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It was incredibly hot. If the humidity had been as high as it usually was it would probably be unbearable. There wasn't a hint of a cloud in the sky and nothing to block the sun, which seemed larger than usual.

But Janet still felt it necessary to be out in the yard, her yard, working. She got pleasure from, not only her yard looking nice but, getting her hands in the soil.

She'd gotten up with Dan and seen him off to work this Monday morning as usual. She only had another week before school started back and she'd return to work so she wanted to get the rest of her summer, yard, projects finished.

Janet didn't shower this morning, but simply put on her favorite work shorts, cutoff jeans that were so old the holes in them showed more skin than denim, and she had slipped an old T-shirt over her large bra-less top.

She had no intentions of looking sexy but she did. At 5' 3" her petite legs, butt, and upper body simply made her, larger than normal for a woman her size, breasts seem even larger, and with only the thin fabric of the old T-shirt between those nice breasts and the eyes of the world she was, incredibly, sexy.

"Is this," Janet had heard the sound of a truck pulling up but hadn't really given any thought to it until she heard the man's voice. "uh, uh," The UPS driver, after getting the large box out of the truck stuttered as he'd turned around and saw Janet from behind as she bent over working in the flower bed, "the," he took his eyes away from Janet's perfect little butt only long enough to read the invoice, "the Daniels residence?"

"I'm Janet Daniels," Janet spoke as she got up and wiped her hands on what little fabric her attire offered, "but I'm not expecting any packages."

"Well," The delivery man had to force himself to take his eyes from Janet's large breasts to glance quickly down, again, at the invoice. Then he smiled a little as he looked directly at Janet's breasts through her thin little T-shirt as he finished his sentence, "It's addressed to R. D. Daniels." He noticed that she knew he was staring at her breasts, but he also saw that her nipples were hardening so he felt she must be enjoying the moment a little as well. Before he finished what he planned to say he let his eyes venture down, from those incredible breasts, past the woman's exposed flat tummy and to the perfect little slit of her pussy that the tight shorts were, so nicely, creased into. "Is anyone by that name here?"

"That'd be my husband," Janet felt a little uncomfortable with the bold attention from the young, and pretty good looking, UPS driver so she reached down for a towel she used to wipe sweat from her face while she worked. She wiped her hands off and then draped the towel over her shoulder so it would cover her breasts and also most of the front of her body, "but he didn't say anything about expecting a package."

"Well, ma'am," the young man walked past Janet and placed the, obviously large and heavy, package on the porch just behind Janet, it's his name so it's your package."

"Well," Janet answered as the man walked back by her and, obviously and intentionally, brushed his body against hers pretending to stay on the walkway, "it certainly must be his."

"I'm due for my break soon," the driver had stopped only a foot or so past Janet and had turned around leaving the two of them face to face except for the fact Janet's face was a good foot below his, "and I'm guessing R. D. isn't here right now."

"Mr. UPS Driver," Janet enunciated her words in her well-practiced teacher voice, "the package is certainly Mr. Daniel's package and I'm certainly Mr. Daniel's wife!"

"Uh," The driver stepped quickly back away from Janet and stuttered again, "uh", he turned and was walking back to his big brown truck as he finished, "I was only making small talk, sorry," he climbed in the truck and finished as he was pulling away, "have a nice day."

"Hi Teri, this is," Janet was interrupted by Dan's assistant before she finished.

"Well, hello Mrs. Daniels," Teri always called Janet Mrs. Daniels and Janet never knew if it was being courteous or flaunting how much younger she was, "how's everything at Dan's place?"

"Teri," Janet sidestepped the young woman's feeble attempt at humor, "is he there?"

"Sure," Teri didn't attempt to conceal her not liking being treated so abruptly, "hold on."

"Hey, Babe!" Dan spoke with his usual confidence that was, even, more pronounced at work.

"Why do you keep that little bitch?" Janet repeated the question that she'd asked so many times before that it'd become almost a comedy routine between the two lovers.

"Because she's the only young woman I could find with an ass almost as nice as yours." Dan chuckled, hesitated a moment, then finished, "And it's the only thing that gets me through the day without yours."

"You're such an asshole," Janet paused for affect, "but so damn sexy that I can't get rid of you." Janet grinned as she thought of her next sparring weapon. "Speaking of sexy," she paused for only a second, "I just had a very sexy young visitor in uniform stop by."

"Really?" Dan knew that Janet would never totally make up something like this. "Marine, S. F., Navy Seal?" Dan didn't give Janet time to reply before adding, "Was he good?"

"Not that kind of uniform." Janet chuckled knowing the thoughts that were going through the mind of her husband of over 20 years. "It was a UPS uniform, and yes, I'll just bet he would be good in bed." Janet remembered the recent circumstances and honestly added, "And he was obviously more than interested in showing me."

"So, did my sexy little wife let this youngster find out what it's like to be with the hottest piece of ass in this part of the world?"

"You'd love it if I said yes, wouldn't you?" Janet knew good and well that her husband would too.

"Abso-fucking-lutely!" Dan didn't hesitate a second in saying it then only hesitated a moment before adding, "And you know you'd have my complete permission too."

"Yeah," Janet smirked, "then you'd feel it'd be OK for you to fuck that little assistant of yours, wouldn't you?"

"Hell, Honey," Dan spoke in a sincere voice, "if I were going to fuck around on you I'd want a meal not a snack."

"I'm calling bullshit on that." Janet chuckled and added, "I don't care for the little bitch but she is cute as hell and I'm not so sure that I could blame you for taking advantage of an opportunity to sample her." Janet pictured Teri and added, "Heck, I even stare at her butt when I'm there.

"Well," Dan thought a moment then honestly finished, "it is a nice butt but yours is better any day!"

"Thanks, Sweetie," Janet blushed with the knowledge that he was being totally honest, "your so sweet. But," Janet got back to her reason for calling, "what's in the box?"

"It's your new lover." Dan spoke so matter-of-factly that it took a moment for Janet to answer.

"Lover?" Janet was looking out at the large box that still sat on the front porch because it'd been a little heavy for her to bring in.

"Yes, your new, and very private, sex slave."

"OK, what have you ordered now?" Janet remembered all of the previous sex toys they'd ordered, used only a time or two, then discarded.

"I have very credible recommendations on this one, Babe." Dan's voice denoted the seriousness of his words. "Now I want you to open it up, do any assembling necessary, and use it all afternoon and still be using it when I get home."

"I'm not sure I can even get it into the house?"

"Well, then," Dan chuckled as he pictured in his mind his thoughts, "use it in the front yard. Hell, the neighbors would love seeing that!"

"OK, I'll try to get it inside," Janet sounded a little less than enthused, "but I'm not saying that I'll use it all afternoon, so don't be disappointed when you get home."

"From what I understand," Dan sounded so sure of himself, "if you get it together and use it at all, then you'll still be using it when I get there."

"You're so darn smug sometimes." Janet almost sounded irritated but quickly added, "but I love you!"

"Love you too, Babe," Dan then ended with, "see you this evening!"

It was really, really heavy but Janet managed to get it into the living room. She closed the blinds on the front window and locked the front door, just in case it was something weird that she wouldn't want a nosy neighbor to see.

When she opened the box it was nothing she would have expected at all.

It didn't really require much assembly at all..., only three, cylinder-like, pieces that latched together making a little tunnel like device that a person could crawl into.

Janet looked for instructions but found none at all. She studied the device and found that there were numerous little doors that opened up to reveal the inside of the tunnel and the only other thing was an electrical cord.

After about ten minutes of studying it, and the situation, curiosity got the better of her and she plugged the tunnel in.

She heard what sounded like numerous little motors and other noises but saw no movement whatsoever, then she heard a very soft, not really male or female but very pleasing, voice speak.

"Hello, Janet," there was a short pause and Janet was a little taken back by the use of her name, "I'm for your personal pleasure and I want you to be comfortable with me, OK?"

"OK," Janet responded out of reflex, then realized she was responding to a mere machine voice, "so what the hell are you?"

"OK, you're probably wondering what I'm all about, right?" The voice was almost hypnotically soothing.

"Hell yes!" Janet grinned at the absurdity of this conversation with a machine.

"Well, let me demonstrate, please?" The voice was pleading. "Now I understand you're going to be apprehensive but I'm sure your husband, Dan, has told you that I'm completely safe and guaranteed to please. So, first of all you'll see a little door with a red button that opens it."

Janet found the door in question.

"Now I'd simply like you to push the button and when the door opens put one, either of, your hands inside.

Janet did as instructed and as soon as her hand was completely inside she felt a warm, soft pressure all around her hand and then she experienced the best hand massage she'd ever had in her life.

She must have left that hand in for a half hour before switching to her other hand.

"OK, now that you know what I can offer I'll want you to trust me a little more, all right?

The voice was so soft, warm, and convincingly sincere that Janet couldn't help responding. "OK."

"Good, Janet," the voice hesitated a moment before finishing in an even more comforting way, "now I want you to find the doors with the blue buttons," there was a pause long enough to allow Janet to find those doors, which were side-by side, "now open them, and trust me Janet, put your bare breasts inside them."

Had it been that Dan had wanted this? Was it that the hand massage had been so absolutely wonderful? Was she just still horny from the UPS guy hitting on her? It might have been any combination but Janet slipped the T-shirt up over her head without any hesitation and lay down beside the tunnel-like device and let her two breast enter the two openings.

As soon as her breasts entered it was at though they were being surrounded by warmth. And, although she couldn't really feel anything specifically holding them they were being manipulated and maneuvered further in.

Then the movements began. The massaging, the feeling of being suckled, the slight pinching, the tingling, the combination of all of those and more feelings that had never been experienced before.

Janet climaxed, the feelings ceased, the machine released her breasts and Janet fell back on the floor and slept.

"Janet?" The voice was so soft that it surprised Janet and it woke her from her sleep.

"I know it was good," the voice was so confident that it reminded Janet of Dan, "but there's so much more for you to experience." Now the voice, for the first time, had a twinge of dominance to it. "I want you to take off all of your clothing and open the door at the end of me and climb in, OK"

"OK." Janet spoke with a creaking in her voice. It was as thought she had no way to refuse and she simply slipped her shorts and panties off and, opening the top lid, slid her petite little body down into the container.

As her body went in she could feel warmth and softness on every inch of her skin.

As her body went in she also felt movement, slow, sensual, deliciously tingly, movement against every inch of her skin and body.

It began like a massage being administered by twenty different men's and women's hands at once. Janet realized that she was smiling but didn't care. She closed her eyes and simply relished the best massage that could ever have been given to any human, anywhere, anytime.

Then she felt the same feelings on her breasts that she'd felt when she'd placed them in the blue doors. It was every bit as wonderful as before and she pushed them towards, whatever, was manipulating them.

As the manipulation of her breasts continued she could also feel her hands, and now also her feet, being massaged too.

Then she felt he clitoris being stimulated by something totally new to her existence. It felt almost like her clitoris had grown to a full size penis and was being expertly fondled and sucked.

Janet felt her pelvis, automatically, thrusting up against whatever was sucking her cock.

Just as Janet felt that there just couldn't be anything to add more pleasure, from this beautiful machine, she felt her vagina being entered. And, it wasn't the familiar feeling of a finger or a penis, it was something totally foreign to her carnal memory. But, it was a perfect feeling. It was the perfect combination of all prior insertions plus something new and wonderful added.

It penetrated just deep enough, just fast enough, and rubbed her right spots in just the perfect way.

One orgasm, two, three, who knows? Janet wasn't interested in counting, only savoring.

The pleasure was intense, yet so wonderfully orchestrated, that she never experienced her usual, post-orgasm, sensitivity that made her need to stop for a moment and she simply continued to enjoy each new build up and orgasm with equal pleasure.

When she felt she'd experienced all that her new friend could offer, she was once again surprised when she felt the same perfect combination of feelings on her anus.

But this time she realized the limitations of her new lover. No wetness, no lubrication like a human tongue would have. But it still felt so wonderful in conjunction with the penetration allowed by her own lubrication in her vagina.

She soon found herself concentrating on the lack of anal penetration, and desired it. The desire seemed to only add fuel to her inexhaustible fire. And, almost as if her new lover realized this need the part of the machine, whatever it was, that was administering to her vagina retracted and seemed to switch positions with the part that had, previously, been administering to her anus. This allowed the machine to use Janet's own lubrication for her ultimate pleasure and Janet found herself being, so expertly, penetrated and fucked in both places at once.

The machine new to use her own wetness. And she had plenty of wetness for it's use. But the feeling of wetness on her right breast now, just didn't make sense at all to Janet.

Janet managed to regain enough of her conscienceless to open one eye and see Dan's head above the, now open, door over her right breast.

"Oh, Dan," Janet moaned more than spoke, "I'm so glad you came home early."

"I didn't," Dan only released the hard nipple long enough to speak, then went back to sucking for a few seconds before releasing it once more to finish, "it's after 6:00."

Janet heard what her husband had said but it took a few seconds to understand it. She tried to remember what time it'd been when she entered her friend. It must have been before noon, no, it had to be before 11:00. It didn't matter really. How many hours? Well, not as many as how many orgasms. Maybe more orgasms than minutes. Maybe seconds. Seconds? Janet thought about how she should allow Dan to experience this. But she would be able to have seconds, wouldn't she? Or thirds? Or Nine hundred thousand and fourth's?

Janet felt the wet tongue leave her breast now, and after a slight delay she felt the cool air from another door being opened. The door by her butt. She felt the cool air from the air-conditioned room against her hot anus only for a second before feeling the wetness of Dan's tongue as it replaced, whatever, the machine had been using to penetrate her there.

Another half hour? Another hour? She didn't know. Janet only knew that she was insatiable now. But as much as the machine was difficult to leave, she knew she needed to fuck her husband. She needed him inside of her and his cum spraying her vaginal walls.

Janet was too weak to get out on her own so she expressed her needs to Dan and, with his help, was able to extract her mass of over-pleasured flesh from her new friend.

"Fuck me, Dan." Janet lay on her back and reached up for her husband.

Dan quickly took the remainder of his clothing off, got down on top of his wife and let his hard cock enter the pussy that had been being fucked all day long.

As he thrust into her he kept thinking about Janet being fucked so long, and not by his cock. It made his cock even harder to imagine all the pleasure she must have experience today. The thoughts of his sexy wife spending the day in pleasure gave way to his own pleasure and he began shooting his cum, uncontrollably, into Janet.

"Thank you," Janet whispered.

"No," Dan kissed his loving wife, "thank the genius who made our new best friend and sexual partner!"

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