tagInterracial LoveUn Sur Trois

Un Sur Trois


(Note: This story contains language common in the American South in the mid 1800's. It is not in sequence with earlier chapters released here; you may not recognize some characters. I've tried to flesh out the un-introduced characters specifically for this Literotica release. This chapter differs a bit from the original version on that account.)


The coming of the morning sun brought yet another righteously gorgeous summer day to the Louisiana backwoods. Ivory woodpeckers raised a chatter with their monotonous tapping. Bullfrogs thundered their deep mating calls. A riot of insects buzzed and chittered in their perpetual war of survival. Roosters crowed in the distance. Birds of every stripe hailed the dawning of the sun.

The first hint of light found Charles Nelson Leone, a slave, gingerly wending his way through the forest brush, intent on fulfilling his promise to Nathan Leone's eldest daughter Abby, whose visit was specifically tailored to include a tryst between them. Abby was several years older than Charlie. Her husband, Buck Harkness, was visiting too.

Abigail Harkness, Annette and Janice Leone were already down at the spring. Two blankets were laid out neatly on the grassy sward. Their clothes were folded neatly on one blanket. The cousins were swimming and splashing about fully nude.

Charlie heard their joyous laughter ahead. He quickened his pace. He'd thought to be the first to arrive at this surreptitious rendezvous. He was wrong.

Charlie emerged from the woods to find the three white girls engaged in a splash fight. Their nakedness did not surprise him. He knew why he'd been invited. Charlie wore simple pantaloons and a cotton tunic.

Spying him, Abby called out, "I've been swimming in this spring with niggers a lot more naked than you, Charlie!!! Come on in!!!"

Janice, however, recoiled at his presence. She turned away from him, covering her breasts and crotch from his view.

Annie noticed this. She jostled her cousin. "Oh stop. It ain't like nobody ain't seen your fireapple patch before. You knowed he was comin'. You ain't got to fuck him, but you ought to consider growin' up about it. I'm gon' fuck him. You watch me."

Janice didn't know how to take this. She knew several white girls who'd fucked niggers. She'd always shunned them as slatterns and trollops. These two white girls, however, were her favorite cousins. They ought to know better. Their looseness with this scorching racial taboo troubled her greatly.

Still, there had to be something to this particular black boy that attracted her cousins. He was tall and slender, muscular and lithe. He had a square jaw and sensual lips. His nose was straight. His eyes were clear. While he was deferent to white people, he certainly didn't have that unpalatable mewling subservience typical of southern slaves.

He DID have a big dick. That much was intriguing. If she DID fuck him, and someone found out, she would die. Oh, she would just die! No. She couldn't do it. Could she?

As Janice struggled with her racial peccadilloes, Abby got down to the business at hand. She'd pulled Charlie from his clothing, jumped on his back and rode him into the water. She dunked him (he let her). Then Annie and Abby ganged up on the black boy and forced him to back down from a splash war (he let them).

"Come on, Jannie!! Get him!!!"

Janice offered up one or two half-hearted splashes. Each time she did, however, she exposed either her breasts or her vulva. It didn't matter that Charlie was blinded by the constant waves of water crashing into his eyes. Janice was still muddling through the cultural racial conflict in her mind.

As in his first encounter with Annie, Charlie laughingly chased the two white girls around the spring. He'd catch first one, then the other. Each capture would result in a struggle and end when the other girl crashed up and assaulted him with splashing waves. Then Charlie would drop his first captive and chase the other.

They played like this for ten or fifteen minutes. With each successive capture, the trio found ways to surreptitiously grab each other's loins and/or breasts, or to rub their loins together and pretend the connection to be purely accidental. This was foreplay.

And yet each time dick touched pussy it lingered just a little too long. Their feigned animus resulted in erotic positioning that lasted just a bit too long, also. Too often their water wrestling ended up in the missionary or the doggie-style or the oral positions. Once or twice Abby even found Charlie's nostrils clenched in her butt cheeks as his lips nuzzled her clit from behind.

All this faux foreplay achieved the desired effect. By degrees, Charlie's erection bloomed. He made no move to hide it. As they played like children in the water, his dick flopped and swayed comically, as a disjointed lever pinned perpendicularly to a board. Sometimes Abby would grab him by this lever and pull him around in the water. Sometimes Annie made this move. Sometimes both girls tackled him, simulating doggie style sex on him or humping his face. Then they would laughingly jump away.

Janice stood off from all this unseemly foreplay. They looked like they were having fun, but.....how would it look if someone caught them?

Tiring of these childish games, Abby and Annie dragged the soaked boy from the water (he let them). They pulled him up on the sward and pinned his shoulders to one of the blankets (he let them).

Charlie's towering erection spired majestically from this supine position.

"Hold his shoulders down, Annie. I'm about to teach this young nigger some respect!!" laughed Abby.

Annie sat astride Charlie's chest. She pressed his shoulders down with her knees. Her naked, sopping pussy stared him directly in the face.

Abby straddled him too, facing away, cowboy-style. She squatted, lowering herself upon him by degrees, until finally she touched his cock tip. She lingered there momentarily, swaying her bottom sensually as if spiraling into a whirlpool. In this wise Charlie entered her, spreading her wider and ever wider as her auburn mound coalesced around his black thickness.

Abby groaned tortuously. "He's SO thick!!" she reflected.

And as Charlie eased further into the depths of her pussy, she thought "And he's LONG, too!!"

No man had ever been this deep inside Abby's core. Charlie certainly wasn't a boy any more. He sported a man's dick. Indeed, after an interminable spiral into oblivion, Abby's bottom spread wide across Charlie's pelvis. She had hilted him. No inches of dick base peeked out from between Abby's clasping auburn snatch. Charlie's monster cock disappeared completely inside her vagina.

Abby trembled with delight. Her clit expanded and palpitated against the base of Charlie's pulsating dick. She gripped him in place, rotating her ass in a series of tightly concentric circlets, grinding her sphincter against his kinky pubic mound.

Abby's moans growled up from deep in her stomach. Annie, who sat astride Charlie's chest with her back to her sister, had never heard her groan this richly or sensually before. Charlie smiled up at Annie from between her legs. He winked at her.

"Oh, you think this is funny, hey?" Annie smirked. "OK, try THIS!!"

Annie scooched forward to press her pussy into his mouth. Now she began to hump his face, slowly at first, but with increasing ardor. Abby, too, soon released her grind-lock on Charlie's base and began to hump him. She waggled her ass back and forth as she cruised up and down his cock from stem to stern.

The sisters might have tried to synchronize their assault on the boy, but Abby had a great deal more length to contend with. Whereas Annie could sate herself with quick, short, rabbit-like thrusts, Abby had to luxuriate in each tremulous stroke astride the length of Charlie's stunning cock.

A dark cloud of heat lightning began to formulate behind Annie's eyelids. She was approaching climax. It didn't take long for a thick, wet tongue to get the best of Annie.

Abby wasn't far behind. She found that swirling Charlie's cockhead around with her labia was intensely gratifying. A similar move on the downstroke elicited fresh bolts of heat lightning rocketing off the walls of Abby's cranium, too.

The girls began to verbalize their passions with strident vulgarities.

Abby: "Ohhh.............FUCCCCCKKKK!!! Oh..........it's........so.......FUCK!!!!"

Annie: "Lick it lick it lick it lick it lick it lick it lick it lick it....LICK it!!"

Abby: "Oooh!! Oooh!! OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! Go...HARD.....Charlie...HIT IT!"

Annie: "S-s-s-s-s-s-s-ss—sssss-ssssssss! AUUGGGGHHH!! O..FUCK! I'm almost THERE!!! LICK!!! OH! LICK!!"

Jannie looked on with a mixture of lust and disgust. She could have some of this dick, right now, this morning, if she wanted. But Charlie was a nigger!!! What if someone found out?

She crept up to get a closer view of the action.

Abby's orgasm snapped tight upon her. She drew breath in whooping gasps. Her body shivered and quaked. She slammed her ass down on Charlie and grinded his cock into her pussy relentlessly. She arched and howled. It was quite a spectacle.

Annie, too, spilled her frothy cum into Charlie's mouth as he suckled and nibbled at her labia. At the height of her orgasmic derangement, Charlie's tongue was so far up her cooze it felt like a small, hot, many-faceted, pliable dick. She humped it with fierce passion. This was HER nigger.

Abby slumped forward in exhaustion. She bent over double, resting her cheeks on Charlie's calves. Charlie was still fully hard inside her. He hadn't climaxed. He wasn't even breathing deeply. The strength and power of his churning cock seemed to lift her entire body up as it struggled for the proper angle of insertion. Abby was totally spent.

She felt a small hand on her ass. It wasn't Charlie. It was Annie.

"Abby? Can you scooch up a bit? It's my turn."

Abby groaned. With a supreme effort, she drew up her knees, raised her ass and allowed Charlie's dick to spring free of her pussy. It crashed with a thud against his stomach, then careened back to full mast.

Annie again gave Abby another tender nudge. Abby complied. With another immense effort, she rolled over onto the blanket to lie next to Charlie. His feet were beside her head. She didn't have the strength to reverse positions.

Annie straddled Charlie and lowered herself onto his dick in circlets as Abby had done earlier. Whereas Abby chose the reverse cowgirl mount, Annie faced her charge from the dominant missionary position. Hobbled from her cunnilingual orgasm, Annie still had enough energy and common sense to not let a hard dick go to waste.

She engulfed as much of his dick as she could. Then she leaned forward so that she lay directly atop the boy. Their nipples touched. She took Charlie's head in the crook of her arm, looked him directly in the eyes. She established this soulful connection, then she began to fuck him. Slowly. Agonizingly slowly.

She hilted him, lingered for a moment with a pungent grind, then arched upwards so that her ass was unnaturally aloft. She thought she might lose her pussy's grip on his surging love muscle, but she never did. She knew better than Abby that Charlie liked to fuck in this manner. Holding his gaze while massaging his cock inside her was pivotal to the effect. The opulently squishy sounds of their fucking overwhelmed the vibrant natural sounds of the surrounding glade.

Too, Annie was determined to make Charlie cum. When the stories were later told about this encounter, she would have that much to lord over Abby. Abby hadn't made him come. That would be the main selling point about whose pussy was better.

Janice looked on, fascinated. Just seeing this sexual performance left her disheveled and torn. She'd fucked her brother and a couple of the boys from church. None of those performances matched these. Her pussy gushed with moisture. A deep warmth roiled upward from her lower abdomen.

Janice stood up. For the first time, Charlie could see her thick red bush and her demitasse titties. Yet Charlie wasn't really paying attention. He was lost in Annie's direct, blue-eyed gaze and the melted-hot butter steaming up and down his pole. Every muscle in his body was focused on the sensations dancing about his loins. Annie felt him flex and tremble as his orgasm percolated.

Charlie struggled to suppress his ejaculate. He'd made himself a promise that he was going to fuck all three Leone girls this morning. It wouldn't do for him to bust his nuts in Annie and leave Janice unsullied. No, if anyone was going to bust a nut here, it was Annie. Then we'd all see about Miss Prissy the Red over there. He wasn't going to ask her for it. She was going to OFFER it to him. And he had half a mind to tell her NO, too!!

And yet Annie's pussy was SOOOOOOOO good!!!

As Annie lurched upwards, she clenched her pussy walls to drag his foreskin up and over his pud. Annie had a way of gulping at his cockhead with her pussy, stroking the hyper sensitive underside of his dick for the hot, sticky lotion therein. She had a way of telling him (with her eyes) "I'm going to suck all of the jism out of your nuts and keep it for myself. And there's nothing you can do about it, Mr. Gargantuan."

Annie had that look in her eyes this very minute. "I got you NOW. GIVE it to me."

Charlie quavered on the verge of surrender. He struggled to rein in his ejaculate. He ached from the effort. In a moment, though, his semen would explode volcanically with enough force to launch Annie from her perch.


It was Janice.

Annie ignored her. She was focused on milking a great burst of jism from her man.

Jannie's loins had finally overcome her racial bias.

"Annie? Ummmm...Annie? Can I.....ummmmm.....can I try him?"

This shocking request broke Annie's concentration. She looked up at Janice in genuine surprise. This interlude also broke the psychic bond between the conjoined lovers. Charlie's will to suppress his ejaculate strengthened.

"Sure, Jannie! You want him right now? You can't wait until I finish? I'm almost done," she huffed breathlessly.

"Ummmm, well, you don't have to stop what you're doing. I thought......I thought maybe I could do..........what you did earlier?"

Annie was confused.

"What's that?"

Janice summoned her courage.

"Maybe I could, ummmmm, sit on.....you know....sit down....on his face...you know...while you're doing that?

This admission caused both Annie and Abby to erupt in laughter. Still recovering from her earlier orgasm, Abby raised up on her elbows to observe how this conversation would play out.

"Sure, Jannie! Come on over!"

Annie raised her tits up off of Charlie's torso to afford access to the boy's face. She squeezed his dick with her puss. Abby, too, sat up from her position beside them.

Janice was unsure how to proceed. She hesitated, as if debating the proper method of squatting over a man's face.

Charlie used this pause to size her up. Jannie had a foamy mass of curly red hair. Her face was covered with freckles, which drifted down the line of her neck and spread across her shoulders, back, and arms. Her glowing thatch of fiery red pubic hair was double Annie's volume of same. She was slender, graced with a slim waistline and an ample bottom, though not as ample as Annie's. Her armpits, too, were laden with deep clusters of curly red fur. Her breasts were supple without being ponderous. Her legs were long and lithe.

Was she fuckable? Yes. She was.

This deliberate assessment enabled Charlie to pull back from the edge of the orgasmic chasm. He was going to fuck this scarlet princess. Today.

Charlie remained erect under the lascivious assault of Annie's twat.

Timidly, Janice stepped up to the black boy. Every fibre of her being screamed against broaching this rigid social taboo. And yet Abby had fucked him. She'd seen it for herself. And now Annie was fucking him. Neither girl seemed diminished by this horrible racial incursion. Maybe if she just let him lick her pussy it might take the edge off her rampant libido. Yes, that's it—just a pussy suck and nothing more.

Jannie straddled his face the way she'd seen Annie do. She squatted her pussy down to his lips unsteadily, tremulously, as if still torn by her racial mores. It seemed an age before she could feel his hot breath coursing breezily through her crimson jungle.

Jannie's clit sprang to attention.

Charlie watched Jannie's clit rise from her pubic mound. He was amazed. Annie had a big clit, but Jannie's clit laid over hers in every way. Annie couldn't see Charlie's face since Jannie's ass blocked her view. Abby (sitting off to the side) observed Charlie's expression of shock and disbelief. She flashed Annie a knowing look. Both of them liked to see the shocked expression on men's faces when Jannie's girly penis first bloomed aloft.

Jannie's pubic fur was a voluminous. If one didn't know better (and saw her naked profile), she looked as if she had a kangaroo pouch down there. Her clitoris poured forth distinctly from this sheathing. One didn't have to go looking for it. Charlie could close his lips completely around it and suck it like a dick.

Getting over his initial shock, that's exactly what he did. He started blowing her.

Janice went wild.

She stretched her body out across his face to grab handfuls of blanket. She drew her knees up and locked her ankles in his armpits. To Annie, viewing Jannie's crack from the dominant missionary position astride Charlie, Jannie's whole asshole was exposed. Jannie's fur patch covered her taint. It crept up the length of her butt crack, disappearing finally into her lower back.

Annie could see Jannie's puckered sphincter through that part of her dwindling forest. She saw it widen and contract spasmodically as Charlie sucked her clit. More, she could see Jannie's pussy quiver, strain and gape for attention. A good dick could easily fill either of those holes right now and have Jannie as a love slave for life.

With that a wicked thought came to mind. She winked at Abby.

"Watch this," she whispered.

Annie leaned forward from her perch atop Charlie's cock. Janice was busily humping Charlie's lips, lost in her own sexual ruminations. Her ass wobbled and swayed sensuously before her cousin. Annie leaned forward cautiously. As her intention became obvious, Abby suppressed a wild shriek of laughter. Annie moved closer and yet closer still. She timed Jannie's wild sexual gyrations to the second. Jannie's eyes were closed. She was driving towards her climax. She was lost in her own world.

Quick as an arrow, Annie hooked Jannie's thighs from behind, smashed her face into Jannie's ass and drew a long, luxurious, furry lick from Jannie's taint up the length of her ass crack.

Jannie let out a whoop that would wake the dead. Abby doubled over in laughter.

Jannie attempted to scramble away. Annie held her in place by her thighs.

"You said you wanted to get licked, my girlie. Hold still. I'll show you what 'lick' means."

Chuckling at Annie's intervention, Charlie re-asserted his lip-grip on Jannie's girly penis. Annie pressed her nose against Jannie's taint and began to lick her pussy and her asshole from the rear mount position.

This double tongue effect, in conjunction with the new sensation of ass licking, was well more than Jannie had anticipated. She floated in and out of consciousness, reaping orgasm after orgasm as the two seasoned cunnilinguists salaciously sucked and licked her nether regions.

Annie was still lurching up and down atop Charlie's shaft as Jannie trembled through one climactic explosion after another. She humped away at him expertly, while simultaneously slurping Jannie's hot, fragrant ass.

And when Abby crept up behind to lick Annie's ass in turn, it was all rather too much. All four early morning "swimmers" were in play.

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