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Unchain My Heart


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Timmy Ibbotson: A promise never made can not be broken, and can never break a heart.

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We both went to THE Ohio State University. How did that ever come about, the THE prefix. It's not The Rutgers, The Stanford, or The Clemson. Maybe some math major won the contest to name the university?

I digress, we met, in the fall of our senior year, in a beer line at the Michigan game. She dropped something, bent over to pick it up, and inadvertently twerked me. With the lines packed, it wasn't like I had a chance to move out of the way, especially with my friend, behind me, pushing me into her.

"Excuse ME, you could have moved."

"With that cute ass pushing back into me, why would I possibly want to?"

"A gentleman would have."

"And a lady would have squatted instead of twerking."


Looks like love at first sight, doesn't it. A few days later, in the cafeteria, the only open seat was next to me. Ms Twerk approached.

"Can I sit here? Oh, it's you, never mind."

"Awww come on, twerk that chair."


"You are too damn cute when you vent. I meant what I said the other day."

"What? About twerking?"

"No, that you have the cutest ass. Gotta go, I hope I BUMP into you again."


She wants me. A guy can tell. A week later, same cafeteria, same chair, she didn't ask this time.

"I'm Lori."

"I'm Tim, unless you're my mom, then I'm Timothy. You look like someone I have a crush on."

"Yeah right. I know your type. Anything that has, or used to have, legs is your type."

"I detect some pent up anger. You dump him or he dump you?"

"I dumped him. His grasp of the concept of exclusivity was disappointing, to say the least."

"Sorry to hear that. Steady, promised, or engaged?"

"Promised. But my status has changed to 'looking'."

"As much as I'd like to continue this, I have a major test to get to. Meet me here at 5 pm."

"What makes you think I'd do that?"

"Because you have a crush too."


Lori was there when I came back at 5 pm. I bought her a burger combo, and I even found some ketchup for her fries too. We romantic guys are getting harder to find. She was definitely stung by her recent breakup. I let her vent about Barry. I also knew that I was going to just be friends, for the time being. When she wanted to move on, not seeking revenge, I'd be first in line. We met at least once a week for burgers and beer.

"How come you haven't tried to do anything with me? Date, sex, nothing."

"Until I detect that you want me for something other than revenge against Barry, I'm not interested."

"How are you going to know?"

"When the conversations are sweet, not sour."

I think it struck a nerve as she was a no-show, at lunch and burgers, for a couple of weeks. It was after 10 pm when I heard a soft knock on my door.

"Hi Tim, can I buy you a drink. I have a crush on you."

"Sure, I can't stay out long. I've got some big tests coming up, and I really need to study. Where have you been?"

"Digesting what you said. I didn't realize my whole life was just trying to hurt Barry as much as he hurt me. I'm going to try my best to not think of anything but you when I'm with you."

It did seem like I was talking with a new Lori. I asked her to join me for a movie on Saturday. After several dates across several weeks, we were fast approaching the sex bridge.

"Tim, I really want to, but we have to be exclusive."

Of course, at this point, all guys are agreeable to most things legal and illegal.

"Just to make it clear. You cheat, we're done. I won't tolerate even once."

"Got it Lori. I understand it perfectly. And you?"

"Oh, you don't have to worry about me. You can kick me to the curb, it just isn't going to happen."

This was special, the smell of her perfume was intoxicating. I teased and pleased her, then she teased and pleased me. I carefully brought her close to a climax then backed off, over her objections. She was so turned on her nipples were rock hard. I nibbled on them and felt a minor ripple. I spread her legs and slid my cock easily into her juicy pussy. I slowed it down as much as I could, to extend my climax. When I knew I was getting close, I pinned her knees, to her shoulders, and pistoned quickly. She screamed with her orgasm, and I emptied into her. I rolled off and pulled her onto my chest.

"Well at least I won't have to get rid of you because of how you make love. That was awesome. Can I spend the night?"

"Lori, I have a paper due, so after you fall asleep, I'm getting up to finish it. Ready to go again?"

Lori used her oral skills to nurse my cock back into play. Laying on my back, she mounted me and slowly raised up and down. She kept this up for several minutes before bucking up and down quite rapidly. I was nibbling, sucking, and pinching her nipples. I used my thumb to put pressure on her clit. She clamped down and groaned loudly when she came hard. I kept thrusting upward for another minute then I came too.

We snuggled for awhile before she dozed off. I covered her, then spent several hours working on my paper. We had sex, in the morning, in the shower.

It was a busy summer. Graduating, getting a job, and getting married. My job offer was much better than the ones Lori was receiving, so we relocated for my job, then worked to find a job for Lori. We now live in Gary Indiana, about an hour south of Chicago.

We had no pre-nup as all we had, when we got married, were hopes and dreams. No six digit signing bonuses, just another couple of success stories from the THE, along with several years of student loans.

It's amazing what a small world it can be. Once we were married, our best friends, Pat and Kim, were our neighbors next door. They were a couple our age and we just hit it off. Then Pat got transferred to Salt Lake City. Just like that, they were gone. About nine months later we were headed to the college world series, in Omaha, and pulled off of I80 to fill up, and eat, at a truck stop. We were waiting for our table to be cleaned when Pat and Kim, having finished eating, got up from another table. Unreal, of all the places to run into old friends. We chatted for a couple of hours. I made sure to give the waitress a twenty for the lost tips we caused her.

Lori's parents lived just outside of Dayton. Her father had passed about a year ago, and Lori inherited a sizable chunk of cash. Although the bank statement said we were almost millionaires, we decided to take it very slowly. After paying off our student loans, we put the money into an account that took both signatures to do a transfer. We figured identity thieves would have one extra hurdle, and that deterrent should work in our favor.

Both Lori and I were doing well at our jobs. I had done some one day car trips for my job, and was preparing for my first week long journey. I was scheduled to travel to New York, for some presentations, and would be gone all week. Saturday night before my trip I was doing the bills, tomorrow would be the 1st. Glad to be done with March. April won't be easy as we still hadn't filed our taxes, and I'm going to be gone the first week. Lori was going to spend the week, with her mother, boxing up her father's tool shed and his things in the garage and basement.

Even though we had been married for two years, we were still newlyweds in the bedroom. The thought of not getting nookie all week made for a very active and passionate Saturday night.

I started the evening bring Lori to an explosive climax with my tongue. She rode me reverse cowgirl for my first orgasm. After a short rest, I did her doggie style. Around midnight, I did her scissors style. I did not get a full night's sleep.

I left the house around 4 am. That hour drive to O'Hare, depending on traffic, can easily turns into two or three. I was whining, to myself, about the rotten luck surrounding this trip. The biggest snow of the year had left the highways a mess. Of all the days to be driving to O'Hare. I had left, for the airport, five hours before my flight, and was glad that I did. Thankfully this was Sunday or I might have just cancelled if I had to fight weekday highways in Chicago. After checking in, I enjoyed a strong cup of coffee.

I was booked on a flight to LaGuardia with one stop in Columbus. The incoming flight was slightly delayed due to the storm aftermath. Thankfully we weren't one of the flights with a huge delay or cancelled. That turned into a travel nightmare once we landed in Columbus. LaGuardia was getting blasted by the storm that had hit Chicago a day earlier. My flight was cancelled. They gave me a motel voucher and offered a shuttle bus to take me there. I opted to get my own car, as I hate being unable to get up and go do something on the spur of the moment.

The storm had affected Columbus as much as Chicago. Highways were ok but side street traffic was a zoo. I got to the motel about 4 pm. These places are not very busy unless the THE football team is playing. This motel shared a parking lot with an office building.

I drug my rolling suitcase through the slush to my room. I passed a Sonata that looked exactly like the one Lori drives. Nothing unusual there as I see them everywhere. It had Indiana plates on it too. The license plate number was vaguely familiar. The dreamcatcher, hanging from the rear view mirror, looked exactly like hers. I walked around the car. The fact that it had both a Buckeyes and Browns bumper sticker really piqued my interest. Lori has the same two stickers. I carry a copy of the insurance cards for both my and Lori's car. I compared the VIN. This was Lori's car. WTF? She's with her mother in Dayton. Earth to Tim, no she's not.

I got settled into my room, pulled the curtains open a few inches, and checked for emails, calls, or text from Lori. Nothing. I phoned home, no answer. I called Lori's mom.

"Hey mom, it's Tim. I've had a rough day travelling and haven't been able to reach Lori. Is she there?"

"No Tim, she's coming tomorrow."

"OK, thanks, I left so early this morning I must have misunderstood her. Sorry to have bothered you. Love you."

"Love you too Tim. Buh bye."

When you come face to face with infidelity, I have to tell you, you start second guessing everything. Who, how long, why, something I did, something I didn't do. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions. Stolen car? Some kind of high school reunion? I know I can be selectively deaf, but I am positive that she never said a thing about Columbus.

My phone buzzed with an update from the airline. I can't get to LaGuardia until Tuesday afternoon. I'll just postpone the trip until next week. I spent the next hour changing reservations. I changed my rental car so I could drop it off in Gary IN.

I was numb. I watched a sharp Corvette park next to Lori's car. My soon to be ex-wife got out of the passenger side. Lori was holding a slender brown paper bag. She loves her wine. A sharply dressed man opened the motel door and Lori entered his room. I guess I had started a slow burn earlier and this caused me to erupt. That bitch. What a sneaky lying slut.

I put on my winter gear and took a photo of the 'vette's license plate. Like that's going to help me? There was a Sports Illustrated on the dash so, with my zoom, I got a good picture of the mailing label. Barry somebody. What are the odds? I decided to disrupt their little rendezvous.

Off to Home Depot where I got a roll of chain link and a couple of pad locks. I never took my goofy winter hat off and paid with cash. It was dark, and pretty quiet, in motel complex. Lori and Barry had parked their cars under one of the overhead light stands. I secured the chain on the drive shaft of Lori's car, with a padlock, then snaked the chain under the middle of the front grill, around the light pole, then did the same on the 'vette. It was very difficult to get it done on the 'vette as it has such a low clearance. Now, when either car tries to back out, it will pull the other car into the light pole. I covered the chain loop, around the light pole, with snow. In a hurry, someone might just floor it and chaos would ensue.

I called and reported our joint credit cards 'lost or stolen', replacement cards would be mailed. Damn her, now I had to learn the new number, three digit code, and change all those websites to use the new card. This just adds insult to injury.

"Lori, how are you?"

"I'm good. How was your trip?"

"Fine, how's your mom. You're with her now?"

"Yes, she's good. We just finished cleaning up after dinner. I'm doing her laundry now."

"I'm really confused Lori. I just got a call from Miami Valley Hospital. She was admitted earlier today and they say it's touch and go. You're with her?"

Well damn, the phone went dead. I opened my door and waited. Lori went sprinting to her car. I'll give her credit, I've never seen her get dressed that quickly. Headlights on, backup lights, and you could see the slight hesitation in the Sonata, struggling to back up. The 'vette was twisting sideways and Barry was screaming. Lori gunned it and the back of the 'vette bumped into the car on the other side. Lori was twisting into the 'vette.

Barry, barefoot and his shirt open, hopped in the 'vette, started it, and his backup lights came on. He gunned it and both cars started twisting. Two cars in reverse and floored. Over five hundred horse power in the 'vette proved that thing about the weakest link. The chain snapped and whipped around, smashing the windshield of the car next to the 'vette.

When you are backing up, and don't have the wheels perfectly straight, you start to swerve. What do we all do? Take our foot off of the accelerator? Maybe. Push the brakes? Maybe. Try to correct the steering. Yep and we usually overcorrect. Both cars went flying backwards, at a pretty good clip. Lori severely overcorrected, spun out counter clockwise, and smashed into the pole holding the motel sign. She crushed the driver side front tire. That car's not going anywhere soon. Barry, being a much better driver, did a good job of correcting his steering. However, he ran out of parking lot, jumped the little concrete blocks, and crashed through the wall and window of the office building. His 'vette was pointed skyward as he crawled out of the building. I can imagine the people on the third floor saying 'Honey, how can we have car lights shining into our room?'

This turned out so much better than I ever dreamed it would. You have to believe their insurance rates are going to jump. After all, it's not like someone else was driving at the time. The crowd that gathered included a few screaming at the pair, who were screaming at each other.

I didn't want to meet the police. I checked out and started driving home.

I sent Lori a text "April Fools Lori, your mother's fine. I'll have your stuff on the front lawn for you and Barry to pick up. Consider yourself 'kicked to the curb'."

With the roads still iffy, I expected the drive to last well past midnight. I had plenty of time to think about my life. As perverse as it sounded, I wasn't as upset with Lori seeing Barry versus some new person. With Barry, I knew I was never the love of her life, just a place holder, somebody she could use until she could get back with Barry. It still hurts like hell, but not the rage I felt when I thought it was just another guy.

The first call came about thirty minutes into my drive.

"Tim, nothing happened, you have to believe me. I had my own room, I was just visiting."

"Lori, it doesn't matter. You went there so something could happen. The trust is gone, forever."

"Please Tim, don't give up on us. I really love you. This was stupid on my part. Nothing happened. Really. Nothing happened."

"Lori, you weren't listening. The trust is gone, forever. Find yourself someone else. I don't care to talk anymore tonight."

Well, she didn't understand that either. My phone rang about a minute later.

"How? How did you know? I didn't even decide to meet him until Saturday afternoon."

Hmmm, I could tell her about this ripple in the fabric of space and time, the near infinity odds of this random cosmic quirk, or jerk her chain.

"Barry called me, he was bragging."


Damn it, she hung up. I didn't get a chance to say 'April Fools'. Well I think I was going to say that. I guess we'll never know for sure. I didn't tell her she couldn't text. I got bunches with lots of 'Please', 'Nothing Happened', 'Talk to me', 'I love you'.

The realization that she had no car, and her credit cards didn't work, was sinking in.

Her text of "How am I supposed to get to my mother's house?"

Was met with my response of "Maybe if you spread your legs faster you could fly?"

While filling with gas, I sent a text 'At least I only wasted three years on you.'

She called "Tim, I'm not going to let you walk away. You can't believe how much I love you. I screwed up, but you need to let me explain it to you when you're not mad. I know it looks bad, but I was just visiting. Nothing happened. Please, I love you."

"Perhaps, when we meet with the divorce lawyers, we'll have a chance to do that."

"No Tim, please no, no divorce, Tim please."

"Goodnight Lori."

I was too tired to gather her clothes, when I got home, but I did a sweep of the house, took every picture I could find, and threw them out into the snowy front yard. I set the alarm for 6 am. Five hours of sleep wasn't enough. I was dragging at work. I had to turn my cell off as the calls and texts were steady. It was tougher with my work phone. When I heard Lori's voice I calmly advised 'Thanks for calling. I'll talk with you later.'

There was one call that had me chuckling. Next time I'm in Columbus I'm supposed to drop by and chat with Sgt. Casey. I'm what's called 'a person of interest.'

Lori's mom left a simple message on my cell 'please call me at your convenience.'

"Hi mom, you called?"

"Tim, she's here. She's completely distraught. She admits she should have never gone to meet him, but swears nothing happened. She's going to use my car to drive back to her, or your, house to get some clothes. She would really like to sit down and talk with you."

"Mom, as much as I still love her, we had an agreement on infidelity, one and done. She gambled and lost. I still love you mom. Goodnight."

The divorce was proceeding, but I will admit the cracks were starting to show in my resolve. I really did love her and missed being with her. Is planning to trash the marriage the same as actually trashing the marriage? She was stupid, no doubt about that. What could she possible show me to prove that nothing happened? Had she really decided she was over Barry or did I stop it just in time?

Lori's mom was waiting by my car after work. We exchanged pleasantries then her real agenda surfaced.

"Tim, you know her father wanted her to have that money."

"Ok, did her father want her to be a slut?"

"Tim, please don't talk like that to me. No, he'd be very disappointed in her."

"So how many men did you sleep with while you were married?"

I grabbed her hand before she could slap me.

"How dare you. I never even considered doing that."

"Yeah, I wish my soon to be ex-wife could say that. Her father would want me to have the money to help start my life over. Three years of deception."

"She's really sorry Tim. I've never seen her this upset. Please give her another chance, at least talk with her, and hear her side of the story."

"I'll never know what she's sorry about. Hurting me, getting caught, setting it up, or losing half her inheritance. Doesn't matter. I love her, deeply, but without trust, there is no marriage. She needs to find someone new. I'll always know she never really loved me completely. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find someone to spend the rest of my life with."

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