tagInterracial LoveUltimate Resort: The Medical Ch. 02

Ultimate Resort: The Medical Ch. 02


Chapter Two: Check-in

"Welcome to Paradise, Mr Gordon," the receptionist said as I stepped off the boat. There was no hint of irony in her tone and her greeting had a gracefulness that only Asians can master. "Sir, would you like a refreshing drink while you check-in?"

My first sip confirmed what my eyes had already told me: Paradise Resort was aptly named. As I stood in the open-air lobby, my senses were bombarded by the sounds, scents and colours of the tropics. A porter spirited away my luggage while the silk-clad angel gestured for me to follow her. "If you would like to come this way, Sir, the Deputy Manageress is waiting to greet you in person."

I followed her through a tunnel of blossoms, my eyes mesmerised by the graceful sway of her hips and the hypnotic way her slit-skirt swished open with every step. As I brushed past her in the doorway an intoxicating scent of Jasmine filled my nostrils; but before I could savour it she bowed out, closing the door behind her.

The woman who rose from her desk to welcome me was so exquisitely beautiful that the receptionist seemed a mere prelude. I judged her to be about thirty and of mixed Chinese-Malay ancestry. Lustrous, jet-black black hair fell over the porcelain fineness of her neck and shoulders, like water cascading over the smooth white stones of an oriental garden. Her face was delicate as an orchid but although her hand was soft, her grip was firm. I wanted her the moment I saw her.

"I am Mai-Li, the Deputy Manager. I hope that you will have a wonderful time here."

"Thank you, Mai-Li, it's lovely to meet you... and I'm sure I shall."

Her dress was of red and gold Chinese silk, cut tight to accentuate her curves, so that the swell of her breasts seemed to protest against their confinement. She watched calmly as my eyes took in the whole glorious view, then gestured for me to sit beside her on an ornate day-bed. As we did so, the slit in her skirt rode up all the way to her hip, sending a spasm of lust right through me.

Pointing to the screen of her hand-held device, Mai-Li remarked, "You have such an impressive report from your medical, Mr Gordon... really quite, ah, exceptional scores..."


I could have sworn she did the Chinese equivalent of blushing. "Oh yes, Mr Gordon, you have scored very highly on all the medical tests... fitness, stamina... and you see, even higher on the other tests. I do not think I have ever seen higher scores." She peered at the screen as if doubting what she had read and I noticed how she stroked her fingertips lightly over her skin as she did so, from her throat all the way down to the rise of her breasts. I groaned inwardly and pulled my eyes upwards, to meet hers.

"Yes, the medical was... memorable."

"Both Nurse Patterson and Nurse Shah have given you 48 out of 50 in their appraisal: that is almost unprecedented, Mr Gordon. It means you start here with a bonus of 96 credits."

"I don't think I quite follow." I shifted closer and touched her lightly on the arm as I pointed to the screen. "Perhaps you could explain this scoring system to me?"

"Of course, Sir", she replied, running her hand through a stray strand of hair that had somehow come loose, but making no attempt to distance herself. "You have our Gold package, Mr Gordon: this means that you start with one thousand credits."

"Yes, I understand they're redeemable against services in the resort: but I'm a bit hazy on how it works." I looked at her closely, wondering if I was reading the signals right. It's so easy to delude yourself, to believe what you want to... but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I put my right hand on her knee and when she didn't flinch, I ran the tips of my second and third fingers softly up and down her thigh. "Perhaps you could show me the best ways I can redeem them? I want to explore everything you have to offer."

She nodded and continued her explanation, while I traced the fingers of my left hand lightly down her spine, feeling her tremble as I did so. Yet she remained otherwise perfectly composed, scrolling across the screen of the device that now perched rather precariously on her lap.

"For a Gold guest like yourself, Mr Gordon, it is our pleasure to provide you with almost unlimited services. We pride ourselves on having the most beautiful ladies from every Asian land: and of course we hope you will enjoy all the services they can offer."

"They all look lovely... but the brochure was a little light on statistics: just how many staff do you have here?"

"We have a staff of three hundred, Sir: and all but a handful are female."

"That must include the cleaners, the maids..."

She nodded again and touched the screen, to reveal a new bevy of beauties, each in maid's costume and with individual profiles that seemed to summarise their qualities. I didn't bother with the details but stayed focused on what Mai-Li was saying, whilst gliding my fingertips over the delicate lines of her bare shoulders and up the sides of her neck, to nudge against the heavy golden earrings that weighed her lobes.

Mai-Li gave a barely audible sigh and rolled her head slightly but continued her explanation. "All our staff are selected for their beauty and willingness to please the guests. In fact I have noticed that most gentlemen seem to especially enjoy the room service offered by our maids..."

"And how many credits does that require?"

"We operate in units of fifty and one hundred credits." She turned her head towards me and for the first time looked me directly in the eye. Then she slowly ran the tip of her tongue across her lips, moistening them before continuing. "For fifty credits, any lady will be happy to give or receive oral pleasure, or any other service for our guests that stops short of full sex." She paused a second, then looked down again and said quietly, almost under her breath, "For one hundred credits you may enjoy yourself fully with any lady, for up to twenty-four hours."

She was breathing more deeply now, the rest of her delivery a little hurried, like a waitress reciting the specials on a restaurant menu.

"You will see that every lady has her own profile, so you can browse through all our staff to see who is on duty and what services they offer. Also it is possible to make appointments and arrange dates or rendezvous for any activity. We have a full schedule of activities of every kind, like beach volleyball, water sports, gym workouts with our qualified instructors, spa and massage treatments, tantric meditation... I am sure you will find many things to entertain and please you..."

"Absolutely. But tell me about this bonus from the nurses at my medical. Ninety-six credits sounds like it might be... too much and yet not quite enough...?"

As I said it I took advantage of the slit in her dress and slipped my hand under the hem, to rest on the inside of her thigh. She looked down at what I was doing but made no move to stop me, so I stroked upwards over skin even smoother than silk, until the back of my thumb touched base just as her dress constrained me.

Her breasts heaved noticeably and her voice sounded breathless. "You may add credits to your total, Sir, from the competitions that we run every day... and from the scores given by our staff for... every encounter."

"I'm glad you get to mark the guest's performance, Mai-Li, and not just the other way around. And I'm going to make it my mission to earn more credits than anyone in the history of this resort." She kept her gaze fixed on the screen but I saw the hint of a smile flit across her face, so I took a chance and used my thumbnail to trace across the thin cotton of her panties. She gave a tiny groan and moved her legs just perceptibly further apart.

"Oh, Mr Gordon, Sir... we encourage you, uh, always... to give feedback, so we can improve our service and... uh... your satisfaction."

"So far, Mai-Li, everything has been perfect: but then I've hardly begun to explore all the treasures you have here..."

"Oh, Sir..." she gave a little gasp as my fingertips gently worked their way under her panties; and then she rather spilled the beans. "Nurse Patterson advised me... oh, Mr Gordon, please..."

With my left hand I drew down the zipper at the back of her dress and her breasts freed themselves with no more help from me, just as my thumb found her bud and began to circle for the kill.

"And how about the management? You did say ALL the staff are available for my pleasure?"

"Staff only, Sir...ohhh..." She hardly managed to whisper it as my fingers probed into soft folds of flesh, her outer lips no barrier and her inner lips already moist. "I not meant to be doing this, Sir..." she pleaded, her previous mastery of English faltering under duress. "I am Deputy Manager, not supposed to go with guests..."

"But I'm sure you can make an exception, for what was it, unprecedented cases? Besides, it's always good management policy to lead by example." So saying, I gave her pussy a gentle squeeze, then stroked my fingers back down the inside of her thigh before taking my hand away and giving her a straight command. "Please stand up and take off your dress for me."

To my surprise and delight she neither hesitated nor protested but simply did as she was told, putting the portable device down on the day-bed and then rising gracefully to her feet, resting one hand on my shoulder to keep her balance while holding up her dress with the other.

"You have very broad shoulders, Sir. I think you very powerful man."

"You'll soon find out, my sweet. The dress, please?"

She nodded acceptance and gave a little shimmy, all that was needed for the silk to slide to the floor with a soft rustle.

Sometimes words are hopelessly inadequate. I sat in silent wonder for perhaps a full minute, taking in every sublime curve: and then I leaned forwards and breathed in her perfume.

Why do we have so few words for scent? We should give the task of creating a new vocabulary of smell to the deaf, who pay proper attention to it. For sure there is a geography to the whole wonderful panoply of female scent, with Oriental being part of its First Order, alongside all the other continents and regions where diet and culture and genetics combine to create distinct, aromatic races. Chinese and South East Asian should be sub-orders, for although related they are different; and there are a hundred lesser branches below that: Thais, Malays, Japanese, Koreans and all the others that go to make up the Asiatic half of humanity.

And then there is the individual, the unique scent of every woman, which is itself a trinity of essences. As I drew Mai-Li's scent into my nostrils, I smelled first the kind of perfume that comes in expensive little bottles: not as strong as Jasmine but with a hint of something tangy and exotic amidst the sweetness. Then I noticed the natural fragrance of her skin, as I imagined it would be when she came fresh from bathing and had just begun to sweat in the tropical heat. It reminded me of a sweet Malaysian curry and it made me want to lick her all over. And finally there was the bouquet of arousal.

As she stood before me, the cotton of her panties was almost touching my nose and the heady waft of scent coming from her was like an oriental sauce that explodes on your tongue. And suddenly only that could satisfy me.

I reached out and pulled her panties down, then took firm hold of her buttocks and pulled her urgently towards me. She gave a little cry of surprise and almost lost balance, having to grab the top of my head to steady herself: and before she could recover I buried my face in her pussy.

She was completely bare and my first kiss told me that I had struck gold, for she was also perfectly smooth. I would much rather nuzzle my way through a neatly tended garden of curls than get a mouthful of stubble: but Mai-Li's skin was as smooth as marble and yet as soft as warm honey.

I duly licked her like a bear who's got at the honey pot: applying the gentle rasp of my tongue equally to the smoothness, the fleshiness and the hooded bud of her pudenda until she was running her hands through my hair and muttering things in Mandarin that sounded like sweet obscenities.

Holding her in place by cupping a hand cupped firmly around her arse, I circled her clitoris with my tongue and began to nibble, even as I pushed the first and middle fingers of my free hand into her now delightfully moist cunt. She squirmed and gripped my hair tightly, crying out as I began to work her sex from outside and inside at the same time. But instead of resisting, she actually thrust her abdomen forwards, pressing my face into her. She was so hot for it, it was like lapping sweet and sour sauce off a dish of dim sum.

Lovely though it was to eat her, for me cunnilingus was just the appetiser and I was keen to enjoy the second course. Having found her G-spot and driven her almost to distraction by strumming it with my forefinger in harmony with the strokes of my tongue on her clit, I gave her little bud a last, lingering kiss and then abruptly stood up.

"I want you on your knees before me, now."

She gave a little moan as I withdrew my fingers but she complied at once, sinking almost gratefully to her knees and bowing her head for a moment, then looking up at me expectantly, almost in supplication.

"I want you to show me why you're the manager here, when there are so many other lovely girls who could be doing this for me." So saying I kicked off my shoes, pulled my shirt over my head and then stepped out of my trousers and shorts, letting my now rampant cock stand proud.

Ten minutes later I understood exactly how and why she had been promoted to her current rank. If Nurse Patterson was among the World Fellatio Championship Top Five, then Mai-Li was surely a contender for Best Of All Time. Actually I knew that much within the first thirty seconds: she was so good that I soon had doubts about whether it was even worth waiting for the main course.

First, however, she paid due attention to the niceties. "Oh Sir... Nurse Patterson was right, your cock is very beautiful."

As she said it, Mai-Li reached out and touched it with her fingertips, as if disbelieving; and then sought permission with her eyes to go further. It was the most incredibly sweet, charming thing: and when I grinned and nodded she smiled back and took me in both hands, running her fingers expertly over every inch before starting to work me gently but firmly, one hand around my head and shaft and the other around my balls.

As she worked me her face was no more than six inches from my cock, observing it with the closest possible attention. The sight of that lovely face so close, set in an expression of deep concentration and even curiosity, was so naively charming that I nearly blew my load right then and there.

Fortunately, however, I was just able to hold back; and she presently made me almost lose my erection with laughter when she looked up and stated, matter-of-factly, "I have only twice before seen such a big cock: but it is OK, on both occasions I was able to accommodate it and give my guest full satisfaction."

"I'm sure you were, my sweet: and fortunately you also have a nice, wide mouth, so you shouldn't have any trouble accommodating me that way, too. Now, in the immortal words of Elvis, I'd like a little less conversation and a little more action, please."

"Oh, I so sorry Mr Gordon, I talk too much! Please allow me to apologise with fellatio."

This time she didn't wait for permission, but leaned forwards and gave the head of my cock a deep kiss, before taking it just far enough inside her mouth to be able to close her teeth around the bottom of my glans and then, with me helplessly vulnerable and quivering in her grip, she started flicking her tongue against the underside. I groaned and fought to stop myself exploding but she immediately withdrew, held me until the urge had subsided; and then began gently kissing every inch of my manhood.

I loved the sensation of her long, black hair stroking across my cock as she kissed and licked her way up, down and around, periodically cupping my balls in one hand or working my shaft with the other: and then she really got down to business.

For me the essence of a good blow job is a woman's ability to make my cock feel perfectly encompassed in softness, whilst keeping me on edge with the threat but never the bite or scrape of her teeth. How some women manage it is one of the wondrous mysteries of good sex: and Mai-Li was the Keeper of Mysteries. When she started taking me right down her throat, so that I could feel her tonsils as I enjoyed a passage I'd never thought to explore, I realised there was no way I could hold back.

In my naivety I thought I wanted her to stop, so that I could come inside her pussy as I'd planned: but she presently persuaded me that this was not what I wanted at all. Sensing my imminent eruption, she briefly came up for air and touched me gently on the lips with the tip of her finger, before smiling as if to a child and explaining how it would be.

"It is better if you come now, Mr Gordon: then you can take your time enjoying me when we do it the second time. Would it please you more, Sir, to come in my mouth, or on my face or breasts?"

"Oh Sweet God..." I groaned. "Go back down..."

I guided her head and she opened her mouth once more to receive me, only this time she pumped my shaft with her hand and unleashed such a torrent of tongue-work upon the purpled helmet of my cock that I immediately exploded into one of the most annihilating orgasms I have ever unleashed.

Just in time I managed to pull out so that I could pump the last spurt across her lips and nose, for much as I loved to come inside her mouth, I also love to see my spunk on a woman's face and to watch her lick it off her lips. This Mai-Li shortly did, continuing to observe me the whole time with the same focus that she had displayed while sucking me off. I was still in the mind-numbing aftermath of intense ecstasy but I got the impression that she was simply satisfied with the outcome, in the manner of a job well done.

"You taste very nice, Mr Gordon. I think all the girls will be very happy to swallow your cum while you are here."

"Are you going to write that in your report?" I replied, the croak in my voice making me sound less joking than I intended.

If Mai-Li, noticed, she gave no sign of it. "Of course, Sir: it is very nice for the girls to know how much they will enjoy giving you this service." She paused and then added, "May I ask you something, Sir?"

I could still barely speak, so just nodded.

"I am surprised there was so much, when you have already come so many times with Nurse Shah and Nurse Patterson."

"That was this morning."

She gave a nice little laugh, the first time I'd seen her do so. "So it's true! Nurse Patterson said you had a special stamina."

"It all depends on the girl. With someone as lovely as you, I can keep going almost indefinitely. Speaking of which, you promised me that if I came in your mouth, I'd be able to enjoy you even more the second time."

"Yes, Sir: but I think you must rest for a while first. Why don't you let me show you some more of what we have in store for you? And if you like, I can give you a nice relaxing massage at the same time?"

"That's a nice idea: except that I prefer to give massage rather than to receive it -- and massaging your lovely body is going to get me hard again much faster than anything else."

"Thank you, Sir, I think I will like that very much. Shall we lie here...?"

We lay together on the day-bed and she took me through the rest of the induction on a big screen set into the wall. As I ran my fingertips slowly over her body, she explained that all guests were encouraged to access and comment on the profile of every girl whose services they enjoyed. While I caressed every soft swell and curve, she told me there was a ten star scoring system to rate every girl's performance on five different factors: quality of service; personal appearance; attitude, sexual performance; and gracefulness or charm.

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