Uncle & Niece


"OH GOD!" Eve cried as I began to thrust into her again, "GOD, CHESTER, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!"

I had not needed her cries to do as she was demanding, the sensations I was feeling drove me to plunge my prick into my young niece's body without remorse; our groins crashing together with each and every stroke, my balls slapping against her buttocks adding to both our pleasure. Her body was shaking continuously as I thrust and ground and plunged in her vice-like pussy, her cries became weak sobs and gasps as the minutes passed. My own breathing was ragged and I could hear the blood pounding in my ears as I fucked her with an almost desperate haste. Once again I felt the surge of my climax approach then rush over me, once again I thrust deeply to fill her body with my hot juices and as I felt them erupt from my cock a haze of overwhelming bliss covered my eyes. Beneath me Eve was flopping like a rag doll, her orgasm so powerful it was as though she was having a fit and her pussy, oh that wondrous, tight little pussy was squeezing my cock so tightly that the force of my own climax doubled in intensity and a cry of animal lust escaped from my lips as I fell forward onto Eve.

How long we lay there in the grip of post climax tremors I don't know, but eventually I regained enough of my senses to roll off her shaking body to lay gasping and panting beside her. After a few more minutes my heart stopped pounding as though to escape my breast and my breathing was fast instead of laboured. Sitting up and twisting my upper body I gazed down at Eve, she lay with her eyes half closed, her lips curved into a sensual, satisfied smile, her boobs rippling as she sobbed and gasped for breath. Her eyes opened and turned to me, they seemed vague, distant, as though she were in a dream, her smile widened and she reached out to stroke my cheek.

"Thank you." she panted, "God, I have never felt so good."

"I'm glad I could make your first time an experience to remember." I replied stroking her hair.

"Uncle Chester?" she gasped out.

"Yes Evie?" I smiled.

"When I've recovered a little" she smiled up at me, "could I suck your 'lollipop'?"

"My lolli...Oh, I see." I laughed, "Of course you can dear."

Chuckling at the term she had used for my cock I lay back on the bed, Eve cuddled up to me, her young tits pressing to my skin, her arm across my chest and one of her legs over mine. I felt warm and tired and contented and comfortable, beside me Eve sighed then came an almost imperceptible buzzing noise, looking at her face I chuckled; she was asleep. Reaching out I turned off the bedside light, closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I woke to the exciting sensation of a tongue sliding up, down and around my hard cock.

"Wha...?" I exclaimed as I raised my head.

The sight that met my eyes sent a shiver of delight through me, Eve was licking my cock, and she looked up my body into my eyes and smiled then got back to licking every inch of my hardness before taking it into her mouth. Closing my eyes I groaned with pleasure as my niece slowly slid her mouth down my shaft until she could take no more of me, closing the gap between her mouth and my groin with a hand she began to bob her head at the same time flicking her tongue on the flesh in her mouth.

"Christ!" I groaned as she suddenly clamped her lips tight around my shaft and sucked hard.

Then she was bobbing again, her movements swiftly pushing me towards a climax, but to my surprise and delight my niece climaxed first. As her body started to shake Eve clamped her mouth around me again, her tongue pressed at the base of my knob as she sucked me hard, her hand squeezing the base of my shaft.

"OH GOD, EVIE!" I cried in ecstasy, "I'M CUMMING!"

With a rush of heat my seed spurted into my niece's mouth and to my wonder and pleasure she swallowed every single drop of my sticky juices and greedily sucked for more.

"You taste so nice." Eve stated as she sat up a few minutes later.

"You are a randy little terror." I chuckled, "Don't you ever change."

Giggling the little minx took my semi-erect cock in her hand and wanked me to a full erection before leaping astride me.

That was the pattern for the next ten days that she spent with me, at the end of that time Eve had to return home to go back to school, our parting was a tearful one on her part, but she promised to come back as soon as she could. A promise she kept as soon as the next school holiday rolled around. She even came up with my sister on the regular quarterly visits, both of us wishing Amy would disappear to allow us to enjoy ourselves. On her last visit Eve told me she would move nearer to me as soon as she left school an event I look forward to with great anticipation.

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