tagInterracial LoveUn Más Tiempo: Cassie in Costa Rica

Un Más Tiempo: Cassie in Costa Rica


I thought that Imperial Beach would be the only erotica I would ever write because I never thought I get into another erotic situation again. But here I am, again. This happened early last year...


I was lying on the padded massage table trying to catch my breath, my masseuse dismounting from between my quivering thighs. He'd just fucked my brains out bareback, I'd had at least three 9-on-the-Richter-scale orgasms, the pearly white cum from his thick black cock was oozing like sweet honey down my throbbing swollen pussy lips, and all that with my husband not ten feet away.

Oh, it was a quickie all right. From the moment Mike and I came down for our scheduled massage until the moment Soldario pulled his 12 inch python out of my sopping wet cunt was maybe 15 minutes. But it was like being swept up in a tempest that you want to happen un más tiempo as they say in Costa Rica. One more time, over and over again. God, it was great!

I'd met Mike a year or so after my incredible week-end with Pencil and Shorty at Imperial Beach, the two black studs who'd introduced me to taking and enjoying big black cock. For me, they were a number of firsts: first black, and first double penetration. I had a few other black guys after that, but it wasn't the "Once you have black you'll never go back" lifestyle for me. I went to bed with men because the chemistry was there, at least for the time we were together. When I met Mike, the time we were together just never seemed to end. I mean, at 10 inches he's very well hung but there's more to a relationship than just great sex. We got married and had a baby the following year.

We left the baby with his parents and took our 3rd anniversary down in Costa Rica. It was really the first time we'd gotten away since our honeymoon. Mike's business was incredibly successful but it was also international, so he was out of the country a lot. While it often became a shopping trip for me and the baby, it was always a working trip for him. He was scheduled for a sales convention at a resort just above Panama on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in February so he booked a room for us a week early, called his mom to arrange child care, and surprised me with first-class airline tickets for Christmas.

We'd just made love that morning and it had been great. We screwed out on the veranda while the warm fragrant winds came in off the Pacific. It had been soft and tender lovemaking, with lots of gentle biting, prolonged kissing, and slow pumping leading to a cascade of climaxes. He finally deposited his sperm deep inside of me and collapsed. It had been really good, but I was still hanging a little on the edge. I'd orgasmed several times, but I'd wanted a volcano and all I got was some really great fireworks.

We dressed casually for our appointment with the masseuse, he in briefs, cargo shorts, a flower print shirt and sandals, and me a taupe silk thong, a light white cotton dress, and woven hemp sandals. When we got into the elevator I quickly regretted wearing the thong: Mike's semen started dripping out of me, making the material very wet and sticky. I thought I be in the buff while being massaged but still, I hoped the masseuse wouldn't notice.

The lounge area leading into the individual rooms was immense and had a commanding view of the surf lining up in endless swells across the entire horizon. Mike and I sat on the rattan loungers set up facing the windows. We talked about our plans for the day and week: shopping, deep-sea fishing, jungle tours, and just relaxing. No babies to change, no bottles to wash. Just complete relaxation in the warm, seductive zephyrs of the Pacific coast. Barely audible over our conversation were the bits and pieces of words drifting over the transoms from the rooms behind us.

Mike's masseuse came out first, a large no-nonsense local woman who looked like she could tear the New York phone book apart with her bare hands.

"Ola, señor Michael Graven?" she asked, her voice actually a bit of a sing-song, much more pleasing than her visage. Mike disappeared behind a door leading to one of the small massage rooms arranged in a half-circle around the back of the lounge area. I could hear little snippets of their conversation- he trying to comprehend her broken English and she trying to get him to understand that she wanted him to take todo ropas- ALL his clothes- off.

"Ola, señora Cassandra Graven?" a baritone voice called from behind me.

"Ola, señor, gracias, yo esta aqui", I replied. I turned around and my whole body responded. "Como se llama, por favor?" I asked, the words nearly catching in my throat. He was a midnight black Adonis, a fucking negro guapo. He was maybe 35, about 6'3" wearing a powder blue tank top and tan chinos that accented his ebony skin. He had a broad chest, muscular arms, and a swell in his pants that could never be hidden in a truckload of chinos.

"Soldario, Ms Craven, my name is Soldario," he replied casually in the perfect Castilian Spanish I'd learned in 8 years of high school and college classes. "Would you please follow me?" he asked. "I hope you will not be embarrassed when I ask you to completely disrobe."

"Not at all," I replied, thinking to myself that he needn't have asked so nicely. I'd have been just as happy if he'd ripped them off my body right there in the lobby.

I walked behind him, checking out his beautifully developed shoulder muscles and his tight ass.

"Please, Ms. Craven, take off your clothes behind the curtain while I prepare the table." He pulled a curtain behind him as he left. "There is a towel behind you if you wish to preserve your modesty."

Michael had left quite a sizable deposit deep in my pussy. While some had leaked out onto my panties, I could feel more beginning to drool out between my still swollen pussy lips. Some of it could be me, anticipating the lubrication I would soon need if I were to accommodate the massive piece of manhood I suspected was covered behind that zipper. And I didn't know if my lips were swollen because I had just finished making love to my husband, or because I was planning on having torrid sex with Soldario, but I guess it didn't really matter anyhow. The end result would be the same. I wiped off what I could by running the towel between my cunt lips, but shuddered as the rough fabric aroused my clitoris from its pink sheath.

I wrapped the towel around me, covering my tits down to my pussy. Soldario had his backed turned toward me as I emerged. He was handling a row of plastic bottles, each filled with fragrant oils and lotions. I lied down on the table pulling the towel out from under me as I settled in. He took it, folded it in thirds lengthwise, and laid it across my hips.

He stood in front of me and squeezed a musky oil into the palm of his hand. His zipper nearly touched my nose. In a whimsical moment, I reached up and started unbuckling and unzipping his pants. He started massaging my neck and shoulders even as they fell to the floor.

He wore a string thong, the sack of which was unable able to contain his package. The helmeted head of his massive sexual organ came up at least 3 inches above the waistband. Wordlessly, I pulled the undergarment down and took his semi-erect cock in my mouth while he deftly leaned over the table to knead my lower back. I stroked and sucked his swelling manhood to full erection while he massaged the slit between my legs.

"I must move down to the other end of the table, Ms. Craven," he said hoarsely, "if you wish me to complete my massage."

"Oh Soldario," I cooed, "please, do whatever you think needs to be done."

I heard him laugh softly. "It appears that you have had a recent massage, Ms. Craven." He easily slid his finger between my swollen lips, lubricating them with some of Michael's juices. I moaned in expectation as he finger fucked my vagina with one, two, and finally three fingers.

Then I remembered: Mike was in the next room. He could hear whatever was going on in this room just as I'd heard what was going on in his room a few minutes before. Unlike my usual lovemaking, I would have to stifle the sounds of my passion.

I parted my legs when I felt Soldario climb up on the narrow table. He lifted my hips up to his and I felt the helmet of his stiff cock press against my pussy and spread the lips, stretching them until the massive tool was fully inside. I bit my lip as the first little orgasm swept over me. He slid his stiff pole in slowly and, as my lubricants coated his manhood, he pushed deeper into my womanhood until it had consumed all 12 inches.

"Are you starting to feel the tension leave your muscles, Ms, Craven?" he asked while his cock worked in and out of me like a massive piston.

"Oh yes, Soldario," I moaned as wave after wave of wanton passion moved through my body, "my muscles are going to turn into mush if you keep this up." His cock was so thick I could feel his pulse as he paused between thrusts.

"Let me give you a little deeper massage," he said, leaning over me to kiss my neck and pinch my nipples. I turned my head to return his kisses while he took a breast in each hand, pressing them deep into my chest while teasing the nipples to full attention. Our tongues danced with each other as I stifled moan after moan.

His thrusts went deeper and deeper and became faster and faster. He was going to cum, and I wanted it all in my pussy.

"I am going to cum in your pussy, Ms. Craven," he whispered in my ear. It was a command, an imperative. He was not asking for permission

"Oh baby , yes, inside me," I whispered back, "oh please, cum inside me baby. Make that big black cock pump my white pussy full of your thick creamy cum."

I felt him stiffen as he slammed himself into me. I could feel his manhood throb as it began spurting ribbons of sperm deep into my cunt.

I couldn't help it. As I climaxed with his eruption, I cried out loud. "Oh yes, that's it," I groaned.

I heard Mike's voice from the other room. "Are you OK, Cassie?" he asked. There was concern in his tone.

I paused for a moment to catch my breath. "Oh baby, I'm just fine," I replied in my lustful sex-induced stupor, "he just hit a stiff muscle."

"Ok lover, I'm done here" he responded, the concern gone, "so I'm going back up to our room to get ready for lunch."

"OK baby," I replied with nonchalance, smiling to myself, "I'll be back up pretty soon. I think my masseuse still has a few more muscles to pop."

Soldario stood at the foot of the table preparing to mount me, his manhood responding quickly when he heard my response to my husband. I turned over onto my back and spread my legs, waiting to take this beautiful great black stallion deep into my body again.

I heard Michael laugh as the elevator door closed behind him.

"Un más tiempo mi guapo caballo negro grande," I smiled, "un más tiempo, más y más"

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