Un-Shelter Me


"Hmmmm," Donny smiled "you like that?" I nodded, tense and speechless. He slid his hands down between my legs, pushing them open. I resisted at first but spread them slowly, bringing my ankles up onto the bench. He cupped my mound and stroked me with his fingertips.

"You're so hot and wet," he remarked. From the sound of his voice, that was a good thing. He stroked me more until my hips jerked reflexively. The heat was spreading all over, and I could feel an unusual wetness trickling towards my ass.

He looked up at me again, watching my reaction as he pushed aside the thin cotton that covered my private parts. I gasped as he slid a finger along my damp slit. Part of me was sure that I shouldn't be doing this, but part of me just didn't want these incredible feelings to end.

"Girls have lots of sensitive parts" he told me, sliding his finger slowly up and down. "There's the outside, the labia." I sighed as he stroked me there, "And there's more inside. But it's hard to see with your panties on." His hands slid up and I lifted my hips so he could pull them down.

He pushed my legs open more, and smiled as he looked at me. "How pretty!" he exclaimed. He squatted down in front of me, at the end of the bench. His fingers parted my lips and I felt a rush of cool air on my hot wet skin. Something about his look made me twitch in those hidden places, and he chuckled as he saw. "I think you'll like this."

His fingers pulled me open more, and as one hand held me open he stroked down to where I knew my vagina was, gathering my pooling juices, and stroking up til he touched a place that made me gasp and jolt. I'd touched myself there before, and it always felt nice, but not like this. He rubbed a few times and I felt more and more tingly heat, radiating from my center and all the way down to the soles of my feet.

"That's your clit," he commented. "I bet I can make you cum, and feel good like I did," all the while stroking me lightly.

"Please, yes, do it, Donny!" I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I knew I didn't want him to stop. He stroked my clit with his fingertip, pressing harder, rubbing more, until I was gasping for breath and writhing, flat on my back.

Suddenly, the heat burst right under his fingertips, and I shrieked and shuddered from the most astonishing wonderment I'd ever experienced. His fingers slowed but didn't stop, and he crooned softly to me as I gulped for breath. Every stroke of his fingers made me gasp and jolt again, making my thighs tremble

"Oh my! Oh God, Donny, thank you!" I exclaimed when I could finally talk again. He grinned, but he wasn't done yet. His fingers explored down, around the opening of my vagina...brushing with a fingernail before sliding in slowly. My hips jerked up involuntarily, until he bumped something that hurt, pulling a sudden yelp from me.

"You're still a virgin, so I won't go deeper. You're not ready yet." At the moment I wasn't so sure I agreed, but I was willing to listen to him. He slipped his finger out then, when I whimpered, slid it back in again, and added another, grinning at me. My hips rocked in time to his movements, and I was gone, gasping as the heat built and swept over me again. I lay there, spent and shuddering as little shocks rippled through my body.

Donny stood up and came around to face me once again. I could see his cock bulging in his pants again and smiled. He reached in again and pulled it out. I was so close and just looked and looked. I could see more wetness at the head, and wriggled around on the bench to sit up and touch him. I looked up at him questioningly as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft.

He covered my hand with his, and guided me at first, showing me wordlessly what he liked . I stood and stepped around to get beside him. We both sank to our knees and I reached around in front of him, grasping his cock as he had, and stroking eagerly. Again, he paced me with is hand, until I felt him shudder. He let go and let me get him off on my own. I watched in rapture as more cum spurted out of him, loving the sight and feel of him in my hand, pulsing with each burst.

Breathless, he leaned against me. "Wow, you learn fast!"

We sat there, both breathing heavily for a few minutes. I cleared my throat and after a false start said "Thank you, Donny, for showing me and....and for touching me like that." Then I blushed and stammered "C-c-could we do it again, some time?"

Donny turned me around in his lap and laughed as he kissed my nose. "I've created a monster!" he declared.

I blushed again and mumbled, "Maybe."

He put his finger on my chin, guiding me to meet his eyes with my own. "I would like that very much. But now I should get you home."

The rain had tapered off to a light drizzle as we left the dugout. We were both quiet on the short trip to my house. I hesitated, feeling suddenly awkward, then reached out and popped the door open. Donny caught my wrist as I turned to slide out of the car.

"I meant what I said, Bev, I'd like to...to show you whatever you want to know."

I smiled and blurt, "When?"

He laughed and bopped me on the nose with his fingertip. "We have the whole summer, but I think it will be soon."

I smiled and nodded, then left the car and ran to my door. It was going to be a great summer, much better than I had ever imagined.

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