tagGay MaleUncle John Ch. 02

Uncle John Ch. 02


Of course I didn't mention anything about that to John and I imagined when he woke up he probably thought he had cummed in his sleep, but the sight and feeling of his cock that night stayed with me for a while. From there on I tried my best to catch him asleep again – just so I can try to repeat the experience – I really wanted to feel his fat cock in my hands again!

Every night, late, I'd walk to the front room quietly to check whether he was asleep and hopefully try to get my hands around his cock. It paid much sooner than I thought – as only 3 nights later I found John once again fallen asleep just in his underpants on the sofa! I did the usual "checks" – coughed, made some background noise and so on just to make sure that he's deep in his sleep – and he was! As I was making sure he's asleep the thought of sneaking my hands in his underpants and wanking his cock was growing more and more in my mind – and with that, my cock was getting harder! So my fear of getting caught all of a sudden escaped my mind and within seconds I positioned myself in between his legs and started licking his nice round belly as my hand was groping his cock through his boxer shorts. He moaned softly and that turned me on even more – his body was slightly sweaty and gave a nice scent and I couldn't stop licking his bellybutton which I found quite sexy while my hands were groping his cock softly through his shorts and I could feel his cock growing harder in my hands! Licking away his belly I lowered myself a bit and started running my tongue towards his boxer shorts until I couldn't go any lower without pulling them off. So I pulled his boxer shorts down a bit just enough to reveal his cock head oozing a bit of precum.

The image looked so sexy and I couldn't help licking his head – he moaned softly as I did and murmured: "yes .... daddy needs it mmmmmmmm" My cock was dripping in my pants already as I did this at the thought that I have just tasted his cock! I wanted more!

So I pulled his shorts from the sides trying to slide them down and take them off – I only got to pull them a couple of inches though as he moved his legs a bit such that I couldn't pull them anymore. Still, that was a couple of inches more that I could get in my mouth from his thick cock – so without hesitating I slowly took all the cock that was outside his shorts in my mouth – and then slowly I started bobbing my head up and down his cock giving him just lips and occasionally teasing his gland with my tongue. I could feel precum occasionally dripping in my mouth and even though the taste wasn't to my liking the fact that it was his cock dripping in my mouth made it very pleasurable so I kept swallowing it every time. His breath slowly but surely was getting heavier as well and I could see his big belly going up and down faster and faster as I was sucking away.

He started moaning again and talking in his sleep

- yesss baby give it to daddy mmmmmm oooohhhhhhh love .... Daddy.... Oooohhhh good girl mmmmmm .... Ooohhhh.... Whore .... Daddy .... Mmmmm .... "

and each time he "spoke" to me I would just give him an extra tip of the tongue on his gland which I could tell he enjoyed as every time I did it I could taste straight away more precum in my mouth. I did realise that if I keep going like this he would end up sperming in my mouth but even though the thought of swallowing his sperm wasn't that enticing at that moment I thought I'd just hold his cock in my mouth while he cums and then open my mouth and let all the sperm drip onto his cock and then only swallow what's left – so I kept on going. I could tell the moment of no return was getting closer as he cock was beginning to twitch more and more and a lot more precum was now flowing into my mouth – also his groans were getting loader and he was more and more vocal and nastier:

- whore .... Yesss.... Daddy .... Good ... mmmmmmmmmm ... oohhhhh daddy... yes daddy....

And all of a sudden there it was – I knew he was so close to cumming so I started moving my head up and down on his cock faster and there it was: the shuddering of his body, his hips slightly pushing forward as he grabbed hold of my head with one hand in his sleep and pulled me a bit more into his cock, his cock starting to throb fast with small throbs each time filling my mouth with more hot cum – my god, there was a lot and his cock kept throbbing and unloading jet after jet of sperm in me! – and his loud groan and shout at the same time as this was happening

- ooohhhh yessss ... good whore for daddy mmmmmm oooohhhh you cu..."

and there it was: as he was just shouting this dreaming in his sleep, as he was pulling me into his cock with one hand, as he was unloading jet after jet of sperm in my mouth... HE OPENED HIS EYES!

He looked right in my eyes and I looked into his as I was still feeling his cock spurting cum in my mouth – I didn't move and nor did he, we just stopped there looking at each other! Well, I stopped, his cock kept going till he was done – so for about 5-6 seconds we were just staring at each other while he was cumming. There was no mistake about it, this was not the kind of thing that I could just say "sorry" to and carry on as if nothing happened! It was definitely not like I could claim that I was just passing through the front room and tripped over and fell and that's how his cock ended up in my mouth and it just so happened that at the same time he started cumming! :) No, it was clear by the time he emptied his balls in my mouth that I came in the front room, pulled his underpants down a bit, took his cock in my mouth and sucked him off – there was no other explanation! He finished cumming in my mouth still staring at me – I know had a mouth full of cum and I was probably supposed to give an explanation; at the same time somehow the idea of opening my mouth and let the cum spill back onto his cock and belly seemed like not such a good idea, with him staring at me. So, like it or not, I just swallowed his sperm – which was very obvious to him – and there I was: just been caught sucking his cock and then he just watched me swallowing his sperm as well, he was still staring at me and I was staring up at him – on top of that, it all happened so quick that I still had a hard on in my pants. Damage was done and should the worst happen from now on, my running straight up into my room wouldn't change this a bit – so I just finally opened my mouth and said, nervously:

- Was that good daddy?

His face lit all up and he replied :

- Oh, do you like being daddy's good little boy then?

- mmmmmm .. I acknowledged and licked his cock.

- My boy, he said, this is a dream come true for me! This is so horny!

- mmmmmm... I said again repeating the cock licking and smiling to him.

- My own little good boy to please daddy when he needs it – he kept saying looking at me licking his cock.

- mmmmmm... would be my answer all the time accompanied by another lick of his cock.

- And if you're a good boy you know daddy will reward you and be good to you back?

- mmmmmm ... I said licking his gland again.

I was enjoying this as you might have guessed – taste of his sperm still in my mouth, his cock limp now but just as nice in front of me, my cock hard dripping in my pants and the moment of embarrassment and potential disaster gone. And I knew he could probably tell this as he started to tease me:

- You love daddy's cock, don't you?

- I adore your cock daddy! And licked his gland again.

- mmmmmm , he moaned as my tongue touched his gland, you're such a good boy! Does daddy's cock turn you on?

- Yes ... I whispered and took his head briefly in my mouth.

- Well why don't you show daddy how turned on you are?

I stood up in an instant and threw off my clothes revealing my cock with a head covered in slimy precum.

- I see, smiled John. Do you want daddy to take his clothes off too?

- Yes, I answered, pretending to be shy, just like a little boy he would want me to.

And there it was – I had managed to get John, my "daddy" all naked in his splendour, standing in front of me, his nice thick uncut cock limp now after he emptied his balls in my mouth, his shaved small balls nicely hanging and his belly round and sexy!

I just had to fall on my knees and beg :

- Daddy let me worship your cock and your balls and your belly mmmmmmm pleeeezzzz daddy!

He looked down at me and smiled:

- ooohhh you truly are daddy's little dirty whoreboy!

- Yesss daddy! I'll be as dirty as you want me to be daddy! I'll do anything! I just want to worship your cock day and night daddy!

- Anything? He repeated slowly looking down to me.

- Yes daddy anything daddy wants! I am daddy's little dirty whore!

- ANYTHING? He repeated again, louder this time.

- Anything anything anything anything anything anything!!!! I was in a frenzy – running my tongue up and down his balls and cock, my hands on his thighs murmuring these words as my cock was dripping precum onto the floor.

- PROVE IT! He said in a threatening tone.

- Anything daddy anything anything ... mmmm... yes daddy anything... I just want to worship your cock daddy anything... I was now running my tongue on his thighs and up his belly.

- OK, sit still, he ordered me.

I stopped.

- Close your eyes.

I did.

- Splat! I felt it on my face – slimy and runny and I knew: he just spat on my face : right over my closed eyes. It felt warm and quite nice and it was running now down my face.

- How is that? He asked.

- mmmmmmmmmm thank you daddy that feels so nice daddy thank you thank you thank you! I said searching for his cock with my mouth, eyes still closed feeling his saliva running down my face.

He grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me back then said:

- Lick this!

Next thing I felt my hair being pulled and my face was forced right in between his asscheeks – I searched his nice brown hole with my lips and tongue and found it and I started licking away stopping occasionally just to say:

- oohhh daddy ... thank you daddy! Does it feel nice to you daddy? Mmmmm I hope I do it right daddy...

He pulled my hair back from his asshole and turned around and said to me:

- you are such a good slut to daddy!

- mmmmm thank you daddy! It's such an honour daddy to worship your cock and taste your asshole daddy

- well because you're such a good slut, tonight daddy's asshole is going to be your meathole in which you can dump your cum, would you like that?

- ooohhhh yesss daddy thank you daddy mmmmmmmmmm

- on one condition, he said.

- oh anything daddy anything!

- Daddy will tie you up and lay you on the floor and daddy will be riding your cock – so daddy can control what is being done and when.

- Sure daddy anything daddy wants!

Few minutes later I was lying on the floor, my hands tied wide – one to the table and one to the sofa on the other side. He blindfolded me as well and said to me he might decide later on to gag me too just so I don't panic if it happens. I had a rock hard cock and was just waiting for it: daddy was going to give me his cunt!

(to be continued)

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