tagBDSMUncle Jake Ch. 12

Uncle Jake Ch. 12


Susie lay on the "bed" and listened to everything that her uncle was doing behind her. She felt funny laying there on her stomach, with a butt plug stuffed up her ass in full view of him. She was also very turned on. What had taken place out in the yard had only furthered her growing lust. She still didn't understand it but she was not fighting it anymore either. The pain he was causing her was not really all that bad and the pleasure more than made up for it.

She could feel her pussy juice running down her slit and making a puddle onto the leather padding underneath her but she didn't care. She wanted to do just as her uncle had told her because she knew he would keep his promise of her reward. And she really needed her reward.

She tried thinking about her dad, now that her temper had cooled down, but her mind kept coming back to Uncle Jake and what did he have planned for her later. If she was good she corrected herself. She wiggles her ass to feel the plug move and caress her insides and moaned.

"I told you to relax baby girl." He spoke to her from his chair at the table.

He had been watching her off and on, noticing how she would wiggle her ass a bit with her legs half open. It really was quite a delicious view for him and he was enjoying himself.

Susie settles back down and stopped moving. She needed some relief but if she pushed it too far with him he would leave her horny and unfulfilled all the while teasing her some more. No she just couldn't allow that. She rested her head on top of her hands and closed her eyes. She would just have to lay there and deal with the throbbing of her aching pussy and the wonderful naughty thoughts that kept running through her head.

Jake couldn't concentrate on his work. He was too focused on her shapely rear with the butt plug in it. Her pussy was clearly visible with her legs spread as they were, her wet arousal calling to him. He got up and quietly walked over to stand behind her. He knew in that instant he wanted to play with her and he wanted to make her cum.

He reached down and lightly ran his hand up one of her legs, up to her ass cheek then pulled back. She groaned, turning her head around to look at him.

"Turn back around and don't look back." He commanded her.

Jake smiled as she immediately complied. Oh yes, he had her right where he wanted her. He felt his dick stiffen as he walked around to the front of the bed to look into her eyes. Still holding her gaze he bent and crooked his finger at her for her to move forward. He smiled as he watched her raise on her hands and knees and crawl towards him.

"Spread your legs." He commanded her. As soon as she did, she was told to sit back. Again she immediately acted. "Now put your hands behind your head and stay like that." He demanded as she walked away from her and went to the trunk in the corner of the room.

Susie watched as he bent and opened the lid. He shuffled a few things around and then stood back up. Her eyes flew to his face as he turned and lifted up a black leather collar to her. Susie gulped as he walked back to her dangling the item from his fingers.

"This is your collar baby girl. I am going to put it on you and you are only to remove it when you shower. Do you understand?" He told her as he undid the buckling on it.

Jake wrapped the collar around her slim neck as she stayed in position. He hadn't waited for any response from her but was please that she made no protest what so ever. He fastened it on her and then stood back. Damn she was sexy sitting there in that position with his mark of ownership on her. He slipped his finger through the metal ring in the front and pulled her towards him. To her credit she didn't put her hands down.

Jake bent down and kissed her soft lips. She moaned as his tongue snaked into her warm mouth, his tongue batting against hers. She kissed him back as her muscles strained to keep her upright with him pulling her upper half forward.

"Come with me." He said giving her permission to rise. He went first back to the trunk, retrieved some wrist cuffs and then turned in the other direction, Susie staying behind him the whole time.

She followed him into the bathroom all the way over to the toilet. He had her bend over and he slowly removed the butt plug from her ass. Then he pointed to the commode and she sat down. He was instructing her to relieve herself. She was more than a little embarrassed when he knelt down and watched her urinate. He reached for the toilet paper, got some and then wiped her when she was done.

As she rose from the seat Jake grabbed hold of one wrist and attached the cuff to it. He did the same to the other. Turning her body around, he had her hold onto the metal rail on the wall, bending over at the waist. He then proceeded to attach her to the chains dangling from the ceiling and smiled at her as he finished fastening her. He lengthened the chain so that when she was ready she would not be hindered. He walked over to the cabinet and got out a disposable enema. He walked back to her and told her to spread her legs.

Susie wanted to ask him what he was doing but wasn't sure if she could take another spanking to her ass. He had that non expression on his face again and she was sure he was just looking for a reason to punish her again.

Jake gently pressed the nozzle against her somewhat loosened puckered hole and pushed forward. Slowly he inserted the thin tube up her back tunnel. He heard her grunt a little at the invasion and again as he slowly squeezed the solution up into her ass.

"Hold all of it in baby girl." Jake said after he got all of it into her. She was not in the best angle for an enema but he was sure that it would work just fine. When he planned on actually taking her ass with his cock he would make sure that she got a thorough cleaning. He was just planning on playing with her for now.

A few minutes passed and she told him she needed to sit on the toilet. He unhooked the chain, watching as she sat down quickly, a pained look on her face and one of embarrassment. He walked over to the shower and turned the handles.

Once totally relieved of the enema and her waste, Jake again helped her to clean herself and then pulled her over to the shower. He took hold of the hand sprayer and washed down her backside with water. Picking up the soap he rubbed it over her round ass and through her crack. He delighted in the feel of her skin slick with the soap underneath his hands, letting his fingers linger around her puckered hole.

He set the soap and hand sprayer down and then knelt behind her. Spreading her ass cheeks with both hands he watched her puckered hole open slightly. He released one globe and ran his two fingers over her sphincter. He heard her moan softly and smiled, inserted just the tip on his index finger into her tight little hole. His cock jerked at the site. He pushed his finger in slowly, all the way until it was completely encased inside her hot channel. He started a slow push and pulls with his finger, feeling her loosen up a little bit more. Satisfied she could take more he then added another finger and stopped when they were half way in.

Susie was surprised at the tingly feeling in her back hole. He was fucking her ass with his finger and she was beginning to enjoy it. But then he decided to add another finger. The two digits stretched her butt hole but he was only in half way when he stopped. She tried to look over her shoulder but he caught her.

"Turn back around." He told her, sliding his two fingers up all the way, surprising her.

Jake smiled as she quickly turned to face forward again, a little grimace on her face. He hadn't really caused any bad pain but enough to get her attention. He gently pulled his fingers back out still watching the side of her face. She closed her eyes and breathed out. He slid them back up again loving the tight feel of her little hole clasping his fingers. Oh how wonderful she was going to feel around his thick meat.

Susie kept her eyes closed as she focused on the feeling of his two fingers slowly fucking her back hole. She was feeling less pain and more pleasure as he continued with his slow strokes in and out. She felt him stand up and lean into her, his free hand reaching around and finding her clit. His fingers circled around her little nub in time with his fingers causing her to moan louder and arch her back.

"Mmmm that's it baby girl. Feel my fingers fucking your ass. Soon you will feel my dick there too." He whispered into her ear.

Susie shivered at the thought. His cock was much larger than his two fingers and she knew that it would be painful at first with his thick cock wedge up into her small hole.

Jake withdrew his hand from her clit and got the hand sprayer. He watered down her ass and his fingers and then pushed his fingers back up. He did this a few times trying to remove as much soap as possible from her back entrance. Once he was happy that he had cleaned her up as much as possible he turned the water off.

He retrieved a towel and dried, first her body, then his. He unhooked her from the chains, lowering her arms to her sides and just stood in front of her. He looked her from head to toe and then wrapped his finger through the metal loop on her collar. He pulled her along like that until they were once again at the leather padded bed.

He instructed her to get on the bed on her hands and knees and proceeded to fasten her thighs with the leather straps, causing her legs to be spread wide. Next he fastened her wrists to the upper bars, stretching her upper torso forward, making her back arch and her ass to be raised in the air further.

Jake ran his hands lightly over her body, stopping now and then to kiss and gently bit her smooth skin. He fondled her hanging tits, loving the feel of her nipples like hard pebbles against his hands. He pinched and pulled on them before moving his hands down to grasp and rubs her beautiful ass.

He left her and returned with the nipple suckers. He placed them one at a time over her nipples, squeezed the bulbs and then let go. She moaned at the feel of the tight fit over her nipples, pushing her chest outward. His baby girl was enjoying the suction he thought to himself. He then got a clit clip and told her to remain still. He pinched her swollen clit between his fingers and then slid the clit clip over her sensitive nub. Lastly, he retrieved a thin dildo with a flat end and got behind her.

Susie groaned at all the sensations shooting through her body. Her nipples felt like they were being sucked hard into someone's mouth and she loved it. Pushing her chest out furthered the sensation so she kept pushing out and then relaxing. When he grabbed hold of her clit and put the metal clip over it she about came. The contraption squeezed her nub and pulled it up and out, making it exposed. She breathed faster, wondering what he was up to behind her.

Jake watched her writhe as best she could, being bound as she was. She was highly aroused and he was about to step it up a notch. He lubed up the thin dildo and rubbed it around her puckered hole. Then he inserted the nozzle of the lube into her ass and squeezed some of it in. She was well lube and he couldn't wait to see the toy sink into her ass. He placed the head of the dildo at her hole and slowly inserted it, stretching her hole around it. He watched as inch by inch the thin shaft sunk into her ass. It was only six inches long but it took him a few minutes to get it all the way in until the end thinned out and the flat end rested against her cheeks. He would fuck her with it in a little while. For now he wanted to play a bit more with her.

Susie was breathing hard from the dildo being pushed into her ass. The feeling was very different than the butt plug. It felt longer and deeper in her. Something that she was not used to but it wasn't long before she started to feel her nerve ends jumping at the feel of the toy inside her.

Jake got off the bed and walked around to the front of her. He removed the nipple suckers and stared at her breasts. He moaned as he leaned forward and flicked his tongue back and forth over one enlarged nipple. She moaned loudly, pushing her breast into his face. He chuckled and moved to the other nipple, sucking it into his mouth. Again she moaned much to his delight. He placed his hands on her breast and massaged them before putting the suckers back on her nipples.

"You look so delicious bound and spread before me." He said before placing his mouth on hers. He slipped his tongue in her mouth to find her own tongue ready to battle with his. He deepened the kiss for a few minutes then pulled away from her.

"Do you want to cum baby girl?" He asked her running his hand down to her clipped clit.

"Yes." She answered breathlessly.

Susie felt a sharp slap on her inner thigh. She looked at her uncle and groaned. The slight pain was nothing to the pleasure it had brought.

"What was that?" He asked her remaining still.

"Yes Uncle Jake." she answered without thinking her mind in a pleasure fog.

Again there was a sharp slap but to her other inner thigh.

"Wrong baby girl. Hmmm guess you need some more training. The answer is yes Master." He told her leaving her.

He walked over to the wall cabinet and picked out the flogger. He walked behind her and lightly whipped her backside. He landed a few more to her thighs and ass before walking back to her.

Jake grabbed hold of her chin and got up close to her. "Remember baby girl. I am your Master. Only when we are in company of others may you call me Uncle Jake or when we are in bed and only if we are not being sexual at all."

With that said he hit the front of her thighs and stomach a few times, then raised his arm and got the area around her armpits and the sides of her breasts. He lay the flogger down and sat down on the bed.

Susie was breathing hard, the flogger causing some pain which quickly turned into pleasure. She looked to him waiting for his next move.

He lay back and scooted himself down so that his mouth was just below her dripping cunt. He breathed deep of her scent before flicking his tongue over her clamped clit. He smiled when her hips jerked at the contact. He reached up and around holding onto her ass cheeks as he pressed his lips to her pussy, flattening his tongue to torture her burning nub.

Susie whimpered in pleasure as his tongue circled around her aching clit. He lapped and sucked as best he could with the clamp there, then thrust his tongue up into her pussy hole and fucked her with it. She was barely able to move her hips with his hold on her but she tried anyways much to his delight.

"Your pussy tastes so good. I think it is the best cunt I have ever had" he told her stimulating her now with his fingers. He thrust his two fingers into her wet cunt as his tongue returned to her pulsing button.

Susie was climbing to the top, ready to explode any moment when her uncle stopped all of a sudden. She whined lowly, pouting at her now standing uncle.

He rubbed her lips with his pussy juice fingers, commanding her to suck on them as he pushed them into her warm mouth. Removing his fingers once she had cleaned them off, he stood up on the bed in front of her and began to stroke his raging hard on.

Her uncle's hard dick was right in her face, as he stood before her stroking it and rubbing his balls. She couldn't resist flicking her tongue out and licking the plump helmet of his cock. She tasted the pre cum and licked her lips. She saw her uncle smile but he didn't move any closer. She stuck her tongue out again trying to get another taste of him but he only stood up straighter so that she was only able to reach his balls. It was fine with her. She licked them as they dangled before her.

"Mmmm that's it baby girl. Show me how much you want me. Worship your Master's cock and balls."

Jake moved a bit closer so that she could lick and suck on his sac as he continued to pump his rod with his hand. He wasn't ready to cum yet but he liked seeing her ready and willing to please him. He relaxed his stance and pointed his dick at her mouth. She quickly sucked his shaft into her mouth, pulled back off, licked it up and down, getting it wet and then sucked him into her mouth again. Her head started bobbing up and down enthusiastically much to his pleasure. She was even moaning over his cock as he thrust into her mouth slowly.

Susie had been hungry for her uncle's cock before but nothing like this. She couldn't get enough of it. Sucking him was bringing her just as much pleasure as all the things he was doing to her. His cock was hard and thick and she could feel his heart beat pulsing beneath the skin. She opened her throat and pushed her head down until she had most of his cock down. She heard him groan at the sensation of her throat clasping him. Back up she went, to lick and catch her breath before going back down as far as possible.

Jake was loving her attention to his cock. She was trying hard to take him all in and doing a wonderful job of it. He wound his fingers in her hair to hold her still and began to thrust into her mouth.

"Open your mouth wide baby girl. I am going to fuck your face for a moment." He told her start with shallow thrusts at first.

Susie did as he told her and opened wide for him. She looked up and watched him as he pumped his hips, his cock slowly working deeper into her mouth and down her throat. She concentrated hard on not gagging though wasn't able to completely stop the reflex. When she did, he backed off a little then would try again.

"Mmmm you are getting better at this. Soon I will be able to really face fuck you and shoot my load straight down your throat." His hips rocking back and forth, his dick invading her mouth and throat. With a groan he pushed forward, his cock deeply planted and he held still.

Susie breathed slowly through her nose waiting for when he would back up, yet at the same time happy that she had accepted his eight inch dick down her throat. She let out a groan as he pulled all the way out of her mouth and tapped her face with his wet cock.

"Good girl." He praised her, rubbing his purplish cock head over her lips.

He got off of the bed and picked up a vibrator. Kneeling next to her on the bed he put it down and picked up the lube. He grabbed hold of the end of the dildo and slowly pulled it out of her tight butt. He poured more of the lube over the rubber phallus and set the lube down.

"Now some fun for you my good pet." He told her, ever so slowly pushing the greased up dildo up her back entrance.

Susie panted as Uncle Jake worked the toy slowly up her back channel and then slowly pulled it back out. Over and over he slowly fucked her ass with the dildo, inch by slow inch. It hurt at first with her tensing up but soon she felt her muscles relax. Then the tingles started. She could feel them shooting up and down her inner walls as the dildo glided against them. She moaned again when he pushed it up a little faster.

Jake watched as her little hole was stretched around the dildo, the skin pushing in a bit with each forward thrust, and puckering a little out with each pull. His cock was throbbing at the site but he kept his lust in check. He worked the toy in and out of her ass a little faster watching her as he did so. She seemed to be enjoying it so far so he kept at the same pace and picked up the vibrator.

Susie heard the vibrator turn on and then felt its delicious shockwaves against her aching clit. She let out a long "Ooooooooo" as the combination of the vibrator and dildo being fucked in her ass hit her. Her body was shaking all over from the pleasure. As the vibe buzzed on, she felt her ass loosen more and her hips rocking. She wanted her uncle to fuck her faster with the toy, wanting to be filled with it.

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