tagNovels and NovellasUnbelievable Summer Ch. 12

Unbelievable Summer Ch. 12

byD.C. Roi©

Bobby bumped into Helen Parker at the Jamestown Mall the afternoon following his encounter with Mrs. Williams. She was struggling with a pile of packages, so Bobby offered to give her a hand getting them home. The look the young man saw in her eyes told him she might like help with more than just packages, and he didn't mind that at all, especially since he had the rest of the day free.

Helen was wearing a pale pink halter dress that had a full skirt and a pink kerchief in her dark hair that made her look younger and quite attractive.

"You look terrific today," Bobby said. "That's a really pretty dress. It looks dynamite on you."

"You really think so?" she replied, blushing.

"Yeah, you're a knockout," Bobby said. "How about I treat you to lunch?"

Helen smiled at him. "Bobby, you really are a sweet young man, you know that?" she replied.

They took the packages out to Helen's car, had lunch at a restaurant in the mall then went to her house.

They walked inside, Bobby and Helen set the packages they were carrying on the kitchen table then Bobby pulled the woman into his arms and covered her lips with his.

Helen pressed against Bobby and her tongue thrust into his mouth. Heat rushed through her as his body pressed against hers. Excitement blossomed as their tongues lashed.

"Come on," Bobby said. He led her toward the living room when the kiss ended.

Helen went with him, her legs wobbly. She thought they were headed for the bedroom and was surprised when Bobby stopped in front of the sofa. She wasn't sure what he planned and didn't really care, just so they ended up making love. It had been quite a while since she'd last seen Bobby. He always made her feel so good and she needed that desperately!

Bobby sat down on the sofa and pulled Helen onto his lap. Her firm, bottom pressed against his swollen cock and she squirmed delightfully when their lips joined in another torrid kiss.

Helen was delighted to feel the young man's swollen cock prodding her bottom. She groaned, pressed more tightly against him, and jabbed her tongue into his mouth again.

Bobby got the belt encircling her waist undone, opened her dress, and his hands began roaming over hot skin, bringing gasps of delight from her.

Helen caressed Bobby's face and slid her fingers through his hair while her lips and tongue ranged over his face. "We...we shouldn't be doing this here, Bobby!" she murmured. "We...we should go to...to the bedroom."

"Who's going to come in?" Bobby asked. "You expecting somebody?" He slid his hand into the bodice of her dress, under her bra, and onto a warm, smooth breast, seeking her huge nipples, which he found so enticing.

"Ah...no...I guess not," Helen groaned and continued to squirm on his lap, making his already-hard cock even harder.

With a little fumbling, Bobby managed to get Helen's white lacy bra open, exposing her breasts.

"Ohhhhhh!!! Godddddd!!!!" she groaned while the teenager sucked on one turgid nipple, then the other. At the same time, his hands caressed and squeezed her breasts gently, adding immeasurably to the delight she was feeling.

Helen began stripping Bobby's clothes from him and soon they were sprawled naked on the sofa, his hands roaming over her body, hers venturing over at his. Helen had long since stopped worrying about being discovered. If someone walked into the house at that moment, they'd just have to wait until she and Bobby were finished!

Bobby shoved two fingers into his companion's soaking wet pussy and his thumb began caressing her clit. "You like this, don't you?" he whispered.

"Yessssss!!! Yesssss!!! Oh, Bobby!!! Yesssss!!!!" she cried, her body writhing. "Please, my darling! I...I need you!!! Take me!!!" She wanted him more than she ever had!

Bobby managed to slide around, so they were laying spoon-fashion on the sofa then he shoved his cock into her warm, snug opening. He liked this position because it allowed him to could suck on her nipples while he fucked her.

"God!!! You make me feel so wonderful!!!" Helen crooned as the young man's cock pistoned in and out of her. He was sucking her breast at the same time and it felt so good it was making her crazy!

"You...you...Oh, God!!!" Helen groaned, so overwhelmed with passion she was barely able to speak.

Bobby was enjoying the effect what he was doing had on Helen. She shook every time he slammed into her and was moaning and gurgling with delight.

"I can't waitttttt!!!! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Bobby!!! I can't wait!!!" Helen moaned. Her body stiffened, then began to tremble uncontrollably. "Gaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! I...I...I'm comming!!! Eeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Eeeeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Even though the lovely woman impaled on his cock was going wild, Bobby didn't come. His cock continued to sluice steadily in and out of her excitement-slick pussy.

"Bobby, you...you didn't come!" Helen exclaimed after her peak passed and her excitement had calmed enough so she could think more or less clearly. She wasn't sure how she knew Bobby hadn't come, but she did, and it made her fearful. "What..."

Bobby pulled out of Helen, got off the sofa, rolled her on her back then he fell atop her and plunged his cock into her again.

Helen's body rose to meet the young man's new invasion. "Yesss!!! Oh, God!!! Don't stop!!! Don't ever stop!!!" she cried, her hands clasping Bobby's ass, pulling him against her. He was a wild fucking machine and she couldn't get enough of him! Never!

Looking into her passion-inflamed face drew Bobby to the point his control was nearly gone. She looked so beautiful, so needy, and her body was moving against his so urgently!

"Gonna come!!!" he cried, feeling his insides begin to unleash, knowing that his explosion was near. "Oh, God!!!! I'm gonna comme!!!! Yyyyyeeeeeeahhhhhhhh!!!!!" Bobby yelled. His insides uncoiled and he spewed gusher after gusher of his hot cream into her.

"Yesssssss, Bobby!!! Oh, yesssssss!!! Take meeeeeeee!!! Take meeeeee!!!" Helen cried, pulling at her nephew, trembling with ecstasy once more. "More!!! More!!! Oh, Goddddddddd!!! Oh, Goddddddddd!!!!!!" Her body arched against his, her tight sleeve milking every bit of pleasure possible out of his cock.

"Wow!" Bobby said breathlessly. He and Helen lay wrapped in each other's arms on the sofa after they finished. "That was intense!"

Helen kissed him. "You are fantastic!" she exclaimed.

"I'm glad," Bobby said, "I want to be good for you."

"Oh, God! Are you ever!" Helen kissed him again. "I'm glad we ran into each other at the mall!"

"Me, too," Bobby agreed.

Helen ran her hand over the young man's bare chest and snuggled against him. She laid her head on his shoulder and savored the pressure of his body against hers.

Bobby lay there, enjoying the way her hair tickled his cheek. Then he felt her hand slide over his belly, seeking, then finding, his penis. She started stroking the flaccid organ and her face showed signs of burgeoning passion. Bobby's cock grew harder and harder as she stroked it.

Helen, her need once more flourishing, toyed with the young man's cock, massaging the fluids that seeped from the tip into the shaft. Bolt after bolt of delight shook her as she played with him. She couldn't help herself! He made her feel better than any man she'd ever made love with! She shifted a little and moved her head toward the rigid obelisk. She wanted to suck his cock, to taste that wonderful tool!

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!!" Bobby groaned when warmth and wetness suddenly covered his cock. He looked down and watched Helen suck on him! "Ohhhhhhhh!!!!" he moaned, his hips moving on the smooth fabric of the sofa.

Helen sucked Bobby avidly for a while, then she stood up, swung one of her legs over him, and seated herself bestride him. As she lowered herself on him, she grasped his cock and guided it into her. "I've got to...to...have...you again!!!" she groaned, starting to rock her hips. She couldn't wait any more! She needed him! Now! As she worked herself up and down on his cock, Bobby raised his head and began sucking her thick nipples, which were once again jutting proudly from her dancing breasts.

"I...I can't...can't stay away from you!!!" Helen murmured, her body rising and falling, making his cock lash around inside her hot snatch. It felt so damn good! "Whenever I...I get...near...you...got...to...have...you!!!"

"I need you, too," Bobby replied. He resumed his attentions to her breasts. Her nipples were incredible! He loved the way they got so big and hard when she was turned on. And she got so crazy when he sucked on them!

"You...keep...Ohhhhhh!!! You...keeeeep...that...up!!!!" Helen mewled, "and...I...I...Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Oh, Godddddddddd!!! I'm comming!!! Bobby!!! Take meeeeeeeee!!! Please!!! Please!!! Take meeeee!!! I can't stoppp!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I can't wait!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!" Her cries of delight echoed through the house as a maelstrom of passion whipped through her.

Bobby clamped his hands down on Helen's hips and kept sucking her nipples. Then he felt himself let loose. "Yeahhhhhhh!!! Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" he cried, hosing her insides with jets of his torrid cream.

Spent, Helen collapsed into the young man's arms and stayed atop him as he held her.

She kissed him. "You are a devil, you know that?" she asked.

"Yes," Bobby said, and licked one of her nipples.

Helen squirmed and giggled. "And you're insatiable, too, aren't you?" she chortled.

"When it comes to you, I sure as heck am," Bobby replied. He licked her nipple again, bringing another squeal of delight from her.

"I can't get enough of you!" she exclaimed, then kissed him. Finally, she pushed herself off him and stood up. "Come on." She reached out her hand to him. "Let's go to bed. Making love on the sofa is all right, but the bed is much more comfortable."

"It sure is," Bobby agreed, feeling his cock stir again.

They got up and, hand-in-hand, walked down the hallway to Helen's bedroom.

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