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Unbelievable Fate


Kevin Donnelly was a black haired hunk and his fiancée Bev a gorgeous blonde. Their friends all said they were the perfect couple. They looked like models when they showed up at the pool decked out in their skimpy thongs. They had spent spring break the last two years skiing at Crested Butte, Co. It was their favorite time of year. They skied, made love, and skied some more, relishing the few days they had at this time of year. Kevin made their usual accommodations and reservations, all was set. All, that is, except his fiancée. She dumped him one week after their plans were made. She left school, returned home and was marrying an old home town flame. Kevin was crushed, but decided to make the fifteen hour drive, determined to have fun doing what he loved, skiing.

Kevin cried for most of the trip. Every time he would think he had things under control, he would see something that would remind him of her. A car like hers, someone who looked like her, anything. And he would lose it again. He was so close now that he couldn't bare to turn back. He would have a blast, no one to wait on, just hit the slopes and off he would go. He cried to think she would not be there for him to wait on. He remembered how antsy he would get waiting on her to use the ladies room just as they were heading back out on the slopes. He wished she was here now.

He was almost across Utah, just at the Colorado line when he had to stop for gas. He pulled off I-70 into a one horse town and he doubted that the horse could run. He pulled into a garage with a Shell sign in front. He looked for a self service sign but didn't see one. He saw the attendant in the garage looking at a car and talking to the owner. Kevin decided to pump his own gas, he didn't want to stay here too long. The voices in the garage were getting louder, not the attendant but the owner. Kevin heard a ladies voice between crying and hysteria. He heard her all but scream at the poor guy she couldn't wait two days she had to be…and her voice tailed off.

Kevin finished filling his SUV and headed to pay. As he entered the garage a red faced, black haired, blue eyed beauty stopped him dead in his tracks. This girl was so beautiful he couldn't believe she would be in a place like this. It was like seeing the Mona Lisa in a plane unfinished wooden frame. The mechanic was explaining that way out here they can't just run to a parts store and get parts. The delivery truck would be here in two days. He could order her parts and have her back on the road Tuesday, it was Saturday today.

"TUESDAY, TUESDAY!" this babe was hot. "I HAVE…I have reservations that I will lose today if I'm not there by six, even if I called now and told them I would be late, they won't hold them, I didn't pay to have them hold my reservation. I should have been there THREE HOURS AGO!" She turned and looked at Kevin. "What are you looking at?!"

"A very distrait young lady." He said calmly.

Kevin took thirty dollars out of his wallet. The gas bill was a little less, he told the attendant to keep the change. He started to walk out but something pulled him back.

"Is there something I can do for you?" He asked her.

"No, no one can do anything to help." She answered.

"Well, how do you know until you explain your problem?" He replied.

"Ok…ok, I have to be in Crested Butte by six tonight to make my reservations. It's almost three. Can you get me there?" She said with a smirk.

"Yes." Was all Kevin said.

"What? What do you mean yes!" She asked with new interest in him.

"I'm headed to Crested Butte. I have reservations at the lodge there starting tonight. I did have them hold mine." He smirked back and headed to his car.

"Wait, WAIT!" She all but begged. "Will you take me?"

"You didn't ask if I would take you, you merely asked if I could get you there." He said, Kevin wasn't feeling any too generous toward the fairer sex just now.

"Will you take me, please?" She asked humbly.

"Sure, get in." He said, deciding that the company might be interesting.

"Well, what about my car?" She asked.

"What about it?" Kevin returned.

"I can't just leave it here." She looked at the attendant.

"Why, the guy has to have your car here to fix it doesn't he?" Kevin offered.

"Yeah, I guess he does." She said.

The attendant agreed to fix the car for a set price and she could pay on her way back, and pick up her car. She loaded her bags into Kevin's car. He helped her, his caring heart getting the best of him.

She climbed into Kevin's car and ran her fingers through her black hair. Her dilemma wasn't over, they still had a three hour drive ahead of them and only three hours to make it in. No room for error. She was nervous to say the least but when they got on the road she calmed down.

They hadn't driven far when Kevin offered his hand and said, "I'm Kevin, Kevin Donnelly."

She shook his hand and replied, "Mandy Crawford."

"Glad to meet you." Kevin added.

Mandy took a deep breath and said, "Kevin, I'm sorry for my attitude right now. I am more than glad to meet you. You are a knight in shinning armor to me and I wouldn't blame you if you had left me in that hell hole back there. I still have to make it by six and we are a long ways off. I'm going to be juat a little anxious I'm sure, please bare with me. This has not been a good day."

Kevin told Mandy his sad story. About his fiancée leaving him. That he was trying to make the best of things. Mandy's sympathy for him was sincere and heartfelt. He finished his story with a few added details.

"I told you all that to say this." Kevin said. "If I had left you back there I would not have missed a wink of sleep over it."

Mandy sat there quiet for the next twenty miles. The scenery was magnificent. The mountains breathtaking. There was a light snow falling. She tried to climb into his shoes for awhile. She reached over and placed her hand on his arm.

"Kevin, whether you kick me out right here, or wait a few more miles or get me to Crested Butte, I am so sorry for your loss." She broke down many bricks in the wall that she had originally built.

He gave her a half smile, not taking his eyes off the road. The trip was more pleasant after that. They talked and shared their reasons for coming to Crested Butte. She tried to get away this time of year every year. Her schedule at work was crazy and she reserved this week to get away alone and refill her spirit and refresh herself. Skiing was her passion. She had to get to the mountains at least once a year, more if she could. She was an assistant editor for a large magazine and the work load was always hectic. She had gone to work for the magazine straight out of high school forgoing college. A friend of her mothers had gotten her a job there and she had worked her way up to her present position over the past three years.

Mandy looked at her watch more and more the closer they got. They had passed Grand Jct. and were about two hours away. By the time they got to Gunnison, she was fit to be tied. Thirty miles to go and it was 5:30! Kevin asked if she would like to stop for a hot chocolate, teasing of course? She looked at him as if he were crazy. He smiled and she snickered but she was on pins and needles.

Kevin pulled into the drive of the lodge at 6:05. Mandy jumped out and rushed in flying to the desk. The desk clerk was checking the reservation when Kevin got to her side.

"What did he say?" Kevin asked. "Did we make it?"

Mandy just shook her head and closed her eyes and said, "I don't know he's checking on it now."

The clerk looked at the monitor and shook his head yes. "Yes ma'am, right here."

Mandy sighed a sigh of relief and gave Kevin a huge hug. She turned to the clerk to give him her credit card and saw a shocked look come over his face. He looked down at the next clerk working with a couple and back down at his monitor, shaking his head in disgust.

"Frank, did you just use the Crawford reservation?" the first clerk asked.

"Yes." Frank answered and returned to his customers.

The clerk looked at Mandy stupefied. "Ma'am, I am sorry but that reservations is not available after all."

Mandy's heart sunk in her chest. Tears began to well up in her eyes. Nothing could keep them from flowing down her cheeks. She turned and headed back out the door. When Kevin reached her, the tears were flowing freely. The emotional roller coaster she had been riding all day was too much for her.

"Hi beautiful, can I buy you a drink?" He asked.

Mandy just chuckled through her tears once, wiped them away with her gloved hand and looked at him like a lost little lamb.

"Kevin, what do I do now?" She realized she had no where to go.

"Go to the lounge I think, if you want that drink." He was trying to put her mind at rest.

He put his arm around her and led her toward the quiet bar. The patrons were all getting ready for the nights activities. Kevin and Mandy were almost alone, better for her to cry. The waitress took their orders. Baileys for Mandy a Lowenbrau for Kevin. They sipped their drinks quietly. Mandy didn't have much to say. Kevin had plenty to say but he was waiting for the right time. Finally he broke the silence.

"Mandy, why not stay with me?" Kevin watched for her reaction, and he got it.

"You can't be serious! I don't even know you. Three hours in your car doesn't make us roommates." She looked up at the ceiling and shook her head.

"Why not? You take the bed, I will take the sleeper loveseat. You close your eyes while I'm in the shower, and I will hold my fingers over my eyes while you are." He held his fingers spread wide open in front of his face, his eyes peering through the gaps between them.

She laughed but it quickly turned into a sigh. "Oh Kevin, what am I going to do?"

"Mandy. Let's go to the room and maybe we can get a clearer picture of the situation. I promise, I will only kiss you once and then I will leave you alone, promise." He smiled down at the forlorn beauty.

"Ok, but I'm not staying with you, I will tell you right now, I'm not." She said determined.

Kevin went to the desk, checked in and got his key. He got to the stairs and motioned to Mandy. She reluctantly followed. They got to the room and started looking around. Kevin left the door open to put Mandy at ease.

"See, you take the bed and I will sleep here." Kevin said pulling out the hide-a-bed.

He plopped down and laced his fingers behind his head. Mandy sat on the bed rubbing the blanket with her hand. She looked out the window at the mountain and the snow. The beauty was astonishing. She looked at Kevin but shook her head no.

"Kevin, there's just no way." She said sadly.

Kevin was leaning on one hand now lying on his side looking at her. He looked down at the floor trying to think of something that would make it alright for her to stay.

"Mandy, I know we don't know each other. This is not a good situation but there seems to be no way around it. I am not interested in doing anything that will upset or make you think less of me. I will keep my hands and eyes where they belong if you decide to stay. We can wear sweats to bed. I will leave the room any time you need your privacy. I promise, if you wake me at midnight so you can have a good cry I am out of here." He said.

Mandy just sat and studied his face. He was honest looking. Extremely handsome, that might be her biggest fear, and he seemed honorable to the max. She stood and walked to the window. The beauty touched her deep, she could feel the calming effect the mountains working on her. She opened the sliding door and walked onto the balcony. The fresh mountain air filled her lungs. The peaceful silence was so therapeutic. The trees standing just a few yards away had snow covered limbs. It was a picture postcard scene.

Kevin walked to the open door, "Hey lady, buy you diner?" He was still trying to put her at ease.

She turned and looked at him and smiled but her look was one of quiet confusion. She stared through him as if he weren't there. What was she to do? Where would she go if she didn't stay? Too many unanswerable questions. She walked back in.

"Might as well, nothing else to do." She said.

They headed to the restaurant in the lodge. The hostess showed them to their table. Their waiter was there soon after. He took their drink order and gave them each a menu. The food was great Kevin assured Mandy and it was on him. He hoped she would feel better after a good meal and a stiff drink. They ate their diner. Kevin tried to make small talk to put her mind at rest. He got several warm laughs out of her, all seemed to be going well. Then Mandy made him a happy man.

"You promise, when I take a shower or get ready for bed you're out of the room?" She asked.

"Promise, cross my heart and hope to die!" Kevin held up the boy scouts sign and crossed his heart with his other hand.

She dropped her head back against the chair and just stared at the ceiling. Her mind had been racing for over an hour now and it was about out of track. She looked at Kevin again and said alright. Kevin signed the meal to his room. They left the restaurant and headed to Kevin's car to get their bags. When they got back to the room Mandy placed her bags here and there, claiming her space, Kevin took what was left. He didn't mind. They settled in for their first night together. Kevin had brought his fiancée's favorite wine and whiskey, he had bought it so he brought it, not really sure why. They sipped wine and stayed up talking and laughed when things got funny, until almost midnight. Mandy was lying on the bed and Kevin on the sofa. Mandy stretched and announced she was going to bed. She got up and headed to the bathroom.

"Listen, Mandy while you're in the bathroom I will change out here, so let me know when you're coming out. I will beat you I'm sure but you never know. I know this will be awkward for a day or two and by then we will be out of here. It will work just fine, I promise." He said trying to reassure her.

She smiled back at him as she closed the door behind her. When she came out the lights were out and Kevin was in his bed. She wore her sweats, nothing sexy there. She wasn't taking any chances, after all, Ted Bundy seemed to be a great guy on the outside. She pulled down the covers and slipped into bed.

"Hey, Mandy, you asleep?" Kevin called.

"Of course not, I just got in bed." She giggled.

"Are we going to ski together tomorrow?" Kevin asked.

"I don't know I haven't really thought about it." She replied.

"I bet I'm better than you." Kevin was feeling playful.

"Go to sleep Kevin." Mandy sounded like his mother.

From out of the darkness, a pillow hit Mandy in the face causing her to gasp with surprise. She threw it back and told Kevin to get to sleep. She could hear him snickering into his pillow. He made ruffling sounds as he rolled to his back in the bed.

"Hey Mandy, this is going to be so much fun. Thanks for staying." He said.

Mandy just lay her head down on her pillow and closed her eyes. A smile crossed her beautiful lips. The fact that Kevin hadn't made a move or tried any usual boy tricks on her put her as ease. She liked this guy, things would be fine with them. That is if she could keep the little boy in him from starting pillow fights. Why do guys get such a kick out of girls having pillow fights? She dozed off with no worries.

About 3:00 in the morning a tree branch full of snow fell making a loud crashing sound outside the window. Mandy stirred from her sleep. As her eyes adjusted she saw the moonlight flooding into the room. The trees outside were wonderful, all aglow in the soft white light. As her eyes were closing she became aware of Kevin's soft breathing. She sleepily glanced at him just as her lids were half shut. The sight she saw brought them snapping back open.

The sheet on Kevin's bed looked more like a circus tent than anything else. Her mouth fell open at the sight. Oh my gosh, she thought, this guy is enormous! What in the heck was he doing sleeping in the nude? She tried to forget what she had seen, she rolled over and tried to close her eyes and return to her peaceful slumber. But he had shattered the peacefulness of this night's sleep and he wasn't even awake. She couldn't resist, she rolled back, pulled the covers up over her nose and stared at him. Mandy had always tried to imagined what it would be like with a well endowed man. Her sexual experience had not brought one across her path. She didn't inquire of her dates about their penis size. On the rare occasion when she had allowed a man to take her they were always less than she had hoped for. They left her unsatisfied, unfulfilled. She wasn't starving for it but the sight of this huge muscle started her head reeling. Now that she has laid down so many ground rules it will have to be up to her to break the rules if she decides to let Kevin have her. Her hand slid inside the waistband of her sweats. She quickly pulled it back out, giving herself a good tongue lashing. Oh why had she thought of the term tongue lashing. She was getting deeper into trouble with every minute. She tried to concoct a way to lift the cover and get a good look. Now who was the one who couldn't be trusted.

Kevin's erection subsided dropping the tent and allowing Mandy to get back to sleep but the damage was done. She would think about this continuously. She was afraid she wouldn't be able to look Kevin in the face tomorrow. She thought what a fool Kevin's fiancée must be.

The sunlight filled the room as Mandy's eyes opened to the new day. She instantly glanced at Kevin. He wasn't there. She didn't hear noise in the shower, there were no sounds at all. She sat up in bed and looked around. His sweats were piled beside his bed. She assumed they had been there long before he fell asleep last night. There was a knock on the door, and a voice outside.

"Mandy, you decent?" Kevin asked through the door. "Mandy?"

"Yes, Kevin it's ok, come in." She was wiping the sleep from her eyes and yawning awake.

Kevin was dressed in his ski pants, and sweater. He had two large cups of coffee. The aroma brought a smile to Mandy's lips. Kevin reach out handing one to her, she took it put it up to her nose and inhaled deeply.

"Oh, thanks Kevin. You're sweet." She said sleepily. He was holding up his end of the bargain she thought, he could have just burst into the room hoping to catch her dressing.

"I didn't know if you used cream or sugar." He said tossing dry packets of both on the bed beside her.

"No, black thanks." She replied.

She took a sip of the hot beverage. She blew on the lid before she took the next one. As Kevin turned to go into the bathroom her eyes dropped from his face to his crotch. Oh, she thought I am in big trouble with this guy. Something inside of her spoke up stating that she could use some trouble like this. She sipped her coffee.

When Kevin came out of the bath he announced. "I will be down stairs waiting on you if you want to ski with me. If not I'll hit the slopes."

"Give me a few minutes, ok. I think I would like that." She answered.

She met Kevin downstairs in less than fifteen minutes. They ate a quick breakfast and headed to the lifts. They both had their own equipment so they were ready to hit the lift and get the day started. As the lift chair came around to pick them up, Kevin grabbed hold of Mandy's coat and pulled her into the chair and held her tightly until they were well on their way.

"Oh, sorry Mandy, old habit I guess. Won't happen again, I promise." He said.

"Don't worry about it Kevin, I'm feeling much better about the whole thing today, just relax and be yourself. You were a perfect gentleman last night, thank you. We're going to have a great day." She said.

"Oh no, you mean that, be myself?" He smiled at her with a way too devilish smile. "Ok, you asked for it."

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