tagGroup SexUncharted Territory Pt. 05

Uncharted Territory Pt. 05


For a complete understanding of this series, please read all other sections first.

Part V: Finality

No matter how well one prepared for an occurrence or an event, particularly a potentially adverse one, not to mention in unfamiliar surroundings, no amount of planning ever was sufficient.

As Ron entered the hallowed halls of justice, he instantly realized he had never been inside a real courtroom. Of course, he had watched numerous legal dramas on television and at the movies. But somehow, this step into uncharted territory with its cold marble floors, stately columns, dark wood paneling and towering judge's bench all presented a frightening sense of impending evil or misfortune.

And then, if that wasn't bad enough, to have to sit across the room from Dana with her perennially sad expression, was a form of torture no one should be required to endure. If only this would end soon.

But it did not. The docket was overloaded to begin with, an attempt by the judge to hear as many cases as possible in light of his impending medical issues, and then there were the cases ahead of Ron that just seemed to drag on and on. Try though he did to ignore it, the idle time acted as a catalyst to stir his memory into reliving the years with Dana.

Ron had been friends with her brother, Jim, and they'd all hung out together. After he'd broken it off with Mary, Dana had actually been a comfort to him, and before he knew it, they were dating, which they did for several months. A year or so after that, they were married. Dana had not been then, nor was she still not bad looking—not on par with Jenna, Debi or Mary—but still an eye catcher. They'd had enough fun during their dating years that the lack of sex had not been an issue. Even in the early years of their marriage he tolerated it under the guise of her getting used to it. But she never did.

He convinced himself that that was his lot in life and concentrated on enjoying all the other good things about her; such as her cooking. Throughout all those years, the one item about her that he took comfort in was the fact that he knew she really loved him, even if she rarely said it aloud. That was just part of her upbringing. Her family wasn't the emotional, expressive type. Her brother, Jim, had often joked that the only three times he could be certain his parents had ever had sex was to conceive him and his two sisters.

Unfortunately, the true love, good cooking and other small endearments were not enough. They had no real friends except the ones he still had from college, the majority of whom were female, which didn't sit well with Dana. She would allow him to drag her to their parties (which is where she met Mary and later had it out with her for still having feelings for Ron), but she didn't enjoy them. Nor was she interested in making any friends; she enjoyed spending time with her family and considered her mother and sister as her best friends. Fortunately, Ron was friends with Jim, so that made her family gatherings a little less sufferable.

The beginning of the end was when he became involved with the organization through another friend, a woman. Ron liked women and their company probably more than he did men. The fact that the organization had more women volunteers than men only made it more appealing to him. As time went on, not only did he enjoy the work he did for the organization more and more, he also savored the friendships he developed with other volunteers, the women particularly. Eventually, he found that he preferred doing work for the organization more than spending time at home, and so, he frequently volunteered to attend meetings and conferences above and beyond what was required.

On one occasion, a conference was held at a swank hotel in another city. Dana wanted to come with him, not to attend the conference, but just as a get away. In an attempt to dissuade her without being obvious, he told her that he would be tied up in meetings with little time to spend with her. But she came anyway, even though he had to be there Friday morning and she would have to come by herself when she got off work Friday afternoon.

The hotel room they were assigned was on the 30th floor, and while it offered a fabulous view of the city, it took a long time just to wait for the elevator. One of his female friends wanted to attend a workshop in the afternoon, but her room was not yet available for check in, so Ron offered to allow her to stow a dress on a hanger in his room until hers was ready.

Naturally, Dana checked in while Ron was in a meeting and found the garment spread out on the bed. Ron appeared a few minutes later and explained. Then the woman called to see if she could collect the dress and Ron said he would meet her at the elevator so she wouldn't have to wait.

When Ron returned to the room a few minutes later, Dana was fuming. Regardless how hard he tried, he couldn't convince her that nothing was going on with the woman, that it was exactly as he said it was, and that he had never cheated on her.

Things were never the same after that weekend. Living in the aftermath, Ron came to the realization that he and Dana had grown apart. He did the right thing and attempted to work it out, but among their other traits, Dana and her family were unforgiving. Ron even considered resigning from the organization; however, all indications were that it was too late for that. In one final effort, he attempted to convince Jim, but in their clan, blood was positively thicker than water.

Ron found his apartment a week later, moved out and filed for divorce. Dana was not far behind. The house went on the market and sold fairly quickly.

The first several months of living alone were hell for him, and it was only through continued talks with Chelsea that he gradually adapted.

Then along came Jenna, and in the last couple of weeks, he hadn't had time to be lonely.

But now, seeing Dana again for the first time in months, even with her sad face, sentimentality kicked in. There had been many good times with her. Had he been too selfish? As much as he enjoyed the organization, was it worth his marriage?

His cell phone vibrated, jarring him from this tormenting reverie. It was a text message from Chelsea. How's it going? she wrote. They long ago agreed never to use instant messaging slang.

Still waiting, he typed back.

How is it seeing her again?

Not easy . . . makes me wonder.

You know you're doing the right thing!
It was never a question with Chelsea.

Not sure that makes me feel any better.

Do I need to come down there and slap some sense into you?

Ron chuckled. No.

Be happy. You're about to start a new relationship.

New development. Had dinner with Mary Wednesday.

She still in the running?

Yes, but there's more.

We'll get plastered tonight and you can tell me about it.

Don't know if I'll feel up to it.

A tap on his arm brought Ron back to the harsh reality of the courtroom. "We're next," Tim advised.

"Okay." He checked his watch. Fucking 2:00 p.m.

I'm up. Gotta go.

Leave it to me. You'll feel up to it. Good luck.

* * *

No matter how adverse one anticipated a situation to be, even if the nature of the situation was inherently untoward, normally, after all was said and done, it just was not that bad.

As Ron departed the courthouse, that was the realization to which his attorney attempted to bring him, even in light of the fact that Dana's attorney, at the last minute, sprang on them a charge of adultery. Ron had been horrified and vehemently denied that he had cheated on his wife during their marriage. But they had photos of him and Jenna at the Italian restaurant, at the club, at her apartment, and kissing Brianna goodbye at the marina. Ron argued that these were taken after he and his wife had split up and were no longer living together. However, the judge pointed out that until he signed the divorce decree, Ron and Dana were still legally married. The judge also admonished Dana's attorney for such a cheap shot. But that did not prevent her from filing a motion for divorce on grounds of adultery.

The judge allowed Ron and his attorney to discuss the matter for a few minutes, and the lawyer tried to convince his client that such a charge meant nothing anymore. Sure it would be in the public record and in the final divorce decree, but in the grand scheme, nothing would come of it. Conversely, if Ron chose to fight it, which Tim was more than willing to do, they would be dragging out the divorce for several more weeks. Tim's advice was to just go along with it. It just was not that bad.

Ron finally agreed and everything was finalized.

Now outside in the fresh, crisp, fall air, Ron came to the realization that Tim was correct: it just was not that bad. Particularly because, now, he was free, could do what he wanted with whomever—or with however many whomevers—he wanted.

That is, until Dana and her attorney crossed paths with Ron and Tim. There were a few awkward moments.

Then Ron felt he should say something. Extending his hand, Ron said, sincerely, "Dana, I wish you nothing but the best. I hope we can remain friends."

But her face took on an expression of complete and utter disdain and scorn. "You cheating bastard, I have nothing to say to you. Get out of my face." And with that, she scurried off with her attorney in tow.

And in an instant, it got just that bad.

Tim attempted to sooth Ron by telling him it was just her anger of the moment and that it would pass, but Ron just held up his hand to shut up the attorney.

"I'll call you," Ron said and walked off.

* * *

The vibrating cell phone snapped Ron back to reality. He realized he had not taken it off silent. Glancing around outside the windows of his SUV, he discovered he had no idea where he was. Obviously, he had been riding around preoccupied with the display of hatred Dana had shown. He had always prided himself on liking everyone—even people he had no use for—and being liked by everyone. But this was a trip into the dark side of uncharted territory—and it hurt. It hurt deeply.

Switching his phone off of silent, Ron read the text message from Chelsea.

Anywhere near finished?

Ron had to pull over to text her back. Yes.

And . . .

Not good.

Meet me.

Not in the mood.

Then I'll be at your place waiting . . .

Shit! She wasn't going to let this go, Ron thought in exasperation. He really wanted to be alone, but he didn't want to have to drive around to do so. He could get a hotel room. However, Chelsea would just continue to text him; or now that she knew he was out of court she'd probably start calling. Of course, he could simply turn off his phone. Aw, hell, he might as well just go home and get it over with. Maybe he could convince her he was okay and she would go away and leave him alone. Although, that was not likely with the thoughtless responses he had texted her.

Ron cranked up his GPS, set it to take him home, and off he went.

* * *

No matter what expectations Ron had when he arrived at his apartment, of one thing he was certain: whatever was in store for him would not be what he expected.

He put his ear to the door before inserting his key, but heard nothing. Well, of course, Chelsea would not be here. How would she have gotten in? He didn't notice anyone sitting in a car in the parking lot.

Still, he unlocked the door with trepidation.

No one was in his field of view—until he closed the door. There, standing behind it not only was Chelsea—he had to blink a couple of times to make certain his eyes weren't deceiving him—but also Jenna and Mary. And if that wasn't enough, they were all dressed in very sexy negligees of very similar styles; nothing see-through, but low-cut to show enough of each woman's breasts and cleavage, mid-thigh length, but in colors to suit each lady: coral for Jenna, fire engine red for Mary, and royal blue for Chelsea. A myriad of thoughts flooded his already overtaxed brain. Who had arranged this? How had they gotten in? How long had they been here? Why were they so dressed? And potentially the most frightening question of all: what had they discussed and how had they gotten along?

Before he knew what was happening, Chelsea was placing a cold beer in his hand, Jenna was removing his coat and Mary undoing his tie. Still stunned, he allowed them to lead him to the couch where he sat down. Jenna and Mary sat on either side, Chelsea on the love seat. Mary finished removing his tie while Jenna unbuttoned the top two on his shirt.

"Tell us . . . when you're ready," Chelsea urged, albeit softly.

In a daze, but uncertain whether it was due to the miserable day or the three beautiful women waiting for him, Ron glanced at Jenna with much of her medium sized tits exposed, her nipples standing out against the nylon material, the hem of her nightie high on her thighs; and then over to Chelsea, her breasts a little bigger but with an equal amount revealed, her nipples also pushing against her nightgown, as much of her legs available to his view; and then to Mary, her large globes and nipples straining against her negligee nearly revealing her areolas, not the mention her beefy thighs . . . it was clear why they were doing this: to take his mind off of the divorce. But was he really in the mood for it?

"Dana's lawyer pulled a last minute stunt and had the reason changed to adultery. They had pictures of Jenna and I from last weekend. So now, I am divorced on grounds of adultery—"

"So's mine," Mary interrupted. "It's no big deal, Ron."

"Mine, too," Jenna added. "She's right. It doesn't really mean anything."

"Yours?" Ron repeated, turning to Jenna in amazement. "But yours was consensual."

"Yes, well, Jerry was under this mistaken impression that it would be damaging," she laughed, "like I would have to wear a scarlet letter or something."

Mary giggled at that. "For some people, it's like a little victory where there's nothing to be won. And unless you tell people, no one will even know."

"It'll be printed in the newspaper," Ron said, dejectedly.

"Way in the back in print so small no one can hardly read it," Mary countered.

"It's a matter of public record."

"How many people do you know that go searching through county records to see who's got a charge of adultery?" Mary asked.

"Besides," Chelsea chimed in, "it doesn't mean a thing to the people who know you and care about you, like the three of us."

"They're right," Jenna agreed.

With a heavy sigh, Ron said, "Okay."

But Chelsea could tell something by the tone of his voice. "There's more. What is it?"

Reluctantly, Ron told them about Dana's parting words.

"That sounds almost exactly like what I told Jerry when our divorce was final a couple of weeks ago," Jenna informed them.

"And what I told my ex a couple of years ago," Mary noted. "And look, we ran into each other last weekend at the mall, had a civil discussion, and now he wants to get back together."

"I just wanted us to stay friends," Ron said.

"Wait until the dust settles," Chelsea recommended.

Ron had been sipping his beer throughout, and now, he drained the bottle. Chelsea immediately collected it and fetched him another, then brought glasses of wine for the ladies and her.

"What are you trying to get me drunk?" he asked.

"If that's what it takes," Chelsea said.

"What the hell's going on here, anyway?" Ron wanted to know, lifting the hem of Jenna's negligee and letting it fall, to substantiate his question.

"We just wanted to make you feel comfortable," Jenna answered.

"And wanted," Mary added.

"You set this up?" he asked Chelsea.

"I did," she admitted. "To ease your mind."

He nodded. "To what end?"

"To whatever end you want," Mary filled in.

"And however you want it," Jenna concurred.

Ron mustered a smirk and asked, "Do you realize the implication of that offer?" It was a reference to a conversation they'd had a couple of weeks ago before the first time they had fucked.

Jenna grinned, "Do you realize the offer that has been implied?" It was the same answer she had given.

But then, he became serious. "I do. But here I am with three beautiful, nearly naked women and I don't even have an erection to show for it."

Sensing that there was some hidden meaning to that exchange, Mary jumped in, "Oh, I bet it's around here somewhere. We just need to find it. Don't you agree, Jenna?"

Seeing what she was about, Jenna answered, "Absolutely. Where do you think we should look?"

"Well, we should start in the most obvious place." As she was saying this Mary's hands were sliding down Ron's zipper.

Jenna didn't waste a second attending to his belt.

Ron glanced over at Chelsea, who just seemed to be enjoying the show, if her hard nipples were any clue. He bet if she spread her legs he'd find a very wet pussy. She merely smiled at him, winked and nodded. It must have taken a massive amount of convincing to get Mary and Jenna together, all to help him get through the remainder of the day. Perhaps it was time for him to cease wallowing in his own self-pity and show some appreciation.

Glancing back down to the action, Mary had slid off the sofa and dropped to her knees to pull his trousers and jockeys off—having first removed his shoes and socks—while Jenna was handling his shirt. Of course, he had to assist by lifting his ass for Mary and leaning forward for Jenna. In no time, they had him undressed.

"Wow!" Mary exclaimed. "It's not often I get to play with a soft cock." She cupped his balls. "It's kinda nice."

Jenna held up his flaccid dick, moving it around in her hand. "Yes, it is. And I've never really watched one grow. Have you?"


As they were saying this, with hands from two different women on his penis and scrotum, he gradually began to grow. Jenna joined Mary on her knees and both watched in fascination as his cock made the conversion from limp sausage to bone-hard, solid hunk of meat. The lust in their eyes was unmistakable as their mouths attacked what their hands held.

While Jenna was giving Ron a very sensuous blow job, using her talented mouth to coat his steel rod with saliva, her tongue massaging the very tender underside, Mary moved aside to give her room. Mary then knelt on the sofa beside Ron and leaned in for a passionate kiss, swapping spit and dueling with their tongues. After a few minutes, Jenna looked up, saw what Ron and Mary were doing, decided she wanted some of the same and assumed a position similar to Mary's on Ron's other side. Mary's hand reached down to stroke Ron's cock, keeping it alive, and when Jenna leaned in for a three-way kiss, Mary felt his dick expand with excitement. That prompted her to have a taste and she went down to take him in her mouth.

With one eye open, Ron spotted Chelsea all alone on the love seat, her heavy breathing signifying her arousal over what she was watching. He gestured with his hand for her to join in, but she merely shook her head.

Glimpsing that, Mary stood, stepped over to Chelsea, pulled her up and walked her over to the sofa, then helped her to squat over Ron's cock. Mary grabbed it and held it up so she could easily impale herself. Jenna stopped her kissing, assisting Chelsea to steady herself.

A deep sigh escaped Chelsea's lips as she sank down, feeling the glory of Ron's saliva-coated dick touching every inch of her wanting vagina. Once she established a front to back motion, the other ladies each put an arm around her and the other around Ron. Jenna held the back of Ron's and Chelsea's heads and moved them together until their lips met. Jenna then started placing kisses on Ron's head, ears and neck, prompting Mary to do the same on the other side. Ron was able to latch on to a breast of on each of the women on the side of him.

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