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Chaquela checked her hair in the mirror one last time before feeling absolutely satisfied. Every hair was in place, every curl and wave sheer perfection. It had to be. Tonight, when his girlfriend left, she intended to give Antonio Furman a fuck he'd remember before heading off to play defensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins and with her two-foot tall weave, she knew she'd have him.

She checked her outfit: tight red shirt with criss-crosses that showed off the deep valley of her pendulous breasts, tight blue jeans, cuffs ironed into place and wide high heels, showing off her ruby toes and gold ankle bracelet. Perfect for a casual meeting and tight enough to let him know what was on her mind. She put her jewelry on, applied a little more lipstick, then checked her hair again with a crazy grin. This would definitely be a night to remember.

When Antonio opened the door, she could barely speak because he was so handsome. But Chaquela had never let beauty hold her down. "Hi, Ant. What's up?"

"Nothin'." He moved back so she could come in and she watched his eyes play over her body, especially her denim-clad ass.

"Good. I brung you some brownies my mama made. She made me bring them right over."

"Wow, that was nice of her."

"My mama's nice like that." She sat on the couch, checking out the bulge in his pants. "I saw Candy leave."


Chaquela liked the sound of his voice. Deep, velvety and this time, tinged with a hint of disgust. She'd heard that he and his girl were having problems. Maybe this would turn out to be more than a fuck session ... "She upset you're leaving?"

"Yeah. She wants to come with me but I told her it wasn't allowed."

"I guess she didn't like that."

"No and she had to argue about it." Antonio bit deeply into a brownie, chewing and smiling.

"Seems to me that she doesn't understand a girlfriend's place." Chaquela arose and walked over to where Antonio sat, his legs spread, kneeling there.

"And you do?"

"Of course."

"And just what is a girlfriend's place?"

"Right where I am." She unzipped his pants and pulled his already thick cock out and started sucking and licking. Antonio moaned, his mouth still full of brownie and scooted forward so she could deep throat him.

"Shit! I need a napkin."

"Hold on." Without removing her mouth from his cock, Chaquela reached up and pulled a clean, folded napkin from the depths of her weave. Antonio took it and wiped his hands and mouth, then pulled his pants all the way down, giving her complete access to his hard meat. She sucked and licked his stalk and his nuts until he stood and reached for her jeans.

"Is this a girlfriend's place?"

Chaquela could only moan in response as his fingers found her wet slit and pushed inside. "No, baby. That's Antonio's place."

"Oh, yeah? What about this place?"

Chaquela shivered when his finger brushed her asshole. "That's Antonio's place, too."

"So I can fuck you in the ass?"

"Yeah, baby. Hold on." Again, she reached into her weave and pulled out a tube of KY jelly and another napkin.

"Damn, baby! What else you got in that thing?"

"Whatever you need, baby."

"A cigarette?" With an incredulous look, he watched as she pulled out a pack of Newport Menthols and a lighter. "A pen?" She extracted an ink pen and a matching pencil. "How about some tissue?" She reached around the other side and tugged out a continuous strip of toilet paper. "That's incredible."

"No, it's unbeweavable." Chaquela answered with a sexy smile. "No, you gonna fuck me or what?"

Antonio used the lube on his pole and then slathered her hole well before pushing inward. She was so tight that he waited a moment before continuing, afraid that he'd nut too quickly. Candy would never let him fuck her ass. He started sliding in, hard and fast, the chocolate of her ass jiggling under his fingertips and the sound of her enjoyment echoing in the tiny apartment. He gave her a slap and she moaned louder.

"Yeah, baby. Spank that ass." Chaquela reached up and pulled a small paddle from the other side of her weave and handed it back to him. He took it and gave her a couple of good smacks, his cock pistoning in and out of her tight asshole, then dropped it as he slammed the both of them towards a hard climax. He pulled out and came all over her back, ruining her shirt. Chaquela didn't miss a beat, pulling a fresh shirt from a box buried in the back of the weave and giving him a smile. "So, do I get the girlfriend position?"


"Good." She smiled again, straightening her weave. "Ready for that cigarette?"

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