tagCelebrities & Fan FictionUma's Baby Ch. 01

Uma's Baby Ch. 01

byTom Mandy©

I saw her at the last table the restaurant. Her, of course, being Uma Thurman. Even in her late 30s, she looks as radiant as ever. I've worked on a few movies that she's acted in as an assistant to the production designer. We'd sometimes talk during downtime on the set, and got to be close friends. We're both in-between projects, and she called me up to meet at one of her favorite restaurants (discreet, of course, nowhere near the Paparazzi). I had no idea what she had intended to ask me at this lunch, I figured it was just friendly chit-chat. My name's Jake, by the way, and I'm fairly tall, six-feet, six inches tall. I'm one of the only ones around Uma, I suppose, that can claim to be taller than her.

She greets me and we order some drinks and food. Pleasantries and the like. Then, suddenly, her face gets a little more serious, even as there's a glimmer in her sexy eyes.

"So, Jake, how's your schedule looking right now? You got any projects lined up this month?"

"Oh, this and that, I'm not totally sure at the moment. Waiting for some callbacks from Universal."

"Mhm. So that means no?" She chuckles.

"Well... as you are, yeah, I'm 'in-between' projects as they say." My eyes narrow wondering where she's going with this.

"I ask because it's something that isn't exactly work-related. I'm blocking out time out of my schedule too. For a while, actually. And it's for something that you're the first to hear, and for good reason... I want to have another child."

My expression stays the same, but inside I'm wondering what's really up. "Ok. Is it with, uh, what's his name?"

"Oh no, we're actually broken up now."

"Oh, I didn't know. I'm sorry about that."

"To tell you the truth, he couldn't do it for me anymore. I'll be 40 in a few years, I already have a few kids but I really want one more. But I know I have to really try at it with someone I can trust."

"Mhm. Well, that sounds great. Who's the lucky guy then?"

Uma pauses and puts a hand out to my hand. She gives one of those little smiles, beaming. I get the message before she even says it. "Well... You, silly."

"Me? Give you a baby?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, I know you very well, you come from great stock, your father was a physics professor, your mother was a model. You have a good genes." Having Uma Thurman simply rub a finger against my hand already had blood pumping into my cock, but I didn't say anything. Just a gulp.

"Um. Yeah, sure, no problem. I'd be a willing sperm donor and all that."

Her eyes narrow. Sexy. I notice her cleavage through her blouse. Fully hard now.

"Actually, Jake, I was hoping we could, you know, do it natural-like... you know..."

"... Oh, that way. Well, I, uh"

"I understand if it's a big decision for you. And if you're still upset over Melissa, I understand." Uma deflects back to my former wife, whom I haven't even talked to in years. She's sly, and cunning, she's already setting me up. "But, maybe, you've already had a change of heart."

Suddenly I feel something rubbing my crotch -- it's Uma's toes and the sole of her foot, bare, rubbing through the thin fabric. I've made up my mind.

"Well... I suppose I have a little time coming up I could clear."

Uma smiles. "Oh Jake, thank you! You'll make me so happy. You have no idea how much my kids want another little brother or sister. And besides... if it's with you, all the better. I mean, you know, this too, which doesn't hurt at all- at least for me."

"Ok, sure, yeah... So, shall we eat?"

... So, cut to a week later. I already had visions for a week of Uma Thurman, one of the goddess-star actresses of the past couple of decades, swirling in my head. But I had to hold off from the subsequent masturbation, since Uma said outright to hold off from any self-gratification. My worry that began building up was that it wouldn't be something super hot, that it would be, well, "work" so to speak, like an egg-timer. Who knows with these big stars and how they're cycles work? Indeed, I even felt a little nervous since this was in a way a gig of sorts; I had to perform as expected, or maybe get the boot!

I arrived at Uma's mansion at noon as she instructed. I didn't ask how long it might be -- no need asking questions that might have definite answers like that. All I knew was I had a week's worth of baby-makin' juice saved up, all for her.

Uma opens the door in her a tight robe. She beams at me like I'm the best thing she's ever seen. She welcomes me in.

"Well, all the kids are with a sitter, and it's just you and me." She smiles, in her light-hearted sort of way. Everything about her looks amazing right now.

"Great... So, how do you suggest we start?"

"How about a kiss?"

"No problemo." I smile and give her a peck on the lips. She gives me a sensual eye-full, and soon were locked-lips. Our tongues get entangled for a few whole minutes, our bodies close to one another. We get a quick breath of air.

"Now... as for getting down to business. Come upstairs." She gives me a full wink. I feel a stirring in my pants already, if not quite hard enough to do anything. I follow her up her winding staircase like a willing lap-dog.

I enter into a sprawling bedroom, so large that it's hard to figure what someone could do with all of it. There's a gigantic bed, twice the size of a king, with a mirror on the ceiling. A few posters from her movies, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, don the walls, with her yellow jumpsuit from Kill Bill framed.

"You can sit on the bed, if you'd like."

"I think I might," I said, and lean back.

"Take your shoes off, get comfortable."

"Ok... So, just curious, this won't be a super-technical thing will it?"

She shakes her head in confusion at my awkward remark. "What do you mean, Jake?"

"Well, I dunno, I'm just wondering how it'll go down, if you'll have everything all super-timed out and planned, like a 'job', you know."

She has a good laugh at that. "Oh, Jake Mann, that is definitely the farthest thing I have planned." She takes a drink of wine she has laid out on the dresser.

"No, I had something else in mind. Do you remember our conversation about my 'provocative' pictures? Especially the one where I am in the gray nightgown and the strap is hanging down with that 'look' you said struck you so?"

I have the image in my head. It suddenly hits me that her hair is exactly the same as in this picture: dirty blonde, not totally well-kempt. I give a slight pause. "It's... the sexiest picture I've ever seen."

"Well..." She drops the bathrobe and is wearing only that gray nightgown. Nothing else. Barefoot. No jewelry. No make-up, but about the most beautiful creature I ever imagined before me. Even her face looks the same: no smile, determined, sensual eyes, like a woman who knows what she wants, and need you to meet her half way. "Here I am, Jake. Do whatever you want with me. Please."

My cock is straining so much in my pants- it's at its full 9 inch mark.

I pick her up and hold her long, sexy frame in my arms, her legs so soft in my hands. My mouth is completely locked on hers. We're frantic in passion; I suddenly forget that she's such a big star, that I'm in such a huge mansion, that there's even a luxurious mirror above on the ceiling. All I can see is Uma, and I know what to do.

She rips off all of my clothes, bit my bit, maniacally, like she can't wait to get to my body, which is tanned and ripped after years of working out. She momentarily rubs my chest and then gets to my pants. She rips open the buckle like in one of her action films, pulling my pants and my shorts in one fell swoop. Her eyes ogle at my gigantic dick bobbling straight up pointing at my chest. Her eyes widen.

"Oh wow. My last man didn't even have one like this."

"You felt it, too."

"Oh, Jake, you have no idea how bad I wanted to fuck you silly at that restaurant. I was so wet, I was surprised you couldn't smell it."

"Oh yeah, oh God."

I stand her up and pull down the nightgown, only slowly, as I had imagined so many times looking at her picture and jerking off furiously. Her breasts are perfection in front of me, perky nipples and round, soft globes at my fingertips. I rub them for a moment and look at her cunt, waxed and shaved completely. At this point to say she's a Goddess is an understatement.

We embrace again and kiss even more rough than before, as I move down and kiss and lightly bite her neck, my cock poking at her lower belly right near her super wet pussy. I know I could burst any second, but I want it all inside of her -- every little bit counts, but this would be a motherload of a start.

I gracefully put her on the bed and spread her legs. She moans softly as I kiss her inner thighs working my way up to her slit, which is already leaking. A clit is already protruding from the top.

I start licking smoothly, and then get my tongue up to her engorged clitoris, licking fervently. "Oh yes, oh my God yes, Jake, oh keep on it, fuck yes, please," Uma moans, her hand grasping her hair. I can tell she's already close, so I just go for it -- my mouth turns into a motor as I flick furiously on her. Her hips keep thrusting up into my jaw, her strong, toned legs wrapped firmly around my skull. She starts screaming and thrashing, yelling obscenities I can barely hear due to my head being wrapped inside of her flesh. I suddenly feel a downpour of liquid, hot and juicy, like a mango, it keeps coming at me and soaking my face.

"CUM! I CUM, CUMMING, OH GOD!" Uma screams and finally after a guttural yell she finally relaxes and releases my head. I move up to her quickly, not even knowing really what I'm doing except knowing I have to get my cock as far as I can in her soaking hot vagina.

"Oh yeah, you ready honey?"

"Fuck me good, Jake! Fill me up, you ready?"

"Oh fuck yes."

I stick my engorged head up against her slit and at first stick just a little in. Instead, Uma thrusts herself at my cock, filling herself all the way in. She let out a sound then like I'd never heard a woman before, almost like a bird or something. She then locked lips again.

"Oh do it please, do it!"

I started sliding in and out, and only for a few seconds was it slow. Soon I was moving at a locomotive pace, just wanting nothing but to empty my balls into her unprotected womb. She started to climax again against me, thrashing, me having to keep her locked in as possible. I sucked on her tits and that was it -- suddenly I felt a wave of pent-up cum flood her vaginal walls, both of us shuddering in excitement.

And, after that, I found I was still completely, totally at attention. So I whispered, "Let's go again, I ain't goin' nowhere."

"You bet," she said. Uma rolled on top of me and took control. She started slow, grinding me deeply in her, every crevice of her walls grappling at my rigid pole, all still slick from our orgasm. And since I just came, I was good for a while.

She rode on top of me for a solid twenty minutes non-stop, alternative from cowgirl to reverse. In fact our fucking got so furious and lost within ourselves we slipped off the bed! We laughed a little, and immediately got back on with things. During this time she came three more times. At the half hour mark she started coming on with it again.

"Oh fuck, oh my God Jake, please don't stop, right there, RIGHT THERE! POUND ME!! FFUCK!! OH MY GOD! FILL ME UP!" Uma screamed and then finally, again, I felt the cum boiling up in me and with a series of grunts I let it all out again, my jizz flooding all the way up to the tilt.

We collapsed then in each others arms. Uma started to snuggle with me, and we fell asleep...

(to be cont'd)

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