tagGay MaleUnbreakable Bond Ch. 10

Unbreakable Bond Ch. 10


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Chris Donovan vs. Shane Lewis

Dedicated to DomXian

Deep end!


"You must be Shane." The plump lady with a pixie haircut, smiled at Shane.

"I am." Shane smiled back. Chris' house keeper was as pleasant as he'd said she was. "And you are Kate, I suppose."

She laughed. "The one and only. Come in." Kate said, opening the door wider for Shane. "Chris has told me so much about you I feel like I know you already. I've been dying to meet you since he dropped the bombshell." She giggled.

Shane laughed, understanding why Chris had said his housekeeper was excitingly open and refreshingly honest. "He's told me a lot about you too. Welcome back. He missed you." Shane said, looking around Chris' foyer. "Is he here?" He asked.

"No." Kate's smile faltered. "I assumed he was with you. He told me..." But she trailed off.

"What did he tell you?" Shane asked quickly.

"Well, he said he virtually lives with you now." She said with a slight smile.

"He does. But for the past three days..."

"He comes home to change in the mornings and then leaves for work, I know." Kate completed Shane's sentence...or she thought she had.

Shane froze. Yes, Chris virtually lived with him but Chris always went directly to work from his end...well, till three days ago that is. Chris had explained that he had some stuff to do at home so he'd started sleeping in his own home...or so he'd led Shane to believe. But from what Chris' housekeeper was saying, it appeared Chris wasn't sleeping at home after all.

"I wonder where he is this morning." Kate muttered to herself. "I mean if he's not here and not with you..." She looked up at Shane and gave a slight frown at the look on Shane's face. Something wasn't right. "Is everything alright?" She asked.

"Yeah, yes everything is fine." Shane sighed, looking around but not really seeing anything.

"Listen, I really think..." Kate started but trailed off, making Shane turn to look at her. The look on the housekeeper's face showed something was bothering her.

"What is it, Kate?" Shane asked softly.

She shrugged. "It's just that Chris doesn't seem like his usual self. He's..." She trailed off again.

"He's what?" Shane asked.

"Forget I said anything." Kate said quickly. "I'm sure..."

"Listen Kate. Tell me whatever is on your mind." Shane said softly. "I can only help him if people like you, who know him very well, can honestly tell me when you think there's a problem. I only want what's best for him, just as I'm sure you do."

Kate nodded and took a deep breath. "For the past three days, he comes home in the mornings with alcohol on his breath. Of course you already know that since he comes from your end." She said with a look of disapproval. "I don't think you guys should indulge that much. But the other thing that bothers me is that he doesn't look like he's eating much. I'm worried about him, Shane."

Shane nodded slowly. "Truth is he hasn't slept at my end in the past three nights. He said something about needing to work from here. Fuck." Shane muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

"Oh dear." Kate groaned, twisting the cord on her slacks nervously. "I assumed he sleeps at yours since he said..." Her eyes widened suddenly. "Well, he has a permanent suite at the Four Seasons Hotel." Kate said. "Maybe he's there."

"Yes he told me about that. I think I'll pass through the hotel on my way home." Shane extended a hand towards Kate. "Thank you very much Kate. It was nice meeting you."

"Likewise. Oh and tell him I said he had better not come home drunk." She said sternly, drawing a chuckle from Shane.

"I will."

And with that, Shane left Chris' house with a heavy heart. The feeling in his stomach was so queasy, he thought he was going to be sick but he took in deep breaths and hopped into his car. What the fuck was going on, he thought worriedly. He decided to go directly to the hotel. It was a Saturday so he had all the time. And God help Chris if he wasn't at the hotel, Shane thought darkly.


Chris sat at the bar with half a bottle of scotch and an almost empty glass in front of him. He'd woken up not too long ago, taken a shower and come down to the bar to continue his drinking spree, which was all that seemed to get him going these days. And already, the full bottle of scotch was down to half, he shook his head disapprovingly at himself. But he didn't push the bottle away. He rather filled his glass. Chris just wanted to be alone...didn't want any disturbances. His cell phone had been off since the day before so he had not been getting any calls to disturb his peace. Chris knew Shane would be worried, but he wanted to think. Thanks to therapy, he knew he had to make some tough decisions. It was bound to affect people...Shane, to be precise. For some reason, Chris believed that the only way to ensure that he never hurt Shane again, would be to let Shane go. And he'd even told Dr. Murray his intentions. But after doing a lot of thinking, he'd come to the conclusion that he just couldn't do the right thing... He couldn't let go of Shane. Call him selfish but really, he'd rather die than live without Shane in his life.

Chris downed the scotch and poured himself another. The past two weeks had not been easy. It was very difficult, combining his work with the images that seemed to constantly flood his subconscious. All he had to do was close his eyes, and Shane's badly beaten body would be there. He always had to make an effort to concentrate very hard on whatever he was doing because those images always succeeded in throwing him off whatever he was doing. He'd been in the middle of a very important presentation about four days earlier and for some reason, thought of Shane. It was nothing strange. He thought of Shane all the time. All he did whenever he thought of the guy, was to smile and move on with whatever he was doing. Yes, Shane was a distraction sometimes, but it had never been a negative one. But that day, immediately the thought of Shane had flashed through his mind, the images had followed. He'd almost disgraced himself by discontinuing with his presentation. He'd had to pause, take deep breaths and water, before continuing with his presentation, to the shock of his audience.

Chris knew he couldn't go on like that. Whenever he slept beside Shane of late, he couldn't sleep. All he did was stare at Shane, unconsciously wanting to reassure himself that Shane was okay and not hurt like the image in his head. He'd therefore decided to start sleeping in his own house. At least there, he could finally get a much needed rest by drinking himself to sleep, away from the prying eyes of Shane. He'd given Shane some bullshit story about wanting to work from his place because of some documents he didn't want to carry all the way to Shane's. Shane had looked a little bit skeptical at his explanation but had accepted it. The only problem was that, with Kate back, Chris knew he couldn't get away with that kind of lifestyle in his house either. Kate, his housekeeper, was a fifty year old sweet lady who loved to mother Chris sometimes. Chris wasn't ready to face the disapproval he knew would be in Kate's eyes if she noticed anything out of the ordinary so he'd decided to start using his plush suite at the Four Seasons Hotel instead.

What he did was go home to change for work each morning, pass through Shane's briefly after work, and then drive to the hotel to drink the night away. So far, the routine had worked perfectly because whenever he was buzzed, the images didn't come as often.

"Hey, handsome." Purred Peaches, one of the sexy dancers for the hotel.

"Hey, sexy." Chris grinned at the hot woman.

He'd hooked up with her once, years ago. She'd made it very clear she still wanted him but Chris had told her he was in love with a guy. That hadn't stopped Peaches from coming to sit with him whenever she was free. Chris didn't really mind as she'd made it her mission to ensure that other girls left him alone.

"I see you're still drinking your life away." Peaches said, grabbing the bottle of scotch and Chris' glass. "Kev, bring me a glass will you." She told the bartender as she turned to go. "Come on, Chris." Peaches sashayed her way to a corner table, where there was a plate of eggs, bacon and toast waiting. "Sit."

"Peach..." Chris groaned but sat as instructed. Peaches could be pretty nasty when she didn't have her way. "You know I can't eat..."

"You can and you will, honey." Peaches said sternly. "The egg is spicy so it will do you good. Come on, dig in before I sic the other dancers on you. You know they all want a piece of that fine body." She grinned, drawing a chuckle out of Chris.

"Not the girls please." He muttered as he picked up a fork. "Fuck, I hate this."

"Honey, the fact that you decided to turn gay doesn't mean I want to watch you harm yourself." Peaches said, pouring herself a shot. "Who knows, maybe you'll realize how much you miss boobs and come..."

"Never." Chris laughed.

"A woman can hope, can't she?" She asked, sipping her drink.

"She sure can." Chris replied, wondering why he had given that vehement answer to the idea of boobs, seeing as he'd wanted to let Shane go.

Chris chuckled. He definitely wasn't going to hook up with a guy after Shane. But he sure as hell didn't see himself anywhere near boobs either. What made him think he could even pull that silly plan off, he asked himself with a scowl. Hell, it was not like he could drink Shane out of his system. He couldn't wait to see Murray on Tuesday to tell him what he'd decided...not to do. The elderly man was going to be happy with his decision for sure. Fuck! What Shane must be going through not hearing from him, Chris thought. He pushed the plate away, suddenly hating the idea of food. Then he reached for his glass of scotch.


"I've had enough. I need this now." He growled as he took a sip.

"At least you've taken some food." Peaches sighed, signaling a waiter to come and pick up the plate. Then she slid closer to Chris, set her elbows on the table and placed her chin on her entwined fingers and stared at Chris.

"What?" Chris asked with an amused look.

"You have to stop this, Chris." Peaches said softly. "It won't help."

Chris set an elbow on the table too and his cheek on his fist and stared right back into Peaches' eyes. "And who made you an expert?"

"Chris?" Chris heard that last voice he was expecting, call his name and sat upright. And the look in Shane's eyes nearly killed him.


"Shane." Shane finally took his eyes off the woman and looked at Chris when he heard Chris say his name.

Tracking down Chris hadn't been difficult at all. He'd asked to see Chris at the reception area and given his own name. He'd been directed to the bar, where he'd immediately seen Chris, sitting in a cozy corner with a really pretty lady. He'd watched as a waiter had picked up a plate from their table just as the lady slid closer to Chris, their bodies touching. There was an easy intimacy and familiarity between the two which showed how close they were. Shane had suppressed the bolt of pain that had flashed through his chest. Maybe the lady was simply coming on to Chris and nothing more, Shane told himself.

But then Shane saw how the two had stared into each other's eyes whilst talking and just knew that those two were lovers. No one who saw them together could mistake that they were lovers. Blinding rage and searing pain flashed through Shane, leaving him breathless. He'd almost turned around and left but he knew his legs wouldn't be able to carry him to his car. He could feel himself shaking and his palms getting damp with perspiration. He felt cold suddenly and his heart was pounding so hard he feared he was about to have a heart attack. The pain and feeling of betrayal was that extreme. But much as he wanted to leave the place and pretend he hadn't seen Chris' betrayal, Shane wanted to confront Chris even more. Taking deep breaths to calm himself, he'd willed his wobbly legs to send him close to the cozy couple. And the guilt that flashed within the eyes of Chris when he'd noticed Shane, was all the answer Shane needed. Chris was cheating on him.

"Shane, it's not what you think." Chris said as he got to his feet. "Peaches is..."

"Are you saying you've never fucked her?" Shane's voice was quiet. Too quiet.

Chris went as white as sheet. His initial feeling was fear. Fear that Shane was already thinking the worst. Then he began to feel anger. Blinding anger. Was that what Shane thought of him? That he was capable of cheating on him? After all they'd been through? After all the assurance he'd given to Shane that he was never going to cheat on him? Did his word mean so little to Shane? If Shane thought him capable of cheating on him, then he might as well allow the chips to fall where they may.

Straightening up his spine, Chris looked Shane in the eye and nodded slowly. "I have." After all it was the honest answer to Shane's question.

"Chris..." Peaches groaned beside Chris, drawing Shane's attention back to her.

Chris didn't turn to look at Peaches. He kept his eyes on Shane, who was now looking at Peaches. Shane looked up at Chris after a moment and gave a slight nod. Then he turned around and left. Chris sat heavily in his chair, staring unseeingly into space.

"Are you fucking crazy?" Peaches screeched. She didn't have to be a genius to know that, the gorgeous guy who'd just left was the man Chris was in love with. "What were you thinking?" Chris hadn't told her exactly what his problem was with his man but it was obvious whatever was eating at him, had to do with Shane. "What did you do?" Peaches groaned.

"Tell the truth." Chris said stonily. "I need to go back to my suite. Care to join me?" Chris asked as he stood up and picked up the bottle of booze. He really didn't want to be alone right then.

Peaches took a deep breath and stood up too. "Sure." Then she followed Chris to his suite.


Shane sat in his car at the parking lot of the hotel, shaking with pain, humiliation and anger whilst going over what had transpired in the bar. So it had come to that huh? Chris had actually been shacking up with that lady for the past three days. Images of Chris entwined with the woman in the throes of passion assailed him. He squeezed his eyes shut against the images in his head, but they wouldn't go away. Chris had cheated, and then had the nerve to attempt to deny by saying it wasn't what it looked like. Really? Shane felt dead inside. He couldn't believe Chris had done that to them. He'd promised!

"Fuck!" He muttered, leaning his head against the steering wheel. It hurt. Fuck, did it hurt.

But what had made Chris decide to confess after all? And why did the lady sound shocked at Chris' confession? Something wasn't right, Shane couldn't help but think. He just couldn't place a finger on it but something didn't feel right. And he hated the way Chris looked. He looked sick. Shane gave a short humourless laugh. Even amidst his fury at what had happened, he still couldn't help but think about Chris' wellbeing.

"How fucked up is that?" He groaned.

Even though Shane felt betrayed by Chris and was feeling so much hurt and anger, he knew he would forgive Chris anything. There was nothing Chris could do or say that would erase his love for him or draw Shane away from him because Shane knew he couldn't live without Chris... Couldn't imagine going forward without Chris and live. He'd thought the feeling was mutual but Chris' latest stunt had told him otherwise and the feeling of betrayal was heart-numbing. What was Chris' problem, Shane asked himself for the umpteenth time. Then groaning with frustrated, he reached out and punched Dr. Murray's number on his phone.

"Shane." The man sounded very cheerful considering how they parted ways the last time Shane had been to see him. "What can I do for you?"

"Hello doctor. I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time." Shane said quietly.

"No, no. We can talk. What is it?"

"What exactly is Chris' problem?" Shane asked.

The doctor went quiet for a moment before responding. "You know I can't discuss..."

"Bullshit, doc." Shane growled. "What affects him affects me too and you know it."

"I do. That is why I feel you both have to deal with the issue head-on. You told me you've talked about what happened between you too. If you really did, and understand each other as you claim, then why don't you feel comfortable going to where it all began? Why does the mere thought of going back there put so much fear into you? Have you asked yourself that?"

"I just want to forget." Shane said tightly.

"Hmmm. Looks like you're not the only one who wants to forget. Didn't you say Chris had never been to that house since that incident?" The doctor asked.

"That's what he said." Shane answered.

"And are you trying to tell me that if you never set foot into that house again, that incident will forever be erased? Why can't you face your fear and deal with it once and for all? Real healing is where you see something or a place that's supposed to bring so much pain, but feel no pain. You cannot forget, Shane. But you mustn't be terrified at the mere thought of that house. When you kill a snake, it's always better to cut off its head. It will be difficult initially. But with the two of you together, you can do it.

"Damn, I'm terrified." Shane muttered to himself but the doctor heard him.

"I know. But both of you will feel a whole lot better if you do it."

Shane sighed. Despite his anger and disappointment in Chris, he was willing to do whatever it would take to get his Chris back. He'd read somewhere a long time ago that when it came to matters of the heart, fuck egos. Well, yes, his ego was definitely bruised, but he was determined to fight for what he wanted.

"I'll do it." Shane said quietly.

"Great." Dr. Murray couldn't mask the approval and excitement in his voice. "I'm glad you've agreed to. All the best Shane."

"Thanks. I'll need it." Shane muttered.

"And Shane?"

"Yes doc?"

"You don't have much time." That sentence was so loaded Shane gasped. The doctor obviously knew what he was talking about.

"I think I just run out." Shane groaned.

"Nothing is impossible. Perseverance conquers all, son. Get in touch when you get back."

"I will. Thanks doctor."


Shane called Kyle next. "Shane. Coming?" Kyle asked immediately he picked up. The guys were at Dean's house.

"Not today, Kyle." Shane said apologetically. "May I speak with Aaron please? I don't have his number."

"Sure." Kyle responded. "Baby, Shane wants to talk to you." Shane heard Kyle call out.

"Shane, what's up?" Aaron's voice came on the line.

"Hey Aaron. I need a huge favour from you, man."


"I'm planning on taking Chris to Florida tonight. I need you to go talk to him...convince him to go with me. Can you do that for me, Aaron?"

"Sure. I'll do my best. Did he say no to you?" Aaron asked curiously.

"I haven't asked him at all. I don't think he even wants to see me. He's staying at the Four Seasons Hotel." Shane sighed. "There's a lot I have to do before we fly out. Please go talk to him for me."

"I'll do that, Shane." Aaron said softly, hating the defeat he detected in Shane's voice.

"Good. I have to talk to Cole too. Then Michael. I..."

"Relax Shane. I'm putting you on speaker." Aaron said softly. "Tell everyone what you want them to do and we'll do it. Alright?"

"Alright." Shane responded, feeling his eyes sting with tears. Fuck, this was not the time for tears, he chastised himself and took deep breaths.

"Shane?" It was Cole's voice. "Talk to us buddy. What do you need?"

"Hey guys." Shane greeted, smiling at their responses. "Cole, you are Chris' lawyer right?"

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