tagNonHumanUncle Jim's Pet Store Ch. 04

Uncle Jim's Pet Store Ch. 04


It was hard to go looking for a job. It was hard to go grocery shopping. It was hard to visit friends.

Hell, it was hard to do anything!

He couldn't take her anywhere with him, at least not yet. He had only brought her home a few days ago and some human tasks were proving quite difficult to teach her; Self restraint for one. He couldn't imagine taking her anywhere, even late at night, until she could control her mating urges to the point that she didn't begin to franticly rub on him every time she got a whiff of his sex.

Adding to that was her choice of clothing... or more accurately her lack of clothing. He had tried to dress her on several occasions but each time she began to scratch herself uncontrollably until the fabric was so ruined that it would fall off.

Then there was the begging, whining, and pouting. Every time he would try to do something without her, even things as simple as go to the bathroom, she would look at him with those big puppy dog eyes and he would begin to feel guilty even though he knew he wasn't doing anything wrong. He had thought this was cute when she over-reacted the first morning they were together but now this was getting ridiculous.

Today was a lazy Sunday. He had spent the last two hours reading the paper while she had spent that time blissfully napping with her head in his lap. These were the most relaxing two hours there had been since she arrived.

His mind was only partially focused on the paper. Most of his thoughts were on the sleeping puppy girl.

"You're upset, aren't you?"

She was so quiet and motionless he hadn't even realized she had woken up.

"Yeah but how can you tell?"

"You smell angry."

If she could smell when he was aroused he guessed it didn't seem to far fetched for her to be able to smell other emotions. Plus, dogs are very good at reading there masters emotions so maybe dog girls were as well.

"What are you mad about?" She asked him.

"Oh, it's nothing." He told her, not wanting to tell her the truth.

"It's me, isn't it? I've been bad and now you hate me!"

Here we go again he thought, although this time at least she wasn't imagining the whole thing.

"I don't hate you..." He said, trailing off since he couldn't think of how to end his sentence.

"But you are mad at me?"


"What have I done wrong? Please tell me and I'll change. I don't want you to be mad at me. I want my master to love me just as much as I love him." She said desperately.

"Alright, I'll tell you what's wrong..." He said before being interrupted.

"Do I not pay enough attention to you? I can do more. I can do LOTS more! I can't believe I was sleeping a few moments ago when I should have been satisfying you."

"That's not what I meant..."

"I should have been pleasing you while you read. I should have been playing with the little man in your pants!" She muttered as she hopped down off the couch and began to unzip his pants.

"That's not what I meant..."

"Oh? Oh!" She said in between running her tongue up and down his shift, "I understand what you're saying! You're only reading the paper because I've been neglecting your needs. I'm sorry master and you don't have to worry because that will never happen again."

In one bounce that would take a gymnast years to master she moved from the floor to straddling over him. He could feel the tip of his penis gently brushing up against her lips; she was so skilled she had positioned herself perfectly and yet still left it to him to make his move.

"That's not what I meant..." He told her, this time with much more hesitation. He wanted to take her just like he had done a dozen times the last few days but then she wouldn't understand.

"Oh?" She said with a perplex look, "Well I saw this thing in one of those instruction manuals you keep under your bed, the ones with the glossy pictures of the pretty girls. I guess if you want to try something different..."

With grace she moved her hips a few inches and let herself slide all the way down his cock. In seconds he could see the look of anguish on her face.

"That feels... awkward doesn't it."

He knew the answer was yes so he didn't wait for a response.

"Since you've never done that before you should have let me help you with it. Next time you think we should try anal sex we'll go A LOT slower." He said as he helped her slide off of his member, "Now are you ready to actually listen to me?"

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by Mikerpen05/21/17

Wish this story had been finished

Great start. The story was sweet and erotic, one of my favorite combinations for a story.

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