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Uncle's Favorite Niece


This is my first story. Another writer suggested to me to try writing a story so here it is. Thanks. Special thanks to my wonderful Master, Lover, and Editor for all the work and support you have given me SEVERUSMAX.

My name is Grant. I am the eldest of 3 kids, with myself being the only son. My sisters are Megan and Peggy. All three of us were a year apart each. Megan was the middle child, and Peggy was the "baby" of the family.

I was happy when my sister, Megan, had a little girl, which she named Gracy. Our parents, on the other hand, weren't too thrilled, especially since the father of the baby dumped Megan, in order to avoid his parental obligations.

Megan was only 19 at the time of her delivery. I had just gone off to college, in order to study computer programming, which was my chosen profession. Megan and our parents all agreed that she should stay with them, so that they could help her bring up the baby. She was interested in possibly going off to college herself when the baby was grown up.

Our parents were wealthy, and they had not surprisingly left each of us a trust fund, which none of us could touch until we turned 21. This meant that I still had 1 year left, until I could inherit my legacy from them.

That year went by very quickly. Megan was now 20, and little Gracy was 1. I was 21, and so I decided to buy my own house, and let Megan and Gracy move in with me. I was still single, without any girlfriends at the time. She was quite thrilled to move in with me, since it would mean getting away from our parents.

As close as we had been as kids, we grew even closer as the years progressed.

I was now 37. Megan and I were lovers now, and had been for years. (That is another story, altogether.) Gracy was now 18. I started to notice she had become a woman, not just a little girl, like she had always been in the past. As a matter of fact, she was rather lovely. She knew that her mother and I were having sex, because she walked in on us, as we were making love, when she was 15.

(I have an 8 inch cock, by the way, which is very thick.)

One day, she was outside, getting a tan. (We live out in the countryside.) The closest neighbors are miles away, so Gracy usually sunbathes topless. I was coming home early from work that day, as I had 2 weeks off for a much needed, and deserved, vacation.

"I'm home!"

"I'm out here, Uncle Grant!" Gracy shouted to me.

"Where's your Mom?" I asked her, trying not to let her see my hard-on, as I pretended not to be looking at her perky tits.

"She said that she had to go into town, to do some business, and I think that she will be gone for a few more hours." Gracy informed me, almost gleefully.

"Okay, I think that I'll go inside, and change into something cooler. Maybe I'll go swimming, since it's kinda hot today."

"Okay, Uncle Grant." she called, as I turned around to put on my swimming trunks.

I returned with my trunks on, holding my towel in my hands. As I walked out, I noticed that she had turned over on her stomach. She was wearing her thong bottoms, which displayed her heart-shaped ass, and my cock instantly stood to attention.

I jumped into the pool, trying to hide it, but it wasn't going down. Damn, I thought- she reminded me of her mother at the same age. I kept thinking about the idea of having that tight pussy wrapped around my cock. Knowing that she was a virgin was not helping matters either. However, I started worrying about my sister's probable reaction.

I decided to make my move. If Sis got mad, well then, I would just have to turn her over my knees for a proper spanking. She and I had been playing bondage games for a while now so that would just be an addition- the definite opening of a previously vague relationship. I had always been the dominant partner, and I really loved spanking her cute ass!

I climbed out of the water, walking toward her.

"Would you like for me to rub some tanning oil onto your back? You're turning kinda pink and I wouldn't want my favorite niece to get a sunburn." I said, smiling.

"Sure, thanks, Uncle Grant." she replied.

I picked the tanning oil, pouring some of it onto her back and rubbing it into her skin. I moved my hands closer to her butt. I then began rubbing the oil onto her ass as well. I took longer strokes over her exposed backside. Her breath began to quicken. As I rubbed her, I started to wonder what it would feel like to spank her lovely ass again, as the last I had done that she had been 13, and that was as a punishment- nothing more. I love to first spank a girl's ass, and then kiss it to make it better.

I slipped my fingers into her bikini bottoms.

"What are you doing to me, Uncle Grant?" she asked me, with some alarm.

"I'm tryin' to make you feel better, honey."

"I don't think that this is such a great idea. Mom probably won't be too happy with us if we did it."

"Well, I don't care if she likes it or not! If she objects, I'll just have to spank her until she becomes more reasonable. Not being able to sit down for a while will probably help her accept it. Now take off those bottoms, 'cause I want to see your pussy!"

She hesitated for a bit, so I swatted her a couple of times on the ass, which reminded her of the last spanking she had when she was 13. She did not want more of that so she got up quickly after that swat. Of course, this time, she felt a bit of a thrill in addition to the pain.

As she pulled off her bottoms, she looked up and noticed that I had my trunks missing as well. She saw my hard cock and tried to look away, but I wouldn't let her.

"See what you have done? Now, you're gonna take care of it for your Uncle like a good girl, aren't ya?" I said to her.

"Yes sir."

"Lie down. I want to see your pussy!"

She did as I commanded and then she spread her legs. Damn, she has a lovely pussy just like her mother's, I thought. I couldn't wait to get that tight pussy and ass wrapped around my stiff cock.

I reached out and touched it. She was already wet, just like her hussy mom! I inserted my fingers to feel her hymen. I swore again, knowing that I couldn't wait to take her virginity. I began using both fingers to stretch her out, at first doing it in turns and then both at once, to prepare her for my entrance by making her wet for me.

"God! Yes, Uncle Grant! That feels so fucking good in me!"

I rubbed her clit for a while now, not reducing any of the stimulation. On the contrary, I even increased it, by moving over her labia with my other digits now and then. She was drenched at this point, and I took advantage of her arousal to get on top of her, in a 69, telling her to suck my cock, while I started eating her cunt.

She was sucking my cock like a pro in minutes, even better than her mother at keeping me hard. Yes, I thought, she is a born cock-sucker. She loves it and it shows in her eagerness to suck me off as well as her ability to keep me aroused.

It was time to slip it into her pussy. I had to deflower my niece, as she evidently ached for it, just like me. This was true for both of us, no doubt in my mind.

"Uncle Grant, are you sure it will fit? It looks pretty fat to me."

"Oh, it will fit alright, but it will probably hurt a bit at first."

As I eased my dick into her cunt she had no problem taking it in and out of her hot sex. I continued to push deeper with each thrust and get harder still as I did. I kept penetrating my darling niece further, getting her wetter by the second. She was now moaning from the friction and the feeling of my penis in her stretching her out. She lay back for a few moments enjoying this sensation as I pumped her at a steady pace.

Suddenly however, she began to announce some pain with a wail, and then a gasp, as I breached her hymen. She asked me to stop because of the pain. I couldn't at this point so I just tried to persuade her to continue taking me in her.

"The pain is temporary dear. It will be much better soon. I promise you that you will enjoy it in a few minutes."

I pushed through her hymen first stifling her scream with my mouth. Her nod had made it clear that she had decided to trust me. I then paused for a couple of seconds, allowing her some time to adjust to my size in her newly deflowered womanhood.

After a little while I plunged deeper into her, as she was making me close to ejaculation. I had to cum! Naturally, I wanted her to cum before me because that would help me cum. It would show her what a great experience sex really is, so I started to manipulate her clitoris. I played with for a good length of time as I humped her, getting her wet all over again. Soon, I felt her heavy breathing, her juices on me. There was an increase in her body heat as she came on my cock, forcing me to release myself.

My seed poured into her as she held onto me and I made it even more definite that we would have to cum by sticking my index finger into her anus. I worked her up further still. That kept her excited, and she came a second time on top of the other, while my last drops of semen emptied into her womb.

We both collapsed from the exertion and just then my sister, Megan, walked out of the back door catching us in flagrante delicto. There was no doubt in her head what we had just done, and she reacted with complete shock. We froze too not sure of her reaction.

"So, how long has this been going on?" Megan finally spoke.

To be continued ...

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