tagGay MaleUnbroken Ch. 11

Unbroken Ch. 11


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Hello and welcome to the 11th chapter of this lovely story. Once more there has been a twist to this story. I don't why I love twists my stories but hope this is really interesting to you guys. Before I go into writing I'd like to tell you guys that there is a part where there is a long son. I would also like to thank 'frozen' the movie which helped me create a certain part in this story. Everything was because of it.

Once again I have added a twist so tell me what you really think about this chapter. Don't forget to drop your comments and rates at the end of this chapter. Enjoy reading...


Luis stormed in his room and he banged the door really hard that he could swear everything in that room moved. He just stood still, panting and looking all around. Everything, everywhere he looked reminded him of Aidan. He saw him on the dressing mirror...he saw him smiling on the bed...he saw him coming out of the bathing room...he saw him naked on the bed and he saw the two of them making love on the bed. It was really painful.

A really terrible headache was developing as he stood right there just staring at all the things that were in that very room. His blood felt cold and everywhere it passed remained cold. There was a sharp pain in his heart that he couldn't control. He quickly moved his hand and gripped his chest, taking short and painful breaths that were just too painful for his liking. Man...he was in pain.

"Aidan!" He said as his head pulsed so terribly. "Why?" He cried as a huge lump got stuck up in his throat. "Why did you have...to betray me like this?"

Luis was seething. He could feel himself losing to his anger. A myriad of emotions had him pinned down and he had no idea just what to do. He was really confused...he was lost...he was in pain...his heart was broken...his head was hurting...his body was vibrating in anguish...he was feeling really cold...he was weak. All those emotions were occurring at the same time and he had no idea how he was surviving. He couldn't explain it all.

"Why?" His voice started getting louder than before. "Why?" He shouted at the top of his lungs.

It had been almost two hours since Aidan had vanished and there was no news of him from anywhere. The king was in charge of everything. He had Aidan being looked for everywhere. He promised he wasn't gonna rest until Aidan was found and punished. It was a promise that he had made. Everything was just confusing Luis and just making him more confused.

His heart was beating weakly, too weakly that he felt he was gonna die any second. With a deep sigh of pain, Luis started moving towards the bed. He looked at it and saw Aidan there. Reaching the bed, he clenched the beddings and pulled them all the way down. Then he rushed to the dressing table and broke the mirror and got hurt in the process. A shard had pierced his hand and it was bleeding. But that was nothing.

Luis continued venting his anger on the whole room. He threw anything that he found in that room. He kicked anything on the floor and God knows how many things that he broke in that room. He just wanted the pain and the hatred to go away. He couldn't live his life like that. He couldn't live dwelling in the past. He needed to forget but he couldn't.

"Why?" He was crying so hard that his eyes were all red. Veins had shot up in his eyes and his headache was beyond normal. No matter what he did...he couldn't forget what had happened back there. The boy he loved was a killer, a murderer and a warlock who had used him. He had made him fall in love with him and now he had gone, leaving him in pain. It was really painful.

"Why?" He cried as his strength completely left him after venting his anger out on the room. Everything was scattered. It was all a mess and he didn't like the way things were in that room. He didn't like it and though it was scattered everywhere...he could still feel Aidan's presence. He could fucking see him and it was painful.

Luis fell to his knees, wailing and sobbing uncontrollably. He leaned to the bed and just drowned in his own sorrows. Everything was just so painful. There was no part of him that didn't feel pain. His heart was fucking dead. It had been fucking killed. It was really painful. He couldn't bear it anymore.

As he was crying right there...the door opened and Hanna slowly came into the room. Her eyes were blood red and her face was still flooded with tears. She had no idea what to say to Luis to make him feel better. She was in pain. Her grandmother had just been stabbed and her brother, her brother was in pain. Though she still couldn't believe Aidan had done that. She knew there was something that was wrong and hence the reason why she hadn't uttered a word. She felt deep love for Aidan even after what had happened.

Hanna sighed and then slowly went to Luis. She knelt down and sat on the floor, slowly rubbing on his shoulder. She was still in too much pain and she had no idea how to make that pain go away. But her brother was probably in the worst pain possible. Who could see the person they loved in that condition and be themselves.

"Luis..." She spoke softly, carefully rubbing on his shoulder. "Baby...please, don't do this to yourself. Please, I am pleading with you. Don't..."

"Hanna..." Luis raised his face and Hanna couldn't help but cry. "Why do these things happen to me? Why do I always have to suffer like this? Granny..." He sobbed. "...granny was just stabbed by Aidan. And Aidan is a warlock and a murderer. He was just after the throne and..."

"Shhh..." Hanna whispered. "You are hurting me so much. I can't stand to see you like this. I feel like something had just died. All of us are in pain. All of us can't stand the truth." She rubbed her tear off. "We still can't believe that Aidan..."

"Why me?" Luis cried. "Why do I have to pay this price? Is it a crime to fall in love? I was fine before he came and...and..." He couldn't say anymore. The pain that he felt had him bound. There was no way he was gonna be well.

Luis gripped his sister and held her tightly close to him in an emotional hug. His cries suddenly turned into wails. "Why does...why..."

"Luis...please, for the sake of your sister and our parents...don't do this."

"What am I supposed to do?" He cried. "How am I supposed to face the people and..."

"You didn't do it." Hanna rubbed on his back just to make him calm. She didn't like him crying because it was piercing her heart. "It is not your fault. Nobody knew what exactly had happened okay? Nobody would have guessed he was like that. I still can't believe he...he would do such a thing." Hanna couldn't believe it. She was never gonna believe that her own brother was a warlock even though things were there to show her the truth. In the few weeks that she had known Aidan her bond with him had grown stronger and now...she couldn't break it no matter what.

"I feel like I want to die." Luis sobbed as a sharp pain took control of him. "I want to die. This pain is just too much. He was so innocent...he...he was so young and so nice. Why do good people always..."

"I don't know...Aidan was like my other hand." She sniveled. "I still can't believe it..."

"Please..." Luis' voice had already filled the entire room. "I just wanna wake up from this terrible dream. I just wanna wake up and then...then find everything fine. I can't bear to believe that he did it. It is so impossible. I...I...I...can't..."

"Shh..." Hanna was now soothing Luis, making sure that he was fine. She didn't like the condition that he was in. It was so painful. Never had she seen her brother in the condition that he was in like that very time.

"It's too painful."

From that moment onwards, Luis knew that his life was gonna change. He knew it was gonna change so much but he had no idea how he was gonna cope after all those memories that he had in his mind. He knew those memories were gonna be in his mind for as long as he lived. Aidan had toyed with his heart and his soul. There was nothing more painful than that.

"I can't live like this." He cried. "I don't want this life. I just want a good life. I want to forget him. I..."

"Luis...listen to me," Hanna cupped her brother's cheeks and looked in his red eyes. "None of this is your fault..." She cried. "It is not your fault. You don't have to worry about it okay? Just praise the almighty that you found out about Aidan rather than later okay? You are still alive and that's all that matters okay."

Luis nodded in disagreement as more tears flooded his face. "Why does it hurt so much?" He sobbed. "Why is he still in..."

"Because you love him..."

"I don't want this feeling anymore." He said angrily, nodding his head. "I just want these feelings to go away. I don't want to feel them. I wanna hate him. I shouldn't...I shouldn't be feeling this torture and..."

"Oh my sweet brother," Hanna wrapped her arms around his shoulder and then brought him into a fierce hug. She continued soothing him while he cried.

Luis had never cried like that before. He was crying like a baby who had lost its mother. He was feeling really empty. It was like Aidan had taken a part of him that was irreplaceable. He had taken something. It was gone forever and there was no way he was gonna get it.

Luis however knew that he was gonna have to forget everything. He was gonna have to forget about a warlock named Aidan. He was gonna have to forget about everything else that had happened. He had to get back on his feet. He was not gonna allow Aidan to ruin his life.

"It hurts a lot..." He cried.

He buried his head in Hanna's chest and just broke down. He needed to cry it out.


The king slowly came in his room, looking all around. He could still remember his priest used to visit him in that very room. He could still remember his chuckles and his words of encouragement. He could remember him using his trident and holding it tightly in his hands. He was like a friend and companion at times. Now he was gone, killed by the same boy that he had chosen for his son. This was his entire fault. Had he not incurred that judgment on the prince...the priest would have been alive. Now he was gone and there was nothing he could do.

Julian sighed and then removed his bloody jacket, throwing it on the floor. He took a quick glance of his classy and huge room before he finally sat on the beautiful couch with his face buried in his palm. He immediately felt tears building in his eyes. He didn't like the way he was feeling. He was the cause of all that had happened. He started it all.

The queen on the other hand came into the living room with her down spirit. She had tears on her face and her eyes were red. There was just a lot on her mind that day and she couldn't quite understand anything that was going on. Sure. She had seen the video but she couldn't judge. She loved Aidan like a son and hence the reason she had kept quiet while everything was going on. Who would have known he was a warlock and a murderer. It was all so impossible.

The queen moved her face and saw the king on the couch with his face in his palm. She rushed to him and sat close to him, rubbing his shoulder. When he raised his face...he had tears all over. She had never seen him like that. It just made her cry even more.

"My lord," She sobbed.

"It's my fault..." The king sobbed. "It's my fault that my mother is in that condition. It is my fault that the priest is dead. I brought Aidan in this palace and..."

"No, my husband..." The queen said. "You only did what you thought was right at that time..."

"My mother is in a critical condition." The king furiously rose, wiping his tears. "The priest is dead. I have never regretted a decision in my life like I do today." He suppressed his tears from coming out. "I will not stop until that boy is found. I am sure he is in this very kingdom, hiding from me. But I know how to get him here." He clenched on his fists. "I loved him. I love him like a son and what did he do?"

"We all did." The queen slowly got up. "We all loved him like our son. I still can't believe that he did that. I can't believe that he is a warlock. My son..." She gasped. "My poor son is probably in so much pain right now. Only God knows the things that he is going through right now. Only God knows the pain and torture that he is going through."

"I know..." The king said confidently. He was trying not to break down but deep down inside he was broken. He was still in pain and he wanted to cry it out. But the pain and anger was just too much to bear. "I don't even know how I will face my son. I made..."

"No, my lord..." The queen rubbed her tears. "He is your son and he might need your love more than ever. You can't stay away from him. He will need your support and your love."

The king nodded. "For my own dear son...I will make sure that if I find that boy I will make him pay. I know how to draw him here. I know exactly what to do. I have his family here and I know he will come for them one day. Then...I will deal with him." He vowed. "He messed with the wrong king this time. I swear that I will make him pay if I find him."

The king and the queen stayed quiet for some minutes. While the queen was busy crying...the king was seething. So much had changed in his kingdom, especially his palace. He knew it was gonna take them really long just to forget about the incidents that had happened in the palace.

"Have you thought about the priest's..."

"Yes!" He sighed. "He will have a befitting burial. He was a great man. He served both my father and I really well. He was a hero and he will really have a great burial. I just don't know what to do anymore. The temple will be cleansed but..."

"Where will we find another..."

The king gave a gloomy sigh. "The trident will choose its new successor. I just don't know when that will happen. But no one will ever...take the place of the priest. He was a wise man and he played his role beautifully. His killer will pay for it."

The queen sobbed and the rubbed her tears. "The hospital called. Mother is in the ICU. We can now go and see her."

"Yes!" The king said in a harsh voice. "We will go and see her after we take a shower."

The king and queen were both trying to be confident but deep down inside they knew that they were both hurt. The queen's mind was mostly on her son and how he was feeling. The king's mind was on so many things. He felt like he was going deeply insane each time he thought about it. But he was not gonna let it go. He was gonna continue the search.

But he was still praying for his mother to be in a perfect condition. He didn't want anything to happen to her. God knows he was gonna die should anything happen to the lovely woman.

"Rest in peace, priest. You were a great man to the kingdom."

The king sighed and then furiously picked up a towel and stripped. Then he stormed into the bathroom. His fire was burning and it was gonna be his driving force.


Ethan was holding granny tightly, rubbing on her back to make her calm. The old woman had probably cried enough to last her a life time. She hadn't stopped crying ever since Aidan left or rather disappeared. She had been crying nonstop. Ethan too was still crying, missing his brother terribly. He could still remember his smiles...he could still remember his cute face...he could still remember his wonderful hair...he could still remember how they used to joke and mostly the wonderful kisses.

Ethan's heart felt like it had died. He felt like a part of him had just gone with Aidan. He knew that his life was not the same anymore. His life was probably just ruined. He had a hunch that he was never gonna set his eyes on his brother. That was probably the most painful thing ever.

Ethan and granny were in a huge room in the palace. The room actually had another room where there was a bed. It had every amenity anyone could ever wish for but they definitely didn't care about any of that. Sure, they couldn't deny that the room was really lovely. But they didn't care at all. All they cared about was the safety of their Aidan.

Actually, after Aidan had left the king had told them in anger that they were never gonna leave the palace or its walls. They were gonna stay in that palace with guards watching their every move. They had freedom of movement but just within the palace and under supervision of armed guards. They could have anything that they wanted...anything. They could order the maids to do stuff but not leave the palace. They were actually prisoners with benefits.

The king had only done that because he was sure that Aidan was gonna come back for his family members. He was sure Aidan was gonna appear to try and take his family so...he had guards watching granny and Ethan. There were four guards outside the room, guarding the door. It was a painful moment for them.

Both of them were missing Aidan a whole lot and they were dying to see him again. But they were hoping and praying that he never shows up. They didn't know what kind of powers Aidan had but they loved him a lot. They knew he wouldn't harm anyone in his life. They were surely gonna miss him like crazy.

"Shh..." Ethan rubbed on his granny's back. "It's okay, granny. I am sure that Aidan is really fine. I am also certain that he is really far away from the palace and this kingdom." He hoped. "I trust in my brother. I know that he will not come back here."

"I hope so..." Granny sobbed. "I hope he doesn't come back here. I...I Can't bear to see him..."

"It's okay." He soothed. "My brother is really a wonderful boy. I am sure he will not be stupid enough to come back here. Although..." a loud cry escaped his throat. "...I really miss him so much. It's really painful, granny. Who would have thought that a perfect day like this would turn into a bad day?" He nodded. "I just wish we never got to know of the prince. We would have been living with him peacefully but now...now he is gone..."

"Me too..." Granny's voice sounded weak. She missed Aidan so much, it hurt. "I miss him so..so much and...I will always miss him. He will always be in my heart, forever. I don't care if I will spend the rest of my life in this palace but...knowing that he is fine will be my strength. I will happy that way..."

"Not just you, granny..." Ethan held her tighter. "I couldn't have wished for a better brother. He will always be in my heart. I just hope he will find his happiness once again. I just hope he will find another man to love him out there. I also don't care if I die being locked up here. The thought that he is fine is okay for me."

The two of Aidan's most loved people held each other tighter and then cried their lungs out. They were still in so much pain and they had no idea how it was gonna end for them. They just cried out in pain. They were expressing their joy and pain in that cry. They knew it was gonna be long.

One thing they couldn't deny though was that...they loved Aidan a lot.

"I love you Aidan." Ethan said as he tightened his grip on his granny's arms. Both of them cried even more than before.


Alerna Kingdom...one of the rooms in the castle...


"You foolish idiots..." The king yelled, sending the three warlocks flying to the wall. They hit the wall so hard. They were bleeding because the king had hurt them a lot. "I gave you one simple task...one..." He bellowed, hitting his fist so hard on the glass table that was close to him. It broke into many pieces but the king was not hurt all.

"My lord..." The red haired warlock quavered, trembling as if an earth quake was happening right there in front of him. "We tried and..."

"Shut your hole." Wyatt snapped. His angry voice could be heard throughout the castle. Everyone that heard him trembled in fear for they knew that the king could do anything when he was in anger even to those that had not done anything. "You are all useless." He snapped. "You are really useless warlocks. And you call yourselves powerful warlocks. I trusted you to bring that scepter to me. I trusted the most important mission to you and..."

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