The events of the past few days, incredible as they might seem to readers, can only be described as serendipity; a huge slice of unbelievable luck - greater in my opinion than coming up on the lottery.

It all began one summer's day in the supermarket car park, when my attention was drawn to woman in a white halter-neck summer dress crouching down inspecting the flat tyre of her Mini-Cooper. In that position it was difficult not to notice her, for her skirt had ridden high along her thighs and the front of her dress had flopped forward, offering me not only an inviting cleavage but the sight of mature fleshy orbs, nestling in a beautiful, white lacy bra.

It was a mesmerizing vision which manifested itself as a warm glow in my groin. The lady became aware of my presence and glancing up, caught my eyes ogling her breasts. She smiled knowingly.

'Wouldn't you just know it? I'm already late for an appointment. And now this happens.' She said nodding her head at the wheel of the car.

Her lips were full and painted bright scarlet, the colour contrasting beautifully with the loose blonde hair that framed her features. She continued smiling and I was instantly in thrall to her.

The woman's words didn't register at first. But when she stood up my mind snapped back to the present and I saw that with those lacquered nails and high heeled shoes, she wasn't dressed for wheel changing. So, on a wild assumption that I might be able to ingratiate myself with this damsel in distress and, who knows ... see more of her cleavage, I offered to change the wheel for her. Grateful for my offer, the lady thanked me profusely, introducing herself as Eve. Then, as a thank you gesture, offered to drive me home - an offer I couldn't refuse!

During the journey Eve became anxious about missing a business appointment and suggested we stop at her house on the way, where she could phone her apologies to the client. I didn't mind any delay, to spend yet more time in this elegant lady's company would be most pleasant.

We reached Eve's house and she invited me in. 'I'm going to the office to make that call, Paul. Why don't you go to the kitchen and help yourself to a beer.' I expressed my thanks and found my way to the kitchen. Sipping the cool liquid I started to wonder about Eve's age. Probably in her late thirties I hazarded but she could have been in her sixties for all I cared because she looked so amazing and oozed sex appeal.I wanted to get to know her better.

Eve eventually joined me in the kitchen and we began talking in generalities. But she soon moved on to personal matters. We discussed my graduation from university, and our mutual interest in photography - Eve's being professional, she had a studio attached to the house - and mine strictly amateur. Along the way we discovered other topics of mutual interest and our conversation became easy and relaxed.

After a couple of hours of this amiable chat and countless stolen glances at her breasts, I thought it prudent to take my leave, but Eve suggested I join her for dinner and I agreed in a flash; I was in no hurry to leave the company of this gorgeous woman.

After the meal was finished I again of going home before I outstayed my welcome. But Eve would have none of it. I admit I didn't argue the point as the mood between us was most amenable, especially after the wine we'd consumed.

Eve was a garrulous person, totally assured and confident in her appearance and behaviour. There was no affectation about her sexual appeal, she was well aware of how sexy she looked and the effect she could have on males of all ages!

When we'd finished eating Eve suggested we drink our coffees in the lounge. She said she had some pictures of particular interest to show me, and without waiting for my reply went to fetch them. After a lengthy absence she eventually returned carrying a couple of photo-albums and looking even more desirable.

I instantly noted she'd changed clothes, brushed her hair and retouched her make-up - not forgetting to apply more perfume -- and at this point my self-restraint began to abandon me, and I felt the stirrings of an erection.

Eve invited me to thumb through the albums; avid to see my reaction to the pictures. Opening the cover of the first one I was flabbergasted to see glamour photos of Eve. Sexy pictures of her wearing lingerie in various stages of undress, and in some instances -- naked and explicit! I turned the pages slowly while Eve commented on individual portraits, asking for my opinion as a fellow snapper. Did I find her sexy? Did her body do credit to the lingerie she wore? What about the lighting?

I began to sense an intense change in Eve's demeanour as she leaned closer to me, the potency of her perfume flooding my senses. Our bodies and hands touched and my breathing became laboured. My pulse rate quickened in response to the sexy pictures, as did my desire to kiss and caress the woman sitting next to me; the woman in the photographs whose body was thrilling my burgeoning erection.

The photo-album sitting on my lap camouflaged the bulge in my trousers, but the weighty album only added to the acute discomfort my erection suffered. I had never before experienced such a frustrating ache as I did then. My discomfort occasionally proclaimed itself when my cock throbbed making the album jerk and the more pressure I applied to keep the book steady, the more achingly desperate was my feeling for relief.

Eve's questioning didn't exactly help my situation either, as she continued to quiz me about which picture was my favourite and why. Then, after I'd given a rather frank opinion of one particular picture of her wearing a basque and stockings and brandishing a whip, I felt her hand on my thigh and the indisputable sensation of her fingers squeezing my flesh, less than an inch from the tip of my hardened cock! It was then I thought about excusing myself to visit the toilet, where I could have a swift wank.

But, it transpired that I didn't need to make an excuse. Eve apparently had it all planned. She closed the album and removed it from my lap. Suddenly my undisguised erection showed itself prominently.

There was no describing my embarrassment as Eve stared at the bulge, which pulsated out of control and when she spoke her inflection was undeniably seductive.

'My word, Paul, is that the result of looking at my pictures?'

I couldn't answer immediately; my inexperience and naivety all too obvious. Eventually I did manage to croak a single response to affirm her question.

'Well, young man, I'm truly flattered. It is the ultimate compliment you could pay me and I'm so pleased that you find me so desirable. But, I think we should do something about making you feel more comfortable. Don't you?' She whispered gazing into my eyes.

Eve awaited my answer, but I was hesitant. I was trying to fathom out whether her implied remark about making me feel more comfortable referred to me going off to the bathroom to masturbate or something even more exciting. On the other hand, could I have totally misconstrued her words in order to fit my lustful mood?

Well, not to beat about the bush - and Eve's was beautifully trimmed, as I was to later discover - she did mean masturbation; but by her own fair hands.

I watched the unrepressed industry of Eve's fingers as she undid my belt and tugged my trousers and shorts to the floor, revealing my manhood in full throbbing mode. She emitted an audible gasp as she grasped the shaft and began squeezing and stroking, forcing my pre-cum to appear.

Licking away my excitement Eve took me between her glorious red lips and into her mouth, sucking voraciously. My sexual metamorphis was complete when Eve told me not to worry about holding back on my orgasm. If I wanted to finish, she said, let it go, it didn't matter about messing her clothes.

So, my capacity to withstand her sexual intimidation was put to the test and under her expert and patient tuition Mistress Eve, who at forty-four years of age and twenty-two years older than me -- and even older than my mum, initiated me in the thrill of oral sex, transforming my callow artlessness into a refined appreciation of fellatio.

Eve's head bobbed up and down as she continued to take me between her lips. At the point where her teeth passed the base of my glans she stopped to suck forcefully making me shiver with pleasure. Aware of the excitement she was creating in me, she repeated her assurance regarding any premature ejaculation I might experience.

The words had hardly passed her lips before I did precisely that. I was far too excited to restrain myself and I shot cum over her dress and hands, a lot of cum which pleased Eve and made me feel a whole lot better; though somewhat embarrassed at not being able to show more self-control.

She clucked and cooed about my achievement making me feel a little better about myself, but did nothing to wipe away my mess. Eve kissed the tip of my cock and I heard her mutter that she wanted to sit on it, she wanted my slippery cock inside her cunt, she told me.

So, without further hesitation Eve hoisted her tight skirt, whipped off her white lacy panties and, stuffing them in my mouth, straddled my lap.

Her surprise at discovering my erection didn't go flaccid fuelled my sense of pride and boosted my ego. The realisation that my prowess pleasured Eve conferred me with a cavalier attitude, a swagger which my lustful desire pursued as I squeezed her breasts.

'Paul, are you happy for me to do this? Do you feel comfortable with an older woman taking pleasure in your body?' Eve wanted to know as she wriggled into her preferred position on my lap, our naked flesh coming together. 'Tell me you love it all.' Through a mouthful of lace overlaid with the redolence of her pussy juices -- another brand new experience -- I managed to mutter confirmation.

I didn't lift a finger to assist Eve as she introduced my cock into her pussy. She took complete control, all the time whispering words of encouragement and praise for my rigidity.

Eve's pubic area was devoid of hair save for a small, inverted diamond-shaped patch, which pointed downwards to the apex of her vagina. I'd never seen a pubeless pussy in the flesh, so to speak, let alone felt one, so the titillation of feeling my knob kiss against her naked, moist labia was a thrill beyond my immediate sphere of sexual experience.

But it was the sensation of feeling my cock being guided through those naked labia and into Eve's pleasure passage that really brought the moment into focus. My whole world came alive as a succession of carnal revelations engulfed my senses. Talk about fireworks going off, it felt more like a nuclear device. My immediate concern was that I might be too quick once more in cumming, so I offered only a token response to Eve's physical movements.

'By fuck, Paul, you feel good inside me.' She whispered urging her hips into accepting more of my cock. 'You're so big and thick, you fill me up! Now, why don't you fuck me?' Eve began moving her hips up and down encouraging a reaction from me. I responded, naturally, but the tangible effect of her tight, wet pussy on my sensitive young cock wasn't the perfect recipe for a prolonged session of intercourse. I had to break the persistent chain of sexual bliss before it dominated my need to cum.

'Don't you want me to wear any protection?' I asked naively thinking the question might take my sensitivity down a notch.

'Protection, you mean like a sheath?'


'We don't need anything like that, unless you want to de-sensitise your cock. Please say you don't want to do that. I want to feel your beautiful, naked manhood raking my cunt and I'm sure you do too. So forget that, Paul. Just fuck me. And don't worry if you're too quick again, you'll have many more opportunities in the future to get it right.'

So we resumed indulging. But, I have to admit I paused now and then for my climax to subside to a level I could control.

With Eve making all the running I was able to concentrate on fondling her breasts. She told me they would feel nicer if I unzipped her dress and pulled the top down. So I reached around and followed her instructions. When she'd shaken her arms from the sleeves I was presented with the beautiful sight of her mature breasts supported and exquisitely displayed in the same lacy bra I'd seen earlier. Only this time they, and the bra, were only millimetres from my face.

Eve reached behind her back and slipped the clasp of the bra. The garment fell loose releasing her wonderful mature breasts and I raised my hands to touch them. I couldn't give a toss about her age. If she wanted me in this manner, then I was prepared to let her do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. But would I ever be able to fuck her for more than two minutes before shooting my load, which was about to manifest itself -- big time?

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