tagIncest/TabooUncle James' Lap

Uncle James' Lap


My Uncle James always seemed like a terribly handsome man to me. Like my father, he had dark hair and light blue eyes. A square jaw and prominent cheek bones gave him a very masculine, manly appearance.

My father was away from home quite a bit, working. He traveled for his company a lot, and Uncle James would bring his family to our house to help keep an eye on things. Several times a week and always on Fridays and Saturdays, I would get to visit with my cousin and Uncle James.

My cousin Jenny and I always seemed to fight over his lap, over who would get which leg, or who would get to bounce on one leg while the other one got to sit in the center. Jenny was six months younger than I was, and was Uncle James' daughter. We couldn't have had any idea, at that age, what we must have been doing to the poor guy. All that pressure, with two people crawling around pressing on his crotch must have really turned him on.

As we grew older, sitting in Uncle James' lap became something that we just couldn't do any more. No one said anything about it, of course, and it was forgotten for the most part. Except, when I really started noticing boys, I would remember his lap, and that bulge. Then, when I got much older, I knew exactly what that bulge represented.

One Saturday, Dad was away, as usual. Mom had to go shopping, and Uncle James dropped Jenny off for us to go shopping together. He came in, and I got him a cup of coffee. He sat in his favorite seat on the couch, and I snuggled up to him, smelling the fresh after shave that he always seemed to wear. As he put his coffee cup down on the coffee table in front of him, I simply raised myself up and sat on the edge of his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck.

The look of surprise on his face was soon replaced with a different look. I was wearing a very low-cut blouse with no bra beneath, and I saw him take a long look at the dark patches my hardening nipples made in the material. I shifted my position a little, and glancing at the growing protrusion in his lap, I moved my hand down and dropped it squarely on his cock.

"Hey, Liz," Jenny said, "we used to sit there together, remember?"

"I've never forgotten," I said. I wasn't looking at Jenny when I answered. I was looking in my Uncle James' eyes. I gave his growing erection a gentle, quick squeeze, unknown to Jenny. I could feel the head of it in his pants, could feel it momentarily throb. Uncle James was getting turned on by my sitting there.

Then Jenny came over and sat in his lap.

"Gee, Dad, just like old times, huh?" she asked, smiling. He gaze went down to his crotch. She took in the sight, and I could see her eyes widen as she realized that I was groping her father. She swallowed.

She moved her hand down and put it in his lap, then, with her fingers, slowly crawled over to where my fingers were. She traced down the length of his bulge with her fingers. Let your fingers do the walking, I thought.

Uncle James gasped. His eyes narrowed, and he lay back, his head against the back of the couch. I squeezed harder and stroked the head of his cock.

"You like that, huh, Uncle James?" I asked.

All he did was nod.

Jenny looked at me. "Let's take a look at it," she said.

We both got off his lap. She began unbuckling his pants as I unzipped them. She reached into his shorts, pulling the elastic band downward. I could see a thick mat of dark black pubic hair, and below that, the beginning of his fat, hard cock.

He moved his weight off his pants and we pulled them down to his knees, followed by a tug at his shorts. The elastic band slowly released his cock, and it flopped back and stood straight up before the big dick lay against his shirt and lay there, throbbing.

I gripped his cock at the base, feeling of the warm hardness beneath my fingers.

"Oh, God, Liz," he moaned.

He grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled my face to his crotch. I opened my mouth as my face nearly came into contact with the enormous red-brown head of his hard cock. I stopped and took a good look at the cock that I had been stimulating for so many years by sitting on Uncle James' lap.

Now, here it was, pointing straight up in the air, less than an inch from my face. It was a fat cock, and, those enormous hairy balls hung low and full, covered by the thick black hair that surrounded his cock. The sight of it did something to me. I squirmed, and I am afraid that I actually squealed, just a little, with delight at the sight.

Sitting there so close to me, those big hairy balls shoved right in my face, he suddenly moved his hips forward. I opened my mouth and let him move closer. His cock went right toward my mouth, pressing against my cheek.

There was a manly but clean taste about that meaty skin sac that held his big, heavy balls. I loved the hairy skin, and sucked on his two, cum-laden orbs slowly, carefully. The skin, though wrinkled and hairy, was velvety and smooth. I licked his balls all over, running my tongue from one to the other as Jenny watched in wide-eyed fascination. I swirled my tongue around and around, wetting his balls with my saliva. I could hear him moan once in a while. I could feel the dark hair pressing against my tongue, and could taste the salty taste of his skin. It was a turn-on, a thrill I had never in my life expected.

I moved up to that fat cock sticking up in the air, and wrapped my mouth around it. I had to open my mouth nearly as wide as it would go to get it all in. I began moving my mouth up and down on it, kneading his balls with my fingers. I felt him shudder and heard him moan. I could feel the head of the massive cock at the back of my throat. I ran my tongue around and around the shaft of it, popping it out of my mouth. I rubbed my lips against the giant purple-headed cock, using my saliva and his pre-cum as a lip balm. I kissed it from one end to the other, my mouth on his balls once again.

Then I ran my tongue all the way up the shaft, flicking it out and licking here and there. I opened my mouth wide again and plunged the cock all the way to the back of my mouth.

"Oh, God, I can't stand that, Liz, I'm gonna cum."

"Go ahead, Dad, cum in her face. Let me see it," said Jenny.

He shoved the cock back into my mouth, his balls hitting my chin. Then, he filled the back of my throat with his hot come. His balls tightened in my hand, and he shot an enormous load. I tried to swallow, but each time the big cock jerked and deposited another hot, sticky load in my mouth, the stuff dripped down my chin and along the vein-filled shaft of his cock. It fell down to his pubic hair and slowly dripped down to his balls.

Jenny bent down then and began licking her father's cum off his cock and balls. She ran her fingers across my cheek and then stuck them in her mouth, making slurping noises with her lips, then sticking out her tongue and licking her lips.

He pulled out of my mouth and stood in front of the couch, his hard cock dripping with the cream from his hairy sac.

As he stepped out of his pants and shorts, he began removing his shirt. I stood and took off my blouse, and his gaze didn't move from my nipples. Jenny stood behind him, removing her clothes as fast as I was. She reached over and touched his tummy just above his cock. She moved her hand down and gently brushed the head of his dick, smearing a little drop of pre-cum across the head. Slowly, Jenny moved her face closer to his cock, touching the head of it tentatively.

I stared at my cousin's body. My cousin's tits were firm, and nearly perfectly round mounds. Each nipple was deep brown, centering a large, pink areola, about the size of a silver dollar. Jenny's pubic bush was thick and dark brown.

Jenny moved her hand farther down, running a finger down the shaft of his hard manhood. I could see her fingers gently tracing the hairs on his balls.

Uncle James looked at me, then at Jenny's down-covered twat.

He didn't say a word. He simply reached down and pulled my panties off, kneeling between my legs. I could feel his warm, wet tongue on my inner thighs, flicking in and out, here and there.

I was in another world. I felt his warm hot mouth on my pussy lips, and I began to gyrate my hips as my Uncle licked up and down.

He knelt there, his head between my knees, and looked up at my tits. "You're beautiful," he said.

He reached up with one hand, gently touching a nipple, as if afraid that I would stop him. With the other hand, he reached behind me and pulled me toward him, then moved my legs farther apart.

"Lovely," he said, looking at my wet pussy. "It's lovely, Liz." He moved his head down, and with my legs spread wide, he inserted his tongue into my wet pussy, sending inexplicable shivers of delight through my body.

His hands continued working on my tits, too, as he squeezed first one nipple very gently, then the other. As his tongue made contact with my clit, I felt spasms building up within me. I moved away and sat on the couch, his head following me, his tongue doing amazing things along my pussy lips and on my clit.

"I'm going to cum, Uncle," I said.

I did. Spasm after spasm racked my body as I came. I thrust my groin toward him, making fucking motions with my hips as I came. At last, he removed his tongue. He looked up into my eyes.

He sat on the couch beside me, fondling my tits as Jenny stroked his cock. I reached over and put my hand on Jenny's, helping her stroke him slowly. He kissed me on the lips. "I love you, Liz," he said. His tongue darted into my mouth, and I sucked on it.

He gently pushed me over, and I lay on the couch, my legs spread, waiting for his hard cock to enter. It did, and I came upon entry, and continued to come intermittently as he fucked me really slow.

I felt his cock really throbbing as he shoved it all the way into me, and kept it there for a few seconds. Then, he pulled it out and moved up onto my chest. I reached up and wrapped my fingers around the base of it and stroked it, pointing it toward my face.

"Oh, God," Jenny said, her fingers working overtime on her hairy muff. "Oh, God, what a sight, Dad," she said. "I'm cumming!" She threw her head back and kicked her legs wildly as she came, her body writhing and twisting.

I kept stroking him, faster and faster, feeling his balls bounce on each stroke. His dick was hard and hot, the skin smooth and exciting. I had never experienced such a cock in my entire life.

He came then, and I tried to catch the flying man juice with my mouth. It shot out everywhere, in my hair, my cheeks, my neck. It seemed that my Uncle was insatiable, like he could fuck all night long, and cum again and again.

We lay there, his hard body on top of mine, for what seemed like forever. Then, we went into my bedroom, Jenny hot on our heels. We lay on the bed at first, and then, he bent me over, my ass high in the air. He inserted his cock slowly. I had never, ever done it doggie-style, always feeling rather self-conscious. Jenny helped. I could feel her hands on my cunt occasionally as she fondled her father's balls as he moved his hard, thick prick slowly in and out of my cunt.

But with Uncle James, it was different, as if experimenting in so many different things was natural, perfectly normal. Hell, I was so taken aback, I was ready to try anything once, and twice if I liked it. As Uncle James thrust in and out of me, Jenny moved around and looked at me. I reached up and touched her pussy --- something I had been wanting to do for a long time. She moved her crotch closer to me, right against my face.

"Lick that pussy, suck her cunt," Uncle James said.

I licked along both sides of her pussy, tasting the juices of the my cousin. Then, I found her clit with my tongue, and I used both hands to spread her lips apart. I licked her clit, then moved my tongue all the way around to her ass hole, then back up to her clit. She gurgled with excitement as I licked her. I pulled away, and she grunted her disapproval. I could feel an outpouring of cunt juices.

I began to finger her, probing with first one finger, then two. Then, I was able to get three fingers into her tight little twat. Watching my three fingers disappear into her cunt all the way up to the knuckles was something I had never thought I would see. But then, I was doing a lot of things that day that I never thought I would see.

On the upstroke of my fingers, Jenny leaned down and put her tit in my mouth.

Uncle James began to thrust faster and faster, and I could feel his balls slamming against my ass. I sucked on Jenny's hard nipple, running my tongue all over the areola, pressing her nipple back and forth with my tongue. She moaned.

"Oh, Liz, that feels so good," she said.

With all the attention being paid to my cunt, I came, an earth-shaking, screaming orgasm building in the pit of my stomach and raging through my hot cunt. I screamed.

Uncle James stopped fucking me from behind, pulling out of me slowly. Liz looked at her father's cock with glee.

"Fuck me, Dad," she said.

I lay down on the bed and watched as Jenny lay there and spread her legs. Her father mounted her, his big cock sliding into her wet pussy with ease. She grunted her approval as he built up a fast rhythm, his balls slamming hard into her ass.

She began squirming and moaning, her words unintelligible gibberish. I moved over and put my head on her chest, sticking my tongue out and licking her nipples. I watched with intense interest as her father pulled out of her, then slammed his fat cock back into her again.

She writhed and moaned, cumming with a jerk of her legs as spasms shook her body. My Uncle James pulled out of her and rested on his knees, his hand around his wet, hard cock. He stroked it furiously, pointing the stiff prick at the two of us girls.

He shot his load again, this time falling mostly on Jenny's belly and my face. I stuck out my tongue and began licking it up.

I licked all the way from Jenny's belly to her navel, and reached her pubic hair. I flicked my tongue around the downy bush, then moved further down and licked one of her pussy lips, then the other. I pressed my lips against that downy bush, and felt those wet lips that had seen so much action just recently. I opened my mouth, and let my tongue flick out and lick first one pink lip, then the other. I sent my tongue inside her, and with my hands, opened her lips. I found her clitoris with my tongue, and her body jerked when I pressed against it.

She grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face against her even harder. She began writhing, moaning, and I knew she was cumming. I couldn't believe my cousin was so turned on that she came that quickly, but she began writhing and moaning, and just as I touched her clit with my tongue, she kicked her legs and shouted.

"Oh God, I'm cumming," she groaned. Her whole body was wracked with spasms, and she thrashed around for several seconds, then moaned and lay still, her heart pounding in her chest, her breathing rapid and deep.

My Uncle James was jacking off again, his semi-stiff prick suddenly growing back to its massive size. The purple headed cock stuck up and pointed at my face. I still had cum on my face, the sticky fluid liquefying and hardening on my cheeks. I wondered where he wanted to put it this time.

He simply crawled up Jenny's legs, all the while stroking his cock furiously. He put his cock right over my face and stroked it, letting his balls bounce around on my nose and against my lips. I opened my mouth, letting his bouncing balls fall into my mouth, sticking out my tongue and licking his balls once again. They tasted differently than they did before; this time, they had Jenny's cunt juices and a few other things on them. I shivered as I felt the hairs on his balls and the wrinkled skin run across my seeking tongue.

He spread his legs further, and I stuck my tongue out even farther, licking behind his balls and very, very close to his ass hole. As I let my tongue probe gently between his ass cheeks, he moaned.

"Oh, God, Liz, that's a trip!" he said. He stroked himself faster then, and his legs began to jerk and he shifted his weight. In doing so, he lowered himself on my probing tongue, and I was able to actually stick my tongue right on his pink rose bud of an ass hole. There were swirls of hair around it, and it was a totally different sensation, feeling his ass hairs against my tongue.

He grunted, and I could feel drops of his white cum hit me on the tits as his legs jerked and muscle spasms swept over his body. He suddenly just lay down on top of the both of us, and we lay there for several minutes, catching our breath.

We had to shower and dress shortly after that.

Now, I go to their house to share Uncle James' lap. Jenny's mom likes to share, too.

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