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byMany Feathers©

I had joined the Navy shortly after graduation. We were headed home to port after an extended cruise, my last as I was due for rotation to shore-duty and from there to an honorable discharge six month's later. Still several days away before we docked, I'd received a telegram from my mother. The fact she'd sent a telegram rather than a letter told me it was urgent. Worried, I quickly opened it the moment I'd received it, and laughed. Good old mom. My younger sister Cindy had finally come out of the proverbial closet as it were, announcing to my parents something I had known for a number of years. She was gay, and had finally gotten around to telling them. The only bad part as I saw it was in making that announcement, she had also informed them she was moving to the west coast where she had gotten a lucrative job working for a newspaper as a reporter.

As I finished reading the telegram, relieved that nothing of a serious nature had actually happened, my mother's final words to me were to look up my sister as soon as I arrived to see if I could convince her to change her life-style. Once again I laughed. I had every intention of seeing her of course, after all she was my sister, but I had no intention in "talking" to her as mother had asked me to. It had been over a year now since I had seen her last. Excited she would be living and working in the same city where I'd be stationed, I looked forward to spending time with her again.

I sent a telegram back to my mother telling her I was indeed anxious to see Cindy, though not for the same reasons she was. And wrote my sister letting her know when it was we'd be sailing into port.

When the day arrived, I along with everyone else stood by the railing in an attempt to spot those who had come to see us in. I wasn't too surprised to discover that I couldn't pick my sister out from the throng of wives and relatives who stood anxiously waiting for us to finally begin debarkation from aboard ship.

Finally it was my turn to leave. Throwing my duffle bag over my shoulder, I made my way down to the dock wondering if Cindy had ever received my telegram. I hadn't heard back from her after sending it, prepared to catch a Taxi to my sister's address that mother had given me.


Hearing my name being called out was a bit of a surprise. But the familiarity behind the voice wasn't. Spinning around, setting my duffle bag down on the pavement as I did, I expectantly turned to see my sister standing there. Which she was of course, but I hadn't expected to see her looking as she was. It had been well over a year since I'd last seen her, but I wasn't prepared for the obvious change in her during that time. At just a little over five feet, Cindy had always been considered 'petite'. For as long as I'd known her, she'd always worn her light brown hair long. Turning, it took me a moment to realize I was actually staring at my little sister. Her hair was now blonde, and only slightly longer than mine was.

"Cindy?" I found myself actually questioning.

The eyes, and certainly the smile was the same however. Cindy immediately came into my arms giving me a warm sisterly hug.

"Well? What do you think?" she said stepping away, spinning around in a circle.

"I like!" I said honestly, still getting used to this new look, realizing as I did that this was probably something else my mother had had to deal with though without expressing it in words to me.

It was also at that moment that I saw another woman standing a short distance away. Catching her eye, she smiled. She was strikingly beautiful. Unlike my sister, she wore her near coal black hair long, well down the middle of her back though at the moment it was tightly braided.

"Jack? This is...Melinda," Cindy said hesitating briefly before giving me her name.

I wasn't sure if she'd considered saying something other than that, partner, or lover perhaps. But just in the way she introduced Melinda to me said it all. Turning towards her, Melinda extended her hand in greeting. As she did, I heard Cindy giggle.

"Oh for hells sake Mel," Cindy began, using the far more intimate acknowledgement of her partner by using the shortened version of her name. "He's my brother, he's family...just like you are. Give him a hug!" she said laughing.

I smiled, albeit a bit awkwardly as I wasn't sure if 'Mel' as Cindy had called her was quite prepared to be receiving a hug from me just yet. Melinda smiled back however just as warmly, and stepped into my arms.

"Cindy's told me quite a bit about you," she said easily as she hugged me.

The fact that I had been at sea for several months, away from any female contact became an instant reminder to me. The feel of Melinda's breasts pressed against my chest alerted me to a wakening condition that had no business occurring, especially under these circumstances, and I hastily pulled away breaking the unexpected hug. I'd only had one serious relationship during High School, someone whom I'd expected to settle down with. Shortly after graduation however, Daniel had gotten pregnant, and not by me. Which was the main reason I had enlisted in the Navy in the first place. To put things behind me, and find a way of dealing with the only woman I had ever known or even been with. Still, standing there hugging Mel reminded me how long it had been since I'd even held another woman, the rapid hardening of my prick ringing alarm bells inside my head. Fearing she'd notice, I pulled back stepping away. I was relieved when Mel showed no outward signs that she was aware of my awkward condition.

"Come on, let's get out of here," Cindy grabbed my arm inserting hers through it.

I grabbed my duffle bag hefting it back on my shoulder. Cindy placed her free arm around Melinda's waist, and together we headed off arm in arm that way back to their car.

"I don't have to report until tomorrow," I'd said answering my sister's question. "I'll get an assignment to the barracks until I can find a place of my own."

"Barracks?" Melinda questioned.

"You don't have to worry about that Jack, you can stay with us until you can find a place," Cindy added firmly.

I shot Melinda a worried glance, but she merely smiled nodding her head.

"We've already discussed it, there's plenty of room. You can have the sofa bed in the living room while you're there. Cindy and I share one bedroom, Veronica and Theresa share the other."

"Veronica and Theresa?" I asked nearly dropping my bag.

"Yeah, our other roommates," Cindy said easily. "After I moved here, I met the three of them at one of the local bars. We've all been the best of friends ever since. And don't worry Jack, I've told them all about you, and it was at their suggestion that you stay with us until you can find yourself a place to live."

I reminded myself not to mention a word of this to any of the guys I knew. Not that there was anything wrong with my sister being a lesbian, but staying with four lesbians was bound to cause quite a stir amongst my ship-mates.

We drove to their apartment in Cindy's truck. Sitting in the middle, Mel put her arm around Cindy's shoulders affectionately. It was evident they truly cared about one another, and though I had never been worried or concerned about my sister's preference for other women, I found myself assured as we drove that she was truly happy. By the time we arrived, I felt like I had known Mel a lot longer than thirty minutes, and felt totally comfortable around her as she was with me.

Which was a good thing, as I was about to meet Theresa and Veronica where my entire way of thinking was about to be turned upside down and inside out.

My sister might have been a lesbian, but she and Melinda were just as feminine looking as any other woman you'd see out on the street. When I met Veronica, though she didn't have that masculine appearance to her necessarily, the look in her eyes was one of no-nonsense. She managed to convey to me while gripping my hand firmly in greeting that she didn't take shit from anyone, especially men if they thought themselves superior. She too wore her hair fairly short, swept back behind her ears, dark brown though frosted. She had a nice chest, but I immediately discarded any thought in that direction out of fear that merely touching my hand she'd somehow be able to read my mind. To put it simply, I had no intention of getting on Veronica's bad side.

Theresa on the other hand was a sultry, beautiful looking woman with shimmering strawberry blond hair that fell well beyond her shoulders, though not quite as long in length as Melinda's hair was. With a fair complexion to go along with that, Theresa looked almost too fragile as though any time spent in the sun would wrinkle that baby smooth skin detracting from that porcelain doll look she portrayed. Shorter than everyone else including my sister, it seemed odd that she would be paired with Veronica, who was a good inch taller than I was.

"Come on Jack, dinners getting cold!" Cindy said, leading me into the dinning room

In honor of my homecoming, Veronica and Theresa had fixed a fabulous dinner. Sitting around the table, we enjoyed our feast, talking well into the night until before anyone realized it, it was past midnight.

"Well, I guess we'd best turn in," Sis said with a yawn. "Big day tomorrow, we need to go clothes shopping for Jack," she announced to everyone.

I had very little in the way of 'civilian' clothes with me, which I had told sis about earlier. Which is when she came up with the idea of her and Mel taking me out shopping.

"You'd best go first Jack," Cindy told me pointing down the hall.

I'd been made aware of the bathroom situation earlier. Cindy and Mel had a shower and toilet in the bathroom connecting their bedroom. The 'bath' and second toilet could be accessed on two sides. One from the hallway, the other from the bedroom Veronica and Theresa shared. Needless to say, time spent in the bath was at a premium, and I hurriedly made my way to one before the girls started preparing for bed.

By the time I immerged from the bathroom, Cindy and Mel had made up the sofa bed for me to sleep in. Veronica and Theresa had already disappeared into their room. As I usually slept in nothing but a pair of Navy boxers, I was very careful keeping the fly on them from opening, actually having to hold it closed with one hand. Seeing this, Melinda actually laughed.

"I think we also need to get him something to sleep in, or at least a pair of men's briefs while we're out shopping tomorrow," she added with a wink.

My sister joined her in agreement, looking down at my crotch as I attempted to hold the opening closed with my hand as I prepared to jump into bed.

"Good idea. Especially if either Veronica or Theresa gets out of bed to get something to drink later," Cindy turned looking at me.

"Why's that?" I asked curiously.

"Because, they both sleep in the nude. I can only imagine the difficulties that might cause if you should happen to be up when either of them came marching into the kitchen," she said with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

I felt my face turning crimson.

"Don't worry. I'm a pretty sound sleeper," I informed her. "Even if either of them does get up, I probably won't even hear them," I stated, trying to assure her I wouldn't make any attempt to spy on them, let alone anything else. Cindy giggled however without comment. But Melinda did.

"You don't know Veronica very well yet," she said with a hint of something else behind the comment.

I saw my sister cast Melinda a warning frown. "We had a talk about that already Mel," she said quickly.

Turning back towards me, her features softened and she leaned over to give me an affectionate kiss.

"Sleep tight big brother. See you in the morning!"

"Night sis, night Melinda," I replied as they turned to head off towards their bedroom.

"Goodnight Jack," Mel said looking back at me over her shoulder. "Sweet dreams!"

I saw my sister give her what I thought was a playful punch in the side when she said that. But I couldn't help but wonder if she had given me some sort of a warning at the same time. The bed was comfortable enough, and I was tired, so I soon drifted comfortably off to sleep.

It had been a long time since I'd been with a woman. Sharing an apartment with four of them, even if they were lesbians, with one being my sister, still had all sorts of thoughts racing through my mind as I drifted off to sleep. I began to dream. In my dream, I felt the soft touch of someone's hand slowly stroking me to hardness. Her soothing voice beckoning to me, arousing me with her words.

"Jack?" she whispered. "Jack, wake up," she continued to urge me.

The dream was too good. The touch of her hand was too good. I didn't want to wake up, whoever was calling me, talking to me, was interrupting the best fucking dream I'd had in a long, long time.

"I'm up," I said simply, giving into the prompting to open my eyes. In doing so, I frowned inwardly as the lusty images I'd been enjoying evaporated like a morning mist crossing the lake. Though the images had disappeared, the sensations continued. Which is when I realized that someone was indeed fondling my very aroused erection.

"I'll say you are!"

Now I really was awake as I sat up in surprise. Veronica was sitting on the bed next to me. The last person I'd ever expected to wake up and find stroking my cock, if I was to even pick one, was Veronica.

"What the hell?"

"Shhh, you'll wake everyone," she whispered.

I felt goose bumps suddenly appear all over my body. The sensuality of her voice as she spoke almost conspiratorial to me made the 'moment' we were sharing extremely erotic.

"What are you doing anyway?" I asked as her hand continued to playfully stroke my erection.

"Isn't it obvious?"

"You know what I mean," I answered.

I didn't want the delicious sensations to stop, but I pulled away from her anyway, rolling over just enough that she was forced to withdraw her hand. Confused for one thing, nervous as hell for another, I was glad my eyes had now accustomed themselves to the darkness so I could see her better.

"Umm, unless I missed something, aren't you a...a..."

"Lesbian?" she finished for me.

"Ah, yeah, something like that. Which again begs the question, what are you doing since you are?"

Veronica laughed, though she did so quietly enough that there was no worry that anyone would have heard her.

"Believe it or not Jack, I was once married...to a man. Just because I prefer the company of women doesn't mean I still don't enjoy a good fuck once in a while!"

"Which you think I would be?" I questioned, still confused, still nervous, but growing more and more excited by the second.

"I don't know. I hope so. Unless you're not interested," she added.

Oh, I was interested all right. But I was also scared to death. Like I said, it had been a long, long time. The last thing I wanted to do, especially with Veronica was to have performance problems for one thing. And for another, I didn't want to become 'fodder' for her having something to laugh about later if I failed to pleasure her. Which with her being a lesbian was foremost on my mind at the moment.

"Well? You want to or not?"

My cock answered for me, throbbing with interest, which she saw even in the darkness of the living room. Seeing that, Veronica smiled. Without so much as another word, I lay there watching as she reached down peeling the over-sized tee shirt she was wearing up and over her head. It was all she was wearing too. As the garment came off, Veronica revealed two of the loveliest breasts I'd seen in quite some time. Even in the few 'stroke' magazines, which had been my only source of pleasure up until now.

Veronica had large breasts, though not overly so. But she did have the biggest nipples I'd ever seen before. Her areolas nearly covered the tips of both breasts, dark brown, though complimenting her olive skinned complexion. She'd also had her bellybutton pierced, a tiny diamond stud nestled comfortably inside her naval. Even in the darkness it sparkled periodically as it caught the reflection of the full moon peeking in through the window at us.

Slipping into bed beside me, my hands automatically reached out to capture those twin orbs of beauty. She moaned as I did, drawing herself even closer to me, her hand once again seeking me out. As she did that, I wrapped my lips around one of those wonderful extended nipples, feeling the tautness of it as I tenderly licked, sucked and caressed it with my tongue. Veronica moaned once again, a little louder this time, reminding me when she did how precarious our situation was.

"Shhh," I whispered. "Someone might hear us,"

I heard a giggle.

"Someone has!"

Veronica laughed. "I was wondering when you'd come out to join us."

I first saw the shadow of another presence. Then, as Theresa crossed into the faint light of the moon that was sharing our bed, I realized who had giggled. Not too surprisingly as I certainly hadn't expected either Melinda or my sister upon hearing the sound of another's voice.

"Room for me?" Theresa asked already slipping into bed on the other side, effectively sandwiching Veronica in between us.

"Always," came the reply.

I watched as Theresa leaned over giving Veronica a very passionate kiss. It was the most erotic thing I'd ever witnessed. Still busily tonguing my way around her left breast, Theresa cupped Veronica's right one, tenderly toying with her already extended nipple, tweaking it playfully.

"Fuck I'm horny!" Veronica announced. "Come on Jack, fuck me!" she stated boldly.

Lying on her back, Veronica let me know how she wanted me to do that by informing me to lay crossways to her. The reasoning behind that became immediately apparent as I slowly began to ease my prick inside that wonderfully wet cunt. As I began to slip myself inside, Theresa positioned herself over Veronica in a very familiar '69' position. Hungrily, Veronica began devouring her partner's pussy with a series of pleasurable flicks of her tongue, eliciting soft mewling sounds from Theresa as she did. Seconds later, Theresa lowered herself spreading Veronica's pussy lips apart with her hands baring the hard nubbin of her sex. Delightedly, I watched as she began spearing her extended clit with her tongue, licking that delicate sensitive piece of flesh while I slowly began thrusting my prick in and out of Veronica's pussy, matching the tempo of pleasuring that both women had set.

"Oh yes...yes. That's it. Just like that Jack, keep fucking me, just...like...that!"

Theresa periodically glanced up towards me, smiling whenever she did, ensuring that her tongue remained embedded inside her lovers throbbing quim. When she tentatively extended one hand to caress my rapidly tightening balls, I nearly lost it.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned unable to control myself. "Too loud!" I admonished myself silently, fearful that I would awaken Melinda, and worse...my sister. The last thing I wanted was to be confronted by her with my prick buried deep inside Veronica's cunt. Not only would it be too embarrassing to bare, I would in all likelihood find myself catching a taxi back to the base in the middle of the night. Even if this had been Veronica's idea, with Theresa merely complicating the mix, I wasn't sure how well my being with the two of them would be received by Melinda or Cindy. And as much as I was enjoying the unbelievable encounter, I continually glanced down the darkened hallway expecting to see either one of them or both coming in to investigate what all the noise was about.

"I'm almost there," Veronica purred, effectively driving away my fears momentarily. I began to increase the tempo and depth of my penetrations much to Veronica's delight.

"Oh yeah! Yeah! That's it! Just like that Jack! Keep fucking me, just like that! Theresa, suck my clit baby, suck it hard now...make me cum!" Veronica sang as the quiver of her excitement totally took control over her voice.

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