tagIncest/TabooUncle and Nephew Bonding

Uncle and Nephew Bonding


It was a week after my 18th birthday and my parents had already left town. My over protective mom had made it very clear I'm not allowed to be home alone while they were gone too. It's a really dumb rule. I'm 18 for god's sake! I decided t not get them mad and went to spend the weekend with my uncle that lives a few towns away. He's always been a pretty cool guy even after he divorced with my aunt. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing.

My parents drove me to his house on Friday morning before they left. All I had was my duffel bag of clothes and bathroom supplies. I got hugged and kissed goodbye. They left before even talking to my uncle. I walked up to the door and knocked. A few moments passed before my uncle answered the door. He opened the door with a huge smile on his face. He was wearing a green T-shirt and tight white briefs which shocked me a little. I hadn't seen him since the divorce.

My uncle's name is Gary. He is an average height man with a little stubble on his face and brown hair. He is Keats wearing a baseball cap to cover his thinning hair. He is always loud and crazy which is funny most of the time. I remember from pervious visits that he doesn't like wearing pants to bed. Gary is a welcoming person so the weekend shouldn't be too bad.

"Ah there's the boy I'm babysitting," he said opening his arms for a hug. I smile and hug him trying to ignore his bulge.

"Yeah. Mom and dad treat me like a little kid still," I said as he lets me enter his home. There is a nice tv on the far wall and two couches facing each other perpendicular to the tv stand. Behind the farther couch is the dining room and kitchen. I remember that his room is just beyond the dining room.

"So what are we gonna do this weekend?" I ask as I set my stuff on the couch and sit next to it. I watch him as he sits on the couch opposite of me.

"We'll I rented a movie for us to watch and that's all I really planned. Unless there's something you wanna do?" He said holding up a blank DVD case.

"Uh there wasn't really anything I wanted to do. What movie did you get?" I say looking at it and trying to avoid staring at his crotch that's hanging there with his legs spread wide open. I think I can see some pubes poking out before he interrupts my thoughts.

"Scary Movie 2," he says with a smile.

"I haven't seen that one," I state and I relax a little more.

"Me neither so I guess it'll be fun for the both of us," he says happily as he sets it down and goes to the kitchen. "Now lets get breakfast started!"

Later that night, I'm laying on the couch against the wall with sheets and a blanket around me. I'm resting my head on a pillow and my uncle walks in. He's carrying the movie and is wearing a white T-shirt and what seemed to be the same tighty whities he was wearing earlier. He walks over to the tv and puts the disk in.

After a bunch of obnoxiously loud laughs at the funny movie, a scene begins that would make the whole weekend different. The scene began with a man in his room when he hears a noise under his bed. He investigates and finds a life size clown looking back at him which I found a little creepy. It drags him under the bed and after a few words, tries to escape the man. I though the scene would be okay until the clown came out for under the bed. The man used impossibly long penis to go out and wrap around the clown to pull him back under.

"Wow! That's a long dick!" My uncle almost yells accompanied by a loud laugh. I am slightly aroused but the blanket hides my boner. The movie continues on.

Another inappropriate scene comes around later. It's where a girl and and a guy are trapped in a freezer and the guy tricks the girl in to thinking the only way to keep him from freezing is the jack him off. She is going hard on him. After a minute, he shoots his load of jizz all over her like a fire hydrant. I mean, it was a LOT of cum. My uncle laughs loudly at his cumshot finding it hilarious. I get aroused again but thankfully, my blanket saves me.

"How would you feel about shooting THAT much cum every time you jacked off?" I said loudly to me. I blushed before answering.

"That'd be a pretty big mess to clean up," I say and he chuckles at my comment.

The movie ended around eleven o clock. My uncle decided to call it a night so he turned off the tv and headed to his room. I laid there silently with a boner from what I just saw. I turned facing the wall and tried to get some sleep but I just couldn't fall asleep.

Midnight came around and I was still awake thinking about how my uncle only commented on those two scenes. I wondered what it would be like to shoot that much cum. It would like soak me and my partner if I did. I could like fill a bath tub with it. The possibilities were almost endless with what I could do with that much cum. That's when my thoughts were interrupted.

I heard footsteps. The footsteps were coming from the dining room. I didn't have to turn around to know who it was. It was my uncle. And no doubt he was wearing those briefs and that shirt. I froze because I also realized I wasn't covered by a blanket because it was hot and I had a full hard on.

I closed my eyes and rolled over pretending to be in a deep sleep. I heard the footsteps walk closer to me. They stopped and then there was silence. I could feel the body heat from my uncle. He was right in front of me. Standing there looking down on me. I just knew it. I tried to act like I was sleeping but he knew better. He then stepped closer to my face. I could smell his pubes. It got me even hornier.

"I saw that boner earlier tonight when that man's long sick showed up on the screen," Gary whispered. I made no movement.

He then moved forward and his bulge slowly pressed against my lips and nose. The smell was strong and alluring. It was still flaccid. I let him push into my face another minute. After that was over, he continued to move his hips in a side to side motion that made his junk slide from my chin to my eyes. It was so erotic, but I resisted acting on it.

"I bet you like that," he said under his breath. I did. I liked it very much.

I knew the next move I made would be a dead giveaway but I didn't care. I casually moved my hand and readjusted my erection. My uncle saw this and smiled. I just kept on "sleeping."

"I knew you were a faggot when you walked in the door and stared at my crotch," he said and he then proceeded to pull his bulge away. I peeked slightly and I saw his dick getting hard. He then slid his tight waistband over his cock. It flung out violently. It waved around in front of me and then he pulled them down and off. He tossed those dirty underwear on my face. I could only see through one eye through one of the holes. His balls were now hanging loosely and my dick throbbed a little bit. His dick had to be 8 inches and it was thick and cut.

"Now you're gonna suck your uncle's dick, boy," he said and I saw the head of his massive member glide toward me. Within a few seconds, it hit my lips and I didn't open up.

"Open," my uncle commanded. He pushed and I let my lips part. It started to slide in and my jaw was forced to open wide. I made sure not to let my teeth drag. His long cock slid into my warm mouth. It pushed against the inside of my wet cheeks. The Tate of his flesh was wonderful. His penis moved around and rubbed the sides of my teeth. It was heaven.

That's when it got more violent. He finished the warm up blow job. He then started pushing it more into my mouth. My eyes opened as it went deep. I gagged a little but he wouldn't let up. He shoved it harder and it started to go down my throat by force. His pubes then hit my nose and I knew it was all the way in.

I remained calm as he held it there in my throat. He caressed my face and we made eye contact for the first time. He smiled at me only this smile was more of an evil smile than welcoming smile.

"I'm gonna tear you up, boy," he said. Before I could process what he meant, he already began. His hips were moving fast. He was face fucking his nephew!

His member was going in and out at a fast speed. I could feel his shaft rubbing my soft and moist tongue. It was so hot. His ballsack began slapping my cheek as I was still laying on my side. They were pretty big too. The sound of our skin clapping together filled the room.

"Oh yeah. That's a good boy!" Gary said as he dropped his head back in pleasure. He moaned a little bit and I found some confidence.

My hands traveled up to him and I started rubbing his thighs. He maimed at this so I rubbed more as he slowed down a bit. My hands rubbing around to his smooth ass. I squeezed his cheeks as I continued his blowjob. I also started sliding my tongue around his moving shaft. I made sure to get it covered in spit. I could tell he was enjoying this because he moaned a little more. He then pulled out. His dick was soaked in my spit and I let him go.

"Now it's time for the best part," he said and grabbed my shirt and pulled it off forcefully. He the went on to grab me by the waistband and turn me so I was in. Sitting position on the couch. He ripped my pajama pants off and then my underwear flew off. I was exposed to my own uncle. My cock was standing at 7 inches cut.

"I bet you're a tight boy aren't you?" My uncle said. I only managed to nod. He quickly pulled me forward and slapped me hard with his wet dick.

That's when he got on his knees. He put m legs on his shoulders and started licking my hole. I could feel his face buried in my ass. His tongue was working around and then I felt it enter. It felt good but it didn't go in very far. He finished by spitting in my hole and I could feel how wet it was.

I straightened up and my legs went up with his shoulders. He gabbed the base of his cock and teasingly rubbed it up and down my crack. I moaned a little bit. Then, he stopped with his wet head on my wet hole.

My uncle then began pushing. It was so painful. It was more painful than when I fingered myself in the shower. His head was hard to get in but eventually it popped in. It hurt so bad. Like a fire in my butt. And all of this was just from his head! He saw the look of pain on my face as I clenched my teeth and close my eyes right.

"Oh if you think that hurts, wait til I get the whole thing in," he said and laughs a little. He then starts pushing hard. It felt like his penis was ripping me open. I could feel his well lubed cock sliding against my skin. It was forcing its way in whether I liked it or not. It was a good thing I liked it! It was a fiery pain in my ass. It seemed like an eternity before I felt those nicely low hanging testicles press against my skin and his pubes scrape my skin.

It was all a pain I've never felt before. It was a good kind of pain. A pain that have me pleasure. I was leaking precum. I had managed to keep quiet but the last thrust he gave was too much. I screamed out a short scream and breathe heavily.

"I know you like that. It's so warm inside of you," my uncle moaned seductively. He let me take a moment to stretch and adjust to his very large penis. I relaxed a little once it felt halfway decent and Gary took this as a sign.

He began sliding out but before he exited me, he shoved right back in. He did this a few times slowly before picking up a rhythm. He went slow at first.

His cock was going in and out of my hole slowly for a few minutes. The sound of our spit was making a squishing sound. It was all so hot. I moaned.

My uncle started to go faster and faster until he was fucking my ass like he was fucking my face earlier. It was so hot. The sound of his slapping nuts, the squishing, his heavy breathing, and my moaning was all I could hear. My cock was ready to blow. I looked at his face. His face was red and he was biting his lip as he drilled my hole. His huge throbbing erection was ramming my ass faster than ever.

"I'm.... I'm gonna cum!" He exclaimed as he went faster. I breathed hard and loud. I let out a moan.

I could feel it. His monster cock unloaded in me. It shot out a bunch if sperm up inside of me before he pulled out. He shot the rest of his load on my chest. It was so much cum. It covered my chest and the warm sticky feeling of his man cream set me off. My orgasm began and my dick shot out a bunch of cum too. It added to my chest and i was easily covered in it. I breathed hard as I felt it oozing out of my ass. It also oozed across my chest.

We just say there for a moment. I looked at him and his softening dick. For being flaccid, it was still pretty big. I decided to say the first words.

"That was nice," I said panting. He swallowed and nodded in agreement.

"Yeah," he replies and then checked me out. "You better go get waged up."

"Okay," I said with a smile. I dropped my legs to the floor and stood up. I felt all the cum sliding down my body. I didn't bother getting clothes as I headed to towards the bathroom.

I turned and looked at my uncle still sitting there. It was gonna be a great weekend.

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