tagIncest/TabooUncomplicated Ch. 01

Uncomplicated Ch. 01


Molly stared at herself in the mirror, gently touching the mascara brush to her eyelashes, putting on the finishing touches. She was almost ready, but still in her undies and wearing her fuzzy bathrobe. Her straight reddish-brown hair was looking pretty, splayed out across her robe, coming down to about her breasts. She heard her phone vibrate on the bathroom counter and glanced down to see the message.

She had a bad feeling about the timing of this text. "Fuck!" she exclaimed, reading the message. "I can't believe you did this to me again!" she said to the empty room.

Dating Ryan for the last couple months had been an emotional rollercoaster. There were days when he was her best friend, and others when he seemed to have better things to do than be with her. Tonight was apparently one of the latter.

His excuse tonight was he was helping his roommate move some furniture. Molly and Ryan had plans to go to a party at his friend's house. Molly was looking forward to it, mostly for what would probably happen after the party, but now those plans were up in smoke.

She grabbed a tissue and looked at the pretty face in the mirror. She dabbed the tears forming in the corner of her blue eyes, keeping the mascara intact. She couldn't figure out why Ryan was so hot and cold with her. She was pretty, just like her mom, although she knew she didn't have the trimmest body. But not all men like skinny girls, right? A body like hers was sexy in its own way.

She shed her bathrobe, letting it drop to the floor while she watched herself in the mirror. Molly touched her D-cup breasts with both hands, holding them up a little, where a bra would, accentuating her ample cleavage. She loved her breasts; they were her best feature besides her face. She always wished she could lose some of her tummy, but she was a realist; her body wasn't meant to be flat.

She was feeling especially sexy tonight, and was planning on wearing a really cute black top that showed off her cleavage. It also seemed to slim her waist a little—just the kind of thing that made her most attractive. She would have knocked Ryan's socks off, but it just wasn't going to happen.

This was the last straw as far as Molly was concerned. She was done with him. She had her doubts about his given reason for cancelling their date. However, this resolution still didn't diminish her lustful mood. Watching herself in the mirror was just making it worse.

She grabbed her phone and sent three words back to Ryan, "Don't call again."

Molly went to plan B and texted Tisha. "Ryan stood me up again. What are you doing tonight?" she sent.

"Sorry, sweetie. You should dump his ass," was the reply.

"Already did. Anything going on?" she asked again.

"Stuck at home watching my nephew," Tisha replied.

Molly tossed her phone back on the counter with a sigh. She stood there for a moment, pondering what to do. She had a feeling Ryan was lying about helping his roommate. She briefly considered crashing the party, catching him in a lie. But she was above that, and besides, what would it accomplish? Suddenly, she heard an explosion coming from the basement. She casually slipped her robe back on and walked downstairs.

Molly got to the basement to find her brother, Chase sprawled out on the sofa playing Call of Duty. Their parents had finished the basement a few years ago to make more room for the family to spread out in the house. One of the coolest things they did was install a home theater, complete with a 100-inch screen and booming surround sound system. Molly enjoyed watching movies down there, but Chase's favorite thing to do was play video games.

Chase was a year younger than Molly, but more mature than most eighteen year-old boys. When Molly needed advice, whether it was what boys like about girls, how to deal with backstabbing friends, or how to pass an English test, Chase usually had a good answer. She frequently chastised him for being such a know-it-all, but she listened to him and trusted him.

As siblings go, they were close. Having no other brothers or sisters and being born a year apart made them simultaneously love and hate each other their entire lives. They shared friends, had many classes together in high school, and went through roughly the same adolescent period together. They knew each other's love interests, occasionally felt the pain of the other's broken heart and dutifully relayed overheard gossip about the other. By the same token, they frequently had the little household quibbles that siblings do, and maybe a little more than most, whether it was little things like who gets the remote, to the time when Chase wrecked Molly's car. She still brought that one up on occasion.

Gunfire sounds from the theater speakers could be heard in all directions. Molly sat down next to her brother and watched him frag a sniper with a grenade. Chase had just graduated from high school and was enjoying his last summer before he started college. He had worked a long day at the pool and was enjoying his alone time.

"I thought you had a date?" he inquired, seeing his older sister still in her bathrobe.

"Stood me up," Molly replied. "He said he had to help his roommate move stuff."

Chase looked at her. "Lame. And I don't think that's what he's doing, by the way."

"What do you mean?" she asked, but had a hunch he was right.

"You know he's been talking to Kara, right?"

Molly's face went red. She knew it. She wasn't going to let it bother her anymore and found the courage to blow it off. "Yeah, I figured. But Kara talks to everybody. I guess I was hoping it was nothing. It doesn't matter now; I dumped him."

"Good. He's a dog," Chase summed up. "He wasn't into you for your witty conversation."

Molly had a flirtatious personality that readily attracted guys of all sorts. She seemed to be attracted to the ones that didn't appreciate much else besides her curvy body. She had gained a reputation as a slut in high school because of it. Chase had become aware of this a long time ago. His friends all lusted after her, and he knew that the guys she dated mostly thought of her as a "fuck her and forget her" kind of girl. He hated the thought of his sister getting treated that way. He knew she didn't deserve her reputation; he knew her too well. Chase always thought of Molly as someone who needed loving attention. As much as she was a total bitch to live with sometimes, he still loved his sister.

In a desperate act of kindness, Chase had once written an anonymous letter to Molly in an effort to prop up her self-esteem. He wrote it as a secret admirer, someone who knew her personally. The author of the letter said he loved her for being a beautiful, kind-hearted person, who was charming and funny, and deserved someone like him that would always treat her they way she deserved. It was full of sappy stuff that makes women melt. He also threw in some comments about her sexy body so she wouldn't suspect her parents of faking the letter. The funny thing was, he meant everything he said; there were no lies in the letter. He had debated on whether or not to send it to her, and finally ended up mailing it to her without a return address.

Little did Chase know, Molly took the letter to heart, and had kept it in her dresser, believing she would meet the guy who wrote it sooner or later. Every new date she was asked out on was potentially the guy with the glass slipper. Chase had long since forgotten about the letter, and had never breathed a word of it to anyone, especially Molly.

"Yeah, I know what Ryan wanted, but I was okay with that tonight. Kind of in the mood, you know?" she said wryly.

"TMI, sis," Chase informed. He looked at his sister again, this time noticing that her bathrobe was loosely hanging open down to her belly button, revealing the inside of her breasts. Distracted, he got shot in the head by a sniper. He re-spawned, with his attention split between the screen and Molly's exposed skin. He immediately got killed again.

"Do you suck at this game, or what?" Molly antagonized.

"I'm a little distracted; tits don't belong on the battlefield," he informed her.

Molly pulled her robe closed. "Are they that distracting?"

"They're tits, aren't they?"

"They're your sister's tits!" she pointed out.

"Doesn't matter. Especially when they're that big."

Molly felt an odd excitement at hearing her brother make an observation about her breasts. She figured he had to look at her sometimes. Why wouldn't he? He was after the same thing every other 18-year-old boy was. She was in the mood and decided to inch the subject forward a little.

"Do you think they're nice?" she asked.

"Sure, if you're into chunky girls," Chase replied and braced for impact.

Molly grabbed a sofa pillow and took a full swing at Chase's head, knocking him over as he laughed.

"You should take anything you can get, you skinny little bean pole!" she retorted.

"I do," he admitted, still giggling.

Chase actually found his sister attractive in weird sort of way. It's funny how sisters let their guard down around siblings, feeling little need to be modest. He enjoyed catching occasional glimpses of his sister in her bra and panties, or sometimes even naked, whether it was a quick flash of tits, or seeing her bare ass before she rounded a corner in the hall. He would relish those brief glimpses, which easily grew into masturbation fantasies. He didn't care it was his sister, he was just glad there was a sexy young body in the house to look at sometimes.

Molly was somewhat excited that Chase was distracted by her breasts. The thought of her possibly turning him on was having the same effect on her. She knew it was wrong thinking about her brother this way, but it just seemed fun at the moment.

She lay back on the sofa next to her brother and watched him play for awhile. His medium length dark brown hair was almost in his eyes, and came down to about the middle of his ears. Molly thought he could use a haircut, but then again, maybe not. He was looking kind of cute right now with his hair all messy. His bluish gray eyes were focused on the big screen.

Chase played on, but had his sister's body on his mind. He kind of liked her sitting close to him. He had sprouted a semi-erection sitting this close to a scantily dressed female. He thought about trying to hide it, but decided to let it go.

Molly noticed the bulge in his pants and decided to have a little fun with him. She scooted closer so her hips were touching his. His tent pole grew.

"So, how many times can you get killed?" she asked, pretending to care about the game.

"There's no limit," he said. "It just looks bad at the end of the round if you have a lot of deaths." He continued to play terribly.

"You're gonna have a bad round," she stated.

"You think?" he said sarcastically. "I told you, sex and warfare don't mix."

"Who said anything about sex?" she asked incredulously.

"Well, you're showing me your tits, and I wasn't in a state of mind to ignore them."

"You saying you're horny?" she asked with a smile.

"I'm eighteen; I'm always horny."

"You should really try and reign in your hormones. It shows a lack of self-control," she teased.

"I can easily get them under control. I just need a few minutes alone," he retorted.

"Too bad, I'm not leaving you alone. I've got nothing else to do tonight," she declared.

"Nothing better to do than tease your brother?" he asked, looking down at her. She was looking very pretty tonight. Molly didn't normally wear any makeup around the house, but tonight she was dolled up for a date, and didn't look like her usual boring self.

"That's right," she said, grabbing her robe and opening it up a little more with a giggle. She watched his eyes as she opened up the front just enough to expose the pinkness of her right areola, and then closed it up again. His erection continued to grow taller.

"Down, boy!" she exclaimed. "Look at you! You're like outta control over there."

"Bitch," he said, looking back at the screen. He went on playing, hiding is tenting shorts with the game controller.

Molly never imagined this would be so much fun. This teasing game was making her a little wet in her panties. She thought it was enjoyable that she could get as turned on as Chase, but her body didn't reveal it as readily as his did. She wondered why she had never thought of doing this before.

Chase tried to keep playing and ignore his sister's cruel game, but he was now completely distracted. All he could think about was when he might get a chance to masturbate tonight. He would have done it right there on the sofa if his sister would leave.

Molly sometimes knew when he masturbated. She could hear him in his room. She felt an alluring curiosity whenever she overheard him, and always stopped to listen. She liked to hear him breathe. She liked the swishing and thumping sounds the bed made while he did it. She liked the muffled groans he made at the end. She wondered if he ever thought about her in his fantasies.

Molly lay back on the sofa with her head on the armrest. "Do you really think I'm chunky?" she asked.

He didn't think she was chunky at all. Curvy would be a better word. But he wasn't ready to just hand her over an obvious complement. "Well, you're not exactly skinny. But maybe chunky is a bit harsh," he relented.

"I bet Ryan thinks I'm fat. He just kept me around for when he couldn't find anything better," she lamented.

"I told you, he's a dog—a user," Chase consoled. "Anyway, a little extra weight doesn't necessarily make you unattractive."

"Do you think I'm attractive? What I mean is, if I wasn't your sister, would you find me sexy?"

"It's hard to get past that whole sister thing," Chase reasoned.

Molly didn't know why, but she felt like she needed her brother's validation—maybe because he tended to date hot girls. Perhaps it was something else.

Alone in the house, with the topic of sex front and center, Molly decided to explore a little. What was the harm?

"Let me ask it another way. If I wasn't your sister, what would you want to do with me?" she quizzed. Just asking the question was exciting!

"You're asking me hypothetically?"

"Yes, of course."

Chase examined his sister for a moment.

"Wait," she said. "First, let me help you see me differently. Clear your mind," she instructed. "Now close your eyes."

"I don't trust you," he said, focused on the game.

"Please, just do it," she implored. She almost couldn't believe she was going to do this.

With a sigh, Chase quit the video game and reluctantly closed his eyes. Molly jumped up from the sofa and removed her bathrobe. She held it up in front of her face, so that she was visible only from the neck down. She stood in front of him, wearing only her panties.

"Okay, are you ready? When you open your eyes, you will see a strange woman standing in front of you, whom you've never met before," Molly instructed. "Now, open your eyes."

Chase opened his eyes. His smirk faded as his mouth slacked open. There was indeed a sexy half-naked woman standing before him, with amazingly cute breasts, nicely shaped hips, and creamy smooth skin covering the soft curves. His eyes traced the outline of her boobs, down to her slightly round tummy and out around the beautiful feminine shape of her hips, slightly concealed by the thin strap of her panties.

Molly waited for a reaction, not able to see her brother. "Well?" she asked, looking at the ceiling. Chase was trying to form words. She lowered the robe to cover her front and looked at Chase.

Making eye contact snapped Chase out of his stupor. "Um, yeah. I'd do you," he said, coolly. "If you weren't my sister, that is."

Molly sat back down on the sofa, still draped in front by her bathrobe. "You'd do me," she mocked. "As if you could even have me."

Chase's erection was once again clearly visible. "What? Do you think you're out of my league?" he asked indignantly. "I could have a girl like you any time."

"Right," she replied. "And you'll convince yourself of that while you're jerking off thinking about me."

Chase smirked. "You think you've got guys all figured out," he said. He knew she did.

"Yep," Molly responded. "Are you going to do it right after I leave you alone?"

"Probably," he said honestly.

"Is it as good as sex?" she asked, genuinely wanting to know.

"No. Not really. But the orgasms are usually just as good." Chase felt a little flush speaking so frankly with his sister.

The thought of Chase fantasizing about her was getting her hot. The warm moisture between her legs was growing. With her robe still draped over her, she casually reached down and secretly touched her vagina over her panties. She got an idea—a very naughty idea. She mulled it over in her mind, weighing the risk of freaking Chase out versus the excitement it could provoke. At last, she got the courage.

"Show me," she said with lustful eyes.

"Show you what?"

"You know. Show me how you...get your hormones under control. You're going to do it anyway, so why not let me watch?" she sounded perfectly reasonable.

"Because you're my sister, moron! And besides, I've never done it in front of anybody. It's sort of a private thing, if you were unaware," he chided.

"I'll show you a little something while you do it. C'mon it will be fun." She let out a giggle. "It'll be like live porn for you." She let the robe drop down her chest a little, revealing some cleavage.

The gears started to turn in Chase's head. This sick and twisted idea that his oddball sister had dreamed up just might be kind of fun. His hard cock was pressing firmly against his shorts.

Molly let the robe down a little further, until most of her breasts were exposed. She gently rubbed the soft fabric of the robe back and forth across her erect nipples, watching her brother's eyes.

He contemplated her idea, watching her toy with her breasts, admiring the smooth bare skin on her shoulders. He was turned on just watching her. What would be the harm? She showed him her nipples.

Chase unzipped his pants and allowed his erect penis to escape. She smiled at his ample inches and let her robe drop to her lap. Chase began to stroke his dick at the base, his eyes glued to Molly's beautiful tits. She cupped them in her hands for him, holding them up, making them appear as round as she could. They were both getting very aroused.

"Show me your panties," Chase demanded.

Molly threw her robe onto the floor, allowing Chase to see her pretty white panties again. Hesitantly, she slowly let her hand drift downward, across her belly, across her underwear that tightly held her pussy inside. She rubbed her clitoris through the thin fabric. She could see his eyes were fixated on her crotch.

They stared at each other in silent bliss. "You should get naked," Molly said quietly.

"I don't know. What if Mom and Dad come home?" he protested.

"They're out with Will and Sara. They'll be gone for hours."

She had a point. The two couples stayed out notoriously late when they were together. Chase often wondered what the hell people their age were out doing at two in the morning. Their parents, Jon and Kathleen, were immensely into each other, the kind of couple that seems to be in love well beyond the years they deserve to be. Molly and Chase were used to their frequent displays of affection around the house.

Chase shed his tee shirt in one quick motion and tossed it on the floor with Molly's robe. Molly watched her brother intently as he lifted his ass off the sofa and slid his shorts and boxers off together. They crumpled at his ankles, and he stepped out of them and sat back down on the sofa. The taboo feeling of being naked in front of his sister turned Chase on even more.

Molly licked her lips, admiring Chase's firm belly. He was tan all over except for where his shorts would be, having worked all summer as a lifeguard at their neighborhood pool. He looked a little unfamiliar to her, with his balls and penis exposed. She had seen him without a shirt a million times, but now, in his completely naked state, he didn't look like her brother.

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