tagIncest/TabooUncle Ted

Uncle Ted


Uncle Ted was the youngest of mom's siblings. He wasn't too many years older than my cousins, brothers, or me, so he seemed more like another cousin rather than an uncle.

Mom's family was large and close so there were always family gatherings and get-togethers. Many in the family were into team sports so there were always pickup games of basketball, football, or whatever when any part of her family got together. Uncle Ted was almost always involved so, as I said, he was almost like one of us kids.

Uncle Ted was a route salesman for a wholesale company so he was on the road, and away from home, much of the week. He was gone Monday overnight and back on Tuesday afternoon. Then he was on the road Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

When I was in high school, Uncle Ted helped several of his nephews get summer jobs with his employer. We mostly worked in the warehouse unloading and loading trucks. When I graduated high school, he asked his boss if I could sometimes travel with him on his routes. He told them that he could use the help and with extra help he might be able to add more customers.

His boss checked with the head office and they said that they didn't have any problem with me going with Uncle Ted so long as I was eighteen or older and that he would try to add new customers to his route. Uncle Ted said the age requirement was because of workman compensation laws and liability policies. Since I was eighteen, that wasn't a problem. And they wanted us to share motel rooms to help keep costs down.

The road trips were interesting. Uncle Ted's routes were mainly through small towns off the main highways. He had lots of small business owners for customers. We delivered and stocked candy, gum, and various sundries. Uncle Ted seemed to know everyone along his routes and he teased and joked with everyone. Especially the women who worked as cooks and waitresses in the cafes where we ate and who worked as clerks and housekeepers in the motels where we stayed overnight.

After several weeks of traveling, we developed sort of a routine. We'd work all day, then when we got to the motel, we'd clean up, eat dinner, then make sure we had the next day's deliveries organized, and, finally, we'd write up the new orders from the businesses where we had delivered earlier. Uncle Ted said the weekly deliveries generally weren't very large orders, but that way the stores always had fresh stock to sell.

One of the small motels where we stayed overnight had a basketball hoop set up on one end of the parking lot. I don't know where Uncle Ted got the basketball, but after we finished getting organized for the next day, he asked me if I wanted to play some one-on-one. We must have played for almost an hour and both of us really worked up a sweat.

I normally showered in the morning, but I told Uncle Ted that I was going to shower before going to sleep. He said he was too and that I should go first. I was in the shower when the bathroom door opened and Uncle Ted came in. He had never done that before. I could see, through the glass shower door, that he had a towel wrapped around his waist. He sat down on the closed toilet.

'That was fun, Ray. We should play one-on-one more often. Helps work out the kinks and stay in shape.'

'Yeah, I had a good time, Ted.' I shut off the water and opened the door to grab a towel.

'Maybe we ought to keep a basketball in the back of the truck. I borrowed that one.'

'We could keep a couple of baseball gloves and stuff too. Maybe play some catch.' I was trying to wrap the towel around my waist before I stepped out of the shower.

Ted laughed, 'You don't have to be bashful, kid. I've seen it all before.'

I grinned and stepped out of the shower, 'It is a little cramped in there.' I wrapped the towel then picked up a hand towel.

He grinned, 'That's a pretty good sized tool you have there, Ray. Bet your girl friends get a thrill out of it.'

'I wish.'

'You wish what?'

'The girls found it thrilling. Most of them are too busy chasing the college guys. And the rest, well. . .'

'You're saying you don't have any girl friends?'


Ted put his hand on my towel.

"What a you doing?'

He pulled the towel off me. "Seeing what they are missing.'

My cock was level with his face. He put his face close to me. 'Nice.' He touched me.

'What. . .?'

'Relax.' He looked up at me, 'Just checking out the competition.' He lifted my cock with his thumb and forefinger. 'Nice balls.'

In spite of myself, I could feel my cock begin to stir. Ted didn't seem to notice. He used his other hand to cup my balls. 'Hmm. Your nuts feel full.'

'Er, uhh.' His touch did feel good and my cock was almost fully erect. His hand was wrapped around it. He released my balls and pushed the foreskin back.

'Beautiful.' He looked up again. "You have a quite nice pussy pleaser here, Ray. I can't believe you don't have girls fighting over it.' Then he put my cockhead in his mouth.

'Uncle Ted!'

He looked up, 'It's Ted. And be quiet and enjoy.'

He leaned forward and I watched his lips slide over my cockhead and down the shaft. He stopped with about half my cock inside his mouth. He pulled back until the cockhead slipped out of his mouth. He ran his tongue all over it, then pushed his mouth down my cock. Ted pumped his head back and forth. It did feel really good. And my cock was fully erect.

With his free hand, he undid the towel around his waist. His cock was sticking up from between his thighs. He began to stroke himself as he sucked me.

I didn't know what to do. I felt like I should tell him to stop, but I also liked what he was doing. I finally pushed his head away.

'What's the matter? You don't like a blowjob?'

'Er, no, er, yes, er, that's not it.'

Uncle Ted grinned, 'I know. You think you might be queer if you let another guy suck your dick.'

'Uh, no that's not it either.'

'Have you ever had a blowjob?'

'Uh, no.'

He grinned again, 'There's nothing better than a good blowjob. A good blowjob is even better than getting a good piece of pussy.' His towel dropped to the floor as he stood. His cock was still rigid and it stuck straight out in front of him. He wrapped his hand around it and started stroking himself. 'Guess I'll work it out by hand.'

I finished drying myself as Uncle Ted shot his load into the sink. I hung up my towels and let myself out of the bathroom. After pulling on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, I turned on the TV, picked up a magazine, sat down and tried to relax and look cool.

The shower stopped. In a couple of minutes the bathroom door opened. Uncle Ted stood in the doorway. He was drying his hair. "I didn't mean to scare you, kid.'

'You didn't scare me, you surprised me.'

'I didn't mean to do that either. You dick looked so good that I couldn't resist.' He turned back into the bathroom. When he came back out, he was still nude. He walked across the room and sat on the edge of the bed near me. 'Like I said, sometimes getting a good blowjob is better than getting a piece of ass. How'd it feel?'

'Uh, it felt good.' I smiled, 'It felt really good.'

Uncle Ted put his hands on his knees. 'I've known a lot of women who give good head, but only another guy can give a guy a great blowjob.' He spread his knees.

'Uh, why's that?' I couldn't help but look at his cock hanging down between his thighs.

'Well, a guy knows what feels good and what turns a guy on. So I think you get a better blowjob when a guy sucks your dick.'

'Uh, I wouldn't know.'

He grinned, 'That's right. You said you'd never been blown before. Well, Ray, you got a lifetime of pleasure ahead of you.'

'Er, can I, er, may I ask you something?'


Uh, how long have you been, er, ah, you know, er. . .'

'Been sucking cock?'

'uh, yes.'

Uncle Ted paused, 'Well, it's been a long time. Remember Great Uncle Harry?'

'He was your and mom's uncle who had the ranch?'

'Yeah. I worked for him the summer after I graduated high school. We'd been building fence one day and when we knocked off from work, he suggested we go skinny dipping. Well, to make a long story short, after we swam a while, he sucked me off. It became a regular thing. He'd blow me after we were done working. 'Said he liked sucking a sweaty dick.'

'I finally had to try it. He really liked it when I started sucking his cock. He showed me a lot of tricks and techniques. Turned out he liked men better than women. It was quite a summer. I've liked sucking cock ever since.' He paused. 'Look at that.'

I looked. His cock was standing straight up between his thighs.'

Uncle Ted laughed, 'I get a hard-on just talking about it. Well, we better hit the rack pretty soon. Tomorrow's another day.' He stood up, got out a pair of clean shorts, put them on, turned down the bed, and crawled in. 'Good night, kid. Sweet dreams.'

I turned down the other bed and turned off the lights. My 'sweet dreams' centered around the blowjob.

We finished out the week. Nothing else happened and neither one of us mentioned the blowjob.

During the weekend, I drove over to Uncle Ted's place. I was half hoping that he'd want to blow me, but when I got there, there was another car in the driveway. When Ted answered my knock at the door, he seemed a little edgy.

'Oh. It's you, Ray. Come on in.'

He brushed his hand through his hair and straightened his t-shirt. He led me into the kitchen. 'Why don't you get us a couple of brews?'

I got two cans out of the refrigerator, popped the tops and set them on the kitchen table. I was trying to think of a reason for being there. I mean, you can't drive over to your Uncle's place, walk in and ask him for a blowjob.

Before either Ted or I could say anything to each other, there was a shout from the back of the house, 'Hey, Ted! Who was at the door?'

There was some bumping and shuffling noises in the hall, then a young man entered the kitchen, 'What's going on? Oh, hi, Ray. What are you doing here?' Uncle Ted looked sort of sick.

'Hi, Charlie. I came over to see if Uncle Ted was watching the double header. What a beer?'

Charlie was an older cousin of mine. He was in college. I wasn't sure if he was going to be a junior or a senior when he returned to school after the summer. He was wearing only a pair of shorts. He was sweaty and his hair was messed up like he had been twisting and turning his head on a pillow or something.

'Yeah, a beer would be great.'

I got up and got him a beer. Ted looked like he relaxed a little. He pretty much chugged his beer. He got up and got another one. 'There must be some snacks around here. Let's go into the den and watch the game.'

I finished my brew, 'Nah, that's o.k. I just remembered that I got to pick up some stuff for mom. Thanks for the brew. See you Monday at the warehouse. Good to see you, Charlie.'

After checking the truck, which had been loaded by the warehouse crew, Ted added several cases of things that he thought his clients might take in addition to their regular orders. We got on the road and had made several deliveries by mid-morning. We had been driving again for some minutes when Ted turned to me.

'What was the real reason you came over on Saturday?'

"To see if you wanted to watch the game.'

'After you and Charlie left, I checked the TV schedule. There weren't any double headers on any of the channels.'

'When did Charlie leave?'

"A couple of hours aft. . . Why'd you come over?'

'You got me. I'd been thinking about what happened in the motel and I wondered if we might be able to do it again.'

Ted grinned, 'You wanted a blowjob from your Uncle Ted.'

'Yeah, that's why I came over.'

"Why didn't you say so?' He reached over and patted my thigh, 'We can take care of that tonight.'

Just thinking about it gave me more than half of a hard-on the rest of the day. I think Ted was the same.

We hurried through the day and after we checked into the motel we hurried through the next day's preparations and through dinner. Back in our room, Ted showered. When he came out of the bathroom, he was wearing a robe.

'After you shower, Ray, come out nude. I want to look at you.'

I quickly showered. I paid particular attention to lathering and washing my cock and balls. When I stepped out of the bathroom, Uncle Ted was waiting. He had turned one of the beds down. He smiled at me and my full erection. 'You look like you're ready to pop.'

I looked down at my hard cock which was jutting out from my thighs, 'I'm so hard it aches.'

'Well, I know a way of relieving aches. Lie down on the bed. Near the middle.'

I got comfortable on the bed. Ted walked around the bed. Finally he stopped at the foot of the bed. He opened his robe. His cock was also fully erect. The head was dark pink and looked damp. Ted shrugged the robe off his shoulders. He stroked his cock. 'Spread your legs.'

Pushing myself up on my elbows, I spread my legs. My hard cock was lying flat against my stomach. Ted got on his knees at the end of the bed, then crawled so he was kneeling between my knees. He ran his fingertips up and down my legs and he caressed the insides of my thighs. I wanted him to touch my cock and balls. I was so excited I was leaking pre-cum.

He ran his fingertips up the belly of my shaft from balls to cockhead before wrapping his fingers around the shaft and smearing the pre-cum around with his thumb. 'You're hot to trot,' he grinned, 'You really want this, don't you?'

I almost moaned, 'Yes, I want it."

'Well, you don't have to do anything except enjoy.' My uncle leaned down and licked my cockhead. I watched as he licked his way down the underbelly of the shaft and back up to the head again. I did moan when his soft lips slipped over my cockhead. He gently sucked for a short time.

He stopped what he was doing and looked at me, 'You like that?'

'Gawd yes.'

'I thought so. Let me know if you're going to cum.'

I groaned as my cock slipped through his lips and deep into his mouth. Sometimes he would slide his lips almost all the way down to the cock root and other times he would rapidly pump his lips up and down just over my cockhead.

I couldn't help but wiggle and thrust my hips, "Ahh! Oh, gawd, that feels good!'

I lost it when he turned to taking me deep then bringing me out with hard suction. It didn't take very long for this treatment to tighten my nuts. It felt like he was trying to suck them up through my cock. 'Uhh, I'm gonna' cum! I'm gonna' blow! Ahh!'

I closed my eyes and thrust my hips as my cum boiled up. When I opened my eyes, my cock was still in Ted's mouth. He was gently squeezing the shaft and gently sucking the tip.

He stopped and smiled at me. 'That was good. Did you like it?'

'Yes. I've never felt anything like that before. It was great!'

He pushed himself up and got off the bed. 'Rest a few minutes and we'll do it again. I've got to get a drink.'

After getting a drink, Ted came back and lay down beside me. He lay on his back and slowly stroked his cock. After a few minute, he pushed himself up on his elbow and looked at me. 'You're a good looking kid, Ray. 'Gotta' nice dick too.' He smiled, 'It's a cock any eater would enjoy.'

He rubbed my chest and tweaked my nipples before he moved down closer to my crotch. I couldn't see, because his head and shoulders blocked the view, but I sighed audibly when his lips closed around my cockhead.

Ted teased my cockhead with his tongue before settling down to some serious deep sucking. I rubbed his shoulders and back. His sucking was making my cock sensitive. Again he mostly sucked and played with my cockhead. My second cumming was not as forceful as the first, but it was as equally satisfying.

Ted lay back beside. He wiped his lips.

'In the few porn videos that I've seen, the guy always squirts his cum all over the place, but both time I came, you swallowed it.'

Ted grinned, 'Swallowing is the best part of sucking cock. It's the reward for giving a guy a good blowjob. Now, excuse me, but I've got to take care of this.' He gripped his hard cock and began jacking himself off. I watched as Ted pumped a large load on to his stomach and chest.

Ted got up and went into the bathroom. When he came out a couple of minutes later, he turned down the other bed and turned off the lights. We talked for a couple of minutes, then I pulled the covers up and tried to fall asleep.

For the rest of the summer, Uncle Ted and I drove his routes and delivered merchandise. When we were on the road, he'd blow me two or three times during the week. Sometimes I'd go over to his place on weekends where he would suck me off. He never asked me to suck his cock, but I started giving him hand jobs and jacking him off after he finished sucking me dry.

It had been an interesting summer and I wasn't looking forward to it coming to an end.

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