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Unbroken Ch. 18


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Hmm, who would have thought that our journey will end here? Anyway, welcome to the 18th and final chapter of this great emotional and romantic story. I would really love to thank you for your great love for my stories and for me. I just hope this will be a really interesting read. Don't forget to drop your comments about this story. Comments are really important to me because they inspire me.

This story is dedicated to all of you guys. Enjoy...


Aidan and granny appeared right in the castle living room, holding each other's hands. As soon as he appeared, Aidan quickly rubbed the tear which had just fallen when he appeared. He let go of granny's hand and just stood still, staring down on the floor.

"Hey!" He heard Ethan's happy voice.

Aidan quickly moved his eyes to the direction of the voice and got emotional when he saw Ethan and his baby rushing towards him. Even though he was happy seeing Ethan, his eyes were on his baby. He was looking cute and Aidan hadn't realized how much he had missed him until he saw him at that very time. It just felt wonderful.

With a happy smile, Aidan rushed to his brother and gripped his arm, pulling him into a tight hug. Tears started coming out on its own and he couldn't control it. He just wanted to cry and hold his brother and later his baby. He was just too emotional.

"Oh my God..." Ethan chuckled. "You don't know how much I missed you. I was so scared that you wouldn't come back."

"No..." Aidan chuckled, trying his best to hide his pain. "I told you I would return, didn't I?"

"Yes!" Ethan pulled away and then kissed his head, rubbing softly on his sweet cheeks.

By the time Ethan was pulling away from him, Aidan was in tears. They had completely flooded his face. He tried his best to hide those tears but his brother already saw them. He moved his hands up and started rubbing them from his brother's face. Aidan chuckled and grinned at his brother.

"Hey!" Ethan sighed. He didn't like seeing Aidan in the state he was in. "Why are you crying? Did something bad happen to you while you were there? Did..."

"I just missed all of you." He looked at everyone including Justin who looked like he was frozen, standing a distance away from them all. "And I... I missed my son." Aidan leaned forward, taking his son from Ethan's arms. He held him tighter, planting soft kisses on his head. His son seemed to have missed him too as he started crying.

"Shh..." Aidan said softly, holding him tightly. "Daddy is here okay. I will never leave you again."

Aidan smiled at everyone and started soothing his baby, trying to make him calm. In just a few seconds the baby's cries seized and he started giggling a lot. Aidan was happy. He was really happy but the tears in his eyes couldn't stop flowing. It was like they had a mind of their own. They just flowed even through the happiness that he felt. He had missed his baby so much that he wanted to just spend his entire day with him. He didn't want to leave him all alone.

Granny just stood still, staring at Aidan and the baby. He could see through Aidan's pain and happiness. She completely understood him. She knew exactly why he was crying even though he was hiding it from those gorgeous smiles. Oh! She was happy he was back and that he had defeated the evil seeker but something more had come. It was really painful for her too but she had to support him.

"I missed you." Aidan heard Justin's voice right behind him. He made a quick turn, finding Justin with the brightest smile ever.

Aidan smiled and tried to open his mouth but before he did, Justin rushed to him and gave him a really tight hug. That was actually the first hug that they shared together but it was absolutely wonderful and it made Aidan really happy. Justin was holding him tightly, patting on his back.

"I wanted to come but... we had to be left with the baby. I am glad you are back."

Aidan took a deep sigh. "I am glad I am back too. I missed all of you too. Thank you so much."

Justin smiled brightly and then pulled away from the hug. Aidan smiled back, holding his baby tightly. He felt a hand on his shoulder and when he looked past his shoulder he found granny with a bright smile. She squeezed his shoulder and then chuckled happily.

"Thank you." Aidan said.

Granny came right in front of him and rubbed his face clean. "You look so much better without those tears in your eyes. Now stop this entire emotional thing unless you want me to start crying. We are no longer in Angria."

"I will..." Aidan said with a smile. "I will stop it and I won't cry anymore." He held his son tighter with the other hand and then squeezed granny's with the other hand. "Thanks for coming there for me. You really, really made me feel better. You are the best granny in the whole wide world."

"Oh..." Granny pulled and planted a soft kiss on his cheeks. "That's really sweet of you. You actually don't know what that makes me feel. I feel really happy and I am glad you are back." She chuckled. "And I know that you are hungry..."

"I am starving..." Aidan said. "I never had anything to eat since I left this place."

"Alright." Granny said, pinching his cheeks softly. "Why don't you stay here with the boys while I fix something for all of us? I am pretty sure that you they too are really hungry."

Aidan nodded and then smiled. Granny patted on his shoulder and then left for the kitchen. Aidan sat on the couch, still holding his bundle of joy. He didn't want to let him go. The way he was staring at Aidan... the little smile on his cute face... the warmth emanating from him... his smells. They were all adding to his joy and happiness. But his handsome little face was reminding him of Luis and the words that he had been saying. Instead of seeing his son each time he stared at him, he kept on seeing two faces, that of his son and that of Luis. It was hurting him terribly but he wasn't gonna show that or even tell anyone about it.

"Hey..." Ethan rested his hand on his shoulder. "How did it go? Did you send his ass to hell or what?"

Ethan's words sent the three men into laughter. Aidan knew that Ethan was trying to make him feel better. He loved his brother so much because he always did everything just for him and his happiness. That was what he wanted in a true brother. If in his next life he would be asked to choose a brother, it would definitely be Ethan and no one else. He would love to have a family just like that.

"Yes!" Aidan laughed softly. "I did exactly that..."

"Oh come on." Justin chirped. "We all want details on what was going on..."

"Yes!" Granny hollered all the way from the kitchen. "Do just that. I am also dying to listen to that story."

Aidan chuckled and planted another kiss on his son's cheeks. Then he dived into the story. He told them everything that had happened. There were moments when he was laughing after remembering what had happened and there were moments when he was just scaring them with the story. They were really happy. He had to shout out just to make granny listen to his story. He was just happy that he was able to make them smile and feel extremely happy.

"... and then I restored the kingdom but I definitely had no idea that I had used too much energy. I lost consciousness and woke up in Luis'..." Aidan trailed off when he realized what he had just been about to say. His smile faded, replaced by a frown. He was mad again. He was hurt and all the words that Luis had said to him came back to haunt him. He remembered the way he had pleaded with him and then asked for his forgiveness. He couldn't explain what he was feeling deep inside his heart but he was still mad at Luis for not being there for him.

"That's good..." Ethan might have noticed his brother's change in mood. He had to cheer him up and make him forget. He knew going back to Angria and seeing Luis again was just painful for his brother. He didn't need to make him feel worse. All he wanted was to just make him feel happy and forget about Luis and his troubles.

"My brother is a hero." He squeezed Aidan's shoulder, getting him out of his bad mood. He smiled brightly. "You sure did kick his ass and I bet he's in hell right now burning. Not only did you kill him, you destroyed all the evil powers. I think you are my superhero. Big brothers are supposed to be superheroes to their kid brothers but you are my superhero."

"No..." Aidan shook his head, gripping his brother's hand. He gave it a tight squeeze. "No matter how powerful I am, you will always be my hero. I don't even know how my life would have turned out without you."

"That's sweet." Ethan couldn't have been prouder of Aidan. "You saved the entire kingdom from pain and sorrow even though they deserted you." He wasn't trying to remind Aidan about the past. He was just trying to tell him how generous he was. "That makes you a hero. But do you know what I love most about all this?"

"What?" Aidan chuckled, trying to sound as confident as he could. He didn't want to let the incident that had happened with Luis to ruin his happy mood.

Ethan chuckled manically, moving closer to Aidan. "That bastard William is already gone. I wish I was there to see him giving up his life. I wish he could have seen him bleeding when you stabbed him to death." He laughed.

"Err... sorry to ask guys," William cleared his voice. He had been listening quietly but he had no idea what was going on. "But who is William?"

Aidan moved his eyes to Justin and then glowered. "The bastard that killed my guide and also started this no sense. He was the reason why I was accused of doing all those things."

"Oh!" Justin gasped. "I had no idea. I didn't know that..."

"Why are you apologizing?" Aidan smiled faintly. "All that is in the past, I have killed him already and that's what matters right now. I hated that guy and I enjoyed watching him pay." Even though William was already gone, Aidan still had hatred for him. He hated him more and more and if he could kill him over and over again, he'd have definitely done it.

Ethan took a deep breath and then cupped Aidan's hands in his. "This is one of the happiest days of my life. Not only did you defeat the evil warlock but you also saved innocent lives. To be honest, I was really scared something bad might happen to you but now you are back to me, safe and sound. I really appreciate all this, okay?"

"I couldn't leave you just like that and..."

"Enough talking." Granny said as she rushed to the living room. "I have already prepared some food for all of us here. Why don't we take this conversation to the dining room?"

Granny rushed to Aidan and picked Jacob from Aidan's arms. Even though Aidan didn't really want to let him go, he let her have him. He smiled brightly and then went to the dining room together with his family. He was happy he was back into his own castle, his own land and his own kingdom. He didn't want Luis to disturb him anymore. Although so many things had definitely happened, Luis was to be blamed. He had caused Aidan more pain than he could have possibly imagined. Luis had abandoned him with his pregnancy. It was not fair at all.

Aidan and his family went to the dining table to have one of granny's specialties. She had prepared the best food available and it was really scrumptious. Aidan was glad he was back to granny and his other family members. Although it hadn't been long he spent in Angria, he knew very well that it had brought a lot of memories to him.

Aidan's past had once again come back to him but he was glad people no longer viewed him as a bad warlock but their savior. His past with Luis was haunting him a whole lot. But of course, he knew he had to forget it. Although he still had Jacob to remind him of everything that had happened, he was gonna forget it all. He didn't care how long it was gonna take him. He was gonna forget about all the pain he had.


Luis was seated on the couch with his head held low. He had his hands crossed... his legs were vibrating... his heart was still pounding... his breaths were now calm but they were painful... his whole body was shuddering in pain. His head was still pulsing, giving him a little headache. He could have sworn that he could feel the blood passing through his ears.

"I needed you. I cried at night just for you to hold me. I don't need you. We will be fine without you."

Those words kept ringing in Luis' head, causing him even more pain. His eyes were a little red though he wasn't crying. He hadn't shed any tear since Aidan left but there were more tears accumulated in his eyes. He wanted to cry. He wanted to die. He wanted to look for Aidan. But he was helpless and vulnerable in that situation. The pain he was experiencing at that time was too intense. It couldn't go away no matter what.

He hadn't moved an inch since Aidan left about five hours ago. He had just moved into the palace, sat on the couch and has remained stationary there. For the last four hours he hasn't seen any members of his family but he didn't mind at all. The only thing on his mind was Aidan and the child he had told him about. There was just so much in his mind and he couldn't understand a freaking thing. He didn't even know where to find Aidan even though he wanted to see him.

Luis had just been staring at the floor just remembering what had happened. He hadn't even had any breakfast because he wasn't hungry at all. He had no idea if he was hungry because he couldn't feel a thing. A myriad of emotions had taken control of his body making him a confused man. He just wanted everything to be clear.

After quite some time, Luis heard a noise coming from the entrance of the palace. He slowly moved his eyes to the entrance and found his family entering. They were looking elegant like they had been before all the problems began.

The king was dressed in a beautiful royal attire with a huge golden and diamond crown on his head, smiling while talking to his wife, his mother and his daughter. The queen was dressed in a deep blue designer's dress which went all the way down to the floor. She took was putting on a beautiful golden crown, smiling at her husband. She had her hair tied in a knot. Granny was putting on a white dress and green slipper with a crown on her head. Hanna was looking beautiful in a ponytail, yellow designer's dress and blue high heels. She was looking spectacular and really beautiful. All of them weren't gloomed by designers and Luis had no idea where they had come from but he didn't even care.

The royal family had just come from checking on their people and checking how the entire kingdom had been after the battle. The entire kingdom and the people were absolutely fine. None of his people had died but most of them had been injured but they were getting better.

The royal family was surprised at how their kingdom had no scratch. Everything seemed brand new and the people were really happy. They didn't blame the king for anything that had happened but rather praised Aidan for his powers and bravery. Those that had seen the battle had told the king how it went. Everything was back to normal in the kingdom. It was as if nothing had happened. Everyone was fine except for less than 10 guards that Wyatt had killed when he attacked the kingdom. It had been really sad and the king was gonna make sure those guards are remembered. Their families were gonna be taken care of by the royal family.

The royal family went into the living room and then sat on the couch, stretching their arms. When they saw Luis they smiled brightly, not even realizing how sad he was.

"Hey, son?" The king said happily. "How has been your day? We are sorry we had to meet with the cabinet members and then met with the people. Guess what?" He chuckled nervously, rubbing on his hands. "I heard news that Alerna Kingdom was in flames yesterday. In fact, there is nothing left of it. But our kingdom is doing great. The kingdom is back to normal. Everything in the palace is back to normal and it is because of Aidan. He has done this and made everything possible."

"Yes!" Hanna wrapped her arms around his neck, squeezing him tightly. "Aidan is simply the best. Everyone wants to meet him. They are dying to see him. I think you are the luckiest prince on earth because your groom has saved this kingdom. He came back for all of us and I think that he came back for you. I still can't believe he still loves you." She chuckled.

"Yeah..." The queen made a quick around. "By the way, why are you still sitting here all alone? Where is Aidan? We couldn't wake you up because you were sleeping but now... I would like to see him."

"Yes!" Granny said happily. "There is still a lot that we have to say to him. We still need his forgiveness. He needs to forgive us for everything that we've done."

Luis took a sigh and slowly raised his face to stare into the eyes of his family. When they saw him, a loud gasp rang throughout the room. They were all surprised to see him looking like that. He was supposed to be happy but now he was looking as sad as ever.

"Luis..." The king was now worried. "What's wrong?" He quickly rushed to him and sat with him on the couch wrapping his arms around him. "Why do you look like this?"

"Did something happen?" Hanna felt really terrible. She didn't like the state her brother was in. Then something came to her mind but she didn't want it to be true. "Where is Aidan?"

Luis took a deep breath as a tear fell down his cheeks. "He's gone back."

"What?" The queen gasped, losing the smile that was on her face. Her heart immediately started pounding. "Why? I thought he was gonna stay here for good and... no!" She shook her head in sadness. "He cannot just leave like that. How can he leave? This is impossible."

"Yes!" Granny nodded.

"What had happened?" The king couldn't hide the fear in his own voice. "Did he say something before he left?"

A sharp pain slipped through Luis' body. "Yes!" He chuckled bitterly. "He did say a lot before he eventually left this palace. He said some painful and confusing words to me."

The king didn't want to make his son feel worse but he had a lot of questions in his mind that he had to ask.

"What did he say? Did he..."

"He still hates me." Luis said with a sigh that just showed how sad he was. "He still hates me a lot. He told me about what I had done to him and what it had caused him." he moved his eyes to his father as another tear poured down. "He told me how much I had hurt him, father. I saw through his pain and his tears. He was mad at me for even bringing him here, father."

"Luis..." Hanna said softly, rubbing on his shoulder to make him feel good. "Please. Don't do this to..."

"I was really hurt," He said softly, feeling his paining heart. "I had caused the only boy I had loved so much pain. You should have seen him. He hates me so much. He didn't even want to talk to me. I pleaded with him. I begged him to forgive him. I tried everything to talk to him but... he just turned around and went away."

"That's bad." The queen nodded, burying her face on her palms. "I really thought he had come back to us after so long. I thought he had finally returned to us. I... what are we going to do? How is he ever going to understand us?"

Luis gave a bitter laugh, more tears flooding his face. He remembered what exactly Aidan had told him. He remembered his words clearly. He actually laughed as more tears rushed down his face in billions. He just didn't know what to do anymore.

"Why are you..."

"The world is funny, isn't it?" he laughed softly. "It has a way of playing tricks on all of us. It has a way of hurting us a lot."

The king squeezed his shoulder, staring at him with a shocked expression. "What is wrong? Why are you..."

"Do you actually know that I am a father?" He sniveled, laughing bitterly. "Do you actually know that I have a son, my heir?"

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