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Looking back, it was just like every other night, but due to the random occurrences, turned into a night to remember. I mean, I'd done the same thing 100 other nights during college, but just for one night, the laws of probability got thrown out the window, and I did something that every red-blooded American guy dreams about.

Like I said, it started like every other night. My new girlfriend Jessica and I had gone out to dinner at one of those restaurants that make the place in "Office Space" seem positively "flair free." Jess and I had been going out for only about two months, and I had yet to get her into bed. Well, I'd gotten her into bed, but only to sleep. I just hadn't closed the deal yet. But I wasn't a virgin; I knew it'd happen sooner or later, so for the present, I was happy just getting to know her.

That's because we really hadn't known each other before we'd started dating. She was a junior, a year behind me at school, but due to the fact I decided to change majors, she was in one of my classes, and since she was the only decent pair of legs in that class, I worked my miniscule amount of game and managed to become her lab partner.

Jess was gorgeous, if you like the tight 'runner' body. She was only about 5'4" and 120 lbs, but she had the longest legs I'd ever seen. She worked at them though. She'd run track and cross-country in high school, and still ran 3 to 5 miles a day. Combine those legs and matching tight little ass with long blonde hair and a million watt smile, and I felt like one lucky guy.

Tonight at the restaurant, she was dressed in a sweater that hid her B cups and a little black skirt with heels. I wore on a nice polo shirt and khakis. We looked altogether like the perfect little college couple out on the town, which we were.

After dinner, we decided to go to a party at a friend of hers' apartment. I had never met the girl, as she'd gone to high school with Jess, but they hadn't hung out much since going to college. The place was just off campus in a nice apartment complex. We got there around 9, with a six-pack each as a gift. We knocked on the door, heard "Come in," and made our way into the living room.

The apartment obviously belonged to girls, since it was clean and had furniture that didn't come from the side of the curb. I was standing there, looking around, as a towel-covered figure came around the corner. Wow! She was a knockout, almost as tall as me, with dirty blonde hair, decent legs, and a great set of tits that were doing their best to pop out of that towel.



The two girls then did the girly hugging thing, while Elizabeth's breasts still attempted to come up for air. I was concentrating hard on trying to mentally make that happen when I was introduced.

"Lizzy, this is Geoff. Geoff, this is Elizabeth."

"Hi Geoff. Sorry about not being ready, I just got back from the gym and lost track of time in the shower."

"Oh that's alright," I said as my moved in to shake her hand. "We're early anyways." I then went for the handshake, and got hugged instead. Since this hug involved her pressing her towel-covered chest against me and a whiff of whatever fruity shampoo she used, I didn't mind at all.

"Well I'm glad you guys came. Jessi and I have so much catching up to do. In fact, I think I'm going to steal her while I get dressed. Hope you don't mind."

Elizabeth then grabbed Jess's wrist and dragged her around the corner into one of the bedrooms, and I heard the door slam. I decided to amuse myself, and cracked open my first beer (well, since dinner) and attempted to find a decent CD to put on. I heard more giggling and talking coming from the bedroom as I sat down on the couch.

As I was taking a look around the apartment, the front door opened again, and another girl came in. While Elizabeth was tall and curvy, this girl had about the same measurements (and maybe a bigger chest), they were packed into a body that couldn't have stood much taller than 5'. She was dressed in a button-up red shirt that was unbuttoned low enough to show the black tanktop underneath (and some cleavage) and tight black pants that showed no apparent panty-line, as well as a pair of high heels that while adding a couple inches to her height, still left the top of her head below my chin.

"Hi, I'm Zoe," She said, as she set down a couple cases of beer and shut the door. "And you are?"

"I'm Geoff, Jessica's boyfriend." I said as I got up to help her.

"Oh ok, Elizabeth's friend. Well I'm her roommate, who's tired from carrying this beer up those stairs."

"Oh, let me help you then, and I promise to only steal a few."

This earned me a smile, so I carried the beer over to the refrigerator, and helped Zoe clean out the fridge and then load it up. As she bent over the chilly fridge and I handed her beers, I noticed that along with a well-endowed chest, she also had rather long nipples, as they began to push out through her shirt.

As we finished loading the cases of cheap domestics into the fridge, Jessica and Elizabeth came out of the bedroom. Elizabeth was now dressed in a button-up white shirt with a lacy black tank-top underneath, and a pair of the tightest blank pants I had every seen. Unlike Zoe's; however, hers showed a definite thong line.

The three girls then proceeded to make me move all of the furniture out of the way, which I didn't mind, and set up a couple of tables for drinking games. While I was working hard, Elizabeth also retook control of the music, and soon, I was treated to the three girls giggling and dancing to whatever hip-hop dance number was currently topping the charts.

This was cut short with the sound of my cell phone ringing. I ducked into a bedroom to answer, and saw that it was from Peter, one of my roommates.

"Hey Pete, what's up.

"Not much Geoff, where you at."

"One of Jessica's friend's apartments. She's having a little shindig tonight."

"Oh nice. Is her friend hot?"

"Yeah actually, both her and her roommate are pretty nice. Why?"

"Mike and I are both just sitting around here. You think they'd let us stop by?"

"I dunno, lemme check." I peeked my head out into the living room.

"Hey ladies, two of my roommates are looking for something to do. Ok if they stop by?"

Elizabeth answered me first, as she ground her ass into my girlfriend. "Well, are they hot, and do they have beer?" She and her two dancing partners then started giggling at this.

"Well, I'm sure beer is a given, but I'm not really the best person to measure their attractiveness. Its Mikey and Pete, Jess, do they pass as attractive?"

Jessica giggled again and nodded. "Oh yeah, Pete's a hottie, and Mike's such a sweetie." I looked to Elizabeth, who nodded, and gave me two thumbs-up.

"Pete, they say you can show up, but you have to shower, dress nice, and bring beer." I then whispered a little lower, "And man, if you can bed either of these girls, more power to you. These girls are hot."

This excited my roommate, and he promised to make both himself and Mike presentable and be there in a half hour. I gave him directions, hung up, and headed back into the living room.

A little while later, Mike and Pete came in with yet another case of beer. I greeted them from behind one of the tables, where I was engaged in a game of beer pong with Elizabeth against two guys who had shown up just after the phone call. Normally I don't play beer pong, but Elizabeth was hugging me every time she made a shot, and that gave me a chance to feel her chest against me, as well as the chance to humiliate these two losers, who hadn't made a shot yet. Mike and Peter set their beer down, and came over.

"Mike, Pete, this is Elizabeth. It's her apartment, so be nice."

"Oh don't worry, we'll behave," Peter answered as he flashed his best smile. I could see he was taken by this Amazonian beauty. Pete's about 6'2" or 3", Blonde hair and a muscular build, and tended to be a real pretty boy. But he rarely met a girl this good-looking who could almost look him in the eye, so Elizabeth now had him entranced. Mike was shorter that me, with medium brown hair and freckles. He just said his hello's to Elizabeth and offered her a beer before talking to me.

After a minute, Jessica sidled up to me now, putting her arm around my waist and giving me a kiss.

"Hey guys, welcome to the party."

"Hi Jessica, how are you?" Mike answered, as Peter was now deep into conversation with Elizabeth.

"Great. Mike, have you met Zoe? She's Lizzy's roommate." With that, Jessica grabbed Zoe by the back of the pants, and pulled her over.

"Oww Jessica, serious wedgie. And with a G-string, that's not so fun. Oh, hi, I'm Zoe."

"So I've heard. I'm Mike, Geoff's better-looking roommate. Would you like help with that underwear problem?"

Zoe giggled at this, and reddened slightly, then shook her head no. Mike moved around to talk to her and Jess, and I went back to beer pong, although with Elizabeth' attention now on my friend, the hugs were gone.

The party went on for a while, and plenty of beer and Jello shots went around, until finally, around 2 or 3 in the morning. It was just myself, my roommates, the 3 girls, and some other random guys who were playing beer pong, though they could barely stand.

The rest of us decided a game of 'Never Ever Have I Ever' was in store. For those of you who never had the luck of playing this game, I'll explain it. Basically, the game goes around in a circle. Each player says "Never Ever Have I Ever..." and then follows with something they have or have not done. Any person who has done that act then takes a drink. So for instance, if we were playing, and I said "Never ever have I ever driven a car," and you have, in fact, driven a car, you'd drink.

The game usually starts innocent and moves into a hardcore sexual inquisition, and this time was no different. We were all on at least our second beer of the game, and I had learned most of the sexual history of most people at the table, such as who had had sex on the beach and who had given road head, when Elizabeth's turn came up, she grinned devilishly at Jessica.

"Oh, I know what I'm going to say this time."

Jessica's face headed towards tomato, and she said. "Oh Lizzy, don't, I haven't told him..."

But Elizabeth wasn't listening and said, "Never Ever Have I Ever made out with someone of the same sex."

Everyone in the game then turned towards Jessica, who was sitting sheepishly next to me, as she sheepishly took a drink, as did Elizabeth. Jessica then looked at me, horrified.

"It was nothing, I swear. It was in high school, don't worry."

"I'm not worried, baby. I just want to know if it was Elizabeth you made out with." I put my arm around her, and pulled her close, letting her know I wasn't going to dump her for playing for the other team.

"Yeah, we were really drunk, and just, you know..."

"No I don't baby, what happened?"

"She leaned in to my ear, so only I could hear her, and spelled it out for me.

"We got really drunk one night at my house at a sleepover, and made out with each other and even went down on each other a little. But it was the only time, I haven't done it since."

My mind was running as the picture of my cute little co-ed 69ing with the statuesque beauty ran through my head. I also wondered whether she would do it again.

"Ok" I said, "Enough of this kid shit. Let's play some truth or dare."

This elicited a chorus of cheers from everyone in the game.

"The only rules are: No leaving the apartment, no forced drinking, and if someone won't do the dare, they're out of the game and have to leave."

Mike, who was sitting on my other side, elbowed my ribs and murmured: "Can we get those guys out of here too?"

Everyone nodded, agreeing to both the rules and the thinning of the herd, so the girls cleaned some of the empties while Mike, Peter and I asked the beer-pongers to hit the road. They cleared out, drunkenly complaining they should be able to finish their game. Mike and Peter were settling back down, while I saw the 3 girls were deep into conversation, with Jessica apparently arguing with the other two.

I strode over sat down on the couch, between Elizabeth and Jess. Zoe was sitting curled-up in an armchair on Jessica's other side, while Mike & Pete had pulled 2 chairs from the kitchen, and sat next to the lady of their choice.

"Elizabeth & Zoe, I'll let you two go first, since its your apartment. Who gets asked then gets to pick the next person they ask."

Elizabeth winked at me as I said this, and then answered, "Ok Geoff, I'll go first, and I pick truth."

Zoe thought for a second, and said: "Do you own a vibrator?"

Elizabeth nodded, biting her lip, and Zoe blurted out "I knew it! I hear it like every night. I thought maybe we had an insect problem, but then I realized what it was."

This received a chorus of laughs, and Elizabeth then looked at me.

"Ok Geoff, you're next. Truth or Dare."

"I'll take Dare," hoping not to have to reveal my own masturbatory habits in front of my girlfriend.

"Show us all that six-pack that Jessica was raving about earlier in my room."

I blushed a little, then pulled up my shirt to reveal my washboard stomach those 200 crunches a day earned me. The guys groaned, the girls giggled, and Elizabeth stuck a figure on it, saying "Oh, that is tight."

"Ok, enough free show. Mike, you're next. What's your poison?"


"Get us all another round."

"What?!" The group answered. "That's a copout." "Way too easy."

I laughed as Mike ran over and brought back 6 more beers.

"Hey, the man was thirsty. Zoe, you're up."

"Dare" she said, her look at Mike maxing out in seductiveness.

"Grind with your roommate. And I mean grind."

The girls are giggled, and Pete jumped over and turned up the song. The two girls ground with each other, feeling each other's legs and backs, and pulled Jess up along with them. And this, my friends, is the direction the game started to go.

We played a little longer, adding the rule that if the person was thought to be lying, they took off a piece of clothing. This amendment definitely encouraged lying, rather than discouraging, and soon we were all pretty much down to bras, thongs, and boxers, with socks thrown in here and there. We'd all had a few more drinks, and finally, Peter finally got Jessica to say "Dare" and got what I'd wanted.

"I want you and Jessica to make out."

"Ok, but only if she's ok with it," Elizabeth answered, moving over towards Jessica and pushing me off the couch. Jessica nodded, and my roommates both got 'shit-eating' grins on their faces.

"And making out means tongue action," Peter added as the two girls moved in towards each other. Elizabeth nodded at him, and leaned in, slowly, and gave Jess a light peck. Jessica smiled, and pulled Elizabeth closer to her, their mouths locking in a kiss.

I watched, entranced for a minute, and then looked over to see Zoe fondling one of her tits, and playing with the nipple through her bra. She caught me looking, smiled, and shrugged as if to say "So." This, I realized, was something to be explored.

Mike had also seen this, and leaned over to Zoe, and whispered something in her ear. She giggled, then turned around and kissed him. He pulled her down onto the floor, and they rolled around, making out in only their undies.

As Elizabeth and my girlfriend continued to swap spit, I started to rub Elizabeth's back and leg. Finally, Jessica grabbed my hand, and pulled it up to Elizabeth's breast. I was surprised, but went along with it, kneading the object of my attention for a large part of the night. Finally, I remembered Peter, and looked over to see him in a state of half excitement, and half disappointment.

Elizabeth finally pulled back from Jess's mouth and said, "Maybe we should go into the other room." Jessica nodded, and my jaw almost hit the floor. I was getting a threesome. But that sucks for...

"Peter too." Jessica added.

"Mike and Zoe too." Elizabeth added, that devilish grin returning to her face. "C'mon, I have a king sized bed in my room." With that, the night took another turn, which of course, was not a bad thing.

After we had locked up the apartment and moved into the bedroom, Elizabeth sprawled out on her bed, and pulled Jess and Zoe onto it with her. The three guys stood there at the end of the bed, staring at these three goddesses, wearing only their unmentionables, and lying on a bed in front of us.

"Ok guys, what do we do next." Elizabeth had taken charge, and we were all just along for the ride."

"I don't know gorgeous, what've you got for us?" Mike was probably the only one of us who could think in a situation like this, so he had taken over negotiations for the penises.

"Well, do you want a show, or do you want to play?" Elizabeth asked as she stroked Jessica's long blonde hair. Jess answered by moaning slightly.

"We'll take show first" Mike answered, and sat down on Elizabeth's desk chair at the end of her bed. Peter and I nodded and sat down on the desk itself, our boxers all now showing half-mast at the sight of these vixens.

Elizabeth smiled, and leaned over and kissed Zoe, who seemed hesitant, but went along with it. Elizabeth laid her back, and kissed her face and shoulders, then slid her bra straps down. As she kissed her roommate's chest, she reached around and unsnapped her bra. She removed it, but between her head and her long hair, we still couldn't see much. Elizabeth then flipped her hair a little bit, and Zoe's breasts came into view.

And what breasts they were. To call them a DD may have been an understatement. As if by magic, her breasts did not show the normal sag they should. What entranced me most though, were her nipples. I had a guess of their size earlier in the night, but in seeing them exposed, and excited, I was amazed. They seemed almost an inch long, and stuck out like two little fingers. Elizabeth began to suck on one and massage the other, which earned her a moan of appreciation from her roommate.

Although it seemed as if my eyes were held to this sight by a strong gravitational pull, I glanced over to see Jess watching me. She was smiling a knowing smile, and stroking Elizabeth's hair and back, and now that she saw me, she started to work down to her friend's butt too. She looked down at my cock, and I realized that I was about ready to pop out of my boxers. I looked back at her, and she smiled, then leaned over and kissed Elizabeth's shoulder.

Elizabeth by now had started to kiss down Zoe's stomach, and Zoe arched her back in appreciation. Her hand started to massage the inside of the smaller girl's thighs, and finally, onto the area covered by her thong, as she kissed along the hemline of the panties. Zoe was wearing a bright red thong that matched the shirt she had left in the other room, and it was starting to show a wet spot. She moaned again in appreciation, and pushed her hips up into Elizabeth's face. Elizabeth smiled at this, and turned to Jess. What she whispered, I couldn't hear, but Jessica moved over and helped her friend slide the small girl's underwear down her legs, and kissing down her legs as they did so. When they finally had them off, Elizabeth threw them at Mike, who caught them and sniffed hungrily. This got a giggle from the two temptresses, who then turned back to their prey.

At this point, my hard-on probably could have hammered in a nail, and I turned to see that my buddies were in the same shape. Peter was even tugging at his shorts to make himself more comfortable. I wondered to myself if it was proper to start jerking off, but realized that if present trends continued, I would probably need to save my strength.

Jessica had now latched on to one of Zoe's nipples, and from the few times that I had managed to get her to go down on me, I knew the girl could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. She looked like she was doing the same to Zoe, who pressed Jess's head to her breast. Elizabeth was now running her finger up and down Zoe's slit, soaking it with the wetness of her roommate. I was surprised to see Zoe was shaved, and began to wonder what other surprises like that were in store, as Elizabeth leaned down, and began to suck on Zoe's lips. Zoe groaned in appreciation, and moved her other hand into Elizabeth's hair, running it through the taller girl's mane of dirty blonde locks.

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