tagIncest/TabooUncle's Lust

Uncle's Lust


I’m Bobby. I’m going to tell you about the craziest think that ever happened to me. I was 18 years old. My hair was spiked, brown, dyed blonde at the tips. I have always been a slender boy, and I love to show off my body by wearing tight clothes. Here’s how I lost my virginity, to my uncle, no less.

I often go over my Uncle Frank’s house in the summer to use his swimming pool. He was very gracious whenever I came to visit. One eventful day, Uncle Frank picked me up and took me to his place. He had a nice yard, surrounded by tall trees, so the neighbors couldn’t see in. We went out onto the deck, and Uncle sat down with a drink. We chatted for a bit before he told me to take a swim. But, oh no, I had forgotten my swim trunks. Uncle Frank says, “Why not just take your shorts off? No one will see.” I thought that was fine. I removed my shoes, socks, and t-shirt. But I hesitated. I looked to Frank, who was staring back at me. I felt strange to be in my briefs around my uncle, but he’s family, so I dropped my sport shorts to my ankles and stepped out. I was now standing in my tight, white briefs, leaving little to Uncle Frank’s imagination. But I thought nothing of his omnipresent gaze.

I dove in and swam around for a while. The sun went behind a cloud, and the water got cold, so I decided to get out. As I was climbing the ladder, I realized my wet briefs revealed my privates. Shit, I was embarrassed. I grabbed a towel, and covered myself. I sat down, with the towel across my lap. When the sun returned,Uncle Frank said, “Take the towel off so you can get dry.” I did so hesitantly. The sun felt warm. I laid down on a lounge, my wet underwear clinging to my shrunken dick and balls, as well, I’m sure, making two nice, round globes out of my ass for Uncle to see.

After a while, the feeling of the fabric stretched across my crotch got to me. I loved wearing briefs, because I loved the tightness around my groin and ass. It turned me on. It was doing its job right here. I felt my cock stretch. I was getting an erection, right in front of my uncle!! I shot up and grabbed a towel to cover myself. It was then that Frank finally stirred, standing, he said, “Let’s go in,” and when I reached for my discarded clothes, “You can leave them out here.” I did so, not realizing then how strange that was. He also had me leave the towel behind, because he didn’t want to get the floors wet. He ushered me in, and gave my ass a little slap. That made my dick get harder. “Please lay down on the couch,” Uncle Frank offered, although it almost seemed like an order. My nearly-naked body was stretched out on his leather couch, and my cock was tenting my briefs. Uncle must have noticed. I looked up to see where he was, when he came to my side, standing. It was then that I noticed Uncle Frank’s crotch was bulging, too. I gave him a once-over. He was in his thirties, and was slender and average height, but he was still larger than my small frame. I was nervous as hell. What was going on?

“Your turning into quite the young man, Bobby. You body is very nice. Stand up for me.” I did so, and he placed his hands on my chest. “You’re so smooth. You know, when you mature more, you will grow hair on your chest. Like me.” Uncle Frank then took his shirt off, revealing a light dusting of hair on his defined chest. He returned his hands to my chest, and ran them down to my hips.

My cock was aching in its cotton prison, but I couldn’t understand why. This was my Uncle, touching my body, and showing me his. My head felt hot, and I’m sure I was blushing. I was afraid of what my uncle intended to do to me.

“Don’t be shy, Bobby. It’s natural that you would get aroused. It means you’re a healthy young boy. That dick of yours must be cramped.”

Oh god, he was going for my crotch. I didn’t know what to say, so I replied, “Yeah, it is.” At that, he reached for my groin and gently squeezed my balls. He slid some fingers underneath, massaging the space between my balls and anus. My god, that felt so good. My uncle’s caressing hand moved all over my briefs. Uncle Frank sat down and with his hands on my hips, maneuvered me in front of him so he was eye-level with my crotch.

“I would like to know if your penis is healthy. I’m going to do some tests.” He reached up and found my straining dick through the fabric and started massaging it. Fear shot through me. Here was my uncle, giving my groin so much attention. Before I could ponder that much longer, he found my cock-head and squeezed it. That sent a shudder through my body. I moaned aloud.

“You like that?”

“Y-yes,” I stammered. He reached around with one hand and began squeezing one of my butt cheeks. The sensations I was feeling were enough to start easing any doubts I had. Uncle rubbed the inside of my legs, and maneuvered some fingers through the leg hole of the briefs. I wouldn’t call them “my” briefs anymore. My uncle had full control over all my body.

“I would like to examine your erection now.” Uncle Frank got some fingers in the elastic band and started to lower the briefs. When they got to my knees, he had to lean forward to continue. His face was nearly in my crotch. His breath was on my newly-liberated cock. I was exhilarated. He told me to step out of them, and so I wouldn’t fall, I held onto Uncle’s shoulder. I lifted each leg out, giving Uncle a good view of my crotch.

My cock was left swaying in the air. “Your dick is superb. You needn’t worry about a thing,” Uncle Frank said as he began to feel my balls and bush. “Your pubic hair is so soft, and your cock is so hard. I love your young little body.” His hand moved to encompass my erection. His hand felt so coarse on the sensitive skin. “It’s so smooth,” Uncle said. He slowly stroked it. I was standing absolutely still while my uncle stroked me off. Unreal! His warm hand moved up and down the length of my hard dick. I concentrated on that feeling as my cock started seeping pre-cum. With his other hand he rubbed back and forth between my balls and in my butt crack. The feeling of his fingers moving over my clenched butthole was amazing. Combined with his stroking, I was completely under his spell.

I was shaken out of it as Uncle stood up, pushing me back a bit. “Now, I want to compare your dick with mine. That way, you will know what your penis will look like when you grow up. Why don’t you take a look?” He pointed his crotch at me. I shakily reached for his belt, and undid it. “That’s a good boy,” he said. The belt buckle flopped out of the way, so I unbuttoned his jeans. I could see his erection throbbing beneath the layers. I unzipped him, and folded the flaps to the side, revealing his red briefs. There was a wet spot to the left of the big bulge, which I assumed was his pre-cum. “Take my pants off,” Frank said, again, sounding like an order. I began to lower his jeans when he grabbed a hold of my shoulders and forced me to my knees. The pangs of fear I had felt earlier had returned, as I was forced into this submissive position. From there, I finished lowering his pants to his ankles. He stepped out of them. My face was so close to his member, I couldn’t help but take a whiff. It smelled distinctly of man. “Now remove my underwear,” he commanded. I grabbed his briefs and slid then down his toned legs. His boner popped into view, slapping against his stomach. I held my breath in awe of his tool. It was about the same length as mine, but it was thicker. It wasn’t fully erect, drooping a bit. His large balls hung low, and it was all surrounded by a mess of matted hair that started at his navel and ran back between his legs.

“Don’t you want to touch it? See what a man’s erection feels like?” I took the cue and grabbed his big dick and slowly stroked it, like he had done to me. It was surprisingly soft and hot, and I could feel his blood pumping into it, making it harder. “That’s good, Bobby, real good. Keep stroking Uncle’s dick. Play with my balls.” My other hand found his harry sack and gently manipulated his testicles. “Ohh, yeah. That feels so good. Squeeze my dick tighter, Bobby.” I did so, continuing the slow pace of jerking. His dick was so close to my face. I could see the pre-cum cumming out of his piss-slit, and dripping to the floor. Some landed on my leg.

“What next, Uncle Frank?” I asked meekly.

“Stand up. Now you know what an adult erection looks and feels like.” I stood up, and my dick inadvertently rubbed against Uncle Frank’s. “Oh, I like that. Do you like that, Bobby?” I nodded weakly. He took hold of his cock and continue to rub out cock-heads together. Our pre-cum mingled, lubricating the red, swollen cock-heads. “There’s one more thing I want to check out about your penis.” He took my member away from my hand and began stroking again. “Do the same to me, Bobby.” I grabbed his dick. He stroked harder and faster. I followed his lead. “That’s right, Bobby, faster!” he panted. He was bringing me to climax. It was unbelievable. My whole body tensed up my dick shot out a ton of cum all over Uncle Frank. My dick kept shooting load after load jizz until I was exhausted.

“Don’t stop!” Uncle shouted. I jerked him really fast, squeezing his pecker hard. He shuddered with a grunt and shot me with his hot, white ooze, over and over again. He collapsed on the couch behind him, and I sank to the floor. “You did very good, Bobby. Your came like a pro. Look at you. Your all covered with my cum. He reached out and smeared his seamen all over my tight chest and abdomen.

After a while, he told me to take a shower and clean up. He made me walk back to the deck naked to get my clothes. As he drove me home he asked, “Did you enjoy my exam?”

“Yeah.” He reached over and slid his hand up the leg of my shorts and squeezed my thigh.

“We’ll have to do this again. How about tomorrow?”

“Okay.” My cock was hard again at the thought of my uncle ogling my naked body.

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