tagIncest/TabooUncle Vern Plays with Me - Redux

Uncle Vern Plays with Me - Redux


Amber loves her nips; so does Angie (from a distance); so does Uncle Vern (from no distance)

All characters in this work of fiction are 18 or older whenever any sexual encounter takes place.

Not long ago, I was trolling (in the fishing context) for Literotica stories about stiff nipples (two of my favorite things!) when I stumbled on Sassylaidee53's "Uncle Vern Plays With Me." I loved the author's focus on nipples and keeping them stiff and immediately copied the text into my file of stiff nipple stories.

But, as often happens, I took dick in hand and thought about how to make the story even more titillating. I've given Uncle Vern's niece a name (Amber), added some back story to better explain the fateful evening with Vern, a lesbian encounter, and, importantly for my tastes, more about the size of Amber's boobs.

I'm sorry that Sassylaidee53 only submitted a single entry and am hoping that any minor plagiarism of his/her story will be okay.


My name is Ginger (probably for my soft blondish hair, which now brushes the ends of my nipples) and I like to think that my body is pretty hot - I've got brilliantly green eyes in a model's face, a trim waist, shapely legs, a nice tush, and last but not least, my favorite parts: my DD boobs and their super sensitive nipples!

I waited a long time for those boobs, and once they arrived, they became the focus of my life. I discovered early on that I could give myself nipple orgasms that were even more intense than when I played with my clit. I would start every day playing with my nips in my morning shower, bringing myself to orgasm each time, then at least one more nipple orgasm before I could go to sleep at night.

I also spent a lot of time in school leaning into my desk with my arms folded so I could play with my nipples. I loved it when I could get off on my nips that way with no one else the wiser! I got so wet that I always carried extra panty liners to get me through the day. But enough about me and my big boobs and sensitive nipples.

Just kidding! This whole story will be about my bountiful breasts and stiff nipples! Well, just about. First, some background about my family to set the stage.


Even though my Mom and her sister Cindy were five years apart in age, they were always very close. When Cindy married a man five years her junior (he was just 18; I was their flower girl at age 4), a few eyebrows were raised. Not only was he more than a little younger, he wasn't Catholic like my Mom and Cindy, plus he was often very direct, and he had a well-cultivated reputation as a dirty old man ("in training," he would always add). But he was never crude, vulgar, or creepy. You just always knew that he loved boobs, and really loved nipples. A few examples will let you know how tame he basically is.

One time, he pretended to read from a child's book (a present for a distant relative) on Guagin, who spent 10 years in French Polynesia painting the topless ladies there. Obviously, that's not what was in the book, but he held it up and "read,"

I hid behind a palm tree

I thought I was pretty shrewd

(Dramatic turning of the page)

And watched all the lovely ladies

As they frolicked in the [pregnant pause] water!

You always knew that his mind was on boobs, but I never felt threatened or uncomfortable around this "dirty old man."

As another example, one time, I wondered into his office and noticed that had a Sports Illustrated calendar on his desk. Very pretty girls in skimpy bikinis, or even topless - but with their nipples always covered, hidden by an arm, in the sand, whatever. But aside from this year's calendar, it looked like he had saved a backup set of pages on another stand, all neatly arranged by date and day. I had to guess that this was his "best of" collection from prior year calendars. I looked through a few, and it seemed his taste ran to big boobs (no surprise), shots with underboob exposure, a few girls in crocheted bikinis with, yes, some nipples vaguely visible beneath the mesh, and shots with the wet T-shirt look, where you could see the girl's nipples showing through. I felt a strange tingle in my own nipples as I flipped through the pages.

I paused, though, when I saw Hannah Ferguson, Thursday, March 26, 2015. Standing sideways to the camera, she had on a bikini bottom that, on the hip, had a very wide mesh netting (the mesh was tighter towards her rear). She was topless, and like many of the other topless SI models, she had a hand covering her nipples, while allowing the underside of her right boob to show along with the entire side and underneath of her left breast.

Then I looked more closely at the fingers of her left hand. They were not tightly closed, and - did this slip through the censors? - there was a stiff nipple popping up between her index and middle fingers! Granted, tame by the standards of the internet these days (so I've heard, anyway), but there was an SI model all but playing with her nipple for the camera! I couldn't even dream of being that bold - well, maybe I did that night - of showing off my boobs and even a stiff nipple for a camera in broad daylight!

As I studied the photo, I become aware of the fact that I was mimicking her look - lightly touching my breast (granted, through blouse and bra) and locating my now very stiff left nipple between index and middle finger. I gave my nip a squeeze that sent a shiver through my body, then quickly put everything back the way I found it and hurried out of the room. But the image of Hannah touching her nipple out on a beach somewhere stayed with me. How must it feel to show off your body, to show off your underboob and your nipple like that? Did she get horny thinking about all the erections she caused? Could she have nipple orgasms like mine while thinking of the spilled sperm she caused?

As I played with my nipples that night, I thought about whether I could ever expose my boobs and nipples like that. It was an exciting thought, and I rubbed my swollen buds faster and faster the more I thought about it, but I was sure, in the end, that my eventual husband would be the only one ever able to take in the views of my tits and stiff nipples that danced in my head that night. I was just too shy and repressed.

Anyway, the point of the SI model story is that Uncle Vern clearly loves looking at boobs and nipples. But, even though I looked around later another time, I never found anything that I would call pornographic. The SI models were erotic yes, but never vulgar. So, despite his obvious love of boobs, I never felt threatened around him; I was the daughter he never had, and he was the replacement for my father (explained below).

Anyway, UV (my nickname for Uncle Vern from the time I turned 13) expected Aunt Cindy to do what he asked, and most all of the time she did. But he loved her deeply and she adored him, so it all worked out.

UV had wanted to be a respiratory scientist ("I love to study chests" was a tag phrase, delivered with a wink, when he talked about that part of his past), but before he got his degree, he inherited a profitable hardware store, and that took him away from science. While he worked pretty hard, he and Aunt Cindy did not want for too much.

Cindy and my Mom worked as nurses for the same company and loved their jobs, although the hours were sometimes long and crazy.

UV and Aunt Cindy lived nearby, and our families became quite close (although I was the only child between both couples) and dinner every Friday was a given. Every other Friday we'd eat at one house, the next at the other.

Then my Dad died when I was six. I had been like lots of young girls, in love with my Dad, who "promised" me that we'd get married when I grew up. But with him gone, Uncle Vern became my father figure and my love. He loved me back like I might have been his own, and he always gave me lots of presents for my birthday and for Christmas, since he knew my Mom could not afford to spoil me. And if I smiled at him sweetly, I'd get most any gift I wanted in between - money for movies or whatever.

And of course, my Mom had to work that much harder with Dad gone. She was comforted in knowing that Uncle Vern and Aunt Cindy would always be there for me, and they even gave me a key, at first just for emergencies, but later to let myself in after school before everyone else arrived on Friday, where I sometimes started the cooking.

Friday dinners were always at their house now, since Mom was struggling with the bills. Movies after dinner, with me sitting on UV's lap, became a tradition. He made me feel loved and safe.

Even when Mom and Aunt Cindy would have to work on a Friday night, he and I would watch TV until Aunt Cindy would get home. Uncle Vern would love it when I sat on his lap to watch TV. When I was a child, we would watch animated movies together. He always kept me feeling warm and safe, laughing along with me at the funny parts. I even made him promise to marry me when I grew up, since Dad was not there anymore, and he smiled and said, "Of course I will, Toots, of course I will."

As a teenager, of course, I realized that marrying UV was not an option. He was younger than most adults I knew (only 14 years older than me) and very handsome, but he and Cindy were very openly affectionate, and the marriage seemed solid. But going to a Catholic school had left me with virtually no contact with boys, and the few times I went on a date ended in disaster. All the boys wanted to do was to feel my tits, and I frankly wanted a little more respect from them before that was going to happen. In fact, although I thought I would like going out with boys, there were times I wondered.


More about the boobs in my family. There is definitely something about genetics, because I clearly inherited my Mom's generous chest, and Cindy had a matching set of tits as well. Now, I don't know about my Mom's nipples, since she has always been careful to keep well covered (she still goes to mass every Sunday, while Cindy quit after marrying Vern), but I do know that Cindy and I share the same nipples.

See, I had let myself in one warm afternoon and was in the kitchen getting a soda. I was just about to open the sliding screen door to the patio when I spotted Vern, sitting in his chair facing away from me, just as Cindy was walking past. She had on some short shorts and a flimsy crop top that barely covered the underside of her boobs. Anyway, he stopped her and asked for a kiss. Next thing I knew, he'd reached up and pulled the crop top up to uncover her bare breasts - she was not wearing a bra! Her bare boobies were just hanging out there for UV (and me) to see. They were gorgeous.

That had me stopped in my tracks, but what happened next has been burned into my memory banks. He reached up and gave each of her nipples a twist as I heard him say, "I just love to keep you nipples stiff, Sweetie, it makes me so happy to see your nips perky like that."

Cindy didn't stop him, but in a low voice just said, "Oh, hush, Vern, you know I like it when my nipples are stiff for you, too, but remember Amber's coming over. What if she heard you talking like that?" With that she pushed his hand away and pulled the top back down, but not before I got a good look at her nipples and areolas, which looked just like my nips when they get stiff. Which they were. Instantly long and stiff and longing to be loved up.

"Well," replied Vern, hardly lowering his voice, "I'd tell her that I'd like to see her nipples perky, too."

"Oh, Vern, you dirty old man! What am I going to do with you?"

"Well, I've got a few ideas ..."

"You just hush now. I'm going inside to make us a drink." With that, she strode purposefully toward the house, bosoms swaying and nipples really poking out through her thin top.

Gaining my senses, I opened the screen and passed her on my way out. She might have guessed that I had heard part of the exchange, since she winked at me and whispered, "Men - they only have one thing ... or is it two things, or three things? ... on their mind!" But her seductive smile and still stiff nipples told me all I needed to know about how she felt about UV perking up her nips.

So, I continued to have an unrequited crush on Uncle Vern. Clearly my Uncle was quite happy with Aunt Cindy and her stiff nipples, so I was pinning my hopes on finding some handsome guy in college to teach me how to use my tits and my nipples and, eventually, my pussy, to please a man and have him please me. But based on my limited experience, it could take a while to find anyone who I might love like I loved Uncle Vern.

Aside from the romantic crush, though, I came to realize that I also lusted after Uncle Vern. I day-dreamed of having him crushing my now bulging boobs against his chest in a ravenous embrace, to feel his hard penis pressing against my belly, to feel his strong hands molding my breasts and pinching my nipples. I could not simulate a penis pressing against me, but I would mold my own breasts and pinch my own nipples whenever I was free to let my daydreams run wild. Did I mention I love giving myself nipple orgasms?

And as time went by, I suspected that maybe my lust was not fully unrequited. See, as my boobs grew from a C to a DD, it did seem that Uncle Vern was paying more and more attention to my bulging tits (actually, looking back, quite a bit more!), but I didn't give it much thought. I really liked that he noticed my boobs, and I made a point of working on my posture, making sure that all the bosoms I had were pushed out and straining against the conservative blouses I had to wear to school. And for sure, there came to be a lot of boob.

When I would play with my nipples (one of my favorite things to do, especially when I had time to bring myself to a nipple orgasm), I would remember Uncle Vern's hungry stares as I tugged on my nips. I am proud of my big boobs - they barely sag at all - and my nipples get quite long when they are hard. And I love it when they do, and I will play with my nips whenever I can. The fact that Uncle Vern was noticing my boobs made me love him and my big tits and long, sensitive nipples even more.

Also, once I turned 18, I realized that, as I settled in to watch a movie on Uncle Vern's lap (yes, the tradition continues), the hardness I felt against my rear was not a pocket comb, as he once "explained," but what I guessed (based on no prior experience) must have been a fair sized and very stiff penis.

Knowing how much Uncle Vern and Aunt Cindy loved each other, I would later reflect on Uncle Vern's reaction to me and it further sparked the nipple orgasms that I would give myself every night. I might never feel him inside me, but I did love to fantasize, as I lay there in the dark, tugging on my perky nipples, that, one Friday night as we watched a movie with his hard dick was pressed against my rear, he would reach around and be the one playing with my nipples instead of my having to handle my nips myself.


No fun in this section, but it sets the stage for later on.

Three months ago, Aunt Cindy had to have her breasts removed. Although they used a fine plastic surgeon and her replacement boobs looked very realistic when she was standing still, her tits had lost their delightful braless wobble and sway. Worse - much worse - there was no feeling in her nipples; they would not get stiff no matter what.

I wasn't supposed to know, but Cindy and Mom talk constantly and about everything. I overheard enough to know that, without stiff nipples, Uncle Vern could not manage to get stiff either. It seemed that their sex life was over.


About two months after that, life in my all girl school threw me a curve as well. And a double D curve at that.

One time I was slow getting to the shower after gym. Every girl but one filed out within 30 seconds of my arrival as it was getting late. I had seen that one girl all year, but she always had a crowd of close friends around her. She was very pretty and had amazing boobs, which might have been even a tad larger then my DD pair. As I got myself wet in the shower, I couldn't help but notice that she had her eyes closed and that she seemed to be spending a lot of time lathering her breasts. As the water finally washed the soap away, it revealed a pair of very stiff nipples.

As I kept staring at her boobs, my own nips got stiff almost immediately without my even touching them. Then, to my shock, I finally became aware that she had been looking at my face for maybe several seconds. When I looked up to her face, open mouthed, she gave me a wicked grin and a wink. She shut off the water, gave her boobs a shake and said, "I'm Angie. Nice seeing you," she said, with pointed stares at my own two stiff points. "Better hurry, Toots, the bell's going to ring in just a couple of minutes."

I couldn't manage a peep. I hurriedly finished and got dressed, but I was in a daze the rest of the school day. Had my nipples gotten stiff because I was jealous of Angie's boldness in obviously playing with her tits and nipples in the school shower? Or was it that I turned on by another girl as she fondled her big boobs and stiff nipples? Would I turn out to be a lesbian? Or did I just wish I felt free enough to play with my own nips in public? Private nipple orgasms in class were awesome, but a public display of nipple stimulation? That was intriguing. And she called me "Toots," my Uncle Vern's favorite nickname for me. Whatever was going on, my nipples stayed hard for the rest of the day at the memory.

That night, I closed my eyes, cupped my swollen boobs, took nipples between thumb and forefinger, and once again fantasized about sitting on Uncle Vern's lap, feeling his hard cock in the crack of my ass, while "his" hands played with my turgid nipples. I imagined him saying, as he had to Cindy, "I just love to keep you nipples stiff, Toots, it makes me so happy to see your nips perky like that."

Then I opened my eyes. "Toots!" That's what Angie had called me! This time, I closed my eyes and remembered watching Angie play with her nipples, then seeing her look so hard at my own stiff nips. I was getting wetter and wetter thinking about her while I pulled and tugged at my aching nipples. In less time than usual, I came, very hard, and had to stifle a groan so Mom wouldn't hear.

Suddenly very tired, I drifted off to sleep shortly thereafter. When my alarm went off, I was dreaming was about sitting on Vern's lap, but this time his dick was deep inside me as he played with my perky nipples and we were both watching Angie play with her own stiff nips. I was sooo wet even before my ritual nipple orgasm in the shower.

The next time I was in the school shower, my nips were as stiff as could be, and I tried really hard turn away from anyone who might see them - other than, I hoped, Angie. This time, though, the crowd did not thin out, and we all had to leave together so as not to be late. Still, Angie and I managed to leave last. Her boobs really had my attention, and even though she had no chance to play with her nipples, it was clear that they were at least partly aroused.

"Flag pole, after school," she spat out in a rapid fire whisper before we moved on to our separate aisles to change up. She never looked back to see me nod dumbly.

I was both hot and confused at the same time for the rest of the day. What was going to happen at the flag pole? Was she really interested in lesbian sex? What else could it be? Were we going to go back in the woods and play with our own boobs? Or would I tweak her nipples while she tweaked mine? Did she have a home we could go to? Did I really want to touch her nipples? I didn't know any of the answers, but I got so hot thinking about what might happen that I was rubbing my nipples every chance I got. At lunch, I wolfed my food down, then went to the bathroom and gave myself a quiet but intense nipple orgasm.

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