tagIncest/TabooUncle's Little Virgin

Uncle's Little Virgin


The trickle of the stream, as the cool waters struggled around the tiny rocks, was the only sound I could hear as I reposed lazily on the soft grass beside the flowing water. Occasionally a bird would sing a short song to break the stillness in the air and my eye lids would flutter open in an attempt to see the songster in the branches of the mighty willow tree that I lay beneath in the coolness of the shade it afforded. I was alone with my thoughts on this warm summer day and I was in that state between being asleep and being awake as my thoughts drifted back to the past. At 29 my body was still in good shape. My legs were long and silky, my hips were just the right size for my slender waist and my breasts stood firm and proud in front of me. My long, soft red hair cascaded down past my shoulders and the natural curls it sported were my pride and joy. I was wearing a short, thin summer skirt, and a half top that barely covered my ample breasts. My naked stomach, already tanned from a recent Caribbean holiday, was highlighted by the shining jewelled piercing in my naval.

As I lay there in my day dream my thoughts had, for unknown reasons, drifted back to my 18th Birthday. That had been one of the most memorable days of my young life. It was the day I had lost my virginity. As I lay there with the warm sun brushing over the top of the willow tree I began to run through that memorable day in my mind. It was not the first time I had re-lived that day; I knew it would not be the last. As my thoughts drifted back in time my hand slid under my skirt and my index finger began to rub, slowly and gently, over the thin material of my panties. The moistness began to develop almost immediately.

My uncle, who was staying with us at the time, had told me that my 18th birthday would be an extra special day for me. He had first told me that it would be special 6 months before and, at the time, I had no idea what to expect for my 18th birthday present. About 3 weeks prior to the ‘Big Day’ my Uncle had visited me in my bedroom with some magazines for me to look through. My mouth was open in astonishment as I turned from page to page and took in the details of the pictures before me. Of course I knew what was happening in the pictures even though I was still a virgin. A girl can’t go through college in this day and age without knowing all about sex. What surprised me was the fact that my uncle was showing me the pictures in the first place. He just smiled and told me to look forward to my birthday.

It was the week prior to my birthday, when my Dad was at work, that my Uncle sat me in front of the TV and told me he had a video for me to watch. The couples humping in the video came as no surprise to me as I began to realise what my Uncle had in mind for my birthday. The video was so much better than the magazine and I stared in awe as the lady licked the man’s cock and he licked her pussy and they kissed and fondled each other. Oh it was wonderful to watch and excited me tremendously. I knew, by then, for sure what I was going to get for my 18th and I was eager to be deflowered by my Uncle as I wanted to lose my virginity but was afraid of the boys that I had dated. I wanted to be fucked, for the first time, by someone who knew how to do it expertly; not like the young kids of my own age who thought they knew everything but didn’t. After the film came to an end I suddenly turned to my Uncle and asked if he had a cock as big as the man’s cock in the movie.? He was rather surprised at my candour but replied; “Of course I have Linda. So now you know what to expect next week when your dad is at the conference on your birthday.” I smiled at him as I rose from the sofa. My short skirt and tight t shirt showing off my body to perfection. I saw the look on my Uncle’s face as his eyes followed me across the room. I bent down to where he was sitting and kissed him gently on the forehead. I whispered softly. “ I’m going to look forward to having your cock deflower me Uncle Tony.” His hand reached out to rub my breasts but I backed away smiling. “Patience Uncle. Patience.” I intentionally wiggled my bum as I left the room.

By the time the ‘ big day’ arrived I knew I was going to get fucked good and hard as Uncle Tony had spent the past few days whispering naughty things in my ear and rubbing his cock through his trousers in front of me. His language became bolder as I failed to stop him using the dirty words. Why should I. I was enjoying it. I was a little apprehensive that, when it came to the actual ‘fucking’ that my pussy would not be big enough for his cock but he kept assuring me that everything would be alright and he would be very gentle with me.

The day of my birthday started like any other college day except the postman brought me lots of cards from my friends and a big one from my dad who was now away on his conference. Before I left for college Uncle Tony told me that he would not be home when I got back but I was to wait for him in my bedroom. He handed me a neatly tied parcel and told me to put it on as soon as I got home. I tore the wrapping off as quickly as I could and smiled to myself as I pulled out the tiny skirt and thin, see through, panties.

That day seemed to be the longest college day I had ever spent but eventually that last bell rang and I cycled home as fast as I could and headed straight for the shower before hitting my bedroom and climbing into the short skirt and panties.

Once dressed I sat on the top of the bed, on my little pink pillows, and waited patiently for Uncle Tony to come home. As Uncle Tony had not brought me a special top to wear I decided to leave my breasts exposed for him. I didn’t have long to wait before I heard the front door open and close and I heard him walking up the stairs shouting to me. “Hello sweetheart. Uncles home. How’s my little girl?”

The bedroom door opened and my Uncle Tony walked in with his big smile and his usual big hug for me. Only the hug he gave me this day seemed far more intense. He kissed my breasts and told me I was a good girl and the sight of my topless body delighted him. He removed his shoes and sat on the bed beside me with his arm around my shoulder while we chatted about how my day at college had gone and about my birthday cards and the presents I had received. While we sat there talking his hand moved down onto my leg and softly began to caress it. It thrilled me to feel his large hand gently moving up and down my skin and his soft voice relaxed me as I leaned back into my soft pink fluffy pillows. His hand moved from the outside of my leg to the inside and with each caress it moved slowly upwards until it eventually slid under the hem of my short skirt. It lingered for a while before I felt the palm of his hand touch my panties. The feel of the material on my naked pussy was very sensual, and with his hand now rubbing gently over the area that covered my slit I began to feel all warm inside. I had thought about what may happen today and I was a little fearful in my anticipation. However that worry slowly left me as the gentleness my Uncle was showing me made me feel relaxed and warm inside. “I am going to show you all the delights that being with a man can bring. BUT” He emphasised the last word in great depth. “BUT you must never tell anyone about today. Understand Linda”? “Yes Uncle” I replied “This will be our little secret.”

His left hand was still rubbing the front of my panties, under my skirt, as he shifted his position onto his knees beside me. His right hand began rub gently over my naked breasts. They were big enough to cup a hand around and very firm. None of my college friends had breasts as big as mine were. I know because we showed each other our bodies in the changing room after P.E.

For a long while his hand just rubbed and pressed against my panties and I could feel them getting wet. He told me not to worry as this was natural for a girl and served to make the inside of the pussy easier for a man to push his cock inside. I knew this, of course, but I remained silent while he continued to gently rub the front of my womanhood. I whispered to him softly. “Do you like my breasts Uncle”? “Oh yes my little darling. I like them a lot.” And he bent down to me and started to suck on my nipples. This felt good and I asked him to suck harder. I also asked him to put his hand inside my panties and touch my pussy. “You are going to become a little slut aren’t you baby girl” he said. “You like this already. Yes. You will be Uncle’s little slut.” As he said this I felt his hand slide into the top of my panties and his hard, rough fingers touched my pussy.. and it felt good. “You have a very wet cunt, my little slut” He said after sliding his finger into me a few times. I was enjoying this so much that my hips started to move against his finger as he fucked me very gently, but only just inside. He didn’t go in too far.

After about 10 minutes of this teasing he slid his hands from my panties and stood up beside the bed. He removed his shirt first, then his socks and then his trousers. I could see his cock poking against his boxers and realised that it was much bigger than I had expected. He finally slid his boxers from his hips and his massive cock stood out straight in front of him.

“Oh Uncle.. it is so big.”

“Yes it is. And I want my little slut to lick it and then to take it in your mouth,”

He leaned forward towards my face and my mouth opened to accept that huge shaft. I sucked on the head first, then I licked the shaft up and down for a while and then I sucked on the big red head again.

“Take it into your mouth as far as it will go slut” he said rather sharply to me. But somehow this excited me and my mouth went further down as I felt that long, thick shaft slide into my small mouth. Suddenly Uncle grabbed my head and thrust his cock so deep into my mouth that I gagged on it. But I was enjoying it. I could taste the slightly salty pre cum as it began to seep from the hole in the head of his cock. I loved the taste of it and swallowed it down with relish. He began to fuck his cock back and forward into my mouth causing me to gag even more, but I didn’t complain. This was sending little thrills rippling through my body and I could feel my cunt getting wetter inside my panties. For a long time I sat there sucking his thick cock until he suddenly pulled out of my mouth, reached down under my skirt and tore my new panties from my body. He then grabbed my skirt and ripped it off with one tug. Now I was completely naked on the bed and I was loving every minute of the experience that my Uncle Tony was showing me.

He then climbed onto the bed and knelt down between my legs. He grabbed them roughly and opened them wide. Suddenly his head dropped down and I felt his lovely tongue running up and down my tiny, wet cunt. Oh it felt so good I never wanted him to stop. His finger played with my cunt lips while his tongue licked me up and down and then inside. Little shivers were going through me and I knew that I would always love sex. I started to pinch my nipples as this made me feel even better and I lay there moaning loudly while my Uncle licked my cunt out and I fingered my nipples harder and harder. Finally he stopped licking me and knelt up between my legs. He grabbed my ankles and lifted them high and wide and I suddenly felt his cock touch my cunt.

“Oh Uncle. Are you going to fuck me now? Will it hurt?”

“Yes my little slut your Uncle is going to fuck his sexy little niece. And yes it will hurt. My cock is big and your cunt is small. It will hurt a lot. But only for a little while and then it will stop hurting and you will enjoy my cock fucking you.”

“Alright Uncle. I will put up with the pain because I want you to fuck me so much.”

I felt the tip of his cock slide slowly into me. At first it felt nice. Very nice. But suddenly, as he put it further into me, I started to feel the pain growing. It grew and grew as he slid his thick cock deeper into me. It was still only a quarter of the way in but it was hurting like crazy. “Oh Uncle it’s hurting so much. Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh it hurtssssssssssssss.”

“Well my little bitch, I told you it would hurt. But if I continue to push it in slowly it will hurt longer. So your Uncle is going to fuck you HARD.”

I screamed with the pain as he suddenly lunged forward and rammed his cock deep into me. He then began to fuck in and out so hard and so fast. His huge cock was so tight inside me that I felt as if I was having my tiny cunt ripped open. But then, as he fucked me with long, slow strokes, the pain started to go away and I knew that I would want him to fuck me every day. I started to moan with the pleasure his cock was giving to my cunt until I was yelling at him to keep fucking his little bitch. I took the whole length inside me and I was loving every thrust. On and on he fucked into me. I was enjoying it so much I began to cry with the pleasure I was receiving. While he fucked my cunt he also leaned down between my legs and started to nibble on my tits and this excited me even further.

Suddenly he stopped fucking me and pulled out. He climbed off the bed and sat on the edge of it.

“Come and sit on my lap you little bitch. Face me and put your arms around me.

I immediately climbed off the bed and sat on his lap facing him. I could feel his hard cock laying against the slit of my arse and cunt as he kissed me. I kissed him back just as he lifted my body, by my hips, and then lowered it onto his cock. Again I felt that thick head drive into my cunt until he let me go and I dropped fully onto it. He then continued to bounce me up and down on his thick cock while he kissed me and sucked at my nipples. Oh this was so much fun. Tingles started to ripple through my body as he fucked me over and over again. I could feel those juices from my cunt dripping out and onto his leg and he seemed to love the feel of them.

Suddenly he pulled me off his cock, slid his finger into my cunt and covered it in my juices, then he slid his finger around the entrance to my tiny arse and covered it with my own juices. Before I realised it he had dropped me back onto his lap only this time his cock rammed deep into my tiny, tight arse. I screamed with the pain but he didn’t stop bouncing me up and down. My arse was filled with his hard, throbbing cock and it was so tight it seemed to cling to his cock as he lifted me off. He was moaning so loudly now and he began to rub my cunt with his finger while he fucked hard and fast into my tiny arse. And as he rubbed my cunt I felt this funny thrill ripple through me and all of a sudden I started to shake and shake and moan and almost screamed with the pleasure of it. I had just had my first orgasm.

But Uncle was still ramming his hard cock deep into my arse. Bouncing me up and down onto his thick cock like I was a little doll. Suddenly he lifted me off and told me to get onto my knees. I did as he told me and he grabbed my head and rammed his cock deep into my mouth again. In and out he rammed my face onto his cock and called me his slut, his bitch, and I sucked him so hard.. suddenly he yelled and I felt his cum spurt from his cock and it filled my mouth so full of the hot liquid. I had to swallow and I almost choked, there was so much of it. Suddenly, while I was still swallowing, he pulled my head away, grabbed his cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down just as another load of hot cum shot out and splattered my face. I was covered in his cum. It trickled down my face and dripped onto my knees.

Finally Uncle took a towel and wiped my face clean, kissed me on the mouth and lifted me back onto bed.

“How did my little niece like her birthday present?” He whispered sexily.

“Oh very much Uncle. I hope you will fuck me every day now. I will be your little fuck slut. Your fuck toy.”

“That’s a good girl. Now you go off and shower and maybe Uncle will wake you up in the morning by sliding his cock into your little cunt again.”

“Oh that would be nice Uncle.” I replied eagerly as I clambered from the bed. It was then I noticed the spots of blood on the pink sheets. “Don’t worry about that baby.” My Uncle Tony said as he started to strip the bed. I’ll wash and dry them before your dad gets home. He kissed me again before I headed towards the shower and left the room carrying my sheets. When I returned with a towel draped around my waist he had replaced the sheets with clean ones and turned down my bed. I slept well that night with lovely, sexy dreams rushing through my head. I was no longer a virgin. I was now a woman and ready to face the many cocks that would soon be coming my way.

I suddenly opened my eyes as I lay on the grass beneath the willow tree. In my day dream my fingers had fucked my pussy beneath my panties and they were now soaking wet with my juices and my cum. I stood up, walked to the stream and washed my hands AFTER licking my fingers clean. My wet panties clung to my slit as I headed for the road where I had parked my car.. This had been a good day.

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