tagFetishUncle Bob and His Niece Ch. 04

Uncle Bob and His Niece Ch. 04


Over the last month, we were all becoming strangers to each other. Chloe was working long hours almost every day learning her new business and becoming a fantastic dom according to Madame Kirsten. Tickles and Trisha had really hit it off and had made personal goals to buy out the local malls just to find out the limits on my credit cards. I bumped into all three of them a lot. Coming or going. Never sitting for a meal or having time to talk. One Monday evening, I put a chain lock on the front door trapping everyone inside until we could talk for a few minutes.

"I never get to talk to you three anymore. I don't know what's happening with you and I miss you."

Almost in unison they all mocked me, "Ahhhhhh, that's so sweet."

"No, really, we need a night where we all get together for dinner and to catch up."

Trisha had to put in her two cents, "Sounds boring but sort of fun in an 'Old Fashioned' sort of way."

"Thank you for your support. I think."

Tickles bought in, "So what do you have in mind."

"Tuesday nights are slow for all of us. Let's make Tuesdays a dinner and movie night. That's the day Blockbuster puts the new releases out. Tickles could arrange for the food, Chloe could pick out the movies, I'll cook and set up the house. Trisha, I keep asking you but you never stay in the evenings."

The silence was deafening. Trisha jumped in, "You two should humor the old guy. That's about all the excitement he can handle any more."

"O great, my wonderful idea is now reduced to a 'Pity Movie Night with the Old Guy.'"

Tickles came to my support, "No, it's a good idea. We are all going separate ways and we don't want to loose touch. Bob has been running off the club just to have something to do each evening. If you can call shooting pool, watching nude girls, drinking and men acting like jerks 'having something to do.'"

True to form, Trisha begged off the first 'Tuesday Night at the Movies.' Chloe, Tickles and I all bathed early and arrived in the TV room wrapped in warm robes about the same time. Food was vegetable munchies with dip and Papa Murphy's stuffed pizza. The first movie was a slow chick flick. I always thought it was funny that Chloe, who professed to hate such things, picked so many romantic movies. I was half reclining on the couch with my feet toward Tickles and Chloe sitting on the floor when Tickles turned, put her legs outside mine and pulled my feet into her crotch. She used my right foot to rub her clit while she watched the kissy, feely scenes.

The bottom of my foot was getting wet. Turnabout is fair play, so I lifted one of Tickles' legs and settled her foot onto my dick. She used her talented flexible toes to play in the pre-cum flowing from the tiny lips of my cock. Our movements caught Chloe's attention.

Chloe opened our robes wider and teased our nipples while she watched our busy feet. She had something in mind and soon had all three of us naked. Chloe maneuvered both of Tickles' feet so one was on each side of my dick and started to work them up and down jacking me off. Each stroke slid my cock across Tickles' arches and pushed the head into her toes. Chloe was squeezing tightly. There wasn't enough lube so Chloe licked our feet, our toes, my cock and slobbered freely.

I could barely keep from pushing them away. The sensations were so intense they hurt. All too quickly my balls tightened and I came between Tickles toes and on her feet. Chloe slowed her pumping hands, lowered her tongue and lips and began to suck my cum from Tickles toes. This was a very submissive act for Chloe. She cleaned every drop then moved so her face was above Tickles lips. She used Tickles's hair, pulling her head back. Tickles' lips were wet and slightly open. A thin line of cum slipped from Chloe's mouth and dropped the eight inches into Tickles' mouth. The taste of cum and having a nipple twisted hard by Chloe brought a needy moan from Tickles.

Through her cum filled mouth, Chloe gave Tickles an order not to swallow as she lowered her lips along the stream until their lips met. Chloe let all my cum flow into Tickles' mouth. As they kissed, licked lips and sucked each other's tongues, I caught glimpses of the white stringy puddle in Tickles' mouth. They played with the snowball long enough to have most of their faces covered then Chloe pulled Tickles by the hair across my body until her face was over mine.

"Give him his cum back."

Tickles opened her mouth copying what Chloe had done to her. A stream slowly fell onto my lips; I opened my mouth and her lips followed the stream. The kiss was passionate; I had a raging hard on. Chloe roughly grabbed my cock and pushed it into Tickles' hungry wet cunt. She took my balls into her hand and used them to force me to fuck upward into Tickles. Chloe licked the tissue where my cock stretched into Tickles. I knew her tongue was trailing upward and licking Tickles' asshole.

Neither Tickles nor I were swallowing but the ball was getting smaller. It was melting down my neck, flowing onto my chest and smearing across Tickles' breasts. Chloe was controlling Tickles keeping her cuming. She wanted still more control, so she pushed a strong wet finger smoothly into my ass and pressed firmly into my prostate. Now she had control of me too. My body convulsed and I came deep into Tickles womb. The combination triggered some primal thoughts. Never had I had such a thought. In that instant, I wanted Tickles to be pregnant.

Tickles and I were drained but both knew we owed Chloe one. We slipped to the floor, pushing Chloe down under us.

"Don't fight us Chloe. If we hold your hands or legs down you are helpless. Surrender your body to us and let us please you."

Tickles was on Chloe's right side holding a leg and an arm while her lips were poised over a breast. I had the mirrored position. In unison our heads lowered and captured Chloe's nipples. We sucked and licked until Chloe wanted more. Without words we chewed her nipples lightly causing her to wither and complain yet arching for more.

Our foreheads touched, slipped lower and never broke contact as we licked over Chloe's ovaries torturing with tickles instead of bites this time. I pushed Chloe onto her side, raised her upper leg and buried my mouth into her cunt. Tickles slipped down in perfect time, opening Chloe's ass cheeks and slipping her tongue in between them. Our foreheads bumped again while I sucked Chloe's clit and Tickles tongued her asshole.

Chloe had settled onto a wonderful pleasant plateau. I wanted her to go higher and cum for us. I pushed two fingers into her cunt and began a firm steady rubbing pressure on her g-spot. Her body surrendered, opened and welcomed us inside. Just as she was ready to begin her climax, Tickles nibbled the tender skin of her asshole. She expected pain but none came. But the surprise was enough to delay and heighten where she was going. Again she started to build. This time I nibbled her clit hard enough to stop her progress.

Chloe was groaning with every breath now. Desperately wanting to cum. Her body was begging; she was nearing the edge again. What would happen to stop her this time? Her climax was on her, consuming her before she realized nothing could stop her this time. The relentless pressure inside her, the sucking on her clit and the wiggling tongue in her ass were too much. Her cunt erupted giving the tasty treasure of her body as a reward to her abusers.

Tickles pushed lower to force a three-way kiss with me and Chloe's spewing cunt. For a moment the only things that existed in the world were the wonderful taste of pussy, the heat of sex, the magnificence of giving another pleasure and a million wonderful sensual feelings.

Chloe was asleep when I helped Tickles to her feet. I had done this before. I put a pillow under Chloe's head, covered her and left her asleep on the floor. My dick was hard but I wasn't sure Tickles was up to another round. I reached out taking one of her hands. Tickles' half closed eyes looked lustfully into mine. Our faces glistened with Chloe's juices. I felt her other hand close around my bobbing hardon and pull me toward the bedroom.

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