tagIncest/TabooUncle Kevin Takes Control

Uncle Kevin Takes Control


Like all my stories, this is a work of fiction. Enjoy, and comments welcome!


My little sister Katie called in a panic, it seemed her daughter Traci had gotten into trouble at school again, and she needed my assistance. Ever since my bother-in-law had been killed in a car accident two years ago, my niece had begun to act out. She was really not a bad kid, just a bit of a follower and had been hanging out with the wrong crowd. Her dad was the disciplinarian of the family, and since his loss things had gotten out of hand. My sister was a wonderful person, but had always been on the submissive side, so it was no surprise that she was unable to punish her daughter properly.

Truth be told, I've always had a crush on my little sister. I'm very Dominant in both my work world and sex life, so her submissive nature always appealed to me greatly. She had always been shy, so I spent quite a bit of time looking out for her as we grew up, keeping boys away as best as I could. She developed into a beautiful woman with many wonderful qualities, yet never outgrew her shyness.

I was more than a tad frustrated at all recent calls, Katie pleading for me to come over and talk to Traci, but I'd do anything for her. After our parents passed away, they were my only family, so I showered attention on both my sister and niece. I hung up the phone and headed over to her house, formulating a plan of action as I drove. Things were going to be different.

When I arrived at her home, Katie greeted me at the door with tears in her eyes and hugged me tightly. I truly felt for her and wanted to make everything better, so I rubbed her back as she sobbed on my shoulder. I reluctantly broke our embrace and led my sweet sibling by the hand to her living room. I seated her on the couch, sat myself down next to her and held her close. I told her things were going to be just fine, that I was going to take care of everything this time. I lifted her chin with a crooked finger, forced her to look into my eyes and stated "I'm tired of having to drop everything to rush over to your house Katie, so things need to change right away. Traci needs discipline, and what you're doing simply isn't working."

She sobbed softly and said "I know, I'm so sorry to drag you into this Kevin." I smiled reassuringly, held her hands, and asked her if she trusted me, to which she responded with a weak "yes Kevin."

"Since talking with Traci and grounding her hasn't worked, I think it's time for more extreme measures," I said clamly.

Her eyes opened wide and she asked "what do you mean extreme?" I told her I thought it was time for a good old fashioned spanking like we'd received as children. "Oh gosh, do you really think I should?" she inquired with surprise in her voice.

Knowing full well she wouldn't be able to do it, I said "no Katie, I'll handle all the discipline from now on." As I spoke I squeezed her hands just a tad to emphasize my point. She looked at me for a long moment, then nodded sheepishly before lowering her gaze once again true to her submissive nature. "If we're going to do this, we do it my way. I don't want any questioning my tactics, agreed?" I added, and gripped her hands tightly once more.

Her only response was a soft "agreed."

I asked where Traci was and she answered in her room, so I told her to wait and I'd be back with her daughter shortly. Somewhat unwillingly, I released her hands and headed upstairs to look for my naughty niece. I knocked on her door and heard Traci shout "leave me alone Mom!"

I spoke loudly "it's uncle Kevin Traci, open the door!"

After a moment the door slowly cracked open, and Traci stood before me with a frightened look in her eyes. "Hi uncle Kevin," she said, then looked down at her feet, reminding me of her mother.

"Hello Traci," I said. "Come downstairs, your mother and I have something to talk to you about," I added, pointing down the hallway. She sheepishly nodded, then walked ahead of me. "In the living room Honey," I directed her as we reached the landing. Upon entering we found my little sister still sitting on the sofa as before, blushing and looking extremely nervous. I sat Traci down next to her mother, and dropped myself into a chair across from them.

"Traci, do you know why I'm here?" I asked her, staring in her eyes from across the room.

"Yes uncle Kevin," she replied in a soft voice, nervously rubbing her hands together in her lap.

"Yes you do Traci, and I've grown very tired of your antics. Things around here are going to be a lot different from now on," I assured her. "Your mother has given me permission to take over all discipline for you, and I'm quite sure you're not going to like it," I added.

"Wha, what does that mean?" she stuttered, looking back and forth from me to her mother.

"Since grounding you obviously has not worked, nor has anything else your Mom has tried, it's time for more drastic measures," I answered her flatly.

She looked at me with fear in her eyes, her cheeks blushing a bright red. "Drastic?" she wondered aloud, trying to assess her situation.

"Come over here young lady," I said and motioned to Traci with my finger. She slowly stood, and looked down at her feet as she walked towards me. When she was directly before me, I took her by the wrists and stated firmly "you've embarrassed your mother and inconvenienced me for the last time. Since you're 18 but chose to act like a naughty little girl Traci, I'm going to treat you like a naughty little girl." After a short pause for affect I added "you're going to be spanked and spanked hard."

"Mom!" she wailed and tried to break away from me, but I had her tight, expecting just this type of reaction. "You can't do this, it's child abuse!" she screamed.

"I can and I will, and if you continue to struggle you'll only make your punishment worse," I responded calmly as I wrestled with her flailing arms.

She tried to break away, but I was much too strong for her. "We can either do this the easy way or the hard way Traci, and you're not going to like the hard way," I told her trying to sound as steady as possible. She continued to struggle so I stated "okay Traci, I guess it's going to be the hard way." I used my superior strength to easily pull her across my lap, then placed my left hand over her shoulders and the right around her waist to hold her firmly in place. Her legs kicked wildly and her arms slapped away at me, but the blows did not hurt nor could she get away.

I quickly raised my right hand and slapped it down hard on her ass, drawing from my niece a loud "ouch!"

"Stop struggling young lady, or you'll be sorry!" I said sharply.

"Nooo, let me go!" she yelled and continued squirming on my lap. I raised my hand rapidly again and brought it down harder than the first time. "Owwwwww! Mom, make him stop!" she screamed. I glanced sternly at my sister and slowly shook my head back and forth. She said nothing in response, then gazed downward in apparent shame or embarrassment.

I looked back at my wiggling niece and stated simply "I don't care if you fight me or not young lady, you're going to get a good, long spanking." I held her firmly but made no other action, waiting for my words to sink in.

After a short while she stopped her struggling, started sobbing, and pleaded "please uncle Kevin, I won't do it again, I promise."

"Too late for that Traci, we've heard all your promises before," I replied plainly.

"I think 50 should do the trick nicely, what do you think Katie?" I asked, looking over at my little sister, yet not caring what she really thought. She stared back at me and nodded almost imperceptibly. "What did you say Katie, I didn't hear you?" I inquired a bit louder, wanting to make her an active participant in her daughter's punishment.

"Yes," she whispered in reply.

"Good," was all I said, then prepared for the spanking.

I moved my right hand to the hem of Traci's skirt and lifted it to her waist before she could react. She struggled instantly and tried to force her way off my lap shouting "nooooo uncle Kevin!" With my left hand I quickly grabbed one wrist, then the other, pining them behind her back. She continued to wiggle and sob, but there simply was no getting away.

I looked down at Traci's ass and noticed the only thing separating her lovely cheeks was a tiny black thong. "Where did you get panties like this young lady?" I questioned, touching the soft material with the fingers of my free hand. I glared across at my sister and asked "did you buy these for her? Do you really think they are appropriate for a girl her age?" She did not respond, but once again only hung her head. "I asked you a question Katie, did you buy these for her?" I queried more firmly.

"Yes," was her only quiet reply.

"We'll talk about that later," I rejoined, staring at her sternly.

My eyes traveled back to the wonderful sight laid out before me, my niece's beautiful bottom. I thought to myself that if she wasn't family, I'd probably fuck the shit out of her right there and then. My mind finally came back to the job at hand and I stated "okay Traci, time for your spanking." She pouted in response, yet chose to hold her tongue this time. I wanted to increase my sister's discomfort with the situation, so I gazed over at her once more and said "you count them for me."

I strenghtened the grip on my niece's wrists, slowly raised my right hand, and sharply brought it down on one of her almost bare butt cheeks. She cried out in pain, but surprisingly did not try to get away , only jerked her hips against me and sobbed. I looked over at my sister, who sheepishly said "one." I lovingly rubbed my hand around Traci's bottom, before I raised it again for another slap on the other cheek. She screamed out again, and began to cry in earnest. From across the room I heared a soft "two." Uncontrollably, my cock began to harden in my pants. Was it the friction of my niece rubbing against my crotch, her beautiful ass before me, her submission to my will, or maybe the submission my own sister was showing me that caused my prick to swell?

This process was repeated over and over, each spank of Traci's ass separated with lots of massaging of her tender bottom. With each slap she lurched and cried out in pain, then settled down as I caressed her hot skin, whimpering softly. By number 50, my niece's ass was a deep shade of crimson, and she was sobbing uncontrollably. My cock stayed hard the entire time, the taboo nature of the situation totally intoxicating for me. "It's over now Traci, you may get up," I said and released her wrists from my grip. She pushed away from my body slowly, and stood before me rubbing her ass with tears in her eyes. "Did you learn your lesson young lady?" I asked.

"Yes uncle Kevin," she said and nodded her head for emphasis. Her eyes were red as she stood before me choking back her tears.

"Okay, go up to your room and plan on spending the rest of the day there. I'll be in to check on you before I go," I said firmly. She simply nodded and walked away wiping her tears.

I looked down on my lap and there was a small wet spot on my right thigh where Traci's crotch had been, darkening my tan slacks. I knew she was moving about quite a bit, but had she actually enjoyed it? I touched the dampness and brought my fingers to my nose and breathed in, the unmistakable smell of pussy juice filled my nostrils. The spanking must have aroused my niece, the thought of which made my cock throb in my pants once more.

I glanced over at my sister who had a look of great discomfort on her face. I'm quite sure she could see the wet spot on my thigh, and certainly watched me touch and then stiff it, but I didn't care at that moment. I had another plan in my head, and I was going to carry it through. I gazed over at her with a stern face and said "you know, this is as much your fault as hers Katie. If you only knew how to provide proper disciplined I would not have had to do that."

Her face was beet red and she softly answered "I'm sorry Kevin."

I saw the submission in her downcast face and I decided to push her limits and said "I think it's only fair that I punish you too."

She quickly looked up in surprise, and stuttered "but, but I'm a grown woman, you can't punish me! I'm, I'm your sister."

"Oh yes I can and I will young lady, now stand up and come over here," I replied firmly. I used 'young lady' purposefully to make her feel small and powerless. She looked at me for a moment in disbelief, yet when I saw her shoulders sag and her head bow a bit, I knew I had her. She rose and began shuffling her feet slowly towards me, head downcast, then stood before me fidgeting with her hands out of nervousness. My eyes traveled silently over every inch of her body, soaking in her beauty, the only thing that disappointed me was her conservative wool slacks. "Things are going to be different from now on for you too Katie," I told her calmly yet firmly. She bobbed her head slowly, yet did not look into my eyes. "You know sis, I hate women in pants. From now on you're only to wear skirts, short skirts, do you understand?" I added with emphasis on my last statement.

"Yes Kevin," was her short, soft reply.

"Good girl, now that that's settled, it's time for your spanking. Get those pants off," I said without emotion.

Her eyes shot to my face as she heard the words and she pleaded "please Kevin, you can't do this to me!"

"I told you, I can and I will. Now get those pants off!" I barked. Katie's eyes welled with tears, but I heard barely a whimper from her. Her two hands slowly moved to her waist as she unbuttoned and unzipped her trousers, then slid them down her pretty legs to the ground. She stood before me looking humiliated, pants at her ankles, hands clenched in front of her crotch. "Good girl Katie, you're a quick learner," I told her approvingly. I wanted her to ponder her situation and accept her submission, so I let her stand in front of me for a long moment before I gave the next instruction. "Over here young lady, just like Traci," I stated flatly and patted my lap.

She sighed and pleaded "please don't make me Kevin."

I just patted my lap once more and shouted "Now!" Tears streaked down her pretty face which caused me a momentary pang of guilt, yet she moved forward and climbed onto my lap, just where her daughter had been only moments before. A vision of Traci lying prostrate across me passed into my head, and I asked "so, do you really think black thong panties are appropriate for a girl of her age Katie?"

"I don't know Kevin, but I'm sooo sorry," she replied, sputtering between sobs.

"Not as sorry as you're going to be young lady," I responded. "You're going shopping this week to get Traci more age-appropriate underwear, do you understand sis?" I added.

"If that's what you want me to do," she replied from over my lap, fighting back tears. I loved her responce, a true submissive yielding to her Dom, my cock pulsated in my shorts once again.

"Now I'm going to spank you until I think you've had enough, and I want you to count each one, do you understand?" I asked with conviction.

"Yes," was her soft reply.

"Good, let's begin," I told her and gently rubbed her bottom. I noticed her white panties were far more conservative than her daughters, but her ass was every bit as nice. Time had certainly been very good to my lovely little sister. I caressed Katie's bottom for a long time prior to my first slap, as I enjoyed the feeling of control I had over her. I wanted my little sister to wait with cruel anticipation before she received her initial punishment, so I went very slowly at first.

I raised my hand up a few inches from her ass, and softly slapped Katie's beautiful bottom. She groaned as my hand made contact with her cheek, yet remained motionless over my thighs before she whispered "one." I was stunned at the extent of my little sister's submission, and at how I could have overlooked it all these years. I knew she was shy and somewhat docile, but her willingness to bend so easily to my will was like a stimulant coursing through my veins, driving me forward with unadulterated lust. My hand tenderly caressed Katie's ass in long sweeping strokes, until I lifted it and brought it crashing down upon her once more. "Ohhh," I heard as her body winced just a tad, then a soft "two."

I stared at Katie's undies as I rubbed her ass and wondered "why does a beautiful woman like her wear plain white granny panties, yet let her daughter wear a sexy black thong?" The thought angered me so I grasped the fabric on each side of her hips and ripped them in two, tearing them away from her body. Startled, she jumped and gasped, but quickly settled back down on my lap submissively. I thought about her daughter once more and said "when you go shopping for Traci's new panties, get yourself something too. Very sexy, with matching bras."

"Yes Kevin," she answered back in a whisper.

"Oh, and pick up a few short skirts too," I added, then went back to the work at hand.

My spanks became harder now, and came with greater frequency, yet Katie dutifully counted out each one. I didn't speak for a while, concentrating on her punishment, the only sounds my slaps and her moans in response. As her ass slowly grew more red, her grunts became louder, and her body rocked harder against me. I began to speak to her again, claiming my prize. "You don't like raising Traci on your own, do you young lady?" I asked, rubbing her cheeks before I quickly spanked her again.

"Ugggg, no Kevin," she moaned back to me, then added "thirty-two."

"No you don't, do you Katie. You need a man in your life, a strong man. Don't you little sister?" I continued with a strong voice.

"Yes Kevin," she replied in a whisper.

I spanked her bottom again, and stated "you need a strong man like me, don't you Katie?"

"Yesssssss Kevin," she responded, reeling from my slap, then quietly added "thirty-three."

"Good girl Katie, you'll have me from now on," I replied as I dropped my hand on her ass once more.

"Ummmm," she moaned and rolled her hips under me. "Thank you Kevin" she said breaking into sobs once again, then "thirty-four."

At that point, her submission seemed complete, so I wanted to move deeper into new territory. "Roll over Katie," I told her in a soft but commanding tone, and she quickly complied. Her eyes flowed with fresh tears, but there seemed to be a new happiness behind them too. I placed my right hand on her bare hip and the other behind her head, and pulled her into a long kiss. It was not my usual brotherly peck, but rather the strong kiss of a Dom claiming ownership of his sub. I forced my tongue into her mouth, and she surprised me by responding with equal passion. After a long while, I broke the kiss, looked directly into her eyes, and saw true love staring back at me. At that moment I felt a deeper love than I had ever experienced, but I knew I had to demonstrate my new found authority.

I barked at her "get that blouse off now!" She quickly reacted, unbuttoning it, pulling it off and tossing it on the floor. "Lose the bra too," I stated firmly, not surprised to find it was plain white as well. She made short order of if and sat staring into my eyes, waiting for my next move. I slid my hand up her body, until I softly stroked her right breast, kneading it gently in my strong hands. I then did the same with the other breast, enjoying their soft pillowy nature. Her tits were perfect, not too large, maybe a B cup, but firm and topped with the cutest little dark pink nipples. I pulled her face back into my own and began kissing once more, toying with her nipples. I broke the kiss after a long while, stared at her and asked "you're going to be a good girl for me, aren't you little sister?"

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