tagGay MaleUncle David Fucks Adam Ch. 01

Uncle David Fucks Adam Ch. 01


Adam slumped in the computer chair in David's home office, one hand rubbing his cock through his shorts and the other using his uncle's computer to browse the casual sex section on Craigslist. He would have used his phone, but he did not have the Wi-Fi login details. His uncle, David, who barely knew him, had graciously allowed Adam to crash on his couch while he searched for a new apartment to rent. He had also granted Adam the use of his computer which was supposed to be for browsing real estate sites, but the instant David left for work Adam embarked on a quest to get his dick sucked.

As much as he hated to admit it, his uncle reminded him strongly of every single guy he had ever fucked, and it made him so damn horny. It was difficult being in the same room as David, because Adam couldn't help but undress his own uncle with his eyes, and David always gave him funny looks in return. Adam was a cub and a bear chaser; his past few fuck-buddies were all burly, hairy men, and David was the biggest, hairiest hulk of a man Adam had ever laid eyes on. David ran a small media company, so he wore smart white dress shirts and black slacks -- both of which bulged under his girth. His shirt strained at the shoulders and biceps and ran taut over his broad and impenetrable torso. Coarse, curly chest hair spilled out over the top button, threatening to merge with the peppered dark-brown stubble, and fur crept up the back of his neck from his shoulders. He had a chubby face perpetually shadowed with beard and his hands were like grizzled bear's paws, strong and rough. There were only two bulges in tight, black slacks he wore: a soft, curved outline of his manhood running down the left leg like a giant slug and his round, muscled buttocks.

Adam was having trouble finding any local bears online; they all seemed to be young, slim and shaved looking for similarly young, slim and shaved guys. His uncle's place was also too far away from his old apartment to meet with his regular fuck-buddy bears. However David lived alone and was at work, so Adam didn't have to worry about getting caught. Minutes later he found the only ad that interested him by some bear that lived in the same area seeking the other heavyset men. His fingers flew eagerly across his uncle's keyboard as he responded: '24 vers cub. 110kgs, 5'11, 4" uncut, THICK! White, brown hair/eyes, very hairy. Want my cock sucked, will recip and more. DFF, you be too. Can host or travel within distance.' He fiddled with David's webcam for a bit, using it to snap a photo of his erect cock to attach. He hit send and then logged into his email in a new browser tab.

While he waited for a reply he navigated to the 'My Pictures' folder to delete his photo but it wasn't there. Adam launched the webcam software again, checked the option settings, and found the automatic save destination somewhere in David's external hard drive, in a folder called 'daddy'. Curious, Adam opened the folder and was inundated with a page full of video clip thumbnails, as well as a hefty bank of saved photos. All the photos were of a man's cock, and appeared to be post-blowjob, covered in cum and spit -- sitting at this very desk and in the same chair! But on closer look they were all different men with different penises: Long, curved, stubby or thick, with skin tone ranging from dark ebony to alabaster pale, and with pubes of all different colours -- there was a cock shot for every type of man here. Adam opened a video at random and his jaw dropped. There was a stranger, sitting in David's chair with an 8 inch thick cock, and then his uncle David entered the frame, dropped to his knees and started deep-throating the man.

"What the hell?" Adam muttered. "Uncle David?" He couldn't help himself; he opened a few more videos. There were several hundreds of them! In one marked over three years old, David had one leg braced on the desk and was fucking a young chubby teenager, the stranger's boyish face contorted in pain and ecstasy as he moaned into the camera.

"Say you want daddy bear to fuck harder!" David snarled, grabbing the teenager's blond hair with a hand and twisting cruelly. He leaned in close to the camera to grin wolfishly. "Say it!"

"Fuck me harder, daddy bear!" the teenager whimpered, and squealed like a pig as David dropped his leg and began to pound the young man so hard the entire desk shook. Adam watched avidly, stroking his cock, while his uncle ploughed a stranger's ass and then pumped string after string of hot, ropy cum all over the man's back.

He watched several others, growing hornier and hornier with each load uncle David shot from his huge cock. All the guys he fucked, sucked or let suck were chubby and hairy, just like Adam.

Adam was about to watch another one but noticed a (1) in his taskbar and switched to his internet browser. He had received a reply from the craigslist ad a couple of minutes ago. An image of a throbbing, vein-riddled dick had been attached, and simply read, '7.5 cut bear in late 40's, very big and hairy. I want your hot cock in my mouth. I'd prefer my place.' There was a Google Maps link, which Adam clicked. He stared at the address, dumbfounded. It was here.

"What the fuck!" Adam groaned to himself, standing up and pacing away from the computer. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. "This is so fucked up!" There was no way he could do anything with his uncle. David was... well he was incredibly sexy for starters, and appeared to know his way around another man's junk. He tried to imagine making a move on David, but couldn't. What would his parents do if they found out? He barely even knew his uncle. David saw Adam as a toddler, but moved overseas for work for so long that when he returned Adam's mother and David's sister did not bother reuniting them. Adam showing up at his doorstep with no place to stay was the first David had seen of his nephew in almost two decades.

He briefly imagined having his hot uncle close by in high school when he started experimenting with other guys. Oh, how that would have changed things. He suddenly craved to know what it could have been like.

Adam darted back to the computer and replied, 'I'll be there.'

David replied almost at once, "Hang on, not yet. There's something I have to do first." By that, Adam suspected, David meant getting him out of the house. He suddenly realised David might not warm to the idea of letting his long lost nephew suck him off, and knew he needed to ease the old bear in gently.

Ten minutes later David was at the front door, unlocking it with a dull click. "Adam?" he called out, shutting the door behind him.

Adam was in David's home office, watching porn shirtless. He pulled his hardening cock out and waited.

"Adam?" David called out again, and stepped into the office.

"Shit!" Adam exclaimed covering himself with a hand. "I thought you were at work!"

David was staring at his chubby, hairy nephew, his mouth slightly agape having caught Adam masturbating. His eyes roved over Adam's vast body, stopping first at his two pink nipples peeking through the dense chest hair, and then the erect cock badly concealed by a hand. He looked back up and affixed himself with a frown. "I left early. What the hell are you watching on my computer?" he asked brusquely, nodding at the computer monitor.

Adam turned the sound up, and hoarse grunting from two men filled the space. "Grrr, fuck my hairy hole!" a man growled through the speakers.

"Watching some porn," Adam said, no longer covering his erect cock as he turned the monitor to face David.

"Oh," David said softly in surprise when he realised what he was watching. Adam could see David's crotch swelling with excitement. "You... You like bea -- er -- big guys?"

"They're called bears, uncle," said Adam, knowing full well that David knew already. "Don't freak out, David. I know you look like a bear yourself with your big hairy chest and all, but I'd never make a move at you. Because you're my uncle."

That seemed to harden his resolve. "Yes. Yes, just think of what your mother would say," he said, almost as though he were admonishing himself. "Put it away. Your privates -- cover them for crying out loud. And put your shirt back on."

Adam complied. "So what did you need me for?"

"What do you mean?" David asked suspiciously.

"You were calling me name when you came in," Adam reminded him.

"What? Oh, right. Just... just checking to see if you were in," said David. "Actually, I have some places you could rent. I printed this off at work just before leaving, and I think you should take a look at them. Today." He passed Adam a printed webpage.

"These places are on the other side of the city," Adam complained as he skimmed the listings. But they were reasonably priced and actually looked decent even though it was a ploy to get him out of the house. He folded it in half and pocketed it, fully intending to check them out later. "It'll take me several hours to get there and back, so I'll check them out tomorrow morning. Thanks though, that was kind of you." He got up and gave David a hug, making sure to press his stiff cock against David's thigh.

"Hugging with porn on, that's something two guys don't do every day," David joked. "Let's stop doing that, shall we?"

"Just one of the ways I'm showing you my thanks."

"You're welcome," said David gruffly, masking his confusion over the double entendre. He was clearly not used to getting cock-blocked however, by his own nephew of all people, so he pushed Adam off rather roughly and muttered, "I'm going to take a shower."

Adam waited until he heard water running, and then darted back to the computer. 'Can't wait. I need to suck your big cock. Be there in 5 minutes.' He sent it to David, and heard a chime sound in the bathroom as David's phone received the email. The sound of the shower ceased. Adam stripped naked in the living room and reclined on the sofa.

"Fuck!" Adam heard David cursing in the bathroom. David stormed out with a folded towel covering his groin as he was too large to wrap it around himself. "Adam, where are you!"

"Living room!"

David entered the living room, still flushed pink from the shower. The hair on his chest was sleek, like an otter's, pointing down to his beer keg of a gut. He had rubbed his shoulders dry, and the hair there stood up as though he had been electrified. "Adam, I have a friend coming over -- oh jeez! Put some clothes on. I can't see my own nephew like this!"

"What? I'm in bed and I happen to sleep in the buff."

"Adam, I need you to... to give me some privacy. Now I let you crash on my couch, which is fine, but right now I need you to give me thirty minutes alone. Get dressed and go out -- grab dinner, anything. I'll give you a fifty."

"Thirty minutes alone time with a friend?" Adam inquired asked doubtfully, idly scratching his inner thigh and jostling his cock. He smiled to himself when he saw David's eyes flick down to his groin. "Be honest, David, did you leave work early to 'get some'?"

"If you must know, then yes," said David in exasperation, blushing red under his dark stubble. Adam got up from the sofa. "Thank you -- it won't be long, I promise. Just thirty minutes."

"Is it a lady friend?" asked Adam as he walked over.

"That's none of your business, Adam," said David shortly.

"Or is it a man? Have you got a man coming over to feed you his cock?"

David was getting cross. Adam stopped in front of him. "Has it been five minutes?"


"Has it been... five minutes..." repeated Adam, slowly pulling David's towel from his grasp.

David's cock was rock hard -- it sprung up to rub its head against Adam's belly fat. "Oh, it was you," gasped David softly, his face transforming into an excited grin. But the grin faded as quickly as it appeared. "Oh no. No, no, no -- Adam, no." He snatched back the towel and covered himself. "I didn't know it was you, or I wouldn't have replied."

"Relax, Uncle David," said Adam, pulling his uncle closer so their hairy bellies touched. "I won't --" He kissed David's neck, "tell --" He kissed David's stubbled jaw, "anyone."

"Not a word?" David breathed, and Adam nodded. He kissed his nephew. Adam's lips were so soft under his own and couldn't help tenderly cupping the back of Adam's head. Adam's lips parted eagerly, but David pulled back under the pretence of exploring the rest of Adam's body. He grabbed his nephew's cock and gave it a squeeze. "Just like the photo you sent me... why did you make me think -- why did you put me through all that?"

"I wanted to surprise you," said Adam with a grin. "Ease you into it --"

David forced Adam onto his knees and swung his hips, slapping his nephew in the face with his meaty cock. "Suck it, boy. Show me how much you want thick bear cock."

Adam grabbed his uncle's manhood with a hand and shoved it hungrily into his mouth. It smelled of soap from his shower, a body wash with a faint, masculine scent. He grabbed his uncle from behind and buried his face in his uncle's pubes. David's thick daddy dick slid down his throat like a soda bottle, all seven and a half inches -- it was too much -- Adam pulled away, gagging. Suddenly two hands grabbed the sides of his head, and the thick meat was sliding in and out, in and out, with barely any time to breathe. Spit ran freely down Adam's chin, the viscous kind from the back of his throat, dredged up by the face-fucking.

"Mmph!" Adam made a sound in protest.

"You wanted my cock, so take it!" David snarled. "Oh, boy, I've wanted to ram my cock down your little whore mouth since you got here. You're so fucking hot! Fuck!"

Adam lost all sense of time while his uncle -- his uncle -- thrust into his hungry mouth. Don't think, just enjoy it, he told himself. David eventually relented, and pushed Adam who was coughing and gagging for breath down onto the floor. David climbed on top of him and kissed him deeply, wriggling his tongue deep into his nephew's mouth. His beard stubble grazed Adam's lips.

"Mmm, I can taste my own cock," David growled, smacking his lips. He stared at Adam, who was still dazed by the sudden turn of events, and asked in a slightly softer voice, "You want this, right?"

Adam nodded, and that was all the permission David needed. His uncle spun himself around into a 69 position. "Open wide," David commanded, and plunged his cock back into Adam's soft mouth. David lowered himself over his nephew's hairy belly and took his nephew's manhood into his mouth. Adam squirmed in delight under him, moaning thickly around David's cock, and started sucking him off with renewed vigour. David could not stop himself from howling with pleasure; his nephew's mouth had superb suction, it felt like he was fucking a virgin's tight ass while someone blew and jacked him off at the same time. It was just the right amount of warmth and wetness, and David could feel precum steadily oozing out of his cock.

David worked his nephew's cock with his tongue, swirling the tip around and under Adam's bulbous head and then running it up and down the stubby shaft. It was only four inches, but as Adam had promised in his email, it as thick as a beer can. He had trouble wrapping his lips around it, but when he did Adam's slick cock slid neatly into his mouth and he pressed his nose in Adam's soft balls. He wet a finger with some of his spit running down Adam's dick, lifted one of Adam's legs up and rubbed his puckered arsehole.

Adam moaned and bucked his hips.

David spat out his nephew's cock. "Want to get your ass eaten, boy?" he asked.

Before Adam could even reply, he felt his hips lift off the ground -- David had grabbed them and was now running his tongue up hungrily and down his crack. He couldn't move his head, but his uncle was gently thrusting his hips as he licked and slurped at his hole.

The tip of David's raspy tongue wormed its way into his tight hole. David pulled his cock out of Adam's mouth, repositioned himself, and then suddenly David's tongue was deep inside Adam's arse. It felt like a wet, slimy finger, exploring the pleasures his hole had to offer, repeatedly penetrating his tight ring while strong hands squeezed his spread cheeks.

"Ooooh yeah, eat my arse!" Adam moaned breathlessly. With his uncle putting his weight on his chest he could barely breathe. David's hairy manhole was hovering just a few inches above his mouth so Adam lubed a finger with his spit and began fingering his uncle. In response David made a surprised noise and shifted his hips a little to give Adam better access.

"Ooh, yeah boy. That's it, finger daddy bear's ass!"

Adam fingered him harder and faster, punching two fingers into his uncle's wrinkled hole up to the knuckle and pulling them out. David's insides were warm and velvety, contrasting the rough hairs on his ass that tugged at Adam's fingers when he pulled out.

David was soon bouncing on him, fucking himself on Adam's fingers while Adam's arse went forgotten. "Get off, I can't breathe!" Adam gasped.

David stopped, slapped Adam's ass cheeks with a growl and stood up. "You okay, boy?" he panted, standing above him. Adam nodded. He could only see his uncle's fat cock and a hairy chest peering over an ample belly. "You look fine to me. Stick your ass up in the air. I wasn't done eating you out." Adam obeyed, lifting his legs up and hooking his hands under his knees.

David got down on all fours and planted his tongue firmly into Adam's wet hole. He alternated between lapping it like a dog and burying his face in between his nephew's cheeks while his skilful tongue slipped through the Adam' defences. Adam was moaning and writhing, his fingernails scrabbling uselessly on the floor while his uncle's tongue delivered so much pleasure he thought he'd suffocate without it.

"Fuck me daddy bear!" Adam suddenly burst out saying, and the mere thought of it sent him over the edge. Cum sprayed over Adam's face in waves as he inadvertently gave himself a facial. His uncle's strong hand was wrapped around his short cock at once, jerking out the rest of the load. Thick, creamy droplets splattered Adam's cheeks and neck, pooling where his eyes were or rolling down to drip onto the floor.

David walked forwards on his hands and licked the sperm off Adam's face. He kissed his nephew, letting Adam's seed mingle on their tastebuds, and grinned. "Still want daddy bear to fuck you?" he asked.

"Do you want to?"

"I wasn't sure at first," said David. "I mean, a blowjob is just a blowjob, but to actually have anal sex... You're my sister's son, Adam. We're family, for crying out loud. We can't let this get out of hand."

"David. Do you want to fuck me?" asked Adam, cutting off each word. He grabbed his uncle's cock. "Do you want to shove this big, honking dick up your nephew's tight arse?"

"Adam --"

"This will stay between us."

"Adam, listen -- "

"It doesn't have to be a one-off thing."

David hung his head in defeat. "I do. Oh, Adam, I want to fuck you so bad," he admitted. "If I bumped into you at a bar and didn't know who you were, I'd have you up against the bathroom wall before the conversation was even over while I fill your insides up with my cum."

Adam laid back and pulled his legs into the air. "Go on then, fuck me. I'm all yours. I want your thick uncle dick up inside me."

David reached over to swipe Adam's cum off the ground and slathered his cock with it. "Okay, here goes," he warned, grabbing one of Adam's legs. He positioned his cock and pushed. "Fuck, you're tight!"

Adam reached down to spread his cheeks, and felt the head of his uncle's big dick penetrate him. Inch after inch, David continued to enter his nephew's body until he was fully submerged. "Oh-h-h," David shuddered, closing his eyes. "It's like your insides are sucking me off. I've never fucked such a snug ass before."

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