tagIncest/TabooUncle Brads Surprise

Uncle Brads Surprise


“Damn it.” Brad Thompson muttered to himself as ran across the parking lot to get in his Ford Expedition. Other than sex with his wife golf was his favorite pastime. Even rain usually did not keep him and his friends off the course but when the lightning began to flash just as they were starting the sixth hole that was enough for all of them. Hurriedly they drove the carts back to the clubhouse and settled in for a round of drinks. After two whiskey and cokes Brad decided to call it an afternoon and head back home. “Oh well at least an afternoon in the sack with Brenda will more then make up for this mess”, he thought to himself.

That thought caused his cock to stir.

Even after fifteen years of marriage Brenda Thompson was still as sexy to him as the day they met. She was 5’6” with long red hair, green eyes and 38D natural tits. Brad hated silicone implants and loved the fact he had a woman with the “real deal”. The only difference was that as she grew older so did her sexual appetite. He had even become worried that he would not be able to keep up with her. They had talked about experimenting with swinging but had not been able to go that far and he also knew she had a very bisexual nature. He reached over to pick up the cell phone to call her then thought better of it. A surprise would be nice. Hell he might even catch her masturbating. Little did he know the surprise in store for him.

As Brad pulled onto the street where he lived he noticed a red Mustang in the driveway. “Shit, who the hell is here”, he grumbled to himself as he pulled around the sports car and into the garage. Shutting the engine off he sat for a moment wondering who it could be. Finally he stepped out of the vehicle and before walking in the house he removed his shoes. Brenda was an immaculate housekeeper and even guests had to remove their foot wear before entering. He walked into the kitchen and noticed MTV on the television blaring a rap song. Brad then mixed a drink before walking up the stairs to the master bedroom. About halfway up he stopped. The unmistakable sound of his wife moaning in pleasure made a wide grin cross his face. Then he thought about the car in the drive and his stomach knotted. Slowly he eased up further. Was she with another man? The thought both angered and turned him on at the same time.

“Fuck yes, yes do it. Eat my pussy you bitch. You have me on fire!” Brad heard his wife squeal as he approached the bedroom.

Slowly he eased further up to see the door to the bedroom slightly open. The bed was against the opposite wall and he could see his wife on her back pinching, pulling her nipples. What turned him on even more was another woman was kneeling between her legs her ass high in the air. She was obviously excited too as Brad could see her naked pussy was dripping wet. Like his wife she also had red hair and suddenly he could see her right arm pistoning back and forth rapidly obviously working his wife over.

“Shit fuck yeah that’s it. Fuck my asshole” his wife screamed.

His cock was about to burst from his shorts as he watched the erotic scene in front of him. It was like a dream come true. The other woman must have worked his wife’s asshole over non stop for at least three minutes before suddenly his wife grasped her by the back of the head.

“Oh yes I’m cumming” she announced before pulling the redhead closer in. The other woman’s moans were muffled and Brad heard her make distinctive gulping sounds. His wife was a squirter and he knew the woman’s mouth was being filled with hot sweet pussy juices.

“Don’t you fucking stop” his wife demanded as her partner continued to eat her through her orgasm. The woman gladly obliged. She ran her hands down to the back of Brenda’s thighs pushing her legs back then licking her from pussy to asshole and back. Brad could not stand it. He pulled his hard cock out and began stroking at his wife was brought to yet another orgasm. Finally his wife told her, “Ok, ok I cannot take it anymore.” She lowered her legs as the woman continued kissing licking her thighs. That’s when she looked up and saw her husband standing there.

“Oh shit, Brad. How long have you been home.” His wife asked as she caught sight of her husband.

Brad walked in the room and replied “ Awhile baby. Don’t worry I am not mad. Just curious as who this sweet thing is.

The young lady rolled her and Brad’s eyes widened with disbelief. “ Hi Uncle Brad”. It was their 24 year old niece Stephanie.

Brad stared down at his niece her face covered with his wife’s juices.

“Oh Brad I am so sorry.” I know its wrong” his wife exclaimed.

“No” Stephanie said. “Really Uncle Brad it’s my fault. I came on to her.”

Stephanie Thompson was a hot little thing. She like her mother and aunt had red hair but was smaller at 5’2” with 34D breasts as well. She was sort of the black sheep of the family at least where her parents were concerned due to her wild ways. They had never been able to control her and were shocked when she chose to become a stripper at a local adult club. Brad had secretly been turned on thinking of what it would be like to be with her. Now here she was, naked coated with his wife’s love honey. Stephanie seductively rose up off the bed and walked over to him.

“Uncle Brad, you aren’t mad at me are you?”her eyes looking up at him seductively as she placed her hands on his chest.

“Ah, well no honey” Brad stammered. His breathing increased as he looked up and down he length of her hot young body. It excited him more to see her pussy was shaved except for a thin strip of red hair down to her clit.

Stephanie extended her tongue out and licked more of his wife’s pussy from her lips.

“Umm”, she moaned. “Aunt Brenda tastes so sweet. I bet you taste good to Uncle Brad,” she said. With that she reached out her hand and grasped his hard prick through his shorts. “I think we need to turn this loose,” Stephanie said and with that she knelt in front of her uncle undoing his shorts. Brad stripped his shirt off as she freed his cock. Eight inches of precum dripping fuck meat slapped her on the side of the face.

“Oh my god, that’s the biggest cock I have ever seen” Stephanie exclaimed in delight. She grasped the base tightly and pulled up causing large drops of precum to form on the head. Brad groaned deeply and loudly as her soft hands began working his cock. He looked over at his wife and smiled at her as she began slowly finger fucking her hot pussy. Stephanie then leaned in and opened her soft lips sucking the head of Brad’s cock in. Brad looked down and was amazed to watch the young slut deep throat the entire length of his prick. She then began moving her mouth up and down the length sucking licking her uncle’s cock. Brenda Thompson then slid off the bed and knelt behind her niece. Her hands slid around her niece’s body cupping the girl’s large breasts, pinching pulling at the nipples.

“Suck him baby, make him cum” Brenda urged. Brad Thompson was in heaven. He could not believe the expertise his young niece was exercising on his cock.

“Fuck I am so close” he moaned. With that Stephanie stopped.

“Wait I have an idea” she said. She turned and deeply kissed her Aunt. “Aunt Brenda get on the bed I want to do something.”

Brenda Thompson obeyed her niece’s wishes laying back legs instinctively spread.

“Come with me Uncle!”, Stephanie said in a low lustful voice. Brads cock was pounding as she stood them led him by it to the bed. Urging him between his wives legs she said, “Fuck her. I want to watch you fuck Aunt Brenda.”

Brad knew as horny as he was it would not be a long fuck but he was now willing to do what both these hot women wanted. His niece guided his cock to his wife’s pussy lips and rubbed the head around them. Brenda moaned in pleasure as she felt her husbands cock head rub her clit time and time again. Finally Brad could take it no longer and with one thrust buried his cock to the balls in her pussy.

“Shit yes fuck me Brad” his wife screamed.

Stephanie knelt beside her uncle as he deep thrust his wife time and time again. It excited the young girl to see her uncles cock coated with his wife hot juices each time he pulled out. Stephanie motioned for him to lean back a bit and as he did she lowered her mouth to her aunts hot clit. Sucking it up between her lips she began rapidly swirling her tongue around it causing Brenda to thrash her head back and forth in pleasure.

“Oh Fuck yes, yes, yes!” Brenda screamed out.

The feeling of her husband’s cock filling her hot pussy and her nieces tongue working her clit was far more then she could bear. Brenda’s eyes widened as a another powerful orgasm began sweeping over her sending her cunt into convulsions. Brad could feel his wife’s pussy milking his cock. With each thrust her juices were sent spewing from out around his prick. Stephanie leaned back and reached over her uncle’s ass and under him cupping his heavy cum laden balls. She leaned over kissing him on the cheek.

“Uncle Brad don’t cum inside her. Pull out before you do please” she said to him in almost a whimper.

Brad continued to screw his wife until he felt the boiling sensation in his ball sack. He slipped his pussy soaked cock from his wife. The hot niece keeling by his side spread her aunt’s slippery wet pussy lips with one hand and began jerking her uncle’s cock with the other.

“Cum now Brad” she demanded. “Cum all over her pussy.”

Brad could not believe how brazen his niece was. After a few jerks his cock began to pulsate and a large stream of cum shot from his prick directly on his wife’s clit. The force of it causes Brenda to jerk in ecstasy. Time and time again his cock erupted large streams of cream onto his wife’s cunt until her clit was coated and no longer visible. Brad could not remember having an orgasm like that in years. His cum finally subsided yet his cock remained hard. Stephanie continued jerking him rubbing her fingers through her aunt’s shot soaked slit. She deep kissed her uncle for a moment then broke away.

“Move aside Uncle Brad” she said in a demanding tone. Brad lay back on the bed as his niece yet again positioned her self between her aunt’s spread legs. She smiled at him then leaned in and began licking her aunts cum soaked pussy.

“So fucking good” she moaned as she licked up and down the wet slit thoroughly cleaning her now squirming aunts hole.

Up one lip and down the other time and time again enjoying the combined taste of her uncles cock juice and aunt’s pussy. Finally she buried her face in deep thrusting her long tongue deep into her aunts hot cavern. Brenda was squealing again and Brad was still hard as a rock watching what he had only seen in porn movies before his very eyes. Finally after thoroughly cleaning Brenda’s pussy she pulled back looking up at her uncle her face glazed with cum, pussy and lust.

“My Uncle Brad. You’re still hard as a rock” Stephanie observed. Brad looked down and saw his cock was still stiff as metal pipe.

“Yes it is” he agreed. “It may take a while for it to go down. Stephanie glanced down at her aunt’s pussy.

“Well I am still a bit, well, hungry so why don’t you get some of this.” His niece wiggled her hot tight butt in the air.

“Sounds like it’s a plan to me as long as it’s ok with your aunt” Brad said and smiled.

Brenda grasped the back of her niece’s head pulling her beautiful face to her pussy.

“Brad you talk to much. Shut up and fuck this slut” she laughed before squealing again as her niece pushed her legs back and plunged her tongue deep in her aunts asshole.

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