Note-As you may of noticed, Umagod was incomplete. This is the finish. If scat bothers anyone, don't read this story.

* * * * *

"Fuck my nasty asshole, you naughty boy.

I rocked back and forth, and Uma had a hard time even on here hands and knees keeping steady. I tried hard to help her by holding her shoulders.

"Yeah, you like my cock in your tight little ass, you nasty whore."

"YES! FUCK ME! HARD!" It was apparent from her expression she liked being talk dirty to.

I could hardly contain my excitement. I decided to get a bit rough with Uma. So I pulled her hair. "Yes, I'm gonna cum in your anal hole. How do you like that, nasty slut?"

In response, the only thing she did was kiss me hard on the lips. She popped her tongue in my mouth. I got to my high point, and released my wad of slimy white cum up her chute. Finally, are kiss broke. Before pulling out, I fondled Uma's melon breasts

"Oh, yeah, that was wonderful, so much better than Ethan. He never fucked me in the ass. I've always wanted to do that."

Sitting on the bed, in a bead of sweat, I said, "Glad I could help out."

Uma got back on her feet again, and I patted the bed. She got the hint and sat next to me. "God, I wish you didn't have to leave."

"Well, who said I have to leave now. You have another half hour until you need to get back on camera, right?"

"Well, yeah, I wasn't trying to rush you. I just forgot. I also figured you had somewhere to be."

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere but right here. Well," I said with a grin, "Perhaps in an orgy."

"You should try those sometime. Their A LOT of fun." She smiled at me.

"You mean you've been in one?"

"Sure, just the other day. Chris, Alicia, and Elle, were in one."

"You fucked your co-stars, from "Batman & Robin?"

"Yeah. I fuck all my co-stars."

"You fucked Michelle Pfeiffer?" I was getting a hard-on. "On Dangerous Liaisons?"

"DUH!" She was my Dangerous Liaison. She smiled, as she noticed my hard-on. "That monster wanna go again?"

"Well, I'm took tired to fuck, but I wouldn't mind a bj. Not that I DON'T want to fuck you again. I'm afraid that if we do it again I'll have a heart attack. No offense."

"I wouldn't want that. No offense taken."

Just then Alicia opened the door. What she saw shocked her.

"Man, I'm sorry, I didn't know you have company."

"That's ok. I was just about ready to give Bob a bj. Sorry, Bob, Alicia. Alicia, Bob."

I waved, a bit embarrassed, but also VERY aroused.

"Hi, how ya doing?" She laughed at herself. "Sorry, you have Uma Thurman naked, so that was a stupid question."

"You wanna watch as I give it to Bob, here?"

"Can I?"

"ABSOLUTELY!" She got on her knees and put her hand around my cock. She stroked it's length a couple times "You like that?"

"YA! Suck me bitch."

Uma put her tongue to my member and sucked my pre-cum. She licked my entire shaft and traveled down all the way to my pubic hairs. The beauty just stayed their for a minute.

Then, AMAZINGLY, she started licking my balls. I, being totally in heaven, looked over at Alicia.

The teen beauty was fucking her pussy with one hand, and rubbing her chest with the other.

"Oh, suck him really good Uma. Stick his cock in your mouth. God, I am SOOOOO wet. Suck him bitch. Make him cum in your slutty nasty whore mouth." Then, Alicia just stopped her torture of her organ, and gave me a wicked grin.

What on earth was the horny teenage slut thinking, I wondered.

Just as I was about to answer my own question, the lovely blonde came seductively over to me.

"Suck me off, you bad little boy. She heaved over her panties,(I wonder where her pants are,)and put her shaved pussy right in my face.

I wasn't about to waste time. I stuck out my tongue, and gave her sex one lick. "NOW, DAMN IT!!!" The actress put her hand on my head and shoved my face in her wet opening.

"UMPH" was the only thing I could say. Face it, I was shocked at her rough demeanor.


Uma was rocking her head back and forth on my cock. I had a feeling she was watching us. I put my hands on her head and shoved her face on my cock.

Just then I got a perverse idea. I put my hands on her stomach and slowly traveled my way up. Finding her lucious breast, I fondled them.

"Oh, yeah, fondle my tits. You like?"

"Umph." My hands stopped their for a minute, and then continued on their travel. Down her silky spine, they found her ass. This was ALWAYS her best feature. She wasn't very flat their, but certainly not huge. I LOVED a women that could shake her ass. Firm asses are such a turn-off. Anyway, I traveled up and down her silky ass, spanked her a few times, and then I positioned my fingers at her poop chute.

"Oh, yes, you are a nasty little perv." She knew what I had in mind.

Choosing a finger, I fondled her hole for a second, and then, without any warning, I stuck it in her anal hole.

"YES! I LOVVVEE ITT!!! FUCK MY NASTY HOLE!!! Alicia was rocking herself and I was pumping my finger inside her anus with each stroke. "FINGER MY ASS, YOU NAUGHTY PERVERT!!! STICK IT UP MY PUCKERED ASS!!! OH, GOD, I'M CUMMINNGGG!!!

So was I. I released another load of cum down Uma's mouth, and she gulped it all down. At the same time, Alicia came on my face, and I couldn't waste any.

When she came down from her massive orgasm, I pulled my finger from her ass. I saw that she must of had to take a shit, because their was a brown mass on the tip of my finger.

"Looks like someone needs to take a shit." I put my finger to my nose and to a whiff.

"Someone seems to like my mess."

I could tell this was also a huge turn-on for her. A bit nervous and aroused, I stuck out my tongue and licked the tiny brown stain. It tasted a bit nasty, but I was still turned on. Getting bold, I stuck my finger in my mouth. Again, I put my tongue to the mess until it got a bit slimy. Realizing it's slickness, I bit it off and gulped it down. When I was done with the babes treat, I looked at Alicia and gave her a seductive smile. Their was some brown stuck to my teeth and she loved that.

"My shit slave. I'm gonna like you," she said. Then my fantasy women bent down and gave me a long, passionate kiss with her soft, moist lips. Our tongues swapped, and, being the gentlemen, I gave her a piece of her own shit that I hadn't swallowed. Finally are kiss broke.

"Thank you, that was wonderful.

"You were the best," Uma agreed.

"You girls wanna tell me about your gangbang? I CERTAINLY wouldn't mind hearing the story."

"Shit, we should get going. Maybe later." Alicia quickly put her panties back on, and found her pants at Uma's doorstep.

Why did Alicia leave her pants on her doorstep,? I thought. After we dressed and left Alicia told me that she was coming to Uma's for a fuck and she just dropped her pants on her step. No one on the set had a problem with her wearing no pants on the set anyway. In fact, it was encouraged that she didn't. It was a closed set, after all. All the guys LOVED IT. Especially Chris. Hell, if I was gonna be visiting this set for the next week, I see no problem with it, either.

"I guess I'll just have to hold that log in for another hour," exclaimed Alicia. "It's certainly a bit one. I think your gonna like this one," she said to me.

Uma quickly dressed and it was time for them to act. "You coming, Bob? You can watch us make asses of ourselves, then we can come back her, and you can have our asses."

I dressed, and when I walked out of Uma's trailer, I thought to myself, This is gonna be a wonderful stay on this set. My friend is gonna be jealous that I left him at his place.

To Be Continued...

I hope that this story will be one of my best yet. I certainly think it's the most perverse story I have written, and I hope you all feel the same way. I had a wonderful time writing it, (I wish it was autobiographical,)and if you do read it, I hope you enjoy it, as well.

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