tagSci-Fi & FantasyUncharted Planet Ch. 05

Uncharted Planet Ch. 05



"That was fucking awesome!" Julia said laughing with delight.

"Yeah," John sighed on top of Karen. "It sure was." He was panting too hard to say anything more.

Julia turned and looked down at Karen, her tongue was licking up the last drops of her juices, her flushed face beaming. Only when she knew that there was no more to be had did Karen stop, and climbed off her body, but she kept John's cock greedily inside her cunt.

Julia kissed Karen on the mouth. "I can't remember the last time someone had eaten me that good before."

"I've had a lot of practice." She kissed Julia's nether lips.

"With about half the galaxy," said John with a raised eyebrow.

"That's only the half that you know about," replied Karen.

The three of them laughed.

"Sorry for what I am about to do," said John as he pulled out his cock from Karen.

"No! No! Not yet," Karen moaned softly but unable to stop him.

She felt so hollow without him inside of her. She rolled over onto her back, her hands curling beside her head as her legs wide open. White juice leaked from the empty hole left behind and trickled down the woman's thighs. John's prick had begun to soften, though it remained a fair size. John began to stroke his cock, staring at Julia and the bald lips of Karen's hairless sex.

She sighed and spread her legs wider, wanting more. It felt so good to do it with John and Julia.

"Do you know what would be good after that?" Asked Julia resting on her elbow.

"No, what?" John asked innocently as he lay down on the sand to rest.

"You, inside me." Julia giggled.

John lay on the beach, looking tired, but the length of his cock began to harden and that her all the two women needed to know. Julia and Karen crawled to his side and together they took turns lapping at his shaft, tickling their tongues up and down the delicious cock, tasting Karen's flavor on him.

"C'mon ladies," John groaned with a grin. "Give me some time to recover."

"Okay," said Julia as she grinned playfully at Karen. "But we can still play with the little guy..."

"Aww," John laid his head back. "You girls are going to be the death of me."

They bent over him to close their lips over the tip of his penis. Julia swirled her tongue around it, taking pleasure in his moan of delight. She lapped up and down the shaft, while Karen sucked his balls in the same rhythm. Julia sucked him into her mouth, her tongue vibrating on the sensitive tip.

His cock grew stone hard with thoughts of fucking her. His mind was in a dreamlike state and he wondered what the reality of her tight, sticky flesh would feel like. Wondered, too, how often he would be able to perform before he would collapse from sheer exhaustion. He hadn't been this horny since he had been a teenager.

John was given no time to think about it as the two women immediately responded to his fierce erection.

Leaning over, Julia ran her tongue over his wet, slippery cock, while Karen worked her tongue along the other side. They took turns licking and sucking on his balls and cock. John watched them, his expression indicating the pleasure he felt by having Julia and Karen working on his cock and balls with their wet, hot mouths and tongues. He gritted his teeth from the sheer pleasure of it as he watched the two gorgeous women share his manhood.

The two women moved up to John's head, where they engaged in some heavy tongue kissing. John moved his arms around them, and felt their smooth butts and fingered their pussies. The women glanced at each other, and in a silent agreement, fell on each side of John.

Julia and Karen sucked his cock, passing it from one mouth to the other, their hands stroking his balls and thighs. They licked their tongues up the shaft, meeting at the head, licking his hole and then each other's tongues. While Karen buried her hot mouth onto his cock, Julia would suck his balls, taking them both into her mouth. When Julia closed her lips about John's cock, Karen would then suck his balls. The tight, wet heat of their mouths sent ripples of pleasure through John's body, making him groan softly.

"So, do you have another load in these beautiful balls, John?" Karen asked him. "Can you come once more for me and Jules?"

"Hey, I want to go first." Julia pouted crossly. "I want your cock filling my pussy too, John."

John grunted in reply and laughed at them.

"I bet you that we can make you come one more time," Karen murmured, nuzzling her face into his balls, watching Julia gliding her tight lips up and down his thick cock. "Jules needs you to make her come, baby."

Karen made quiet whining sounds as she lowered her mouth onto his cock, her lips at the base, taking pleasure in the feel of the swollen sleek cock head in her throat. She felt greedy, wanting him to come into her mouth instead of Julia's. She wanted to fuck him again, get his load of come into her cunt.

"Don't be so greedy, Karen," Julia said, gently pushing Karen away. "This is the only cock on the whole planet, you know."

"Uh, don't I get a say in this?" John suddenly asked.

"Two against one," she raised her fingers. "Basic maths. Right, Jules? "

"Never argue with a lady," said Julia shaking her head.

Julia was the polar opposite of Karen. While Karen was tall with a big bosom and tanned skin; Julia was petite five feet three inches tall and pale skinned, as well as skinny. They both had enormous sexual appetites.

Karen sucked off his cock and reluctantly handed it to Julia; she felt Julia's lips kiss hers and she suddenly smiled.

"Make him come hard, Jules!" Karen urged in a husky voice.

Julia grabbed John around the waist and straddled his cock, guiding his length against her hot, wet slit. Her pussy tightened for a moment, almost resisting the invader before she relaxed and it slipped inside. The scents of the beach and their lovemaking filled her head, making her drunk with lust. She rocked her hips slowly but felt no need to move on him. Just the sheer pleasure of having him inside her was enough for the moment. She looked over her shoulder. Karen watched with hot eyes as John tightened his hands on her ass and held her still while he thrust upward.

"Karen, come here, baby. Use his mouth while I ride this his joystick."

Karen moaned her agreement and she knelt beside on top of his head. John's mouth immediately zeroed in on her clit, sucking her deep, knowing that she was too sensitive for a delicate touch. As he pulled back, he flicked his tongue across the tough nub. Karen humped her hips down just as John's teeth closed around the round point.

Julia's muscles squeezed the length of him. It was now his turn to buck against her. He would give her what she wanted. Her loud cries mixed with the squishy sounds of his cock pumping against her soaked, tight cavity.

"I have to have you come inside me now, John." She kissed Karen who had straddled his mouth.

Satisfying one woman was a difficult task, but two women at the same time for the second time in a few hours was a Herculaneum effort. With a growl, John grasped Julia's waist and he lifted her so she slid up until only the tip of him was inside her. Then he pulled her back down. Her tight channel closed around him.

Then he sucked Karen's clit stiffly and made her come almost immediately. It was not hard because she had come so many times already. She moaned and cupped her breasts with her hands, teasing her nipples and loving the tight point that shot into her pussy. This was just too much for even her to handle and she exploded in an enormous climax, sending a flood of her juices into John's mouth. He swallowed what he could but a few drops escaped his lips.

Karen sagged to the side collapsing with complete exhaustion.

Julia meanwhile ground down, rubbing her clit over John.

"More." She bounced up and down on his cock.

As much as John wanted to lengthen the sight of Julia and her skin dripping with the sweat of her effort, he couldn't. John slammed inside her and increased his tempo. His balls clenched and prepared to launch his seed.

"I'm so happy." Julia threw her head back as a chain of contractions wrung her pussy.

With a loud cry, John rammed his hips upward and his cock into the grasping walls of her pussy. Hot, sweet desire surrounded him. It was rough and wild and perfect. Her body tightened to orgasm twice before John finally came inside her.

She squeezed her vaginal muscles together, feeling John's cum slide from inside her body. Clutching her tightly, he discharged himself into her womb. She continued to throw her hips back at him, milking his cock for more of its cream. Julia squeezed her hips one last time before releasing them.

His cock slipped out with a pop and she fell onto the sand beside Karen and John. They both rested their heads on John's chest. They both pulled him into their embrace. His breathing laboured and he was too spent to speak let alone remain awake.

Soon enough, John drifted off, dreaming of faraway planets, space ships, and strange looking aliens.

Sleep would be good for them...

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