tagGroup SexUnbridled Lust Ch. 02

Unbridled Lust Ch. 02


Chapter Two: A Perfect Dinner

Later that evening, Cassandra decided to go out to eat because she was too tired to cook dinner for herself. She drove over to the historical town of Haleiwa and came upon a quaint restaurant that looked out towards the bay. She went in and was soon escorted to a table out on the lanai in a corner where she could look out at the moon's reflection on the calm ocean water.

Across from her sat two males. From the moment she walked out to the lanai, the men were eyeing her up. She wore a short Hawaiian printed spaghetti strapped dress that was cut to fit, accentuating her large tits and curvaceous body. The hemline of the dress fell an inch below her pussy.

The tables were barren of tablecloths, so it gave the men a good view of Cassandra's tanned legs as well as anything else that she decided to share with them. They sat perfectly in line with her, and watched every move she made above and below the table, making it difficult at times for them to concentrate on their dinners.

Cassandra ordered a salad for dinner. Throughout dinner, one of the men kept dropping his napkin, utensil, anything that would allow him to bend down so he could sneak a peak. She knew what he was up to, so she parted her legs slightly every time he bent down. The taller of the two men sat up, looked over at her, and saw her smiling. She then slowly ran her lips across her top lip. Still smiling, she parted her legs father apart a little at a time, causing the hemline of her dress to rise up, but not far enough for her satisfaction. She lifted herself up slightly and pulled the underside of her dress up, then sat down so she would not be sitting on the material of her short dress. Now the two men had a better look as she parted her legs wide enough. The lights on the patio provided enough lighting to see under the table where she sat.

By now the restaurant was void of customers except for Cassandra, the two men and a few workers. The waiter came by and gave the men their bill. Before he could go over to Cassandra, the men told the waiter that they would take care of her bill. The young surfer blonde waiter> took the bills with the monies and turned to leave. He returned later with the change, thanking the men, then noticed what the men and Cassandra were up to.

"You don't have to leave if you don't want to. I'll be here closing up and getting the place tidied up, so take your time," the waiter told the men with a smile. "If you want to take it inside feel free to do so, I won't mind," he paused glancing over to Cassandra, whose hemline was now bunched up around her hips, "She's hot. I wouldn't mind a piece of her."

The dark blonde male agreed with the waiter before he walked back into the restaurant. He looked at Cassandra staring at them with lust in her eyes. Her hands were now between her legs, gently pulling them farther apart. She dipped her fingers downward onto her pussy, which was now damp against the wooden seat. Slowly, she rubbed her fingers up and down her heated box. The dark blond male and his friend watched her while they reached under the table, unbuttoning and unzipping their jeans. Both men reached in and pulled their hard cocks from their pants and started stroking. Their eyes locked upon the woman toying with her clit, her tits moving up and down as she breathed heavily.

That was all he could stand. The long dark haired male came over to Cassandra and stood behind her. His left hand touched her shoulder, then worked down the front, feeling her large cloth covered tits. Cassandra shivered at his touch; her breathing grew heavier. The stranger then reached up, pushed the straps down her shoulders, and pulled down the top of her dress slowly. His fingers felt soft against her sun tanned skin, her nipples were hard. His large hands could not completely cover her globes, but that didn't matter to her because his fingers and the palm of his hands felt wonderful.

Between his thumb and index fingers he rolled, squeezed and tugged on her hard nipples, occasionally twisting them. Cassandra moaned, leaning her head back. The stranger bent down and> kissed her, their tongues touched and probed one another's mouths. The passion was high and she wanted his cock. The buxom asian reached up and behind her in search of his manhood but couldn't find it, so she broke off the kiss. He moved to stand on her left. His cock was in perfect alignment with her mouth.

Cassandra took hold of his cock and licked the pre-cum off of the tip, savoring the salty droplet. She looked up at the male, his high cheekbones and features told her that he was, if not whole, part Native American. He was very handsome and well endowed.

She took his eleven inch cock slowly into her mouth until the tip pressed against the back of her throat. By now, he was moaning and holding onto her head as he rocked his hips back and forth. She relaxed her throat muscles and took the remaining length of his cock down hungrily. This made him shudder with happiness.

"Fuck, baby, suck it, suck my dick," the Native American told her. "Matt, she's one hot babe! Get over here."

His friend rose from the table, holding his hard cock in his hands, and walked to the couple at the nearby table. Cassandra paid no attention except to the cock in her mouth and the fingers that busily worked their way in and out of her wet, wet pussy. She was oblivious to the other male standing to her right.

Matt reached down and played with the woman's large tits. The tanned skin told him she sunned topless. He cupped her globes, then pushed the table away from the woman and knelt between her legs. She released the cock from her mouth and held onto it with her hand, stroking it as she looked at the man between her legs. He looked into her eyes before placing his mouth onto her right nipple. His tongue circled her erect nub between his lips, leaving a wet spot. Cassandra arched her back, pushing her tits into her nameless lover. He moved to her left nipple and proceeded to do what he did previously to her other tit.

The tall male lifted her by her arm and carried her over to the table Matt had pushed aside, laying her down on it with her ass at the very edge. She watched, caressing her tits as the men moved into position.

The Native American moved in, pulling a chair to sit between her bent knees and buried his face. He wasted no time, his tongue lapped her wet pussy up and down, and then he said, "Brad, she's so fucking hot and wet."

Brad busily feasted on her tits and mumbled something inaudible. He was concentrating on the firm, yet silky, warm skin of her globes. Cassandra was happily enjoying the attention, moaning with her eyes almost closed.

Matt plunged his tongue into her wet tunnel and proceeded to tongue fuck the buxom woman. Her body writhed; her hips began to move in synch with his tongue. She was moaning.

"Yes, eat me, fuck me with your tongue," she gasped. "Oh yeah, that feels so good, ugh."

"Fuck her Matt," Brad told his friend.

Matt got up and guided his long cock towards her dripping wet pussy and nudged his way in. His cock was thick, and it was the thickest she had ever had. Cassandra moaned and felt the pressure as he pushed the head inside. The juices and saliva helped his cock ease in, and he worked his way inside of her. He reached half way and felt she couldn't take anymore, but she urged him on.

"Give it to me," she told him. "Give it all the way; I want it all inside of me. Fuck me good and hard with your cock."

Matt shoved the remaining half of his cock all the way and Cassandra squealed. He rocked back and forth slowly feeling the walls of her pussy tight against his cock. Now she was heating up to a boiling point.

"That's it, fuck me with your cock, fill me up," she said sexily. "Harder, fuck my pussy harder."

He didn't want to let her down, so he pulled his cock far back just enough to leave the tip inside then he lunged with full force. Her body jerked up the table, almost causing her to slide off. He held onto her hips and fucked her good and hard, grunting along the way. Cassandra was ecstatic.

"Uh huh, yes, yes, oh fuck yes!" she exclaimed loudly. "Harder! Harder!"

Brad stopped and told his friend, "Pound her good Matt. Give it to her!"

Matt kept on pounding his cock into her pussy. Brad stuck his cock into her mouth and let the woman suck on him. She was happy with two cocks> filling her. They continued on their love making out on the lanai under the full moon as the waiter dimmed the lights to almost complete darkness. If one had stopped to listen, they would hear bodies slapping together, moaning and groaning in the night air.

Brad wanted a go at her. "Get her up and let's go inside, I've got an idea."

Matt withdrew his cock, offered a hand to Cassandra, and lifted her off of the table. There she stood with her dress bunched at her tiny waistline.

"By the way guys, my name is Cassandra," she told them as they walked her inside towards the bar.

Once inside the bar, Matt lifted the petite woman onto the barstool. He chuckled at her because she barely reached five feet and he stood well around six. She sat there, watching the men remove their shirts and make their moves. Matt once again went directly between her legs and lifted them to rest on his shoulders as she leaned against the bar. He ate her pussy until she cried out.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, uh huh, yes, yes," she told Matt. "God that feels so good!"

"Cum baby, cum," Brad told her stroking his cock beside the couple. Cassandra came hard.

"I'm cumming! Yes! Yes! Oh yes!" Her juices flowed. Matt lapped and sucked as fast as he could from her gushing pussy.

He rose up with some of the sticky liquid on his chin, then wiped it away with the back of his hand. His cock found her hole and slipped in all the way. He fucked her with abandonment and she cried out in approval of his cock thrusting into her. Meanwhile, Brad climbed onto the barstool beside them and stroked his hard cock.

Matt turned Cassandra around, lifting her up to rest her stomach on the seat of the barstool and fucked her. This allowed Brad to participate by slipping his cock into her mouth. There she was, her dress bunched up at her hips lying across a barstool with a cock in her mouth and another pounding her from behind. Matt rubbed her ass cheeks and slapped her rump, making the tanned skin turn reddish. Cassandra mumbled her excitement and approval to his actions. Then she felt a thumb pressing against her ass hole, rubbing, pushing its way in. She wiggled as best she could without falling. Now every hole was filled. Matt pushed his thumb in and out of her tiny hole while he fucked her pussy and Brad fucked her mouth.

Cassandra released Brad's cock from her mouth and told them, "I want both of you inside of me."

Matt pulled his cock out of her pussy and watched as she climbed onto the bar counter and sat on her knees. She reached down, raise) her dress up over her head, then tossed it aside.

"Why don't you climb up and lay back down?" she asked Matt. "I want to ride your cock."

Matt climbed up; she moved aside to give him room to lie back down before she climbed over and straddled him. Holding her tits, she brought the massive globes up to her mouth, bent her head, and licked at her nipples one by one before sucking on them. Slowly, she lowered herself as Matt held his cock up for her. She slid down and took the entire eleven inches up her pussy, sat down, and ground her hips in a circular motion. Matt moaned and watched as she rocked her hips back and forth slowly. She wanted to get him worked up before she took action.

Meanwhile, Brad sat and watched and waited patiently. Matt pulled her down to him and she continued fucking him, leaving her ass wide open for the taking. Brad saw this, took the opportunity, and climbed up behind them. Holding onto his cock, he guided it to her slick tiny opening of her ass and pressed against it. Slowly he pushed inward.

"Oh yeah, stick it in my ass," she boldly told Brad.

He pushed in, bit by bit, until he couldn't push any further. He could feel his friend's cock through the thin membrane that separated them inside of her. They took turns thrusting into her. Cassandra reveled in the attention.

"Fuck me, double fuck me," she encouraged them. "Yes, yes, uh huh, it feels so good!"

Both men fucked her until she came. "Oh my, I'm cumming! Yes, yes, yes, I'm cumming!" over and over she repeated as her orgasm washed through her.

Soon Matt was exclaiming, "Fuck, oh fuck I'm...ugh, I'm, fucking cumming!" He exploded inside of her. His cum streamed inside of her mixing with her juices as they both came. Brad held on, he wanted to cum inside of her pussy.

Matt and Cassandra finally calmed down and Brad told them, "My turn to cum inside of her hot pussy."

With that Cassandra moved so that Matt could get out of the way and climbed down off of the bar counter. She laid down opening her legs. Sticky cum was oozing out of her pussy as she spread her legs wide open.

“Fuck me Brad. Stick your cock in my cunt!"

Brad heard the word cunt and plunged with all of his body into her. She squealed and gasped as he savagely fucked her, feeling his friend’s cum coating his cock while pounded into her sopping wet hold. Cassandra reached up and grabbed onto his arms, trying to pull him down onto her, but he didn't budge. The beads of perspiration dripped down the sides of his face down onto her body as he rocked steadily.

"Fuck baby," Brad growled. "You've got a hot cunt."

"Mmm, fuck my cunt, fuck me 'til I cum," she moaned.

Brad fucked her, lifting her legs to rest against his chest and pushed his weight forward. Cassandra's ass was now up in the air, only her shoulder blades and head rested against the wooden bar counter. Her legs pressed against her tits, his cock dove deeper inside of her. He was not as long as Matt, but he felt like it when he pressed deeply inside of her.

"Uh huh, that's it, uh huh," she said.

Brad repeatedly pounded as best as he could until he no longer could hold back. His breathing grew ragged and labored and his balls welled.

"Fuck! Fuck! Aargh!" he loudly cried out as his cock shot streams of cum into the canal of her pussy.

Cassandra, too, had reached climax and came as well. Groaning, moaning, and crying out in pleasure as they came. When they finally subsided Brad laid upon her, kissing her passionately.

"You are one hot chick," he whispered.

"Thank you. I just love to fuck," she girlishly whispered back.

Eventually the waiter came in and looked at Cassandra standing at the bar naked. His eyes roamed her from head to toe, his cock hardened in> his shorts. Cassandra clearly saw the bulge grow.

"Come here," she wiggled her index finger at the young waiter.

He meandered over and stood there. She squatted down and reached up to rub her hands on the bulge. The young man moaned. Her fingers went to work untying the bow of his shorts then pulled the Velcro apart. His cock sprang out as his shorts fell to the carpeted floor. Cassandra took hold of it and immediately took it into her mouth. She didn't bother with any teasing and went on by taking his entire length into her watering mouth.

Her head bobbed back and forth, slurping sounds filled the air as she sucked on the young man's cock. He held onto her head and pulled her to him until her face came in contact with the trimmed bush of his crotch. His eyes were closed and his head tilted back; he was moaning.

Cassandra continued a few more minutes then let his cock go and asked him, "Want to fuck me?"

"Uh, sure, yeah," he answered, stunned at her boldness.

She climbed onto a nearby table and lay on her back with her feet planted at the edge of the table, knees wide apart.

"Cum and get me," she teased.

The waiter moved in and pulled her to the very edge, her ass barely on the table. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he began to fuck her. He rapidly pushed and pulled his cock in and out of her drenched hole as if he was waiting for this a long time. In fact, he was. All the time the men were fucking her, he was on the side watching them, waiting, wondering if he should join in.

"Mmm, so good," she said. "Fuck me harder! Pound my cunt!" Cassandra was hot and horny again.

Brad and Matt were rock hard again and stood on each side of the table watching the young woman being fucked, her tits jiggling and bouncing. They each took a nipple into their mouths and sucked on her tits. Cassandra was enthralled.

"Three cocks, I want three cocks inside of me," she begged.

The young waiter retracted his cock from her pussy and sat down in a nearby booth as instructed by Cassandra. She came over, climbed up and sat down, taking his cock up into her pussy. She reached behind as she bent over the young waiter, spreading her ass cheeks with her hands.

"Fuck my ass. Somebody, please, fuck my ass," she pleaded.

Matt climbed behind her. It was his turn at her tiny orifice. He pushed in as far as he felt was good enough. Cassandra began bucking back and forth; she took control and fucked the two men. Brad moved to the side and held his cock in his hand. Cassandra opened her mouth and began sucking on his cock. Her tits were in perfect sight for the young waiter to lick at her nipples and suck on her luscious tanned globes. She was very, very horny and enjoyed having three men all at once.

Through her mumbled breaths, she moaned happily. Shortly thereafter the waiter couldn't hold back. He loudly cried out and shot his load into her pussy. Matt felt himself ready and pulled his cock out, aimed it towards her ass cheeks, and shot streams of sticky cum all over. Brad soon came in her mouth. Cassandra gulped and swallowed as he shot his load trying not to miss a drop. When the waiter was almost done> Cassandra came.

She sat straight up, grabbed her tits tightly and cried out, "Oh my God, oh, ugh." She panted heavily, "I'm cumming!"

Their moans, cries of orgasm filled the empty restaurant and bar as they came together. They were exhausted when they stopped and Cassandra felt a little weak in the legs from all of the activity but managed to stand, go to the bathroom to clean up, and return to dress.

"Mmm, thank you for a wonderful dinner. Dessert was spectacular," she smiled. "You were all so yummy. I hope to see you all again."

One by one, she walked over to the men and kissed them goodbye as they stood with her by her car in the parking lot. Matt and Brad handed her a business card and she put it inside of the top of her dress, got into her car, then drove off into the night. The men stood there watching, smiling inside as she disappeared from sight.

"What a great night," Brad commented.

The waiter agreed, said goodnight, went to his car and drove off.

Matt also agreed with his friend, "It was a fucking great night."

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