tagLesbian SexUna Nuova Famiglia Ch. 02

Una Nuova Famiglia Ch. 02


Reese packed up his belongings and grabbed the text he wanted to review before class tomorrow. After a long chat with Billy at lunch he'd decided not to call the police…yet. He and Billy were going to the movies tonight and he planned to invite Raegan. In fact, if he had any say, he would keep her so occupied she would not have time to see that murdering thug ever again. He shook his head, enjoying the weight of the new diamond in his ear. A gift from Billy. He sighed. Why was he worrying about Raegan's love life when he had his own problems? How could he settle for a boyfriend who had no intention of being faithful? He sometimes wondered if he should find a lover just to make Billy jealous. He had met a really cute guy named Pete just a few days ago at the gym.

He opened Raegan's classroom door and entered, his eyes scanning the newspaper article he'd shown her earlier. He was sure it was the same woman. "Reg, we're going to the movies tonight. Want to come or are you going out with that murdering butch-thug?"

When she didn't answer he looked up and encountered a pair of cold, hazel-green eyes. Dangerous eyes. Shane Miller's eyes. He took a step back, taking in her brick red cardigan, black jeans and red Timberlands. She towered over him at six feet, her honey-brown cheeks red from the cold. She wore the same thick cornrow braids he remembered from the restaurant. One brow was raised and long dark lashes partially shaded those piercing eyes. Reese took another step back.

"U-uh–…w-where's Raegan?" He stammered.

"Ladies room."

Her husky voice was deeper than his. He wanted to take another step back but compelled himself not to. She lowered her eyes to the newspaper article he held and then raised them back to his face. The brow rose just a little higher.

"Interesting read?"

He straightened to his full five feet seven inches, squaring off his shoulders. "I know this woman was with you that night at the restaurant."

She smirked.

"You better not fuck over my friend," Reese bit out. He could feel a lump forming in his throat. She was truly intimidating.

Shane raised her cigar to her lips and pulled on it. She blew the aromatic smoke in his direction, "or what?" She demanded coolly, waiting for a response that never came. Instead, Reese turned on his heel and left, heading toward the ladies room. He shoved the wooden door open in anger, startling Raegan.

"Reese! What the hell are you doing in here?"

"That thug's in your classroom!" He spat.

She winced, "I know. You didn't say anything to offend her, did you?"

"I just accused her of murder and she shrugged it off like it was no big deal!"

"Reese! I can't believe you!"

She pushed past him to exit the ladies room. Reese caught up to her, grabbing hold of the sleeve of her cranberry blouse.

"Reg, I don't want you going out with her!"

"She's giving me a ride home Reese, we're not going out. She's on her way out of town and wanted to see me before she left." Raegan pulled her sleeve from his tight grip. She cradled his face in her hands and leaned forward to plant a quick kiss on his lips. "Reese, I appreciate that you worry about me, but you're being ridiculous."

"Reg, please, promise me you won't see her again."

Raegan laughed, "I'm not going to promise that! I like her. Now, I have to go. Call me later."

She turned and walked away. He watched the swish of her charcoal gray ankle length skirt as she made her way down the hall and then disappeared into her classroom.

Raegan stepped into the classroom and smiled as she watched Shane reading her kids' work plastered on the walls. She took in Shane's confident stance, the muscular thighs evident beneath the black jeans, the tapered waist and broad shoulders beneath the cardigan, the thick braids. She found the flush of Shane's light-brown skin, the dark, thick brows, the long sooty lashes and high cheekbones tantalizing. And she wondered that she was as mesmerized now as she had been that day in the restaurant. Could this woman be a hardened criminal? She shook her head, Reese was being ridiculous.

Shane turned to her, "ready?"

She nodded, smiling as Shane collected her satchel and books from the desk. She found herself following Shane from the room instead of taking the lead considering she knew the building. But Shane had no trouble finding an exit. Raegan looked around for the limousine, stopping when she didn't see it. She assumed Damien couldn't find a parking spot and was driving around the block. It took her a moment to realize that Shane had placed her belongings onto the back seat of a silver gray Mercedes Benz and was now holding the passenger door open for her. She slid into the silver gray, baby soft leather seat, allowing the seat belt to slide into place as Shane closed her door. Shane was behind the wheel a moment later.

Raegan looked around the interior of the car, mesmerized. The smooth leather, the wood paneling, the lighted displays on the dashboard…she had never been in a luxury vehicle before. She watched people staring at the elegant car as they drove down Broadway and turned left onto 72nd Street. Shane turned right onto Riverside Drive and headed north.

"You have interesting friends."

Raegan's breath caught as the husky voice warmed over her in the close confines of the car. She realized she'd never been this close to Shane.

"Reese worries. He reads the papers. He thinks you're a murderer."

Shane put down her cigar and gave Raegan a sidelong glance.

"And you?"

"I still have some reasonable doubt," she teased.

Shane chuckled. Raegan realized she liked the sound of it.

"He didn't say anything offensive, did he?" Raegan asked, embarrassed.

"Heard it all before." Shane dismissed her concern.

Shane stopped the car at a red light and turned to look at her passenger. Raegan was glad her cheeks were dark as she felt the heat of that gaze on her. Finally the light turned green and as the car accelerated Raegan let out the breath she hadn't realized she was holding.

"You're a beautiful woman Raegan Vincent."

Raegan opted not to respond, smiling to herself as she continued to look out of the window. Before she knew it, they had arrived at her apartment building. She swallowed back disappointment as the car stopped a few feet from the lobby's entrance.

Shane stepped from the car, going around to open the passenger side door for Raegan. As she stood, Raegan realized Shane had positioned herself so that there was no option but for her to brush against Shane's muscular form as she stood from the vehicle. Their bodies met and Raegan felt a rush of heat spear through her. She waited, her breathing tight, licking her lips nervously. She couldn't think, not with Shane this close. But when she took a step back, Shane followed her, pinning her against the car door as she reached out to bury a hand in Raegan's hair. Raegan stared up into those mesmerizing hazel-green eyes.

"Shane," she breathed hesitantly.

"Shhhh," Shane silenced her softly, "I just need a taste."

As Shane brought her forward, and their lips met, Raegan thought she could feel her heart actually stop beating. She closed her eyes, savoring the sweet taste of cigar as Shane's lips teased, tempted…dominated. She parted her lips, longing for the feel of Shane's tongue, hungry for the feel of Shane's hands on her. But instead, Shane let her go, ending the kiss abruptly. Raegan opened her eyes, her head swimming. Shane's hazel-green eyes were dark now, smoldering.

"How long will you be gone?" Raegan asked breathlessly.

"Few weeks." Shane answered huskily, running a hand along the silky smoothness of Raegan's cheek.

Raegan watched as Shane reached for her personal items on the back seat, handing them to her. She then walked around the car and slid behind the wheel. Reagan sighed with disappointment as the Mercedes pulled off.


Shane answered the electronic purr of her cell phone.


"I'm on my way to the airport." Karin informed her.

"I'll be there in 30."


"Diana's mother?"

"Quarter of a mil for the child in a trust fund like you said. No paper trail."


She had no options about Diana. Diana had betrayed her. But she intended to help Diana's daughter as much as she could.

"What do you want me to do about Vincent?" Karin asked.

"Watch her."

Shane disconnected the line. She was pretty confident Raegan was not a cop. Still, she had to make sure. And they weren't sure about Reese, his lover or any of his friends. She shook her head. What the hell was she thinking getting involved with someone like Raegan? She was glad she would be away for a few weeks. It would give her some time to think. This woman was definitely getting under her skin.


Raegan sat beside Reese at the movies that night. Billy had opted not to go with them but Reese's new friend, Pete, had tagged along. She'd wanted to hang out with her friend alone tonight. She needed to talk to him. However, she was anxious about talking to Reese. He was being so overprotective, so absurd. It was a side of him she was not used to. She sighed, trying to follow the plot of the movie. She was not in the mood for a movie. She saw Reese lean over to whisper something in Pete's ear. She opted to ignore the sexual chemistry between the two men, assuming her friend knew what he was doing. He turned to her suddenly.

"Popcorn run," Reese whispered to her.

They stood and made their way out of the dark theater. As they stood in line for popcorn, Reese stared at her.

"You need to talk right? I already know I don't want to hear what you're going to say, but go ahead."

"I think I'm falling for her."

"You must be joking!" Reese exploded. People standing in line turned to watch the show. "Raegan, this is absolutely ridiculous! This is not a fuckin' game! I know you don't believe everything you read in the papers, but are you telling me they make everything up? I mean come on!"

Raegan was silent for a moment and then said quietly. "Reese, I know this is hard for you. But I've always been supportive, even when I did not agree with some of your choices."

Reese bit back a response. She was serious. His friend was falling for this thug. He shook his head. How could he be supportive when he knew this was a mistake? He sighed, pulling Raegan into his arms and hugging her tightly.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry."

Raegan smiled and returned the hug. She was sure she had nothing to worry about…well, other than the movie she had to suffer through.


Karin stared at the fax in front of her and sighed. She was not looking forward to the conversation that would take place with Shane about it. She closed her eyes for a minute, wondering if she should even tell her boss. If she didn't, she might be on the front page of tomorrow's newspaper. She jumped when her cell phone rang, taking a deep breath before answering it.


"What?" It was Shane returning her call.

Karin hesitated for a moment but then decided to plunge right in, "the new friend? He's a problem."

Shane was silent. Karin continued.

"He supposedly spent a few years upstate, but no one knows him."

Karin waited. She knew what it meant. Someone had most likely planted the information about his incarceration. He was probably a cop.

"He's close to the fag. No fuck ups." Shane bit out.


"How is she?"

Karin raised a brow at the question. She wasn't used to Shane showing this much concern for anyone…not even her. "She's been out with the friend a few times. She went to visit her sister last weekend."

Karin sighed when Shane disconnected the call.


Raegan smiled encouragingly at Kathy, the youngest student in her class…and clearly the most talented. She had skipped a grade and was advanced even for 7th grade. Raegan bought a few upper level workbooks for her and worked with her after school at least two days a week. She glanced at her watch, realizing the student's mother was a few minutes late again. When someone tapped on the door, she didn't bother to look up, simply calling for the person to enter.

"Kathy, your Mom's here, so let's pack up. Mark the page—"

"He's not my mom Ms. Vincent!" The girl giggled with laughter.

Raegan looked up at the white male with pale blue eyes standing in her classroom. He was dressed in a navy blue suit and a black trench coat. His dark hair fell across his forehead.

"Ms. Vincent?"

"Yes? Can I help you?"

"Agent Jacobs, FBI."

Raegan's heart leapt into her throat as she stood.


"May I have a moment of your time?"

"I'm with a student—"

"Ms. Vincent, I'm so sorry I'm late!" Kathy's mother whisked into the room. Raegan forced a smile for the harried mother, helping Kathy on with her coat and packing up her advanced workbook. She told the child's mother what pages should be completed by their next session, making sure her voice did not tremble in front of the student. When mother and child left, Raegan turned to the man waiting for her.

"Is there a problem?" She asked shakily.

He simply handed her an envelope. It contained pictures of her getting into Shane's limousine, dining with Shane…pictures of the kiss they shared in front of her building. She looked up at him.

"I don't understand."

"Shanilla Miller is under surveillance. We would like to talk about your affiliation with her."

Raegan licked her lips nervously, sinking down into the chair behind her desk. "My affiliation with Shane?" She repeated numbly.

"Ms. Vincent, are you aware that Ms. Miller has been accused of partaking in a conspiracy to commit murder among a number of other federal offenses?"

Raegan swallowed, "I-I'm not sure I understand—"

"Ms. Vincent, perhaps we can go somewhere private to talk?"

Raegan looked up at him. He wasn't smiling and she wasn't sure she had an option, but since he posed it as a question, she made her decision as if she really had a choice.

"I d-don't think that would b-be a good idea."

The agent paused, but then simply nodded. He fished a card out of his pocket.

"If you change your mind." He placed it on the desk and headed toward the door. He turned back to her as he opened the door. "Don't kid yourself Ms. Vincent. Shanilla Miller is a drug dealer and a murderer. Once she lets you into her network, you can't get out. So I suggest you think very carefully before you take another step in her direction."


Reese stood at the bus stop with her, his mouth open in shock. The words she had just uttered seemed incomprehensible to him.

"What did you just say?"

"You heard me. Here's his card. He left a few minutes before you came in."

Reese stared at the card. An FBI emblem, much like the ones he'd seen in the movies, stared back at him. He shook his head.


"He said they were watching her. Showed me pictures of the two of us together."

Reese continued to shake his head. He bit his tongue, knowing she didn't want to hear what he was going to say.

"What are you going to do?" He finally asked.

"I don't know, probably talk to Shane about it."

Reese grabbed both her arms and shook her, "are you crazy! You can't tell Shane! She'll think you said something to them!"

Raegan pulled away from him, "no she won't."

"She'll think you're working with them!"

"Reese, stop being so dramatic." She watched her bus turn the corner.

Reese reached out to pinch her. She winced and swatted his hand away.

"What the hell is wrong with you? That hurt!"

"I'm just making sure you're awake. You seem to be moving about in a fucking dream world!"

"Reese, that's enough!"

"Are you fucking kidding me? The goddamn FBI was just in your classroom!"

Raegan looked around as heads turn toward them. She glared at him.

"Go home Reese."


She turned to step onto the waiting bus, refusing to wave to him as it pulled away from the curb.


Raegan sipped at a cup of hot tea, her head swimming. Although she pretended to remain calm, cool and collected with Reese, the FBI visit had really shaken her. She wondered what she'd done, allowing Shanilla Miller into her life. But had she really invited Shane into her life, or had Shane invited herself? It didn't matter now. She wanted to see Shane again. But at the same time, never in a million years would she have guessed that at some point in her life she would be visited by the FBI. Even the thought frightened her.

She glanced at the clock when the phone rang, wondering who was calling her at 1am on a school night? She hoped it wasn't Reese, assuming he had finally gone to bed when she refused to speak with him earlier. She contemplated letting the machine answer but then sighed and snatched up the receiver. It had to be Reese.

"Apology accepted."

"Do I owe you one?"

Raegan's heart skipped a beat. It had been almost a week since she'd last heard Shane's husky voice. Time had apparently done nothing to calm her libido when it came to this woman.


"How are you Raegan?"

Raegan swallowed and decided to take a chance.

"I'm not doing well."

"What's wrong?"

The concern in her voice warmed Raegan immensely. "The FBI visited me at work today."

Silence hung between them for more than a few moments until Raegan grew uncomfortable.


"Yea. Look, we'll talk when I get back."

Raegan listened to the sound of a click, amazed at the sound of the dial tone in her ear. She bit her lip, suddenly wondering for the hundredth time if Reese was right. Maybe Shane did think she was working with the FBI. Maybe she was in more trouble than she could imagine. She sipped at her tea and then decided to unplug the phone. That was enough for one day.


Karin only needed to hear the ring tone designated for Shane once although it was after one in the morning.

"Yea?" She said after snatching up the cell phone.

"The FBI contacted her?"

Karin swore silently, switching on the lamp beside her bed. How the hell had she found out?

"Shane, I was still looking into it. I didn't know anything other than an Agent Jacobs was in her classroom for about three minutes today. I have no idea what she said to him. She and her friend Reese had an argument at the bus station afterwards. That's it. I haven't been able to reach any of our people to find out what's going on."

"Tell me again why I didn't know this." Shane repeated in a terrifyingly soft voice. Karin knew it was the calm before a potentially grisly storm and opted to remain silent. There was nothing she could say. She had fucked up.

"Everything. From now on. Especially about her."

Shane took a deep breath, forcing herself to calm down. "Anything else?"

"The new friend is a cop."

"Then take care of it."

Once again, Karin breathed a little easier when Shane ended the call.


Raegan frowned at the sound of the ringing phone. She sat up and sighed, wondering why she had plugged it back in over an hour ago. Remembering the last call, she snatched up the receiver, her heart racing.


"Reg! I was on the phone with Pete and something happened! I think he's in trouble!"
Raegan sighed. For God's sake, it was three-thirty in the morning!

"Reese, what are you talking about?"

"Pete and I were talking—"

"At three in the morning?"

"Yes! We were having phone sex, okay?! The next thing I know I hear muffled grunts, something that sounds like fighting, and then the phone died!"

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