tagIncest/TabooUncle Roy

Uncle Roy


18-year-old Jen just arrived home from her part-time job at Burger King. She couldn't wait to see her Uncle Roy. He was just released from a 12 year sentence in prison today for stabbing a man, which Roy denied doing. Jen's parents said Roy could stay with them for a while, until he's able to get back onto his feet.

Jen went up into her room to change. As she took off her Burger King shirt, she stopped and admired her chest in the mirror.

"Wow! My tits are huge. No wonder the buttons on my shirt keep popping off," Jen joked.

Jen removed her huge 38G bra and tossed it to the floor. Her tits were tanned and hung naturally down her chest and swelled out into the size of bowling balls. Her nipples were small and dark pink. Her light pink areolas were the sized of baloney slices.

As Jen bended over to take off her jeans, her enormous tits hung long, creating a long vast of beautiful cleavage. Unaware to Jen, her newly freed from jail Uncle Roy had just passed her room and took a peek at his lovely niece. The last time he saw Jen, she was about 5 years old when he got put in prison. He would have never thought that Jen would grow up, sporting a pair of monstrous tits. Roy's cock immediately hardens at the sight of Jen's voluptuous body.

Jen was now just in her cotton panties. Jen wasn't a slim girl nor was she fat. She was just thick in certain places. Especially in her chest, ass, hips, and thighs. She had dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

Jen stood in the mirror and cupped her massive G cups. She squeezed them together to form one gigantic tit with two small nipples.

"Holy Shit! Those things are huge!" Roy gasped.

Roy had forgot what it was like seeing a naked girl while being in prison. Especially one with large breasts as his niece. Roy couldn't take it anymore and pulled out his big dick, which has been longing for a nice wet mouth and warm pussy to pound. He masturbated to his niece feeling herself up. Luckily for Roy, Jen and him were the only ones home.

Jen stopped squeezing her tits and took a handful of her chucky ass. She squeezed her ass through the cotton panties.

Roy moaned and groaned quietly as he jerked furiously at his cock. He started to unload his milky cum all over the floor in front of Jen's room. Roy let out a huge sign of relief and Jen started looking around.

"Oh shit!" Roy cursed as he quickly headed back to his room.

Jen opened up her door and unexpectedly stepped into her Uncle Roy's goo in her white socks. Jen wiggled her toes as she felt something wet on her socks. She sat on her bed and took off both socks. She sniffed them to see what she had stepped in.

"Cum! Someone spurted cum in front of my room! Uncle Roy!" Jen immediately suspected.

Jen didn't know what to do about her Uncle Roy, so she quickly got on the phone and called her best friend Karen. Karen was the brainy of the two. Karen was also much thinner, taller, and had a smaller bust size of a B cup.

Jen throw on a large white tee and slipped on some new socks. Her giant breasts bounced and wobbled freely under the white tee as she headed downstairs to wait for Karen.

15 minutes passed and Karen finally arrived.

"Thank god your here," said Jen relieved.

"So your Uncle Roy jerked off in front of your room while watching you get undressed?" Karen asked.

"Yes Karen...I've already told you over the phone," Jen said in an angry tone.

"Well...Lets face it Jen. You're Uncle has been in prison for a long time and seeing a girl very attractive like you, would automatically turn him on," Karen explained.

"But that's sick... I'm his niece and he's my uncle. Not a bad looking uncle at that," Jen said as she blushed.

"Hey Jen. I have an idea! Lets really tease your uncle and make him wish he could cum," Karen said.

"Great! How can we do that?" Jen asked.

Karen leaned over and whispered the plans in Jen's ear. At first, Jen seemed disgusted but realized it was hot.

20 minutes had gone by as Roy was tossing and turning in his sleep. He kept hearing strange sounds coming from his niece's room.

"I wonder what she is doing?" Roy asked himself.

Roy got out of bed and slowly walked down to his niece's room. As he got closer, the strange sounds were the sounds of moans. He peeked into his voluptuous niece's room and saw Karen eating out his niece.

"Holy shit!" gasped Roy out loud.

"Uncle Roy? Is that you?" Jen called out as Karen lifted her head from between Jen's legs.

Roy put his hand over his mouth and quickly rushed back to his room. Jen and Karen got up and headed to Roy's room.

Roy was lying on the bed with a pillow of his face.

"Well well well! Seems Uncle Roy has been having some very good dreams," Jen commented on Roy's huge erection in his boxers.

"Wow! He looks massive," said Karen stunned. "Why don't we have a look?"

Jen and Karen approached Roy and Roy didn't move. He did however, had a weird grin on his face as if he wanted the girls to take off his boxers and have their way with him. Then again, he thought of the incest he and his niece would be committing. Then her enormous tits popped into his head and he forgot all about her being his niece.

Karen and Jen opened up the slit to his boxers and his 8-inch cock sprang out to its full hardness.

"Hmmm! Not bad. Guess it looked bigger in the boxers," said Karen as she grabbed her hands around it.

Jen was the first to taste her uncle's cock after 12 years of being locked up.

"Ohhh!" moaned Roy underneath the pillow as his niece bobbed her mouth up and down his shaft.

Karen cupped and fondled Roy's balls and bended down to suck on them. She sucked one testicle into her mouth and then the other. She swirled her tongue around his nut sack and sucked both balls into her mouth.

Jen could feel Roy's cock growing inside her mouth.

"Oh Karen! He's growing," Jen said in between sucks.

"Hmmmm good!" moaned Karen with her mouth full of Roy's balls.

Jen started licking her uncle's cock like it was an ice cream melting on a hot summer day.

Roy could feel his niece's massive braless knockers squished against his thighs as she licked his cock from top to bottom. Jen enjoyed Karen at sucking her uncle's balls. Each girl had a testicle sucked between her lips.

Roy's cock grew massively has veins started popping from his shaft. His cockhead swelled up and turned purple.

After the girls sucked his balls for a few minutes, they each took turns sucking his delicious large cock. Jen would suck on the top part of his cock, while Karen sucked and slurped on the base.

Roy bit down hard on the pillow and started to go insane. After 12 years of prison, this was heaven for he thought.

Jen popped her uncle's cock from her mouth and Karen jerked his slobbered down cock in her hands. Jen lifted up her oversized tee shirt and bared her giant breasts to Karen.

"Jesus Christ Jen! Those tits are fucking massive," Karen said amazed. "I know your uncle is going to love this titfuck."

Jen flopped her massive bare jugs upon her uncle's thighs. Roy knew Jen had taken off her shirt by the feel of her bare skin touching his. His large hard cock was smothered between two gigantic breasts and he loved it.

Karen still had her grip on Roy's cock while it's sunk between Jen's huge whoppers. She started jerking Roy's cock right between Jen's titties. Jen's tits jiggled and wobbled with each thrust from Karen.

"Oh god Karen! His big cock feels so good between my titties," Jen moaned as she started sliding her breasts up and down her uncle's cock.

Roy's cum-filled balls wanted so badly to release. Roy couldn't take it anymore and tossed the pillow off his face and smiled a huge grin at the girls. Roy reached down and grabbed massive handfuls of Jen's tits and started pounding them.

"Oh look Jen! You're Uncle Roy is awoke and he's fucking your tits," Karen said sarcastically.

Jen didn't pay Karen any attention as she was enjoying her uncle's cock thrusting between her melons.

Roy squeezed and mauled his niece's G cups around his cock. Roy wrapped his legs around Jen's back and started sliding her tits up and down his cock furiously. He knew this would probably be his once in a lifetime chance too ever titfuck a girl with tits like Jen.

"Ughhh I'm going to cum! Here I cum!" cried Roy as years of frustration were finally about to be released.

Jen kept her arms to her uncle's side and moaned to the pleasure of a big cock plowing between her juicy tits.

A massive load of jizz sprang up and spattered all over Jen's flushed face. Another massive load shot up and covered the tops of Jen's wobbling breasts. A few more loads spilled between Jen's sweaty cleavage. Roy's body when weak after cumming but he kept squeezing his niece's tits on his cock.

Roy released his legs from Jen's back and his hands fell off her huge cum-covered breasts as he fell hard asleep from exhaustion.

"Ohhhh Jen! You're tits look so hot dripping in cum," moaned Karen as she leaned over and started licking the cum off her best friend's tits.

Jen and Karen started fucking each other beside Roy, which will be left for another story...

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