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Ultra-Girl vs. Mezmira


Reader beware, this story involves rape and murder. Suggestion, read my bio before reading further. This story is similar to the style of fellow Literotica authors Temptanddestroy and Wannabeboytoy among others. So with that warning I think it would be really dumb of anyone to leave a comment or negative feedback about the premise and theme of the story like so many do when the story isn't about true love and happy marriages. Enjoy!


"That bitch doesn't stand a chance!" Ultra-Girl said.

"Of course she doesn't, Dear." her husband, Mr. Amazing, said.

The superhero tandem was talking at breakfast, or she was talking while he read the paper. Mr. Amazing took every opportunity he had to act like a normal human being, including when he was alone with his wife who not only knew his secret identity but had given him stronger mental powers.

"Mezmira... she thinks... she thinks that just because she gets surgery done that she can defeat me?!" Ultra-girl was angry. It wasn't like her. She was usually so confident that she wouldn't even think about it.

"Honey, what's wrong? What do you mean surgery?" Mr. Amazing asked.

"Here, surveillance photos." she threw down photographs of one of her biggest villains, Mezmira, in her husband's paper. In one glance he knew why his wife was so upset. First, Mezmira was now her biggest threat, and second, she was jealous. Mezmira had gotten her breasts enlarged. And the photos zoomed in on their creamy flesh. They looked perfect to Mr. Amazing who had always been a breast man, fake or not, part of the reason he married Ultra-Girl. She had big breasts, a C-cup. But Mezmira's looked like an G-cup and well proportioned. "She got her breasts enlarged..." Mr. Amazing didn't seem to be listening. "Hey in case you haven't forgotten, Mezmira's a bad girl, so she's got big tits, never mind that she kills people, that she's evil and that YOU ARE MARRIED TO ME!"

"Hey, calm down." he stopped looking at the pictures.

"You were drooling!"

"Gimme a break, Jenny. She just wasn't what I remembered." he made a good excuse.

"I'm sorry. I'm just a little worried. As odd as it may sound those things she has now might give her a better way to hypnotize people, at least men." Ultra-Girl, Jenny, said.

"I thought you said that she had virtually no power?" Mr. Amazing replied.

"No, she has power. She just doesn't have the vaguest idea how to use it." Jenny said while pushing the secret button in the fridge. Her costumes appeared as the wall did a 180 turn.

"What about work?" her husband asked. She did this too often.

"Not today. I have to get after Mezmira. I need to know what she's up to and what she is capable of with those fake breasts... I think I'll go with the red one." she said changing inside a second with her super speed. Mr. Amazing looked at her. He loved her red costume; it showed off her body the most. It was obvious now that she was jealous of her arch-nemesis. But that didn't bother him, now he was benefiting. Jenny smiled at her spouse. Her outfit was having the desired effect.

"Mrs. Amazing, you look incredible." And he meant it.

"How bout it, Mr. Amazing? Do you want to stick your amazing cock into my ultra pussy?" his wife asked. All he could do was nod.

Ultra-Girl pulled his dick out from his pants. She moved the tights that were covering her pussy out of the way and sat down on him. They fucked each other at super speed. Whatever thoughts Mr. Amazing had of Mezmira's breasts were gone and his wife's body filled his mind.

"I love you!" they said in unison, both cumming at the same time. Jenny got off her husband and put her costume back into place.

"I love upholding justice with a cream-filled snatch. Thank you, Dear." She kissed her husband. "Are you doing citizen work today still?"

"Yes. I gave the team a break. Though I bet some of them might be doing some extra crime fighting on their own when they know we shouldn't separate." He said smiling. Mr. Amazing was referring to he and Ultra-Girl's version of the Justice League, the United Heroes. Mr. Amazing and Ultra-Girl were the most powerful so they often went off and did their own thing. But they implored the rest of the team to stick together since they weren't as powerful. They never really listened to them there and so far they had proven themselves to be better crime fighters than the Amazings gave them credit.

"Have a good day at work." She said leaving through the secret entrance.

"Go get her, Baby." He replied.

Little did they know that Mezmira was one step ahead of them and was making her devious plan come to fruition.

* * *

"Talk, Racer! Resistance is futile!" Mezmira said, leaning over a male member of the United Heroes, Racer. She was pushing her huge breasts into his face. He was physically restrained to a chair.

"I'll never tell you anything, Mezmira! You should just kill me!" he spat back at her. His spit landed at her cleavage. Instead of wiping it away she rubbed it into her skin like a dirty slut.

"There are fates worse than death, Racer." Mezmira said with an evil smile.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Watch the screen..." she directed his gaze away from her big tits and towards a huge monitor. There he watched in horror as another member of his team was hypnotized by Mezmira. Using her big tits she mesmerized him and made him tell her everything that he knew about the United Heroes, including his own secret identity.

"Impossible... That's not Samson! It can't be! You're trying to trick me!" Racer screamed at her.

"See for yourself..." she pointed and Samson emerged from the shadows with an evil grin on his face.

"No..." Racer said in disbelief.

"See, there is a fate worse than death or at least that's what you think now. I can take your free will and make you do whatever I say. Anything! And to demonstrate my power, Samson, bring your wife into the light..." Mezmira smiled evilly as her slave did as she commanded. He dragged his sweet and helpless wife into the sight of Racer. She was screaming for her husband to stop and to snap out of it. "Samson? You love me don't you?" Mezmira asked of her subject.

"Yes." He stated plainly.

"You love me more than your wife, right? Do you love my big boobs more than your wife?" she asked, knowing the answer.

"Yes, Mother. She means nothing to me. Your breasts are my everything." He replied.

"Prove it." She said with malice. Samson lifted his wife into the air above him.

"Noooooooo! Samson that's Michelle! You love her remember? Don't do it! Don't..." Racer yelled but it was pointless. Samson had crushed his wife's body and killed her for Mezmira.

"You see, Racer? My henchmen lured him to me where I took control. But he doesn't have the info that I want, that I really need. However, he tells me you do. He told me your identity and that was how I caught you so easily, Brian Thompson. Tell me the secret identity of Ultra-Girl and Mr. Amazing and I promise that I won't take your free will and make you do the same as Samson, murder your wife..." she was really evil.

Racer felt as though he had no choice. Either tell her now or tell her when she controls him completely enough to make him kill the ones he loves. He spoke up and told her their names and locations.

"You win this time, Mezmira. But even with their identities you will still be defeated." He said. "Now either let me go or just kill me."

"Oh you're not going anywhere, Racer. Why would you want to leave? You don't want to go back to your wife now, do you? I mean she doesn't have tits even one quarter the size of mine." She moved closer to him, her seduction had begun. His gaze never left her breasts.

"But... you promised... not... to hypnotize... me... please." He begged, going under, watching her tits giggle with each step.

"I'm evil, Racer... I lied. Now look deep into the valley between my breasts. You cannot resist. You cannot resist." She repeated as he became more transfixed. Mezmira grinned wickedly as Racer fell under her power forever, but she knew that Mr. Amazing would be much more difficult since he had light mental powers himself and a mental link to his mentally powered wife, Ultra-Girl. But she would have her revenge!

"I can re... I can... I... I cannot... resist. I cannot resist... my... Mother!" Racer said with drool dripping down his lips. His will was gone.

* * *

Mr. Amazing and his wife, Ultra-Girl were in bed. They were both frustrated. Ultra-Girl had been looking for Mezmira all day and found nothing. Her husband had a lousy day at his regular job and had been unable to reach two members of the United Heroes or their wives, one of them being his best friend, Racer. They went to sleep in frustration.

Here Mezmira made her move. Here he was unprotected by Ultra-Girl. She invaded his dreams.

Mr. Amazing could see himself lying in the bed next to his wife, peacefully when another figure came into the picture. He had a third person's perspective of himself. He could only see her ass, but what an ass it was and it was bare. She was wearing a shirt, though, only naked from the waist down.

He watched as the sultry woman climbed onto the bed with him and turned him over. Mr. Amazing still couldn't see her face from the angle he was given. He looked over at his wife who was on her side, facing the other direction, asleep. The mystery woman reached down to his crotch and brought his cock to life. He felt her touch in a way, but then again he didn't. His body was getting the real thing it seemed while all he could do was watch.

Mr. Amazing didn't know if this was real or if it was a dream. All he knew was that he didn't want to wake up. And he didn't want his wife to wake up either.

The woman straddled his body and positioned his cock at her entrance. He looked over at his wife again, still sleeping. He couldn't believe that this strange woman was about to fuck him while his wife slept next to them. The vixen inserted him inside her and moaned like a whore. Her voice sounded familiar to him, but it was very seductive. Then he could see that she had absolutely massive breasts. He could see the sides of them with her back to him.

Mr. Amazing watched as she fucked his body. His drone wasn't sleeping either; his hands were squeezing the woman's large tits. What had started slow and sensual to keep his wife from waking was now pure animal sex! The woman rode him and shook the whole room. But still his wife slept soundly. He could feel it, he was about to cum. Or at least his doppelganger was. He felt jealous of himself, getting to be inside the woman and feeling those gigantic globes of hers. He wanted to be there.

They came together and so did he. The feeling was all too surreal, but like nothing he had felt before. It was amazing. He looked up at the mystery woman. She was turning her head back over her shoulder to look at him.

It was Mezmira! He was shocked and didn't know what to do. Could this be real? Or did he dream it all himself?

She looked at him with lust and accomplishment at making him cum.

"Did you enjoy that, Lover?" she asked with a wicked smile. He felt powerless as his head went up and down. "There's plenty more where that came from. Don't worry about her..." she pointed to his sleeping wife. "It'll be our little secret..."

Mr. Amazing woke up in a cold sweat. He examined his sheets to find that he had ejaculated while dreaming of Mezmira. He looked over at his sleeping wife. He couldn't fall asleep the rest of the night but his cock stayed hard.

The next day went the same as the last except that Mr. Amazing went in costume looking for his partners but found nothing. His wife couldn't find anything either on Mezmira. They made love that night, but Ultra-Girl could tell that something was a little different about her husband and what he was thinking. He acted especially particular when he played with her C-cup breasts.

Mr. Amazing tried not to sleep that night but was too tired from the day's activities and the sex with his wife.

The dream started again. Once more he had a third person view of himself and his wife but this time they were eating dinner at their dining table. Mezmira walked into the picture again, wearing the same thing she did last time. A tight black shirt above her waist and nothing else.

His wife saw her this time and started to say something but Mezmira silenced her.

"Too bad, Ultra-Girl. Too bad your husband desires me more than you..."

Metal clamps came out from the chair Jenny was sitting in and trapped her in her seat.

"Now watch me as I fuck your husband..." Mezmira cackled evilly as she straddled his doppelganger. Mr. Amazing could feel it as she sat on his penis now inside her. She rode him fast and hard. He could see the inner folds of her tight pussy clinging to his dick when she went up. And he could feel more of her than last time.

Somehow the room changed. His doppelganger and Mezmira change positions, with them both facing him now and her riding his dream clone reverse cowgirl. His wife had a better view of the fucking couple, sitting right next to them, forced to watch. She was screaming some sort of gibberish that he didn't care to hear. He was too busy enjoying and feeling the show.

Mr. Amazing caught a look at the expression on his doppelganger's face. He saw and felt himself smile wickedly and laugh with Mezmira at his wife. He looked into Mezmira's evil eyes and felt even more stimulated. Her lustful stare inspired evil in his heart. He felt an urge to betray his wife, to turn his back on justice and all he held dear to please Mezmira and her large breasts. He groaned in pleasure as he released his load of sperm into the villainess, the room changed suddenly as he came himself he watched as he came all over his wife's face which she was not eager to accept.

Mezmira laughed wickedly as she stood up from his doppelganger and he disappeared. It was just the three of them now. She walked over to his wife who had his semen all over her face along with her tears.

"See Ultra-Girl? Your husband came all over you for me. That cum is for me not you... See the cum that he put in my cunt? It's mine now..." Mezmira said. She pushed her gooey crotch up to his wife's face as she turned away, but Mezmira grabbed her head and shoved her close to her pussy. "Get a good whiff! Cause it'll be the only way you'll ever get your husband's cum from now on is from my cunt!" she let go of the defeated superhero and moved over to Mr. Amazing. "What do you think, Lover? You want the real thing?"

Mr. Amazing had forgotten that he was in a dream. Mezmira walked to within a foot of him and shoved her tits up towards him. He looked down, there was no cleavage, only the shape of her massive boobs.

"I..." he could speak. "I..."

"Want to feel my huge tits? Come on... Cop a feel... It's only a dream, right? What's the harm?" she coaxed and stared lustily at him. He thought why not. It was just a dream, it wasn't really Mezmira, it wasn't really him and it wasn't really his wife.

His hands shot up to her large breasts and grabbed and squeezed. Even if it was a dream they felt amazing.

"You like them?" Mezmira asked.

"Yes!" he groaned.

"You love them?"


"You love them more than your wife's tits?"

He thought and squeezed. "YES!"

"Do you love them more than your wife?" she smiled evilly

"Oh God... Yes!... I do!"

"You want the real thing?" she asked.

"Yes! Let me suck! Let me suck on them!" he begged not realizing what he had said. He lifted her shirt to expose the most perfect set of tits he had ever seen. With a triumphant smile, Mezmira grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face into her breasts where he licked and slobbered all over them like a puppy.

Mezmira cackled devilishly as he suckled from her teats and drew breast milk from her like a baby. "There's a good boy. That's it, nurse. Mommy's here now. Ha Ha Ha!"

Mr. Amazing woke up at that point. He had cum all over himself in the wet dream. He looked over at his unsuspecting sleeping wife and cracked a smile. Despite all his cum he was still hard. He beat himself off there in bed next to his snoozing spouse, thinking of Mezmira and her larger than life boobs.

The next day, after Mr. Amazing had cleaned up everything before his wife awoke, they assembled what was left of the United Heroes to try and find Mezmira and their missing team members. They stayed together for most of the day but then realized that their best hope was to split up.

Ultra-Girl went with the superhero, Snowball, while Mr. Amazing partnered up with Amazon Woman. They had scanned most of the city when he felt something odd. It sounded like someone calling to him, sounded like Mezmira. He grew hard in an instant and scolded himself thinking how dreams were one thing but the real world another and vowed never to desire Mezmira. But he directed Amazon Woman to a mansion.

As soon as they landed, Amazon Woman was ambushed by Racer and Samson. Mr. Amazing was about to help her when he saw Mezmira. She was wearing a long, tight black gown with long slits on the sides of her legs. The slits went all the way up past her hips to the level of her belly button. He could tell from that that she was not wearing any kind of underwear. She was beckoning him inside and shook her ass at him sexily as she strode indoors.

Mr. Amazing didn't know what went first, him or his cock. But he walked into the darkness. It was a maze, long and twisting, full of mirrors. There were lifelike figures in the mirrors. The first to appear were Samson then his wife. They waved to him. At first the spouses embraced each other. Then Amazon Woman came into the frame. She pushed Samson's wife out of the way and sucked Samson off! In the next frame that Mr. Amazing saw it was Racer with his wife. But he discarded her when the cute reporter, Lori Lune, walked up to him and lifted her skirt. He dropped to his knees and started licking her pussy.

As Mr. Amazing walked through the maze and saw more and more of his teammates and policemen being seduced he grew harder. He knew he should be upset but he wanted to see more. He wanted to see Mezmira! He felt like he was getting near the end when the last frame came into view. It was Snowball with his wife. His wife was hot! She was the supermodel, Mary-Jane Batson. But Mezmira walked in and shoved her to the ground. Snowball grabbed her and bent her over. He lifted her dress and prepared to enter her pussy. And Mr. Amazing was jealous!

"Nooooo!" he yelled and smashed the glass before he could see it. The glass shattered and opened up into another pathway. He stepped through to see Mezmira in the middle of what appeared to be a large room but he could only see her, illuminated by a spotlight from the ceiling. She looked at him with a wicked smile on her face.

"You're ready for me now, Mr. Amazing..." she said. He walked towards her, unsure of what he would do. "Your mental link with your wife is completely gone... And to prove it..." Mezmira motioned and the lights came on. Mr. Amazing's wife, Ultra-girl, was being held by some ruffians known as the Neanderthals. They were mindless drones, but strong.

"Jenny?!" he yelled. He made a move towards her but was stopped by Mezmira.

"Don't move, Mr. Amazing! If you do then I'll have the Neanderthals do what they're supposed to do..." Mezmira warned. Mr. Amazing looked at quizzically. "No, they won't kill her. Instead they will fuck the shit out of her and with their super enhanced sperm she will pop out their Neanderthal babies at an amazing rate."

Mr. Amazing grimaced at the thought of his wife enduring such torture. "How did you get her up there? She's stronger than them." He wondered. "And you can't hypnotize her, she is too strong mentally."

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