete jerk.

'Well, Arthur, perhaps Judy loves you so much that she is just content to love you as the person you are, without the need for.......for anything else. It does happen, I suppose, so perhaps you shouldn't attach so much importance to it. She is always smiling and seems perfectly happy, and I think you should thank your lucky stars that you have a wife who gives you the whole of her life.'

'Yes, I do thank my lucky stars, Steve....and that's why I want her to have some physical enjoyment. She could go behind my back, and have an affair......and we have spoken about the possibility, but Judy refuses point blank. But we have spoken about an alternative, Steve.........' and his voice tailed off, as though I should be aware of his thoughts.

'Oh yes?' I murmured, nervously.

'Yes....we are a very private couple, as you know, and we never discuss our business outside of these four walls, but..........' Christ, he was going to ask........well, what the fuck was he going to ask? I trembled and my cock twitched in my trousers. He carried on.

'Judy and I have got to know you quite well over the last few months since you moved next door, and we've often spoken about you. You're quiet and discreet, intelligent, handsome, single, very friendly, and we've got to like you very much as we've got to know you!' Oh my God, this is it, I thought to myself. He is.....he is.....he's going to ask me. 'Certainly, Judy thinks you are a bit of a handsome, young hunk, and.........and.......well, Steve, it would give us BOTH great pleasure if you were to agree to spend some time with Judy,.......... you know,.......some time together,' and he was really looking at me again, fixing my eyes, trying to gauge my reaction.

Although I thought I had seen it coming, I almost choked on my brandy when Arthur actually came out and said it. What an offer! He wants me to fuck his wife, with his full consent! 'A bit of a handsome, young hunk' he had said. Did she really say that? I felt chuffed that this sexy, 40 something woman had actually made a comment like that about me. But what could I say to Arthur? I tried my best, blushing all over my face.

'God, Arthur. I don't know what to say. You want me to spend time with your wife and.....and......'

'Yes, make love to Judy, Steve. We'd like you to make love to her in the privacy of our own home. Of course, if the idea doesn't..........,' but I didn't let him finish.

'It's not that at all, Arthur. The......the idea....I feel ashamed to say this to her husband.......the idea appeals a lot,' and Arthur grinned as I think he had no doubt that I found his wife attractive and sexy. 'But are you absolutely sure about this.....and is Judy absolutely sure as well?'

'No question, Steve. We're as sure as we'll ever be. Of course, the idea stays completely private between the three of us and will do so for ever more. Is that a deal, Steve?'

I nodded absolutely. I am offered up this gorgeous woman on a plate by her husband, and the last thing I want to do is jeopardise the situation by talking about it to anyone. He went on to say that they had never done anything like this before, ever, and they thought that I could be relied upon to be discreet.

I was bubbling in my seat, and my cock was really twitching now, but how would it work? Would I be embarrassed, would my cock work properly in such circumstances...there were a million questions flying round in my mind, when suddenly Arthur said,

'Well, Steve, are you up for it? Just one thing, though! I want to watch my wife enjoying herself. I want to see Judy really letting herself go for just as long as she wants to! Is that OK with you?' Christ. Not only does he want me to fuck his gorgeous wife, but he wants to be sitting there watching us do the dirty deed. This was definitely new territory for me, but I was excited and nervous all at once. If I was going to get to fuck this stunning woman, then the whole of fuckin' China could watch as far as I was concerned.

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